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Solar power wiped out the nukes!


How can we stop nuclear power?

If you want to do something today, 
to stop Nukes, 
draft a Feed in Tariff petition for your city. 
The petition is support for a short Feed in Tariff law.

It has 3 points:
1 - Anyone can feed solar or wind energy onto the grid.

2 - The grid operator must pay the homeowner or farmer a premium price,  twice the going market rate for each kWh of solar energy.  

This is because we are in an emergency, running out of clear air, due to pollution.  

The world is almost out of oil & uranium.

Solar energy is safe, clean and renewable.  Oil & nukes are toxic.

3 - This price will be guaranteed for 20 years to 

We have a FIT petition circulating in San Francisco.  We have talked to all our Supervisors & the Mayor.

We are pushing to pass a Feed in Tariff law in SF in 2013, identical to the one passed in Germany in 2001.  
We seek to join the Solar  revolution.

Since 1950, people like Linus Pauling & Paul Kangas have been picketing the White House trying to stop the development of nuclear power plants.

President Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House. 

 Nothing worked to stop the development of nuclear power.  
In 2012 Obama began building 4 more nuclear power plants, 
after being given the Nobel Peace Prize,...for some strange reason.

Then one man, Hermann Scheer, wrote a Feed in Tariff law in Germany.  It became law in 2001. 
This amazing new law  motivated homeowners to install solar panels on their homes, because they would be paid 0.52 cents a kWh, ( twice the market rate ) to harvest solar energy, 
and  to feed it onto the grid to power all the homes, steel mills and schools of Germany.  

By 2008 Germany was a major solar power. 

They were getting 30% of their energy from solar & R.E.
When the world economy crashed in 2008, the Germany economy kept growing at a nice steady 6%.  Marvelous.  

All because Germany had switched its whole economy to solar before any other nation on earth. 

Solar saved the German economy. 

Germany became the greenest nation on Earth, because they shut down half their nukes in response to Fukushima.  Wow!

Germany was able to do this because Scheer had a theory that "Germany could be run 100% on solar & renewables."  

And Scheer proved it could be done.  It took Scheer 30 years to prove it, but he did it.  

Hermann Scheer launched a world wide solar revolution that will soon make more millionaires worldwide than even the computer revolution.

Now Japan is charging up to join the Solar Revolution.

Japan shut down all their nuclear power plants on Earth Day, 4-22-12.

Japan did this for political reasons.  They are tired of being used by GE, General Electric, as a giant Guinea pig test lab for nuclear energy.

The logical way to shut down nukes, is to first install millions of solar panels on millions of private homes.  

Japan was in a crash mode.  They wanted an end to nukes first.  
Now Japan is rushing towards being  100% powered by solar & R.E. by 2035.
Being such a focused nation, they will do it.
We can help them tremendously by showing as much spunk as the Japanese, and passing a Feed in Tariff law in California in 2013.  
California is the tail that wags the dog.

What we do in San Francisco, sweeps across the nation.

More homeowners will become millionaires using solar in the next 7 years, than in any other field.

How can you get your surf board on the solar wave?

Let me tell you how.
First you must go buy even one solar panel and put it in your apartment, so you get some skin in the game.  Trust me on this one.   If you do not buy one solar panel, you will not be able to focus on the future in a positive way.

Just do it.

Now buy a south facing lot.  
Next build a Geo thermal, berm, house on the lot.
3 stories tall.  
To see an example of one we  built, go to Youtube: "Sol Fest 208".  
If you do most of the work yourself, it should take you 1 year to build the house.  

If you want me to build one for you, please send me an email,


You will have to give us an advance of $260,000. to begin building for you.
Plus monthly payments of $30,000., so by the 10th month of construction, you have given us $400,000. 

That is approximately what it will cost you.  
This is not an offer, or contract.  This is just an idea of where we will start from.  Prices change, depending on the price of lumber, land, etc.

Where will the Solar revolution take America?

Just like the computer revolution wiped out many old  out of date businesses, so the solar revolution will wipe out: all the nuclear utilities,  
all the coal utilities,  all the oil powered utilities and all the natural gas Fracking.

Anyone who invests in nuclear power in 2013, will be in a stranded investment.  They will lose their investment.

From 2001 to 2069 the solar revolution will totally change the world forever.  

If you want to see the movies, go to Youtube:
"Here comes the Sun - Scheer."

Also: Youtube: Paul8kangas "Solar Revolution".

Feed in Tariff.

The Germany economy is the strongest and soundest economy in the world, 

because it is based on SOLAR energy, wind & renewables.

The German economy has entered the next quantum level.

The world is running out of oil.   The demand for oil is now greater than the available supply.   The world economy crashed in 2008 because the cost of energy had been driven too high by shortages.    Oil wars are becoming more common.  The US rape of Libya was caused by the US greed for sweet oil.  

Germany was smart enough to see this.  Germany shifted to solar in 1980.  Then Germany passed a new law in 1990 that favors those who install solar panels on their home roof.   This shortened the supply chain.   Each home  now had its own source of safe, free solar power forever.  Forever is a long time.   

Germany has made the leap from fossil fuels and nukes to solar & renewables.

Germany is the first nation in the world to make the great leap forward into solar.

Germany is now the greenest nation on earth.  

All economies for the next 1,000 years will be be based on SOLAR, or will die.

How long will it take scientists in the US to wake up to make this leap?

Germany was the first economy to enter the future.

Due mainly to one man:  Hermann Scheer.

The Green Party did very little to help Germany achieve solar lift off.

They now are playing "catch up".

The Germany working class is the most powerful in the EU, and maybe the world,

because they actually believe in working, read science, practice science,  save their money,  build the best insulated houses in the world,  

install more solar on private homes than any other society,

pay 30% in taxes to support good schools & buildings.  Wow.

Followed rapidly by China.  China upped the ante by deciding that 

solar panels are not only the new energy of the future, 

but panels are now the money of the future.

Germany now gets 30% of its energy from Solar & renewables.

This is how Germany could shut down half its nukes.

They will be 100% powered by Solar by 2035.

China will also be at 100% solar by 2035, because China is following the German model exactly, but because they have a central committee, they are able to command their economy to follow orders.

Thus China's economy is quicker & more powerful than any economy in the world.

If the US wants to grow its economy, they will have to pass a Feed in Tariff and follow Germany.

If Greece ever wants to survive, they too have to follow the German model.

Greece makes only 2% of its energy from Solar & renewables.

Greece must achieve 60% of its energy from Solar by 2035.

I actually do not expect the backward Greek workers to ever be able to even reach 33% of its energy from Solar.   They are too slothful, too uneducated in science and have really poor work habits.

Notice there is almost no RECYCLING in Greece.  

Economy of scale.  Germany is correct to work to unify all the nations of the EU.

The EU needs a common law, common money, common language, (English)  and a 5 year plan.  Germany can organize all of the EU to save their economy.  

Greece must be ordered to follow the German model by installing more SOLAR

on all homes.  Pass a Feed in Tariff law.  Greek workers need to work 6 days a week, like the Germans do.  Too long the Greeks have worked 3 days a week.  The Greeks are famous for doing shoddy work, long lunches,  sloth,  not saving,  not knowing science and not paying taxes.

Greece collects only 6% of the taxes it needs to fund their schools, roads, etc.

They have been living on borrowed money for 30 years.

Time to get a job.


Secrets of more perfect skin.

Your Own Perfect Skin.

Hollywood’s best kept secret.
Linus Pauling’s final research.

Do you know why babies skin is so soft? Because while they are in the amniotic sac ,they are bathed in the amniotic fluid ( AF ). Do you know why babies in the womb don’t get sick. Because they absorb AF all day long. AF is what built their brain to be perfect. AF is a powerful natural healing fluid made of hormones, enzymes, amino acids, stem cells and all 69 minerals and vitamins and nutrients necessary to rebuild all your tissue. AF has the full alphabet. Using AF daily you can actually rebuild your lungs, colon & all organs in your body hourly, daily. Like cures like.

What is the days of the month when a women's skin is most radiant? The 4 days when she is ovulating. Why? Because those same sex hormones that the body is making to release her eggs, are the days when the hormones are also building up in the blood that feeds the skin. These sex hormones in the blood makes the woman's skin softer, smoother and far more attractive as part of mother Nature's design to make a woman more sexually attractive to the man.

She actually glows brighter. This glowing image is all part of the tender trap designed to maker her so attractive to the man that she actually becomes magnetic.
Can an older woman, say age 50, restore the luster to her skin that a 17 year old gets naturally from the hot sex hormones coursing thru the blood of the 17 year old? Yes. I will explain that in the third chapter on how you can create a new skin business using this knowledge.

To test this theory, a photo study was done on 100 women. Photos were taken before and after their periods. In the photos you can actually see a great difference in the glow of the skin when the woman is ovulating and when she is over her period. The difference is dramatic. This means, that just rubbing natural human hormones on the skin can add a great luster to a woman's skin. This is actually a form of skin care developed in India over 5,000 years ago.

Feed your skin. Your skin is not only the largest organ in your body, it is the second major way your body absorbs nutrients, all your life! While you are in the womb, in the tub you absorb toxic chloramines, in the car you absorb toxic carbon monoxide and in a bar your are absorbing toxic smoke. Inadvertently, you are already feeding your skin things: water containing toxic fluorides when your swim or shower. It is never too late to start anew by feeding your skin what it really wants to grow healthy.
Amniotic Fluid contains: Hgh and Igh (your own perfect natural hormones, which stops hot flashes, depression, volatile behavior, osteoporosis, & night sweats from menopause). AF contains: best of all, DHEA which: prevents and cures obesity, prolongs life, prevents cancer, diabetes, anemia and improves bone marrow production of red blood cells. This list is from the recent Ciba-Geigy list, as presented in Dr. U.E. Hasler’s new book from Germany, Die Apotheke in uns,
(The Pharmacy in all of us.)

AF also contains: Prostaglandin a hormone which dilates blood vessels to lower blood pressure, helps metabolism, stimulates labor and relaxes the bronchial muscles. AF contains 169 valuable nutrients that can prevent & treat most diseases.
Have I convinced you of the need to start rubbing AF on your skin? Yes, I am speaking about your own best medicine. Break the taboo. Rub it on your skin. But since it took me 20 years of leaning about the value of using AF, before I was willing to rub my first drop of AF on my skin, I realize it may take you some time. Towards this end, I have written this book on how to use P to soften your skin, treat TB & cancer, using your own perfect medicine, your own P.
There are now 7 commercial skin creams like Pureaskin, containing urea you can buy. A comparison test of the top 10 skin creams proved doctor recommended Nivea came in last, & AF containing creams came in best.
For a copy of the book, send only $29. to:
Paul Kangas, 15 Boardman SF, Ca 94103
415-368-8581, Paul7kangas @ cs. com
www. silky skin 2069, www. Healmax. com,

Linus Pauling used small amounts of AF from 1990 until 1993, in his attempt to treat his own prostate cancer, according to his friend Dr. Mike Lesser, (whom I interview about Pauling’s secret research 5-20-04). If Pauling had known how to fully use AF massage to treat cancer, and had started long before he got his cancer, he could have extended his life to 101, but he started too late, with too little knowledge and use too little AF. Pauling documented all this in his personal health journal in 1990, which is on line at the Linus Pauling Institute.com. Pauling died in 1994, a true scientist to the end. Unfortunately, Pauling had not read much of the the scientific literature in the field. He had read a book by Dr. Ralph Moss on using AF to treat cancer, but little more. He was operating mainly on scientific intuition. Right direction. Wrong amount.


Is there much popular scientific data on using AF? For starters, the Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, used AF to cure his brother of TB. There are thousands of studies on using urine to treat hay fever, asthma and cancer, to name but a few. Urine has been used as a form of natural medicine for over 5,000 year. In fact, the oldest known book still in existence, written on bamboo strips, is a book of poetry on health, healing & urine therapy. The reason modern doctors do not like to advocate urine therapy to treat TB or heart disease, is because it is free and can be practiced, as medicine should be, by everyone. You should strive to be your own first doctor. 

So how can all this help me? Softer, silky skin is just one free step from you now. You know you want it. It’s free and you can do it without even reading the book, so consider starting tonight, rub AF on for 20 minutes, before your shower. 
People tell me they “understand pee prevents cancer, but they could never do that.” I then ask, suppose you were on a desert, with an empty canteen, on foot, a 100 miles from the nearest water, it was 100 degrees outside & you suddenly had the urge to pee. Would you now waste the last pint of liquid between you and an early death in 3 days, or would you be able to save your life, by peeing in your canteen and breaking the taboo? When your on the desert, alone, with no witnesses, facing death, you can do some amazing things. Most still say they could never do it. That to me is strange. 

Different Americans act differently to this subject of urine therapy. In the last 17 years I have asked thousands of Americans about what they think about it. 
Vietnam vets usually remark that, “during Vietnam they used pee on their feet to fight jungle rot, athletes foot and skin rashes.” 

Women who have had kids frequently say they have “used their kids urine to rebuild their health.” 

Nurses usually tell me they have “used it on jelly fish stings or other animal toxic reactions,” when on vacations. 

Miners tell me they were “taught to do it, so if they are caught in a cave in, so they can save their life, while they wait for days to be dug out of a mine cave in.” You will die in 3 days without water, but you can last for 90 days on just urine.” 

Drug addicts tell me they know 90% of the active drug they use ( mushrooms, meth, speed, LSD, pot ) goes right thru them, so they know they can just catch their pee and then drink their pee and they know they will get stoned again & again, and so can get stoned 9 times over from just one drug fix. 

Tourist who have been to India tell me they picked up the practice while watching people in India do it for health reasons. 

Survivalists know it is safe & a great way to save your life from dehydration if you are lost on a desert or on the sea. You may have seen the episode of “Survivor” in 2002, where a male nurse stepped on a puffer fish and a beautiful airline stewardess volunteered to pee into a bowl, on nationwide TV and then massaged her pee onto his swollen foot, to stop the pain, in front of 90 million viewers.
That really increased the popularity of the show. AUT is slowly gaining acceptance in America. You may remember the comedy Black Knight, in which 3 guys in prison discuss drinking their own urine. Or the cartoon strips Zits, in which the teenage son talks about being so hungry he was almost ready to drink his own pee. If you look you will find these kinds of comments through American media daily. This is comedy. This is news. 

What does milk contain? 
Calcium, protein, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, water, 69 minerals, & amino acids. 

What does blood contain? 
Calcium, protein, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, water, 69 minerals & amino acids. 

What does amniotic fluid contain? Calcium, perfectly legal hormones for improving physical skills, stem cells, brain cells, lung cells, eye cells, etc. All the pieces you need to rebuild your own body. It is a liquid mirror image of your body that you piss down the drain every day. No wonder you get sick, or even die so young. You piss away your best health insurance, your best medicine, your best part of you. 

AF is just the pee of the mother & the baby drinks it, swims in it & AF forms the soft, perfect, pink skin of the new baby. Now you know why babies skin is so soft.

What does sea water contain? 
Calcium, water, minerals, organic compounds, salt.

Blood & sea water are very similar. 

What makes urine the perfect medicine? 
Because it contain exactly what mothers milk, blood and amniotic fluid contain. 

Can solar power stop the US war machine?

Solar energy is eating up the nuclear power plants.

Solar is stopping the Obama oil wars.

Install 10 solar panels will do more to stopping the war machine than any other form of protest.

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