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Kangas Attorney Services 415-368-8581

Locate anyone. 

We can locate anyone in San Francisco, California.  
If we can't locate that person we refund 50%  of your fee.

We can locate anyone in California.  
If we can't locate that person we refund 30%  of your fee.

We can locate anyone in the whole world.  
If we can't locate that person we refund 10%  of your fee.

Because the cost is lower for us working in California, we can make this challenge offer.

To begin your search, send us an email with the name, age and a photo, if you have one.
Where did they go to high school?
Where did they last live?

Credit.  President Obama said, “Credit is the lifeblood of the economy."

That is not true.   Credit comes into existance from savings.

The US now borrows .45 cents our of every dollar you spend. 

The US is now spending the savings of people from China.

The credit of the US is gone, because the US wasted billions on the Libyan, Afghan & Iraq wars.  Have we learned nothing from Vietnam?   Wars cause Depressions.

We must restore our manufacturing by building one million solar powered

houses each year.   Ever new school must be only solar powered,  to train 

the next generation on how to save our economy  from the banks,  who are 

giving our economy to the Chinese.

The banks are the enemy.

We must shut down the whole Federal Reserve System.  

 This will build solar powered houses & ships  here in the US, by American citizens, who will be paid union wages for the labor.

Solar, Geo thermal, wind powered houses can break our addiction

to OIL, coal, natural gas & other non-renewable energy forms.

The world will be out of oil by 2020.

We must go totally into Solar power to save our economy.

The world will be out of uranium by 2030, so we must shut down

all the dangerous nuclear power plants now.

We need to direct our thinking totally into solar 

and geo thermal to provide leadership for the world.

Credit without saving is a form of Cancer.

Printing money will not restore credit.  

It will cause massive unemployment & unprecedented  hyper inflation.

Just printing money without  manufacturing goods creates paper without value.

The US is broke.   We do not need to print money to build bridges.

We need to all start saving money.   

Detroit needs to make small electric cars we can sell in China & India.

The US is broke.   The govt. must stop spending money for 5 years.

The first bail out was wrong.  Now BO wants to give main street a bail out.

2 wrongs do not make a right.   Both bailouts are wrong.

Obama uses the old trick of talking about balancing the budget, when he is 

throwing gas on the fire of inflation, by just printing money to fund a war 

and will make the economy totally out of balance.

The deficit will not jump start the economy.

This 2nd bailout will DEPRESS the economy.    And make prices higher.

As long as the interest rate is zero, people will not save money.

Congress is just throwing gas on the fire of inflation.  

Revving up the printing presses will destroy the economy.

Protect your own wealth, by investing in Canadian banks.

Not a single Canadian bank has failed.

Congress has no idea that they are destroying our economy.

Go see: You tube:  paul8kangas

We locate anyone based on just a first name. Yes, we have located people with nothing more than just a first name. What else do we need? The last known address, vehicle license plate #, even just a photo or physical description.

To begin the process just send us a check or money order for $559. and whatever other info you have. The more info you have , the quicker we can locate them. Even if your info is 30 years old, we can track their paper trail. Send to: Kangas Attorney Services, 436 Bryant st, SF, Ca 94107

Last year we made front page News in the SF Recorder by locating a missing person in Mexico, with nothing more than a name.

Customer Accolades

While we mainly work with attorneys, we have dozens of happy private clients.

The man walking in front, under arrest, in a suit jacket, without a hat, is Luis Posada.

One way we locate people is by 
publishing their picture on our site.   
Even a baby picture.   
Send us the original.   Or make a negative & copy  
and send us the copy.  
It will appear here.   
If you have no picture, our professional artist
draw a very detailed picture of the missing person.

Plus we hand out 100,000 flyers around the world.

We then offer a REWARD to anyone who spots the person & calls us.   

We helped locate these 3 assassins of JFK.  

The person without a hat,  walking in front,  is Miami Cuban  Luis Posada.  
A top sniper in the CIA.  The most protected sniper in the world.   A convicted terrorist.   

Next, the tall one without a hat,  is Frank Sturgis. 

And last,  the short one, who looks like Ross Perot, is the famous CIA agent E. Howard Hunt.  All 3 are veterans of the Bay of Pigs.   

JFK stopped the US military from helping the CIA invade Cuba in 1961.   That is why the CIA & these 3 snipers, under direction from CIA agents George HW Bush & Dorothy Hunt, assassinated JFK in Dallas.

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