Wall Street Journal % Ron Winslow

Bill Bradley will be dead before the Nov. 2000 election!

Dear Ron,
Your article on heart disease left out what many consider the
main causes of heart attacks.

A diet low in selenium weakens the heart, just like a diet low in
calcium weakens the bones.
May I suggest 600 mcg of selenium daily to keep your heart healthy.
Plus 1,200 IU of vit E & 300,000 of beta-carotene. Please read on.

Next. The main cause of damage to arteries is a diet low in vitamin
C. It is no coincident that Linus Pauling lived to 94, & his eyes
were in great shape. His father died at 33 of heart disease & his
mother at 44. Linus feared he would not make it to 50.
If your diet is low in vit C, rips develop in your arteries & your
body trys to patch the rips in the arteries with cholesterol. Pauling
took & I take, 2 gm of C an hour. A study of the employees of an
LA vitamin C factory, where C is free, & they all take 2 gm an hour,
found they had arteries that were as clean as a whistle. Even the 2
smokers. See the enclosed article about it.

Here is how I explain heart diseases.

Bill Bradley meets
Evander Hollyfield.
pg 76

Heartquake. The news that Bill Bradley had another heart
attack in shook the political landscape like an earthquake.
Bradley's heart disease could be revered if he & his staff could learn
from recent history. www.drjwallach.com #3101.

Bradley's campaign has now developed more into a focus on
how to prevent & treat heart disease, than a presidential campaign.
Journalists are waiting for the final shoe to fall, the next heart
attack, or worse. Health care advances, one funeral at a time.

If one compares the careers of boxer Evander Hollyfield &
Bradley, one can see how Bradley's staff could save his life &
career. But being political & not interested in real health care
reform, the Bradley people will ignore alternative health treatments
& go with conventional medicine. Last week it was reported how
hospitals kill 100,000 people just like Bradley, using drugs, while
ignoring complementary medical treatments like selenium.

Meanwhile sports people like Hollyfield seem to be more willing to
try a safe & effective alternatives like natural organic selenium to
rebuild hearts. This is what brought Hollyfield back into boxing &
allowed him to win the title in 1998.

What is most amazing, is that Hollyfield was kicked out of
boxing in 1988, due to a bad heart. Just like Bradley is now going
to be kicked out of the race for the Presidency. Bradley could still
save his campaign if he would wake up & take up selenium. Will
he? Not likely. Which just goes to prove he is not presidential
material, if he can't adjust quickly to a crisis & learn to have a new

Insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting things to
improve. Another million American will die from heart disease due
to a lack of selenium. I bet Bradley will die before the
November election.

Al Gore could learn alot about how to save lives & money for
national health care if people could alert him to why Bradley is
dying & how 10 cents worth of selenium daily could save Bradley's
life. What a human interest story that would be if Gore would act
to save Bradley's life by talking to him about selenium. This truly
is a key issue in the campaign, a silent issue.

Heart disease is the number one killer of people worldwide, yet it
is probably the easiest disease to prevent. In America alone,
almost 1 million people die each year from heart disease. The main
cause of heart disease is soil that is low in selenium. Next comes,
that we eat far too much food that is high in vegetable oil: fried
food. Eating oil sucks selenium out of your body. Yes Virginia,
eating French fries will cause heart disease.

The next thing Bradley would have to do would be to eat right
for his blood type. See www.dadamo.com. I hear Bradley is blood
type A. This is the natural vegetarian blood type. The type that
should not eat red meat. Would Bradley dare to eat what is best
for his blood type, just to save his life? Probably not. He is too
much of a macho man to do the right thing for even his own health,
much less the health of the nation.

It is interesting to watch celebrates die in public. I wonder how
many people actually write famous people letter suggesting
alternative ways they could save their health. If would be nice to
see a book published of all the letter Bradley gets after his heart
attack, just to see how many people suggested he take selenium &
eat right for his blood type.

If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.

By openly discussing the cause of him impending death, we may
be able to save a few other people from heart disease, even if
Bradley refuses to listen.
It is powerful to see Bob Dole standing up for erectile
dysfunction, & Betty Ford encouraging people to quit alcohol. Our
leaders belong in health recovery, just like most of our people do.

Paul Kangas, 58, medical journalist
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