Cancer is the #2 killer of kids!

What causes cancer in kids?
Once you know the cause, you will
realize how easy it will be to totally
prevent cancer in kids. Longevity is
the idea of living for a long time. That
requires knowing how to avoid the top
10 killers: heart disease, cancer, sugar
diabetes, iatrogenics,( deaths caused by
prescription drugs & doctors ),
addiction caused deaths, accidents

The #1 cause of cancer in children is
a diet lacking adequate minerals. If
parents give their kids adequate
selenium in this new millennium we can
cure most cancer by 2020. Some books
claim cancer is caused by: second hand
smoke, toxins in our food & water,
radiation from electrical wires, etc.
While some of these are of secondary
importance, the main cause is the
mineral deficient food we eat. Parents
& schools can prevent this problem
with supplements of minerals from

How do minerals de-toxify our

Minerals like organic selenium from
plants are famous anti-oxidants
because they have the magnetic ability
to attach themselves to metallic toxins
like lead & mercury & most toxins.
This is how plants help people. Plants
like garlic absorbs the selenium &
combines it with a carbon. We eat the
plant & this new organic selenium
combines with mercury from our filings
& neutralizes it.

Psychotherapy: Music, laughter,
exercise, Yoga. Teaching kids by
example to laugh consciously for 20
minutes is probably the best
psychological thing a parent could do to
prevent cancer. It is just an exercise,
but it causes the body to make anti-
cancer endorphins. It may sound &
look silly the first time you do it, but it
will gradually alert your kids to this
most valuable exercise.

We need to develop a whole health
cultural, just like we a women's
movement & minorities cultural
awareness. We need to all become "bi-
lingual" in health & minerals to win the
war against cancer.

Eat right 4 your blood type: Certain
foods & herbal teas work to prevent
cancer, if they are right for your type.
Examples: type A blood should not eat
red meat. Type O should not eat wheat
or drink milk, as such foods cause the
immune system to become depleted,
prevent peptides from forming & thus
leave the biological field of the body
open to cancer virus growth.

There are herbal teas that are just right
4 your type of blood. Resolve to drink
one of these correct teas each day & you
can learn the magic of cancer.

The body is a self-healing mechanism.
It heals hourly. If you give it the foods
& minerals it needs to heal itself
hourly, you will never get cancer.

Soy. According to the book Eat right 4
your blood type, D'Adamo, pg 317, one
of the best foods to eat to fight breast
cancer is TOFU. By eating one oz. of
tofu daily, you can actually prevent &
treat breast cancer without radiation or

Vision: Mark Twain use to tell people
he was going to live until Haley's Comet
returns. He died the week after it
returned at age 78! Very good for his
period. By saying that, Twain used his
mind to program his body to live!

The average human could live to 140 if
they knew that & decided to do that.
Before anyone had run the 4 min. mile,
it was not thought possible. One
runner decided to do it in 1941?. By
using his mind he programmed his body
to expand it's range. If you use a your
own custom mantra, like: "I will never
get cancer!", you increase your odds of
avoiding cancer. By telling your
friends, they will hold you to your talk
& you will try smarter to walk your

I chose to live around people with
cancer, just like I once chose to live
around people with AIDS. I can learn
to heal those in need by trying to heal.
If we leave healing up to the mis-
trainned MD's, we will never find cures
for diseases. Most MD's say they can
"treat" people, ie., make money, but
they say they can't heal. If you heal
they can't bill you.

Bowels. How many bowel movement
did you have yesterday?

If you have 3 soft bowel movements
daily, that means your body is getting
rid of toxins in a normal way. Healthy
kids have 3 easy b/m daily. Parents
can insure their kids have 3 gentle b/m
daily if they try & give their children 2
grams of mineral ascorbates vitamin C
hourly. Hourly?

I realize that would be hard for parents
to do. How I do it, is I offer each child
2 gm. each time I see them, either as a
drink (Emergen-C) or as a pill
(Supergram III,Jr.). I don't force it. I
just offer it with love. Gradually, they
get into the idea & start doing it on
their own.

If I feel a cold coming on, I start by
taking 3 grams an hour, until I have a
bowel movement, then I cut back to 2
gm an hour. Do you hear nature
calling you now?

Ecological Dentistry: Don't use any
metals for fillings. Remove what metal
fillings you have. Give kids lots of
liquid calcium to build strong teeth.
Healthy teeth don't decay. Decay is
mainly the result a diet lacking
adequate calcium from plants. The
more meat you eat, the more plants you
must eat for calcium, since the body
uses lots of calcium to digest meat.

What kills most people who have
cancer, is not the cancer, but the
bacterial infections they get after the
chemo or radiation damages their
immune system. Thus the need to
avoid chemo & radiation.

Trust. When treating someone with
cancer, you need someone very close to
the patient, who the patient trusts, who
is willing to do the reading & research
& explain it to the patient. Cancer
patients are usually so overwhelmed,
depressed & frustrated that they just
give up & wait to die. They won't work
or fight to save their own life.

At this point in history, the best
minds in the world believe that cancer
is caused by 3 things:
Toxins. From radiation to mercury in
fillings, modern industrial society is
giving itself cancer.

Mineral deficient food. Modern
industrial farms that over use the same
soil year after year, give us "plastic"
food that lacks minerals.

pH. Each body has its own best pH.
Cancer can't survive in an alkaline
atmosphere. By learning what your
best pH is, you can stay close to your
pH & totally avoid cancer for 140
years. Your blood type is your pH
type. Study what foods are best for
balancing your blood type pH to keep it

Heal The average person knows more
about the solar system than they know
about their body & the periodic table.
This is the table from which all their
food & health come from.
The periodic table is the keyboard of
Learn to play this table like a piano &
you can live to 140.

Learning to see the magic of cancer.

As shocking as that word magic"
juxtaposed next to cancer may look, as I
now live with cancer, I realize how
magic it is.

Look around you at people with cancer.
One day they look as healthy as Linda
McCartney & the next month they are

How could this disease work so secretly
that we can't see it creeping up on us?
The more I look at cancer, the more I
see how it really works. The body is a
self-healing mechanism. It heals
hourly. If you give it the foods &
minerals it needs to heal itself hourly,
you will never get cancer.

Here are the top ten tests you can do
to detect if you have cancer:

1 - Urine test. If your body is cancer
free, your urine will contain 5 special
peptides your body is making. If your
body is not making these peptides, due
to a lack of vitamin C & selenium & all
other 69 minerals, peptide production
will fall. Once it gets too low, cancer
will begin to grow. Thus by this simple
test every cancer expert knows about,
you can keep your peptide production
up & totally prevent cancer.

2 - Bowel. If you have 3 soft bowel
movements daily, that means your body
is getting rid of toxins in a normal way.
Parents can insure their kids have 3
easy bowel movements daily if they try
& give their children 2 grams of
mineral vitamin C ascorbates hourly.
Hourly? I realize that would be hard
for parents to do. How I do it, is I give
each child 2 gm. each time I see them,
either as a drink (Emergen-C) or as a
pill (Supergram III,Jr.). Gradually,
they get into the idea & start doing it on
their own. Just like you wash your
hands several times daily, you need to
wash the toxins out of your body 3
times daily to prevent cancer. As you
do it & talk about it daily to your
family & friends, the idea will spread,
as in the book The Hundredth Money.

3 - Blood test for selenium. Your
blood should have 75 mcg/ ml of blood.
Without adequate organic plant
selenium, your body can't flush toxins
out hourly.

3 - Hair test - Your hair should have a
hi degree of selenium.

5 - Eating test. What is your blood
type? If you are blood type A, you
should not eat red meat. Read the
book Eat Right 4 Your Type, to learn
how certain foods cause cancer in one
person, but not in another person. One
man's meat is another man's poison. If
you are blood type O, you should not
eat wheat or dairy, but should eat red

5 - Time. The sooner you start
investing in selenium, the greater your
odds of not getting cancer.

6 - Finger nails People with a hi
degree of selenium in their daily diet
have young looking fingernails.

7 - Eyes. Find someone with cancer &
look carefully at their eyes. Now
photograph their eyes with the close-up
lens of your camera. This is how eyes
give you clues to your own cancer long
before you have a lump.

8 -

Pat, here is how I would treat cancer.

If you chose to use radiation,
you should also strength your body
against a cancer relapse. The recent
death of Cathy Hainer,38, due to a
relapse, shows you must fight cancer
relapse on 4 fronts: supplements,
nutrition, laughter & spiritually.

Radiation tends to destroy not only
the cancer, but the bodies immune
system. To restore the immune system
you need to take therapeutic amounts of
all the anti-oxidants: selenium, vit E, C
& A, in mega doses. The nice thing
about using all 3 modalities, is they all
work together. Selenium is restoring
the immune system while the radiation
is attacking the cancer.

Your body will use Endorphins to
rebuilt the immune system, if you will
help the body make Endorphins with
the key exercises you do. Norman
Cousins developed these exercises into
a fine plan with his 2 hours of conscious
strenuous laughter watching Marx
Brothers videos daily. Years of
research shows that you can do
conscious medical laughter by just
laughing straight & hard for 20 minutes

Radiation destroys parts of your
body, while Chemo pickles your whole
bodies cells. Once you are into this
treatment mode, you now must stay in
this mode of fighting cancer, all the rest
of your life. Once a pickle, never a
cucumber again.

But even people who don't have
cancer, know we must make all the
right moves now too, before cancer
strikes, to supplement our bodies with
selenium & laughter to prevent cancer
in the first place.

Please don't feel alone. Anyone who
isn't trying to fight cancer daily, for the
rest of their life, all the way to 100, just
like you are now doing, is going to get a
rude surprise. Cancer is sneaky. It
will keep on coming back forever. That
is why prevention is necessary forever.

Pat, in solidarity with you I take
3,000 mcg of selenium daily to fight
cancer, if you will take 3,000 mcg daily.
I am in daily touch with Dr. Wallach,
asking him what to do. He tell me,
"No one has ever died from taking
3,000 mcg of selenium. Millions die
from cancer, due to not taking enough
selenium. Selenium is safe up to 5,000
mcg daily."

Plus 2,000 IU of vitamin E, 300,000 IU
of vitamin A as beta-carotene & using
the Linus Pauling formula, take 2
grams of vitamin C hourly. Next look
in a mirror & smile for 3 minutes every

Now one said fighting cancer is going to
be easy. It is a full time job every hour.
Place a mirror in each room of the
house to remind you to smile a big silly
grin each hour. Cancer hates it when
you laugh.

Make your body alkaline. Eat
vegetable that are "best" for your
blood type. Type A should mainly eat
alkaline foods since cancer dies in an
alkaline body & feeds on sugar & acid
foods. Read the book Eat right 4 your
blood type. Try to not eat sugar &

My cousin Pat Mitchell has breast
cancer. Last night
I went to see her, drove 100 miles, she

12-26-99 Drove to see Pat again. She
is weak. She did not read either book I
gave her. People with cancer are too
weak & too depressed to take on the
gigantic task of trying to defend
themselves. They need an advocate. It
is just like a person who is arrested.
They need an expert in legal procedure
& substance to help get them out from
under the arrest.

I will now attempt to spoon feed ideas
to Pat.

At least she trusts me. She seems to
just want to enjoy the last few years.
Pat has agreed to fly to Mexico with me
to the Biopulse clinic to test insulin

The Cause of Life

We often can figure out what the
cause of a person's death is, but we
understand too little about what causes
a person to live to 140 or so.

If a person learns to understand the
"game pieces" needed to play the game
of life, & that by picking up the proper
pieces, one can play the game of life in a
way that keeps them on the board

"Game pieces" like selenium extend life
by preventing cancer.

In the Olympics of Longevity, we strive
for the long jump of life. Some of the
bench marks are: not getting a cold for
a year or five.
Training styles are: eating right 4 your
blood type,

The Logic of Health

Some ideas are harder to

The other day I raised the idea that Eat
right 4 your blood type with a
chiropractor, she dismissed it. Saying
"Losts of people & doctors think it has
no basis.

In trying to explain how improve
one's health, to a woman with cancer, I
tried to explain the value of eating right
4 your blood type, she dismissed it as
not important.

In both cases these people don't
look at an idea with their own mind,
but dismiss it due to inability to
understand certain types of logic.
Those who recognize the value of
ER4YT come from a different
educational background.

Streams of life. As people eat, they
chose which stream of life they will
swim in.

Thought patterns. straights vs Mixers

D'Adamo - Blood type

Dr. Joel Wallach - minerals

Holder - chiro,

Kangas - blood, min., chiro,
In dealing with addictions, one must go
with what works, no matter what
discipline you gather the info from