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Total protection from Cancer.

Secret facts on curing cancer.

The official site for natural Cancer Prevention. And cures. Written by Dr. Paul Kangas, ND, An expert in cancer prevention.

The 10 best states to live in or retire in, to live cancer free are: Massachusetts, Holland, Venezuela, Cuba, China, France, England, Russia, Nevada, Argentina, Mexico, This assessment is based on the laws that allow alternative cancer treatments to be practiced by researchers. Steve Jobs is dying from liver cancer.

This site will now become an E-book weekly update on Steve Jobs progress.

A close personal friend of mine, is a friend of Steve Jobs.

He is giving me weekly updates by visiting Steve at home each week. Stay tuned for inside news & progress.

Will Jobs last 1 year?

This is a teachable moment. The major cause of liver cancer, is a diet lacking Selenium. When my brother Emil Kangas came down with liver cancer, I put him on 3,000 mcg of Selenium daily. In 6 months, I was able to totally stop the cancer and rebuild his liver to normal.

Dr. Paul Kangas, ND Youtube: paul8kangas

Now, of course, because Jobs is "under the care of an MD," who has no idea of how to use selenium rebuild a liver, in fact his MD will try to scare Jobs away from using any alternative medicine, like selenium or urine therapy. Jobs will be afraid to do two things at once.

The nice thing about using minerals like Selenium, is you can do both, take your MD prescribed drugs, and take your Selenium too.

That is why Dr Andy Weil referes to this as CAM Complementary and Alternative Medicine. They work together. Dr Kangas

Go ask Alice. Remember what the door mouse said, "Feed your head." Feed your head some lithium or else you too we be found insane.

I have never met a Psychologist who I though was sane. They alway claim everyone else is insane. Youtube: paul8kangas

Gold Mine.

Many years from now, people will suddenly discover that the fabled Fountain of Youth, that movie actor Johnny Depp, and thousands of pirates, explores and scientists have been searching for, for thousands of years, was right under our noses for over 7,000 years.

Actually, this gold mine of biologically active compounds, that can cure cancer, prevent breast cancer, give you smoother, new skin, erase wrinkles, prevent aging and extend your life by 40 great years, had been discovered over 5,000 years ago. Again.

Yes, this Fountain of Youth can cure and prevent breast cancer. This knowledge has been lost and then rediscover in India in 1960. It is a great story. It has now been rediscovered in Japan, where it is kept a careful secret by the rich and beautiful. Now it has been rediscovered by a wealthy doctor in Texas and in California.

Who has the secret??

Only the very richest women can afford to go to the clinics for this treatment to prevent breast cancer. If you are one of those whomen who desire to look ageless, until you are 120, obtain boundless energy, prevent breast cancer forever,

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The rest of the news on Secret Facts on Curing Cancer, begins on page 9 below,

News Flash!

What is the unifying field theory of health? Einstein postulated physicians would someday find a unifying field theory of physics. What if there is already in use, somewhere in the world, a health practice that brings together every system of our body, in a way that gives people the greatest chance of living to age 100, without drugs, surgery or radiation? I believe there is such a loop system that can balance all the fluids of our body. The fluid flow around inside the body. So we should not break the loop of fluids. Cuts dump blood out of our body and can kill us, so we avoid bleeding. A diet that lacks a hourly intake of pure water can cause dehydration, obesity and death. There is more lymph fluid in our body than blood, but there is no pump to keep it flowing. A lack of exercise prevents the huge lymph system from moving and leads to many problems. When nature calls, we urinate out 4 quarts of urine daily. Urine is rich in proteins, hormones, stem cells, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and 69 other valuable food substances. How much longer would people live if they recycled all their urine daily back into their system, so as to unify the flow of fluids in their body? What would people look like if they had free access to all the hormones their body makes for free. Pioneers who massage their urine back into their skin, seek these answers. Researchers who drink one glass of their urine each morning are applying this theory to see where it goes. The Republican have been programing zombie assassins for years. The Bush CIA used zombies Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis to kill JFK in Dallas. Then the Republicans used Thane Eugene Ceasar, the security guard for RFK, to kill Dr. King & RFK in 1968 to try to behead the anti-war movement. Well, the Republicans have done it again. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party did nothing to help DA Jim Garrison prosecute Bush for the ambush of JFK. Youtube: paul8kangas

with news about using organic colloidal Selenium to prevent cancer. We take organic Selenium daily. We drink mineral water containing selenium daily. We chew apple seeds with arsenic daily. What can we learn from this? After the daily news blurb Secret Facts on Curing Cancer continues on page 49 below.

The cures for Cancer can be found in nature. Shift your food to raw vegetables rich in minerals. Ask Dr. Kangas, ND, at: Youtube: paul8kangas

Look at how MD's mis-treat cancer. Famous athlete Mandi Schwartz, 22, underwent a stem cell transplant in September to treat her leukemia. Stem cell transplant is a totally useless treatment. Will Mandi live or die?

We follow her story daily, to expose how the doctors are killing Mindi with drugs, radiation and chemo. Read the full story below.

Acne & Suicide. Here is a list of the most common problems people age 15 to 24 have: drug craving, (Pica), ADD, hyperactivity, euphoria, depression, panic attacks, sugar blues, mania, postpartum depression, rage, suicides and homicides. The main cause of suicide, according to the top 10 medical books in the Naturopathic field is a lack of the organic mineral lithium. 1. Schrauzer, G.N. et al.: Lithium in scalp Hairs of Adults, Student and violent criminals. Biol.TraceEle.Research.34;161.1992. Acne is caused mainly by eating food that is wrong for your blood type. Dr. Peter D'Adamo, ND, Eat Right 4 Your Type, pg 97. Contrary to what most MD's do & say, there is no good drugs to treat suicide or any of these problems. However, lithium works great in 30 days. Dr. Paul Kangas, ND

A 5 minute history of Vietnam.

Who was the first person killed during the Vietnam war? I had orders to Viet Nam in September 1963. For months I had been watching base movie news reels about the battles in the deltas around Saigon. PT boats with machine guns patrolling in the delta shooting at people on the shore, in the trees. Unseen soldiers of the VC. The Navy was getting my mind ready for duty in Vietnam. I did not want to go.

I had just avoided going to the 1962 invasion of Cuba, because President John Kennedy refused to provide air cover for the CIA. JFK was still negotiating with the Cuban’s and Russians to maintain the fragile peace they had achieved. JFK truly seemed to want peace with the Russians. JFK had saved my life and the lives of millions of Cubans. World history is moving fast now. Suddenly JFK stopped the whole Vietnam war with the stroke of a pen, by issuing Executive Order #263. You are not suppose to know that. The war was over. My friends and I at NAS Patuxent River, MD celebrated the end of the Vietnam war. Our officers on the base were not so happy. In fact, many officers were openly treasonous against JFK. My orders to Vietnam were canceled.

I then received order to Iceland, in the dead of winter, where I enrolled in my first college course: History 101. We were all in class readying “Profiles in Courage” when professor Frank J. Pavalko announced that President Kennedy has just been assassinated in Dallas at high noon. By a military style firing squad. One week later, world news papers announced that LBJ had signed E.O.#265, re-starting the Vietnam war. JFK had saved my life twice. I would spend the next 50 years trying to understand why JFK was killed and trying to arrest my Command Officer, Geo. HW Bush for the murder of my President. President Kennedy was the first person killed in the Vietnam war.

The Fireside Chats of President Roosevelt.

It is three months since I have talked with the people of this country about our national problems; but during this period many things have happened, and I am glad to say that the major part of them have greatly helped the well-being of the average citizens. Because, in every step which your Government is taking we are thinking in terms of the average of you -- in the old words, "the greatest good to the greatest number" -- we, as reasonable people, cannot expect to bring definite benefits to every person or to every occupation or business, or industry or agriculture. In the same way, no reasonable person can expect that in this short space of time, during which new machinery had to be not only put to work, but first set up, that every locality in every one of the 48 states of the country could share equally and simultaneously in the trend to better times. The whole picture, however -- the average of the whole territory from coast to coast -- the average of the whole population of 120,000,000 people -- shows to any person willing to look, facts and action of which you and I can be proud.

In the early spring of this year there were actually and proportionately more people out of work in this country than in any other nation in the world. Fair estimates showed 12 or 13 millions unemployed last March. Among those there were, of course, several millions who could be classed as normally unemployed -- people who worked occasionally when they felt like it, and others who preferred not to work at all. It seems, therefore, fair to say that there were about 10 millions of our citizens who earnestly, and in many cases hungrily, were seeking work and could not get it. Of these, in the short space of a few months, I am convinced that at least 4 millions have been given employment -- or, saying it another way, 40% of those seeking work have found it. That does not mean, my friends, that I am satisfied, or that you are satisfied that our work is ended. We have a long way to go but we are on the way. How are we constructing the edifice of recovery -- the temple which, when completed, will no longer be a temple of money-changers or of beggars, but rather a temple dedicated to and maintained for a greater social justice, a greater welfare for America -- the habitation of a sound economic life? We are building, stone by stone, the columns which will support that habitation. Those columns are many in number and though, for a moment the progress of one column may disturb the progress on the pillar next to it, the work on all of them must proceed without let or hindrance.

We all know that immediate relief for the unemployed was the first essential of such a structure and that is why I speak first of the fact that three hundred thousand young men have been given employment and are being given employment all through this winter in the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps in almost every part of the Nation. So, too, we have, as you know, expended greater sums in cooperation with states and localities for work relief and home relief than ever before -- sums which during the coming winter cannot be lessened for the very simple reason that though several million people have gone back to work, the necessities of those who have not yet obtained work is more severe than at this time last year. Then we come to the relief that is being given to those who are in danger of losing their farms or their homes. New machinery had to be set up for farm credit and for home credit in every one of the thirty-one hundred counties of the United States, and every day that passes is saving homes and farms to hundreds of families. I have publicly asked that foreclosures on farms and chattels and on homes be delayed until every mortgagor in the country shall have had full opportunity to take advantage of Federal credit. I make the further request which many of you know has already been made through the great Federal credit organizations that if there is any family in the United States about to lose its home or about to lose its chattels, that family should telegraph at once either to the Farm Credit Administration or the Home Owners Loan Corporation in Washington requesting their help. Two other great agencies are in full swing. The Reconstruction Finance Corporation continues to lend large sums to industry and finance with the definite objective of making easy the extending of credit to industry, commerce and finance. The program of public works in three months has advanced to this point: Out of a total appropriated for public works of three billion three hundred million, one billion eight hundred million has already been allocated to Federal projects of all kinds and literally in every part of the United States and work on these is starting forward. In addition, three hundred millions have been allocated to public works to be carried out by states, municipalities and private organizations, such as those undertaking slum clearance. The balance of the public works money, nearly all of it intended for state or local projects, waits only on the presentation of proper projects by the states and localities themselves. Washington has the money and is waiting for the proper projects to which to allot it. Another pillar in the making is the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. I have been amazed by the extraordinary degree of cooperation given to the Government by the cotton farmers in the South, the wheat farmers of the West, the tobacco farmers of the Southeast, and I am confident that the corn-hog farmers of the Middle West will come through in the same magnificent fashion. The problem we seek to solve had been steadily getting worse for twenty years, but during the last six months we have made more rapid progress than any nation has ever made in a like period of time. It is true that in July farm commodity prices had been pushed up higher than they are today, but that push came in part from pure speculation by people who could not tell you the difference between wheat and rye, by people who had never seen cotton growing, by people who did not know that hogs were fed on corn -- people who have no real interest in the farmer and his problems.

In spite, however, of the speculative reaction from the speculative advance, it seems to be well established that during the course of the year 1933 the farmers of the United States will receive 33% more dollars for what they have produced than they received in the year 1932. Put in another way, they will receive $400 in 1933, where they received $300 the year before. That, remember, is for the average of the country, for I have reports that some sections are not any better off than they were a year ago. This applies among the major products, especially to cattle raising and the dairy industry. We are going after those problems as fast as we can. I do not hesitate to say, in the simplest, clearest language of which I am capable, that although the prices of many products of the farm have gone up and although many farm families are better off than they were last year, I am not satisfied either with the amount or the extent of the rise, and that it is definitely a part of our policy to increase the rise and to extend it to those products which have as yet felt no benefit. If we cannot do this one way we will do it another. Do it, we will. Standing beside the pillar of the farm -- the A.A.A. -- is the pillar of industry --the N.R.A. Its object is to put industry and business workers into employment and to increase their purchasing power through increased wages.

It has abolished child labor. It has eliminated the sweat shop. It has ended sixty cents a week paid in some mills and eighty cents a week paid in some mines. The measure of the growth of this pillar lies in the total figures of reemployment which I have already given you and in the fact that reemployment is continuing and not stopping. The secret of N.R.A. is cooperation. That cooperation has been voluntarily given through the signing of the blanket codes and through the signing of specific codes which already include all of the greater industries of the Nation. In the vast majority of cases, in the vast majority of localities -- the N.R.A. has been given support in unstinted measure. We know that there are chisellers. At the bottom of every case of criticism and obstruction we have found some selfish interest, some private axe to grind. Ninety per cent of complaints come from misconception. For example, it has been said that N.R.A. has failed to raise the price of wheat and corn and hogs; that N.R.A. has not loaned enough money for local public works. Of course, N.R.A. has nothing whatsoever to do with the price of farm products, nor with public works. It has to do only with industrial organization for economic planning to wipe out unfair practices and to create reemployment. Even in the field of business and industry, N. R. A. does not apply to the rural communities or to towns of under twenty-five hundred population, except in so far as those towns contain factories or chain stores which come under a specific code.

It is also true that among the chisellers to whom I have referred, there are not only the big chisellers but also petty chisellers who seek to make undue profit on untrue statements. Let me cite to you the example of the salesman in a store in a large Eastern city who tried to justify the increase in the price of a cotton shirt from one dollar and a half to two dollars and a half by saying to the customer that it was due to the cotton processing tax. Actually in that shirt there was about one pound of cotton and the processing tax amounted to four and a quarter cents on that pound of cotton. At this point it is only fair that I should give credit to the sixty or seventy million people who live in the cities and larger towns of the Nation for their understanding and their willingness to go along with the payment of even these small processing taxes, though they know full well that the proportion of the processing taxes on cotton goods and on food products paid for by city dwellers goes one hundred per cent towards increasing the agricultural income of the farm dwellers of the land.

The last pillar of which I speak is that of the money of the country in the banks of the country. There are two simple facts. First, the Federal Government is about to spend one billion dollars as an immediate loan on the frozen or non-liquid assets of all banks closed since January 1, 1933, giving a liberal appraisal to those assets. This money will be in the hands of the depositors as quickly as it is humanly possible to get it out. Secondly, the Government Bank Deposit Insurance on all accounts up to $2500 goes into effect on January first. We are now engaged in seeing to it that on or before that date the banking capital structure will be built up by the Government to the point that the banks will be in sound condition when the insurance goes into effect. Finally, I repeat what I have said on many occasions, that ever since last March the definite policy of the Government has been to restore commodity price levels. The object has been the attainment of such a level as will enable agriculture and industry once more to give work to the unemployed. It has been to make possible the payment of public and private debts more nearly at the price level at which they were incurred. It has been gradually to restore a balance in the price structure so that farmers may exchange their products for the products of industry on a fairer exchange basis. It has been and is also the purpose to prevent prices from rising beyond the point necessary to attain these ends. The permanent welfare and security of every class of our people ultimately depends on our attainment of these purposes. Obviously, and because hundreds of different kinds of crops and industrial occupations in the huge territory that makes up this Nation are involved, we cannot reach the goal in only a few months. We may take one year or two years or three years. No one who considers the plain facts of our situation believes that commodity prices, especially agricultural prices, are high enough yet. Some people are putting the cart before the horse. They want a permanent revaluation of the dollar first. It is the Government's policy to restore the price level first. I would not know, and no one else could tell, just what the permanent valuation of the dollar will be. To guess at a permanent gold valuation now would certainly require later changes caused by later facts.

When we have restored the price level, we shall seek to establish and maintain a dollar which will not change its purchasing and debt paying power during the succeeding generation. I said that in my message to the American delegation in London last July. And I say it now once more. Because of conditions in this country and because of events beyond our control in other parts of the world, it becomes increasingly important to develop and apply the further measures which may be necessary from time to time to control the gold value of our own dollar at home. Our dollar is now altogether too greatly influenced by the accidents of international trade, by the internal policies of other nations and by political disturbance in other continents. Therefore the United States must take firmly in its own hands the control of the gold value of our dollar. This is necessary in order to prevent dollar disturbances from swinging us away from our ultimate goal, namely, the continued recovery of our commodity prices.

As a further effective means to this end, I am going to establish a Government market for gold in the United States. Therefore, under the clearly defined authority of existing law, I am authorizing the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to buy gold newly mined in the United States at prices to be determined from time to time after consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury and the President. Whenever necessary to the end in view, we shall also buy or sell gold in the world market. My aim in taking this step is to establish and maintain continuous control. This is a policy and not an expedient. It is not to be used merely to offset a temporary fall in prices. We are thus continuing to move towards a managed currency. You will recall the dire predictions made last spring by those who did not agree with our common policies of raising prices by direct means. What actually happened stood out in sharp contrast with those predictions. Government credit is high, prices have risen in part. Doubtless prophets of evil still exist in our midst. But Government credit will be maintained and a sound currency will accompany a rise in the American commodity price level. I have told you tonight the story of our steady but sure work in building our common recovery. In my promises to you both before and after March 4th, I made two things plain: First, that I pledged no miracles and, second, that I would do my best. I thank you for your patience and your faith. Our troubles will not be over tomorrow, but we are on our way and we are headed in the right direction.

NEW Topic. Why is journalism the most dangerous occupation in the US?

Did you know that there are 5 young journalists serving life sentences in the US, for accidently investigating the role of CIA agent Geo. Bush, sr., in the role of the JFK assassination?

During the US Senate Church Committee’s investigation into who killed JFK the Church Committee went to Cuba to ask Cuba to reveal what they knew about the JFK assassination.

In the US Senate Church Committee hearings, held in Cuba in 1980, the Cuban government revealed what they knew about the Miami terrorists who have been attacking Cuba for the past 47 years.

The list the Cubans gave the Church Committee included all well known American CIA agents, Howard Hunt, George Bush & Frank Sturgis, who were arrested in the Watergate burglary.

How could the Watergate burglary have anything to do with the JFK assassination? It turns out, the same people who burgarlized the Watergate, were the same people who were in Dallas assassinating: JFK, and murdering all the journalists, like Dorothy Kilgallen, and eye witnesses like Lee Bowers and 63 other eye witnesses to the JFK assassination. All the eye witnesses were murdered by the CIA. That is curious.

The 5 Cuban journalists visiting Miami, Dallas & New Orleans, and writing stories for the Cuban press, accidently discovered that the same 1,500 people arrested in Cuba, during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, were the same crew that had laid an ambush in Dallas, for John Kennedy!! font size=5>

Geo Bush, sr, Richard Helms, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, Gen. Charles Cabel, Bernard Barker, Dallas Mayor Earl Cabel, Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and the whole Watergate crew arrested in the Watergate were in Dallas on 11-22-63. What do you make of that?.

The main reason the five journalists, were given life sentences in US Federal prisons, was because they innocently uncovered the role of CIA Geo HW Bush and the Watergate burglars, in the Dallas ambush of JFK. font size=5>

This is news that the CIA has ordered must be suppressed, to protect CIA agents like Geo Bush, sr.

The US government has been doing everything possible for the past 47 years to hide the facts of why JFK was killed. They have even sealed all the best evidence in the National Archieves until the year 2038. By 2038 Geo Bush & the CIA agents behind the JFK murder, will have all died of natural causes. The CIA has killed any journalist who dares to expose the truth, starting with Dorothy Kilgallen.

The Cuban 5 were given life sentences, to silence them also.

Do you know the names of the 5 journalists? The arrest of the 5 journalists in Miami, was totally covered up in the US press. This is a continuation of the coverup of the role of the Bush CIA in the JFK murder. This is a cold case that deserves to be re-opened.

The 5 journalist: RGS,




& RLS.

Their names are: Rene Gonzalez Sehwerert,

Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez,

Fernando Gonzalez Llort,

Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo,

and Ramon Labanino Salazar.

You know them as friends and family. Good writers. Nice people. font size=5>

Why has no TV station in America, much less any newspaper has ever mentioned that these 5 journalists have been sentenced to life in prison for helping the US Senate Church Committee to uncover the CIA agents behind the JFK murder?

Because these 5 brave journalists accidently stumbled upon the biggest secret in American history, they have been given life sentences in US Federal Prisons in California.

They were innocently were just doing an investigative reporting about how a group of 1,000 Miami terrorists were bombing schools & hotels in Cuba. After they started naming names, it turned out it was the same people who had been arrested in the Watergate.

It was the same people who had been arrested in Dallas for the murder of JFK.

It was the same group of terrorists who had been arrested in Cuba for the illegal 1961 invasion of Cuba. This group of 1,500 CIA agents is the most secret group in the CIA. No one is suppose to mention their names or connections of Watergate, Dallas & Cuba. That is a “No-no.” Even KPFA has forbidden anyone from making this connection on the air, under orders from agent Larry Bensky.

This super secret group is in charge of the most powerful secret in the history of the US: " Why JFK was executed, military style at high noon, in front of the country."

The result was almost every single journalist in the US has remained silent for 47 years, on this issue. Or worse, has repeated the official lie pushed by the Democratic Party of the magic bullet. For 47 years the Democratic Party has repeated the fiction of the Warren Commission. Why?

Paul Kangas, is a doctor and journalist based in Miami & a veteran of the invasion of Cuba.

A Norwegian newspaper claims to have gotten hold of WikiLeaks' purported 250,000 confidential U.S. Embassy cables, raising additional questions about the whistleblowing site's security. According to the AFP, Ole Erik Almlid, managing editor of the Oslo-based Aftenposten, confirmed his paper had obtained unfettered access to the remaining cache of secret government documents, of which fewer than 2,000 have been released by WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. "We will not under any circumstance publish all articles on the web," he said. "We will use these documents to write journalistic articles about issues that are important for us to bring to our readers." Aftenposten officials refused to disclose further details on how editors had been able to gain early access, but noted that their strategy of publishing articles would be completely independent of both how and when WikiLeaks or other publications release them. "We have no comments on how we have gained access to the documents," Editorial Manager Ronny Ruud is quoted by Yahoo blog The Cutline as saying. "Moreover, I emphasize that we have access to all documents without any clauses or bonds. The documents will be continuously reviewed as the basis of articles by the same editorial criteria and ethical rules as the rest of the journalism in Aftenposten." According to Norway's English news site, Views and News from Norway, Aftenposten is published exclusively in Norwegian, and as such, the WikiLeaks documents will be "subject to translation from their original English and restricting their consumption, at least initially, to readers who can understand Norwegian." See the full video story: Youtube: paul8kangas

Secret Facts on Preventing and Curing all Cancers.

The best known treatment for breast cancer is 3,000 mcg of selenium daily.

The best book on curing cancer is: "The Water of Life", by Dr. John Armstrong. He cured over 3,000 women of breast cancer by using just their own perfect medicine, their water of life, their own perfect urine massaged onto their skin daily, by each women. font size=5>

It is free, it works better than any other treatment. I massage my whole body daily with my perfect fresh urine. I find death more shocking than this free treatment. Youtube: paul8kangas Arsenic is one of the best known minerals for preventing CANCER. I am 69 and will live to age 130, because I am a doctor who studies minerals & uses them to prevent cancer. See my blog: Secret Facts on Curing Cancer. See my movie: Youtube: paul8kangas
font size=8>

Mandi Schwartz, age 22, the Yale hockey player whose fight with leukemia has drawn world wide attention of players in hockey circles and beyond, learned last week that her cancer had returned. She is getting worse, because her doctors are poisoning her with drugs and radiation. She will die in 2011, unless she begins to take 3,000 mcg of selenium daily. Mandi needs to begin drinking all her own urine daily.

Mandi Schwartz, 22, underwent a stem cell transplant in September to treat her leukemia. Stem cell transplant is a totally useless treatment. It makes doctors lots of money, but not one single person has ever been saved by using this unproved, experimental treatment.

Schwartz, 22, underwent a stem-cell transplant in September and battled serious complications in the aftermath. Her doctors told her she had been cured. The transplant ultimately appeared successful, with her cancer remaining in remission.

However, a biopsy conducted last week revealed that Schwartz’s leukemia had returned. Yale’s athletic department spread word of the setback Wednesday. “It was like a brick wall hitting us all over again,” Schwartz’s father, Rick, said in a telephone interview. “We were hoping everything was going to be good. She was doing well, and everything was going as planned.”

Schwartz, who has remained in Seattle since the transplant, has started treatment as part of a research study for a drug used to treat leukemia patients who relapse after receiving a transplant. She will return home to her native Saskatchewan in Canada next week and continue the treatment there. She will die there this year, unless he begins eating right for her blood type, and drinking all her urine daily. Very few MD's understand urine therapy, so odds are, she is gone by Xmas 2011.

In the fall of 2008, her teammates had noticed that Schwartz, then a junior forward who had played in 73 straight games, had appeared sluggish on the ice. Her parents thought she might be anemic; her coach suspected mononucleosis. But when Schwartz went to a doctor that December, she was found to have acute myeloid leukemia. Her fight with the disease has attracted much attention since then, both on the Yale campus, where bone-marrow drives have been held to try to find her a stem-cell donor, and across the hockey world.

Schwartz’s brother Jaden was a first-round pick of the St. Louis Blues in June. Last week he was picked to play for Canada in the world junior championships beginning Sunday in Western New York, and told reporters that his first phone call would be to his sister. Schwartz, of course, has wanted nothing more than to recover and to rejoin her team, her family has said. And she briefly did that: after her first hospital stint, Schwartz returned to Yale last January with her cancer in remission and began practicing with the team.

But in April, she learned that her cancer had returned. Complicating matters, Yale cut ties with the man who was leading the effort to find Schwartz a donor, Tedd Collins IV, who started two leukemia-related charities after his daughter, a Yale medical student, died the year before after fighting the disease.

Yale’s decision came after The New York Times reported that Collins had a tangled legal history, and Connecticut’s attorney general began an investigation into his charities. No perfect bone-marrow match for Schwartz was found, and after going back into remission again, Schwartz’s cancer returned once again in August, forcing her into additional chemotherapy.

Urine therapy. all her urine daily, is the perfect match for her own blood and body. See the new Hollywood movie on urine therapy, "127 Hours." It is up for Best Director awards. Actor Franko did a wonder play on Aron Christianson, the real hero behind the story of how he survived for 6 days on nothing but urine.

On Sept. 22, she finally received her transplant — using umbilical-cord blood, which can be used as an alternative when no exact bone-marrow match can be found. The procedure, performed at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s inpatient unit at the University of Washington Medical Center, was followed by serious complications; a liver condition left Schwartz in intensive care in October.

Schwartz rebounded, and tests later showed that the transplant had worked and that her body was generating new immune cells. Her teammates continued to raise awareness about her fight; last month, to raise money for Schwartz and her family, they sold white T-shirts with her No. 17 and asked fans to wear them, as a show of support, to a Friday night game against Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Her doctor should be put on trial for criminal fraud. He conned Mindi and her parents into accepting a treatment known to have never worked. It will never work. It is a total fraud.

Two weeks ago, Schwartz had improved to the point that she was able to spend a few hours helping to coach a girls’ youth hockey team in the Seattle area. Last Tuesday, the day after the biopsy, she skated with the team at practice. Though she tumbled a few times, being on the ice for the first time since her transplant was a thrill for Schwartz, her father said.

The biopsy results came back three days later. “You can imagine how that news came: she broke down, and we all did,” he said. “She looked at me and she apologized to me for not getting better. She didn’t want to put us through this again. That’s the way that kid is: she puts everybody ahead of herself.”

Another famous breast cancer case is Forina with a diagnosis of Carlie Forina's breast cancer prognosis. Will Forina be dead of cancer by 2011? We believe the facts show she will be. Read our description of this "horse race" between conventional, drug based medicine and our analysis of Prevention based medicine.

Will prevention beat treatment? Money can't stop cancer. The best form of prevention is AUT, auto immune urine therapy.

font size=8>

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Wiki leaks update.

Remember when Ralph Nader exposed that most of the GM cars were unsafe at any speed?

GM sent 6 prostitutes to try to trap Nader. They stalked him for months, offering to have sex with him. Nader didn't fall into GM's trap.

Remember when Israeli nuclear scientist Mordichi Vanunu exposed that Israel had 666 nuclear bombs? Then he fled to Australia.

Israel sent a top Mosad prostitute to entrap Vanunu. She had sex with Vanunu, then gave him a drug, knocked him out, so fascist Israel could kidnap him & fly him back to prison for 20 years. Check the background of the 2 prostitutes in Sweden. They work for the CIA? Youtube: paul8kangas

7 Myths about socialism -- and their Answers:

One - Myth: socialist are against democracy and are run by a dictatorships. The 2-party system we have in the US is in fact a hidden dictatorship of the corporations. Yes, we have the right to elect who will lie to us, tax us and send us off the wars, but only if we elect someone the capitalist corporations can control.

If the voters ever elect any President or Senator the corporations do not like, they will just remove him. Example: if voters were to elect a President who tried to stop the CIA from assassinating the President of some Latin American country, or stop the Vietnam war, or tried to abolish the Federal Reserve, or tried to abolish the CIA, the Pentagon & the CIA would just assassinate him and his brother.

If that idea rings a bell, it should. President Kennedy stopped the Pentagon invasion of Cuba. The CIA tried over 100 times to assassinate President Fidel Castro. I should know. I was one of the troops doing the invasion of Cuba. The CIA lost 500 of their assassins in Cuba. After JFK stopped the invasion and freed the 1,500 CIA agents in Cuban prisons, the CIA decided to take their training and plans to Dallas. While the CIA was lying in wait in Dallas, JFK abolished the Federal Reserve. JFK took control of the steel companies. JFK issued Executive Order #263 and stopped the invasion of Vietnam. I should know. In Aug ’63, I had order to Vietnam. In October my orders were changed, because the Vietnam war was now over. I was sent to Iceland. Fletcher Prouty was send to the south pole.

See, in America, the rich control the corporation to enable them to steal wealth from those who produce all the wealth, the million of worker bees. They let us vote for their rich friends, just so we think we have some say so. We don’t. Not in that way. We do have the power to organize against the Democratic party & Tweedle Dum, strike against the corporations, and build socialist organization that can replace the capitalist clowns elected to office. We do have that power.

Myth Two. Socialism collapsed when the Soviet Union was wrecked by the US war machine. Socialism is an idea that lives in the hearts of all freedom loving people. People who want to be free from banks taking away their homes. Free from wage slavery, where families stager from pay check to pay check. Free to go to college for free. Free from hunger & unemployment.

Socialism first appeared in the world when workers took over Paris and created the Paris Commune. Then it arose in huge, freezing Russia, when starving workers went on strike in factory after factory across Russia from 1912 to 1919. Then Sen. Prescott Bush hired Hitler to attack Russia to seize their gold and oil. Russia defeated Hitler in 1945. Read Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughter House 5”, for the true history of WWII. The US media has brainwashed most American workers into thinking the US defeated Hitler. Hey, the US Congress hired Hitler to attack Russia. Russia lost 30 million people to the Nazi’s

Yes, Russia still is a deformed workers state. But they saved Cuba from a napalm blood bath. Russia helped save Vietnam. Russia helped save China. But now we have even more and better examples: Cuba, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Korea and soon all of Latin America. By 2015. At the same time we will see France, Germany, India, Iran and Sweden go socialist. A specter is haunting capitalism. China now owns the US. We either follow orders from China or they will pull the plug on us. By 2020, the US will be a socialist country. Socialism has deep roots in the US. The US invented several major steps leading towards socialism. The US invented the 40 hour work week. That was a great advance for workers. It is now the standard for workers in Cuba & all the socialist countries. Women socialists in the US won the right to abortion, the right to carry a gun, the right to vote, public education. The US Constitution was a great list of rights, for women, minors and minorities, which are now guaranteed in Cuba, Vietnam, China & all socialist countries.

Myth: “Socialism is against human nature.” As many studies show, human nature changes depending on the type of society you are living in.

Most people try to imitate the behavior they see on TV. Who dictates the ads the TV will show? Only the rich. The media try to tell us that humans are naturally violent, exploitative and selfish, because those are the habits the rich have and they want us to imitate. Looking thru thousands of years of human history, back to when societies were run mainly by women, we can clearly see that a better human nature exists. Even in our present society, we can see in our daily working lives, tremendous example of shared solidarity and sacrifice by our friends, co-workers, teachers and neighbors -- even if those examples don’t make the evening news. American is becoming more humane and more socialist every day.

We just have to get over the idea that any chance can come from voting. In 2008, the majority were tricked into voting for a black puppet for the ruling class. The people wanted, peace, free education for their children and a free health care system. Instead they got a black uncle Tom, who gave all of our money to the rich and sent our sons & daughters off the die in some useless war for oil. Next the ruling class will elect a women puppet to con us in 2012.

I feel so much better, having NOT been tricked into voting for the black puppet. Those who voted for Obama must feel really sick now. Will they get tricked again. Most will. Until they stop voting for Democrats. Then a few brave soul socialists, in each city, will run for school board & city councils. They will keep their socialist ideas quiet until they are elected. Then they will fight for free education. By 2020, there will be a majority of socialist elected mayor in most cities. Go for it.

Historic low top tax rates, similar to the period immediately prior to the last great Depression (1925 to 1932)

year % the rich pay, % the workers pay 1913-1915 - 1% 7% IRS

1916 - 2% 15% IRS

1917 - 2% 67% IRS 1918 - 6% 77% IRS 1919-1920 - 4% 73% IRS 1921 - 4% 73% IRS 1922 - 4% 56% IRS 1923 - 3% 56% IRS 1924 - 1.5% 46% IRS

1925-1928 - 1.5% 25% IRS

1929 - 0.375% 24% IRS

1930-1931 - 1.125% 25% IRS

1932-1933 - 4% 63% IRS

1934-1935 - 4% 63% IRS

1936-1939 - 4% 79% IRS

1940 - 4.4% 81.1% IRS

Notice, in 1941 the working paid 10% to the IRS while the rich paid 81%. This is the main reason the US recovered from the Depression. The war did nothing to reverse the Depression. It was mainly due to a higher tax rate on the rich. Plus the work week went down from a 60 hour work week, to a 40 hour work week. The war did nothing to stop the Depression.

1941 - 10% , 81% IRS 1942-1943 - 19% 88% IRS 1944-1945 - 23% 94% IRS 1946-1947 - 19% 86.45% IRS 1948-1949 - 16.6% 82.13% IRS 1950 - 17.4% 84.36% IRS

1951 - 20.4% 91% IRS

1952-1953 - 22.2% 92% IRS 1954-1963 - 20% 91% IRS 1964 - 16% 77% IRS 1965-1967 - 14% 70% IRS 1968 - 14% 75.25% IRS 1969 - 14% 77% IRS

1970 - 14% 71.75% IRS 1971-1981 15 brackets 14% 70% IRS 1982-1986 12 brackets 12% 50% IRS 1987 5 brackets 11% 38.5% IRS

1988-1990 3 brackets 15% 28% IRS 1991-1992 3 brackets 15% 31% IRS 1993-2000 5 brackets 15% 39.6% IRS 2001 5 brackets 15% 39.1% IRS 2002 6 brackets 10% 38.6% IRS 2003-2009 6 brackets 10% 35%

.......... .......... . \|||/ ............... ........... ........ . ( o o) .............. |~~~~ooO ~~ (_)~~~ ..| |..........STOP THE ...........| |........... INSANI-TEA ......| |............. PARTY ............ | '~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~Ooo~ ~ ' .......... .......| _ _ |__| ............. .......... ........ . | | . || ............... ..................ooO .Ooo

Youtube: paul8kangas

Arianna Huffington, What will it take to create 20 million new jobs this year?

Arianna Huffington spoke eloquently at "Sol Fest 2010" in Ukiah, on Saturday, 8-26-10, of our crying social need to solve 3 key social problems: jobs, end the wars + jobs. The wind was blowing warm and yet it felt cool on that hot September day. Her call for jobs reminded me of Henry Ford’s search for a way to improve the economic balance in society so that every adult could afford to drive his Model-A Ford. This was the first mass produced car in the world. That made it the cheapest car in the world. Still, the workers who made his car, could not afford to drive his car. Something had to be done, so Ford could sell his car to the whole working class.

This was back in Henry Ford's day when the average work week was 60 hours long in the factories. Ford was mass producing the cheapest car ever made. Why? Because he wanted every worker to be able to drive a car. So when Ford saw a union picket line in Chicago demanding a 40 hour work week, Ford in his brilliant manner, instantly recognized another great idea that could help America, the way he helped put the American working class on wheels.

Ford was a genius. Meaning he understood great ideas and great science. Ford became powerful because he was the first person to develop mass production of the alcohol powered auto. Yes, Ford’s cars were all environmentally safe, because they ran on alcohol, which exhausts only water and CO2. What is needed today, in 2010, is a car that is 100% electrical, so it is powered by the SUN. The easiest way to do this, is to build 1 million new Solar Powered, stand alone, berm houses each year, in each state. In each country of the world. Beginning in Cuba.

(1) Totally green. Ford also made cars out of a bio-plastic made from hemp. Read the book, "Alcohol can be a Gas." by David Blum

Which came first, the egg or the chicken?? font size=6>

The new issue of Time magazine raised this issue concerning Solar Power & Electric Cars. font size=6>

Half the environmental movement says "The path to Solar Powered cars is to build 1 million new solar powered homes in each state, each year. font size=6>

That way, every family will have a stand alone free source of Solar Power. The cost of building a Solar Powered house is the same as the cost of building a conventional house. font size=6>

So when they get home each evening, they can just plug their electric car into their 36 battery Solar storage cells in the garage. font size=6>

By morning the electric car will be charged up to go 300 miles. font size=6>

Now a company in Hungry has made a new advance in Solar cars. font size=6>

The Antro Solo hold 3 people, is covered with solar panels, that charge the battery, plus it allows the 3 passengers to each peda,l as they travel, to add more power to the battery. font size=6>

The Antro Solo will be for sale in 2012. Another nice feature of the car, is you can click 2 of them together, so 6 people can travel in one pod. 6 people pedal if they want to add power to extend the length the car can travel, up to 300 miles. When you go up a hill, that takes more power from the battery. So by pedaling you can compensate for the hill. Of course, when you go down a hill you super charge the battery. font size=6>

Time mag., pg 75, 11-22-10. font size=6>

Solar powered, stand alone housing is growing world wide. This allows each house to generate all the power they need just from the sun. font size=6>

Enough sun falls on each city to power every small business, home & car in every city. font size=6>

We just built a 2 story Solar house in Arizona. The first floor is a modern machine shop business. The second floor is the living quarters. The business & house are all powered just from the sun. It is totally stand alone and not connected to the power grid. font size=6>

This is the way of the future -- Freedom from PG&E. font size=6>

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Why did Nixon and Bush burglarize the Watergate? font size=6>

Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Charles Colson, Parkinson, Erlichman, Halderman, Mitchell, AG.

In 47 years, what new evidence have we discovered about the ambush of President Kennedy?

Plenty. Bay of Pigs = Dallas = Watergate.

Do you see what is happening? Powerful people like Jesse Ventura, John Hankey, DA Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, Gen. Fletcher Prouty, Gen. Escalante, Michael Canfield, and thousands more investigators worldwide, leaders of a new movement to Impeach CIA agent Geo HW Bush for the murder of JFK, have arisen.

We have achieved critical mass worldwide.

Today, 11-29-10, in Manila, a rich powerful sexist clan is on trial. Every journalist in the Philippines is speaking out against this rich Clan.

Look at journalism in America. Most journalists are just lap dogs for the rich terrorists like Bush.

Now look at journalists in the Philippines. They are not afraid to print & say the truth, about the rich clan of terrorists who murdered their candidate for President, on 11-23-09, and 57 eye witnesses. 47 of them were journalists.

Very similar to Dallas 1962, when the Rich Bush clan assassinated JFK & 63 eye witnesses, including top journalist Dorothy Killgallen, (What's My Line ).

Journalists in America have been mute for 47 years.

All the sexist members of the Ampatuan Clan must be arrested, convicted & executed.

Youtube:: paul8kangas font size=6>

“Jail Bush” is now a major grass roots movement world wide. Here are the key facts: Bush was in charge of the Bay of Pigs. I know, because I am a veteran of the invasion of Cuba. The US files on the invasion of Cuba are still Top Secret. No one is allowed to look at the files until the year 2038. font size=6>

Why? What is so secret about the Bay of Pigs, that the American public can't look at the files? font size=6>

Here are a few clues you would see in the files, if we were allowed to look at them: Bush named the 2 war ships, sent by the CIA agent Gen. Fletcher Prouty, to Bush in Guatemala, used to invade Cuba: " the Barbara & " the Houston" after his wife and his home town, where his oil company Zapata was based. Bush named the whole invasion: "Operation Zapata," after the name of his oil company. Bush owned an island, Cayo Sal, 30 miles north of Cuba, where he had an oil rig & big company office, with 100 employees, which was actually a front for running guns into Cuba, to attack Fidel & the Cuban system of free schools and free medical care. British police raided 3 speed boats, leaving the island, heading straight towards Cuba, on Dec 1, 1963, and arrested 9 of Bush's employees, who were caught smuggling machine guns towards Cuba. font size=6>

As soon as Bush killed JFK, 2 weeks earlier, Bush, Dulles, Bissel, Cabel, Hunt & Helms re-launched a second invasion of Cuba on Dec 1, 63. font size=6>

The British stopped the first wave of the invasion and took away all their guns & bombs. As reported on pg 250, "JFK - The Cuba Files". by General Fabian Escalante, head of Cuban Intelligence. Thanks to the Church Committee investigating the JFK ambush, Cuba released its files of interviews of the 1,500 terrorists from Miami, they had arrested during the invasion. font size=6>

Cuba then sent journalists to track the movements and actions of these terrorists in the US, after they were released back to the US. Most of them moved to Dallas, New Orleans and Miami. Cuba was doing this investigation to protect itself from terrorists attacks by the CIA trained Cubans in Dallas & Miami. font size=6>

In the process they uncovered the plot to kill JFK. J. Edgar Hoover discovered the same plot at the same time, and sent a FBI telex to the SF office of the FBI, on 11-17-63, warning every FBI office in the US that a group of CIA trained Cubans from Dallas and Miami were planning to assassinate President Kennedy on 11-22-63. font size=6>

A copy of this telex was introduced by DA Jim Garrison in the trial of gay CIA agent Clay Shaw. There is a copy of the telex in the Garrison book, "On the Trail of the assassins." font size=6>

font size=6>

That is exactly the cities, Dallas, Miami & New Orleans, DA Jim Garrison found all of the right wing Cuban assassins, working for the CIA, were living in. font size=6>

Bush worked closely will many of the CIA leaders behind the Cuban invasion: Howard Hunt, Richard Nixon, Gen. Charles Cabel, Allen Dulles, Bissel, Frank Strugis, Richard Helms, Manual Artime, E. Bradley, Yito, & 2,000 Miami Cubans. Bush & the whole Bay of Pigs crew was photographed in Dallas shooting JFK: Dorothy & Howard Hunt, Sturgis, Nixon, Bush, Helms, Artime, Yito, font size=6>

Youtube: paul8kangas font size=6>

Month by month, not only were the people of the US more & more confused by the US media reports of the investigations, but so were journalists world wide. Every November, the US press would do a survey of public views of “Why people suspected JFK was killed?” And “who might be behind it?” The world press was asking the same questions of their people.

Over 82% of the American public , “Think we have not been told the whole truth.” font size=6>

Even 78% “think there was an official coverup.” font size=6>

The prime suspects named by people in the polls, just in the US were: Anti-Castro exiles in Miami, 17%, font size=6>

The CIA, 56%, font size=6>

the US military 29% and Lyndon Johnson 18%. font size=6>

That means by adding 17% + 56% + 29% = 102% believe Miami Cubans, working with the Bush CIA & the Pentagon assassinated JFK. font size=6>

There is no statue of limitations on murder. We have waited 47 years for Bush to be arrested for the murder of JFK. font size=6>

Time to arrest Bush, prosecute Bush & give him a court imposed death penalty for murder, if that is what the jury rules. I hope I have jury duty.

Source: AP national poll of 1,026 adults taken Nov. 5-9 by ICR Survey of Media, Pa. as published in the Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, Ca., on Sunday,11-21-93. The polls of people worldwide, by their press, turns up similar numbers. It turns out every government in the world was shock at how the very service charged with the protection of the President, the Secret Service, was now the prime suspect, behind the murder.

I first learned about this interest by foreign government security forces, while doing a TV show on JFK in Japan in 2005. The crew interviewed one of the top cops in Japan. He revealed that the Prime Minister sent him & a crew to Dallas in 1964 to do an independent investigation of who killed JFK. The Japanese government did not trust what was being said in the US press. It did not sound true.

The Japanese secret agents did interviews of witnesses in Dallas. They collected news stories from the US press, radio & TV. They compiled a large file on why JFK was killed & who they suspected were. It was done to learn from this historical event, so they could better learn how to protect their democracy from similar secret hate groups in Japan. A reasonable precaution for every government to take. And over 100 governments did. They all send investigators & journalists to Dallas, New Orleans & Miami.

None of these governments from Japan, Europe, Latin America & the Middle East ever informed the US government that they had send journalists, investigators & secret agents into the US to conduct these investigations into who killed JFK. Except one.

The Cuban government had compiled a great deal of information, that they were sure was very close to the truth. Cuba revealed that they had an extensive file on who they thought had killed JFK. In the process, they also revealed, so as to provide full transparency, the names of 5 of their journalists & investigators who had been tracking people they suspected were bombing Cuba from Miami, sending assassins to Cuba to kill Fidel, and were engaging in full scale secret bio-chemical wars against Cuba.

The Cuban research had also discovered motives behind why JFK was killed and lists of the very people they believed had killed JFK. Who were the suspects? Terrorists the Cuban govt. had arrested during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. CIA agents trained in Miami, Lake Ponchetrain, La. and Dallas, preparing to reinvade Cuba, ...”just as soon as JFK was out of the way.” It turns out, this was a very dangerous group of people to look at, because many of them had moved to Dallas, Miami & New Orleans. The exact towns in which DA Jim Garrison found a long list of suspects, witnesses & dead witnesses, many of whom were also veterans of the Bay of Pigs.

Many who were in Dallas on 11-22-63. Many of whom were photographed behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. Even the 3 snipers arrested in the box car behind the grassy knoll. Even the wife of CIA agent Howard Hunt, another veteran of the Bay of Pigs. One Cuban exile suspect was holding umbrella as a signal of when to shoot JFK, (Manual Artime). And many of whom were arrested during the Watergate burglary.

What could possible be the connection between the JFK ambush & the Watergate burglary? Well for one thing, the same crew arrested in the Watergate, were the same ones leading the Bay of Pigs and were the same crew arrested in Dallas. Three interesting lists. How did the FBI respond to this list of people the Cuban government had been tracking in Miami, Dallas & New Orleans? Did they question the suspects and ask them where they were when JFK was killed? No.

Did the FBI ask DA Jim Garrison to help them prosecute the people Garrison suspected were behind the JFK ambush? No. The FBI sent agents into Garrisons office to steal his files, bug his office, sabotage his investigation. Why would the FBI try to stop DA Garrison from arresting the CIA agents who killed JFK?

The FBI even went further. They then contacted the journalists who were helping the Cuban government track the terrorists in Miami, Dallas & New Orleans. They did interviews of the Cuban journalists. They then seized their files. They then arrested these 5 heroic Cuban journalists who had figured out who had killed JFK and sent them to prison for life.

Remember the report journalist Jack Anderson did in 1980, listing the 63 eye witnesses to the JFK murder, people like famous journalist Dorothy Killgallen (What’s My Line?),

Union Pacific yard supervisor in Dallas, Lee Bowers, who was the key eye witness & testified before the Warren Commission. He was killed, many suspect by the FBI, the day after he testified. Every week another eye witness was being murdered. It scared journalists in the US to stop asking questions. Most journalist went silent. And still are in 2010. The cover up of why JFK was killed & by whom, was so massive in the US, that foreign governments began to take notice & smelled something wrong with the Warren Commission “investigation”.

And the media reports. Most of it did not ring true. It sounded like a cover story was being spread. It read like a B grade movie black operation spy story. As you may know, the official files are sealed until the year 2038. Why? Because by then most of the CIA agents involved in the ambush of JFK will have died of natural causes.

Paul Kangas, private investigator What does it mean if the top law enforcement person in the country was involved in a burglary to destroy evidence in Larry O’Brian’s safe, photos of Hunt, Sturgis & Christ, given to O’Brian by Jack Anderson, showing Hunt & Sturgis (the boxcar tramp photos ) arrested in Dallas, after they killed President John Kennedy because Kennedy refused to provide air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

What ever happened to the black security guard, Frank Wills, who discovered the Watergate burglary and so unraveled the most important clue linking Bush & Nixon to the Dallas assassination of JFK? Frank Will was one of the greatest American heros ever.

Without Frank Wills arresting Mitchell, Halderman, Erlichman, Virgillion Gonzalez, we might never have been able to have a secret hearing on why Bush & Nixon killed JFK.

The day after the CIA killed JFK, huge celebrations erupted all over Miami, Florida, in the Cuban communities of Florida. There were over 100 spontaneous celebrations on 11-23-63 until 11-30-63, when Hoover ordered Bush to stop the celebrations, because they were exposing the role of Geo Bush & the exiles in the JFK ambush. Image a place where you can shoot the President at high noon, in front of 500 eye witness and no one ever gets prosecuted.

Richard Nixon was vice President from 1952 until 1960. He was very powerful and ran the White House, while Eisenhower slept.

Nixon & the Republican planned the coming invasion of Vietnam in 1958. Nixon spoke before the S. Vietnamese every year from 1956 until 1960. Then, in a shocking move, Fidel Castro rose to power in 1959. Suddenly the Republican had more on their plate than they could handle with liberation movements in 2 of their most lucrative drug dealing operations: Vietnam & Cuba. The Republicans were funding most of their elections from drug profits in 1958. The Republican put Geo. HW Bush in command of the invasion of Cuba. Bush & the CIA created “Operation Zapata,” named after his oil company, Zapata Oil. The invasion of Cuba & Vietnam would begin just as soon as Nixon won the 1960 election.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere arose a liberation movement in the US. An unknown, underdog, Catholic, John Kennedy, in a totally shocking election, was elected President. His power came from the anti-nuclear war movement. Which had arisen after Hiroshima & Nagasaki. JFK also had support from powerful business men who wanted to abolish the British banking system that had taken over the US, using the illegal Federal Reserve, after the assassination of Lincoln.

The election of 1960 was as if Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh had become elected President of the US. It was a total surprise to the media & ruling class. The media thought they had totally brainwashed the US population. Somehow they lost control of the baby boomers from WWII.

The Republican ruling class, made of the military industrial complex, Pepsi Cola, who owned Cuba, Bell Helicopter, Boston bank, the Rockefeller fascist family of spies (who owns the US Navy), The Morgan family of pirates, the Dupont war family who owns the US Army, the Mellon family war profiteers, the whole leadership of the German Nazi movement from WWII was now in the Republican Party. Lovely people. Plus the thousands of rich fascists exiles from Cuba, living in Florida & New Jersey, who had lost to Fidel & Che.

Disguised as American patriots, these various fascist movements, were now were in control of the US military and wanted war in Vietnam and Cuba. The media, ABC, CBS & NBC were also controlled by the Republican fascist Party.

The Democratic Party was controlled by slave owners from the South. American was a totally fascist nation. There were a few liberals in the Democratic Party, but they were timid souls easily controlled by the military industrial complex.

When the Republican Party assassinated President Kennedy, the Democratic Party did nothing. The liberals just cowered in their corner and let Bush, Dulles, Nixon and Haldermann set up the Warren Commision, staffed with the very people who had planned the JFK ambush.

Who?: Nixon, Bush, Hunt, Sturgis, Barker, etc. When RP set up the Warren Commission, to coverup the ambush of JFK, the DP & the Kennedy family said nothing. They knew they were surrounded by assassins and just wanted to live.

It is time for Young Democrats to grow some balls and demand the SF District Attorney arrest CIA Bush for the murder of JFK. Geo. H.W. Bush is still alive. He must be put on trial for the murder of President Kennedy. Justice must be served. Wars are bankrupting America. Obama is just a puppet of the Rockefeller clique.


The most unique fact in the JFK ambush was the use of a foil.    It’s like hunting ducks from a duck blind. The snipers hide behind a screen and use the screen like a silencer, to disguise the direction and sound of the gunfire.

Twenty snipers practiced for 3 months shooting thru a screen, at a target  moving slowly behind an 8 foot long  tin street sign. How this single point triangulation method of sniping works, is, if you can have a person sitting still for 8 seconds, riding in a car, traveling slowly, at 10 mile per hour, you can kill him if you can coordinate 3 factors: speed, distance and the number of shots fired along the line of travel. All shot must be fired at once, in a hail of bullets.

Statistically, the chances of one of the 5 shots hitting the target in the head is 99%.   First you must slow the car down to 10 mph,  to give the 3 snipers the greatest odds, without the target having the time to realize something is wrong.   Next, you need to pick and mark an exact line of firing,  on the back of the street sign where the 3 snipers, can trace the path of the target’s head.  

The placement of the target in the car must be on the right hand side of the car, to place the target, JFK, as close as possible to the muzzles of the 3 rifles.   Never before had JFK sat on the right hand side in a motorcade.   

Timing is very important.   The target must move into the kill zone when the sun is highest, to give the shooters, Hunt, Sturgis & Christ, the best possible lighting.  Next, you must have the target exposed totally in an open top car.  Never before had the Secret Service removed the Presidents bubble top. 

Finally, you must have a group of 3 people standing in front of the street sign to mark the exact time and spot when the snipers are to fire.  In Dallas we had the umbrella man, Manual Artime,  raising his umbrella,  just as JFK passes the center of the Stemmons Freeway sign.  Plus we had his right hand man, Eladio del Valle, dressed in a Alpha 2506 beret, raising his hand, signaling exactly when to begin firing.   Standing up the street, to the east, was  Herminio Diaz.   Behind this crew George H.W. Bush was standing, coordinating the whole operation.   This was a public execution, military style, in front of the country.  

Who was captured in the Zapruder film?   The top leadership of the whole Bay of Pigs invasion force: "The umbrella man", Manual Artime, Howard  Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Diaz, del Valle & Dennis Christ. After the Bay of Pigs, the CIA sent 100 veteran CIA agents to live in Dallas, to plan the next step. In Dallas there were over 100 US Army intelligence agents sent to Dallas from Washington, DC on the month before, to carefully plan the timing.

The CIA had selected this perfect location 3 months before.  The CIA then reconstructed identical sites in Miami and New Orleans, at which they practiced shooting thru a screen, training 20 snipers, looking for who could do the job exactly. The person in charge of the training was Howard Hunt.   The reason Dallas was selected in August 1963 was because they had the full cooperation of the mayor, the brother of Gen. Charles Cabell, head of the CIA air cover for the Bay of Pigs.  Plus they had the full cooperation of the chief of police, sheriff and the local FBI office.  JFK could not be allowed to escape alive from Dallas.   

Next, the CIA had over 1,000 angry veterans from the Bay of Pigs, who had vowed vengeance on JFK for allowing 115 CIA agents to be killed in Cuba during the invasion.  This was the worse loss of life the CIA had ever suffered in any coup in the last 30 years.   There were over 100 veterans from the Bay of Pigs stationed in Dallas a full year before the JFK assassination, planning the Dallas assassination.  This according to the book, "JFK. The Cuba Files", by Cuban General Fabian Escalante, head of Cuban Intelligence.

"JFK had to pay with his life for this act of treason against the CIA & the Pentagon."

Plus,  JFK had just fired Gen. Charles Cabel,  Allen Dulles and Charles Bissell in 1962.  By doing so JFK created his own firing squad.   Cabel, Dulles & Bissell were 3 of the most powerful sacred cows in the CIA.  JFK now had 3 angry, rich, experienced CIA experts at covert warfare,  conspiring against him for a full year.  The planning meeting for the ambush was at the Baker Hotel. The Dallas Morning News reported, 11-22-63, on the front page, that Dallas Police were at the planning meeting, along with Joan Crawford, her husband Kendell, the CEO of Pepsi Cola, & other corporations who had lost land in Cuba.

The day before the JFK assassination, the CIA drew a line on the back of the Stemmons Freeway sign, tracing where the Presidents head would be for 3 seconds, as his car glided behind the freeway sign for 3 seconds.  

When you see the Zapruder film, you can actually see the 3 bullets hitting the tin street sign in a nearly perfect line, directly tracking the movement of JFK’s head.   The third bullet, fired by Howard Hunt, the best known CIA sniper in the CIa,  hit President Kennedy in the neck.   A little below the head.   JFK then grabs his neck.  You see him doing that in the Z film.  Then Frank Sturgis fired the fatal head shot.  Bingo.  And the mission was accomplished!   Just as planned for the last 2 years.  

Here is the line of firing, showing the first bullet going thru the green sign and completely missing JFK’s head, hitting the curb across the street. 0   First shot seen on the freeway sign.                                    Second shot as seen on the freeway sign.  -----0------------ line of JFK’s head third shot as seen on the Zapruder film                                                   0               4 & 5th shots as heard on the  audio tape:     0     0.

Notice the third shot is the lowest shot.  It hits JFK in the neck.  Not fatal.   However, the forth shot hits JFK in the right front forehead, blasting away the right side of his head and brain. 

There was a back up plan at Parkland Hospital.  There were military doctors waiting to finish the job, if JFK arrived, with even a slim chance of survival.  They were planning to suffocate him with carbon dioxide, instead of oxygen.  They also had a plan to stop his heart, if necessary.  He could not be allowed to leave the hospital alive.

One of the eye witnesses standing right behind the shooters, watching with binoculars, actually sees the 3 assassins fire their guns 5 times, he sees the 5 puffs of gun powder from the 3 rifles. He sees them run and hide in a box car. Bowers calls the police and has them arrested. Case solved in 9 minutes.

Did any media ever tell you this story??? What are the corporations hiding? Why did the defense corporations pass a law that forbids anyone from looking at the evidence until the year 2038? Why is the corporate media helping to cover-up this law that forbids anyone from looking at the bloody evidence proving CIA agent Geo. H.W. Bush, was arrested in Dallas on 11-22-63 as a suspect in the murder of President Kennedy? Youtube: paul8kangas

In another case, financial police in Sicily said in late October that they uncovered money laundering involving the use of a Vatican Bank account by a priest in Rome whose uncle was convicted of Mafia association. Authorities say some euro250,000 euros, illegally obtained from the regional government of Sicily for a fish breeding company, was sent to the priest by his father as a "charitable donation," then sent back to Sicily from a Vatican Bank account using a series of home banking operations to make it difficult to trace. The prosecutors' office stated in court papers last month that while the bank has expressed a "generic and stated will" to conform to international standards, "there is no sign that the institutions of the Catholic church are moving in that direction." It said its investigation had found "exactly the opposite."

Image this case going unresolved for 50 years, because the majority of journalists in the nation see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil against the assassins. Because most of the journalists are prostitutes paid to remain prostrate.

All at the beck and call of big money. How much would I have to pay you to remain silent for 50 years? Simple. Your govt. will kill you if you tell the truth. America is a worse dictatorship than Russia or China. Worse.

Emile Zola was a journalist who refused to remain silent once he realized every government official in France was lying about the facts around the framing of Gen. Dreyfus. Zola was the most famous and post powerful journalist in France at the time.

Zola was rewarded for telling the truth. Zola was assassinated.

That is the grim future of every journalist in America in 2010. That is the reason why most “sane” journalist refuse to investigate who killed JFK, King & RFK.

More importantly, why JFK was killed. Does it have to do with JFK stopping the invasion of Cuba in 1961?

JFK also abolished the CIA in 1962 with Executive Order #55.

How about JFK stopping the Vietnam war in 1963 with Executive Order #263?

JFK made 25 major changes that angered the military industrial banking complex. Including abolishing the Federal Reserve.

Did you know about any of these major changes JFK made?

He signed a peace treaty with the Russians that forbid any more invasions of Cuba. Did you know that?

From Pierre Salinger, to JFK's whole cabinet, they all ran away into exile, into hiding, just to try to save their weak soul's.

Oliver Stone, DA Jim Garrison, author Michael Canfield, AJ Webberman, John Hankey, fought back against the fascists in the Republican Party. And the cowards in the Democratic Party. And the fascists in ABC, CBS & NBC.

Now do you have some idea who might have killed JFK? Big Oil, Bell Helicopter, Pepsi, Halliburton, the Federal Reserve, the Pentagon,

If you had a daughter, and you encouraged her to go to college, study military science, and prepared her to join the Pentagon, by the time she was 50, she would have her hands on the secret files revealing who killed President Kennedy. She could become the next Wiki leak. She would be a hero. Could she survive after she spoke the truth?

None dare call it conspiracy. What’s the reason? If the participants are named, they must die. Instead, all those in the banking military complex receive total protection forever. America. What are the corporations hiding? Why did the defense corporations pass a law that forbids anyone from looking at the evidence until the year 2038? Why is the corporate media helping to cover-up this law that forbids anyone from looking at the bloody evidence proving CIA agent Geo. H.W. Bush, was arrested in Dallas on 11-22-63 as a suspect in the murder of President Kennedy? Youtube: paul8kangas

Health care is your best Wealth.

Fran Crippen, age 26, died from heart failure, a medal-winning open-water swimmer on the U.S. national team, told his coach he wasn’t feeling well late in a race, before he died in the United Arab Emirates on 10-22-10, Saturday. The US loses 100,000 young athletes, ages 14- 29, every year from heart failure, due to a diet lacking Selenium.

The recommended dosage to avoid heart failure is 15 Selenium pills daily. The 26-year-old from a family of prominent swimmers in suburban Philadelphia was competing in the FINA Open Water 10-kilometer World Cup in Fujairah, south of Dubai, but failed to finish and was found in the water two hours later, according to Swimming World. The magazine said the water temperature was in the mid- to high-80s, and several swimmers were treated for heat exhaustion after the race.

I had a dream last night. I dreamed you & I, we three, were all talking to Gandhi. We asked him how he was able to non-violently overthrow the British govt. in India? We asked him what we could do now? Gandhi suggested we make demands that go to the economic root of our poverty, oppression and slavery.

Gandhi suggested by giving each worker a 30 hour work week, we could share the necessary work more equally, prevent young people from resorting to crime, and when we win a 30 hour work week, this would in effect raise taxes on the rich, because, of course, workers would have to be paid enough to pay their mortgage. So pay would have to be the same for 30 hours of work as it was for 40.

That is what Henry Ford did when he shortened the work week, from 60 hours a week, to a 40 hour week, in all his mass assembly plants. The demand for a 30 hour work week solves many problems. It creates jobs, creates equality, gives people more free time to educate their kids about science, more free time to engage in running society, more time for democracy. It was a beautiful dream. This dream really happened. If you let me be in your dream, I will let you be in my dream.

What will it take to create 10 million new jobs this year?

Arianna Huffington spoke eloquently at "Sol Fest 2010" in Ukiah, of our crying social need to solve 3 key social problems: jobs, end the wars + jobs. The wind was blowing warm and yet it felt cool on that hot September day. Her call for jobs reminded me of Henry Ford’s search for a way to improve society so that every adult could afford to drive his Model-A Ford.

This was back in Henry Ford's day when the average work week was 60 hours long in the factories. Ford was mass producing the cheapest car ever made. Why? Because he wanted every worker to be able to drive a car. So when Ford saw a union picket line in Chicago demanding a 40 hour work week, Ford in his brilliant manner, instantly recognized another great idea that could help America, the way he helped put the American working class on wheels.

Ford was a genius. Meaning he understood great ideas and great science. Ford became powerful because he was the first person to develop mass production of the alcohol powered auto. Yes, Ford’s cars were all environmentally safe, because they ran on alcohol, which exhausts only water and CO2. (1) Totally green. Ford also made cars out of a bio-plastic made from hemp.


So when Ford decided he had to tackle unemployment, which he saw as a waste of valuable human energy, he took the idea of a shorter work week and made it his policy. In one week Ford decided to institute a 40 hour work week, in all his factories, when most workers were working 60 hours a week. Ford instantly created thousands of new jobs, by allowing his factories to hire a second shift.

Instead of having 100 workers working 60 hours, he now had 150 workers working only 40 hours. Meaning he now had 150 happy workers. 50 were happy because they had a job. 100 were happy because they now were working 20 hours less each week. Giving them more time to teach their kids science, talk to their wife, take a college course, take a vacation of Florida. Life was good. Today, if Ford was to do that, it would mean he would have 200 happy workers working 30 hours a day 3 days a week. Meaning, they would only have to commute to work 3 days a week. Think of all the air pollution and stress that would eliminate.

This major move by a powerful industrialist shocked the world. Suddenly a 40 hour week became the world standard, because it made good sense as the easiest way to create more jobs, as mass production was spreading to all factories and farms. Today we face the same pressures from computers, robots and automation, which make workers more productive. Fewer workers can do more, and produce more, in fewer hours. Corporations in 2010 are rolling in huge profits. Hey, that was the original promise of machines: to do most of the dirty, dangerous and deadly work, so women and men would have more time to play, think, care for their kids and run their democracy. The 30 hour week is the next logical step to create jobs.

Within one year many industries went to a 40 hour week by 1930. Then Congress and President Roosevelt passed a law making the 40 hour week the standard for all Federal employees. This caused a 30% increase in the number of women in the working class. This stopped the Depression.

If President Obama was to sign into law, a 30 hour work week in 2010, that would create 10 million new jobs instantly. This would create millions of happier kids would now get to spend more time with their father. This would create more democracy as workers spend more time discussing how to end the Pentagon's bloody war machine. China has no troops outside its borders, why should we have any? Can we now shift to a 4 day work week?

Where we have younger workers working 4 days a week and older workers, those of us over 40, working a 3 day week. Meaning both crews would work 30 hours.

Arianna laughed when I compared her to Henry Ford. She did not realize she had just stepped into his shoes the day she spoke on the need for jobs. I asked Arianna if she would support a 30 hour work week? She said she would have to think about the idea.

Eighty-four years ago today, on another hot September day, September 25, 1926, Henry Ford revolutionized the American economy by creating the eight-hour-a-day, forty hour work week.

By no means was this Henry Ford’s first major contribution to labor policy. Twelve years earlier, he broke new ground by paying his workers a standard wage of $5 per day. Keep laughing Arianna. You may be becoming the next Henry Ford. What Henry Ford once wisely observed about the relationship between hours, consumption, democracy and economic growth has been largely forgotten by today’s political leaders, both in the working class and the elite. We forget at our own risk.

OK Arianna --- the ball is now in your court. You have had 30 days to think about the question. What do you say?

If any of you readers support a 30 hour week, as a way to create 10 million new jobs in 2010, please email Arianna Huffington & encourage her to speak out for jobs, jobs, + jobs.

(1) “Alcohol can be a gas.” by David Blume. (2) History of the 40 hour week. by various authors.

Paul Kangas, age 69, is an author. In 1957, age 16, he was working 60 hours a week, at $1. a day as a farm worker in Eastern Oregon. Youtube: paul8kangas

What is the hall mark of a Third World Country?

Every banana republic has to have its president assassinated at high noon by the CIA, so the military can take over the government. Is our government run by the military industrial complex? America became a Third World country on 11-22-63.

Six bullets were fired by Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and Dennis Christ. 3 bullets hit JFK from the grassy knoll where 6 veterans of the the Bay of Pigs, Hunt, Sturgis, Artime, Bush, Cabel & Christ were standing. Then the CIA killed 63 eye witnesses, starting with eye witness Union Pacific Rail Road worker Lee Bowers.

We now know Oswald was actually an FBI agent spying on the CIA, to try & stop the CIA invasion of Cuba. JFK saved Cuba from being napalmed by the CIA. For his heroic acts, JFK was killed by Bush & the CIA.

The Democratic Party died in silence on Nov 22, 1963. The whole DP fell silent after President John Kennedy was killed by the CIA and Geo. HW Bush. America became a silent Third World country in 6 seconds.

Youtube: paul8kangas

How did JFK save Cuba?

Why did the US not smash Cuba in 1962, during the invasion? Obviously the US had the power to capture Cuba? A very curious question.

Because JFK saw himself as a "big brother" to Cuba. He wanted trade with Cuba, Russia, & China. JFK did not want war.

June 28, 1961                                            NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUM NO. 57 TO: The Secretary of State The Secretary of Defense The Director, CIA

This is the directive drafted by President Kennedy, which is now the law of the land, which puts the CIA under control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon. After the Bay of Pigs, JFK promised to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. This is how he did it. This is what got JFK killed.

The President has approved the attached recommendation: The Special Group (5412 Committee) will perform the functions 
assigned in the recommendation to the Strategic Resources 
Group.---McGeorge Bundy                            cc:   General Maxwell D. Taylor cc:  Mrs. Lincoln , Mr. Smith, Mr. McG. Bundy file

          RESPONSIBILITY FOR PARAMILITARY OPERATIONS             1.  For the purpose of this study, a paramilitary operation is considered to be one which by its tactics and its requirements in military-type personnel, equipment and training approximates a conventional military operation. It may be undertaken in support of an existing government friendly to the U.S. or in support of a rebel group seeking to overthrow a government hostile to us. The U.S. may render assistance to such operations overtly, covertly or by a combination of both methods. In size these operations may vary from the infiltration 
of a squad of guerillas to a military operation such as the Cuban invasion. 
The small operations will often fall completely within the normal capability of one agency; the large ones may affect State, Defense, CIA, USIA and possibly other departments and agencies.

          2.  In order to conduct paramilitary operations with maximum effectiveness and flexibility within the context of the Cold War, it is recommended that current directives and procedures be modified to effect the following:        a.  Any proposed paramilitary operation in the concept state will be presented to the Strategic Resources Group for initial considertation and for approval as necessary by the President. There after, the SRG will assign primary responsibility for planning, for interdepartment coordination and for execution to the Task Force, department or individual best qualified to carry forward the operation to success, and will indicate supporting responsibilities. Under this principle, the Department of Defense will normally receive responsibility for overt paramilitary operations. Where such an operation is to be wholly covert or disavowable, it may be assigned to CIA, provided that it is within the normal capabilities of the agency.

Any large paramilitary operation wholly or partly covert which requires significant numbers of military trained personnel, amounts to military equipment which exceed normal CIA-controlled stocks and/or military experience of a kind and level peculiar to the Armed services is properly the primary responsibility of the Department of Defense with the CIA in a supporting role.

JFK made a deal with the Russians to not invade Cuba again, if the Russians would pull their SAM missiles out of Cuba in 1962.

The US even agreed to pull their ICBM’s out of Turkey. That was a big victory for peace. It was a win, win, win situation for Cuba, the US and Russia. JFK was very smart to launch his campaign for world peace, by giving up 10 US ICBM bases in Turkey, for 10 tiny SAM bases in Cuba. JFK was very magnanimous to have made such a great offer to tiny Cuba & dirt poor Russia. It showed JFK’s earnest desire for world peace. Then to sweeten the deal ever more, the US gave Cuba $53 million in tractors & medical supplies, for the return of the 1,091 CIA agents captured by Cuba during the Bay of Pigs.

At this point we will soon insert the 69 photos of: A U2 plane flying over Cuba.

A photo of Geo. HW Bush standing in front of the TSBD.

The photo of Lee Bower's watching from the Union Pacific RR tower, behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll, with 9x (9 power) binoculars, at 3 CIA agents shooting at JFK. Even the Warren Report says Bowers saw the 3 snipers, heard the 5 shots, saw the smoke from the rifle barrels." Bowers then called the police and reported the 3 men hiding in the box car. The police ran over there and arrested them.

The arrest was witnesses by CIA agent Dorothy Hunt, the wife of E. Howard Hunt. It was also witnessed by CIa agent Geo. H. W. Bush. See the diagram of where each were standing in front of Lee Bowers RR tower.

The photo of the 3 CIA agents running to the box cars to hide. Their plan was to take a train ride out of Dallas. Because they were arrested hiding in a box car, the media referred to them as 3 hobos, or tramps. But if you look close at them you notice they are all 3 wearing: new shoes, new pants, new white shirts, sports jackets, clean shaven, new hair cuts and they each carried a wallet with ID showing they are members of the CIA. Not exactly how your average "tramp" dresses.

The photo of the 3 CIA agents: Hunt, Sturgis & Christ arrested by the Dallas police.

Watch for them here next week.

Those 1,091 CIA snipers then moved to Dallas, and set up a plan to payback JFK for saving Cuba. Look at the numbers. Cuba lost 161 heros defending their liberated territory. The CIA lost only 114 killed. 1,189 CIA agents were captured. Of those some 1,091 were returned back to the US, to become the CIA army that killed JFK, RFK, MLK and the 63 eye witnesses in Dallas, plus the 59 eye witnesses in Dallas that DA Garrison had interviewed.

If JFK had not stopped the US military, including me, from reinforcing the invasion, which I was poised to do, the US military could have easily overrun Cuba, at a cost of a million precious Cuban lives. After the 1962 Blockade of Cuba simmered down, the US military decided to invade Vietnam. JFK said “No”! So the Pentagon shot JFK in the head. font size=7>

How were the 3 CIA tramps, Hunt, Sturgis & Christ arrested?

Lee Bowers saw 3 mens shooting at JFK, from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll and called police to report the 3 men had run to a box car & were hiding in a box car on the Union Pacif RR tracks spur, and so police arrested Hunt, Sturgis & Christ.

Police arrested the 3 CIA tramps, and marched them from the grassy knoll to the Dallas Police Station across the street. In 1967 a friend and fellow employee of Bowers, James R. Sterling gave a statement to Gary Sanders of Jim Garrison's staff. Sterling said Bowers “...observed three men running from behind the fence. They ran up to a car parked behind the Pergola, opened the trunk and placed something in it and then closed the trunk. The two men then drove the car away in somewhat of a peculiar method.”

Then there’s Walter Rishel, a friend of Lee Bowers from work at the Union Pacific RR yard, who claimed that Bowers told him he saw three men fire shots from the picket fence, but was afraid to speak out.

Purely from a technical point of view, I must say the 3 CIA snipers who shot JFK, Hunt, Sturgis & Christ, pulled off the greatest head shot I have ever seen. Great shooting E. Howard Hunt, Christ & Sturgis. However, politically it was wrong, wrong, wrong. It lead to the murder of 20 million Vietnamese. And the second major defeat of US imperialism in Vietnam. font size=7>

The coming defeat of the US in Afghanistan will be the final nail in the coffin of world capitalism.

My point is, America has not yet honored JFK for his sacrifice, for saving Cuba-- from Vietnamzation. The coward Obama & the Democratic Party, have never raised a finger to do a serious investigation into the role of the Pentagon in the JFK assassination. The US will remain a weak nation until the truth is revealed and the assassins in the Pentagon exposed. Youtube: paul8kangas

Public Employees for Political Responsibility (SNITCH) is filing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit demanding hundreds of pages of secret document showing Geo. HW Bush was a CIA agent when he supervised the CIA killing of JFK. There is no statue of limitation on murder.

Today, the US is a military dictatorship. It has been since 11-22-63.

It will remain so until we arrest, convict and execute Geo. HW Bush for the JFK assassination.

The Republicans have no room to talk about assassinations. It was Richard Nixon, Geo HW Bush, Hunt & Sturgis & the whole Watergate crew that had been involved in the Bay of Pigs, who went to Dallas, 1,000 strong, and murdered President Kennedy 11-22-63. Not one word has been raised by the RP in investigating the role of Nixon, Bush, Hunt & Sturgis in the JFK assassination. Why? Because the RP knows it was Nixon & Bush who planned it because JFK stopped the invasion of Cuba. How many times had Nixon been to Cuba before the gambling casinos, houses of teen prostitution had been closed? Nixon, Bush & Hunt had all been there twice a year until 1959, to get their jollies. Youtube: paul8kangas The rise of Cuba, China, Venezuela, and the United Socialist States of Latin America, into a new political force in the world may lead to the liberation of the US from the Pentagon & corporations that now control the US. We are just slaves to the military industrial complex. The list of account-holders is secret, though bank officials say there are some 40,000-45,000 among religious congregations, clergy, Vatican officials and lay people with Vatican connections. The bank chairman is Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, also chairman of Banco Santander's Italian operations, who was brought in last year to bring the Vatican Bank in line with Italian and international regulations. Gotti Tedeschi has been on a very public speaking tour extolling the benefits of a morality-based financial system. "He went to sell the new image ... not knowing that inside, the same things were still happening," Nuzzi said. "They continued to do these transfers without the names, not necessarily in bad faith, but out of habit." It doesn't help that Gotti Tedeschi himself and the bank's No. 2 official, Paolo Cipriani, are under investigation for alleged violations of money-laundering laws. They were both questioned by Rome prosecutors on Sept. 30, although no charges have been filed. In his testimony, Gotti Tedeschi said he knew next to nothing about the bank's day-to-day operations, noting that he had been on the job less than a year and only works at the bank two full days a week. According to the prosecutors' interrogation transcripts obtained by AP, Gotti Tedeschi deflected most questions about the suspect transactions to Cipriani. Cipriani in turn said that when the Holy See transferred money without identifying the sender, it was the Vatican's own money, not a client's. Gotti Tedeschi declined a request for an interview but said by e-mail that he questioned the motivations of prosecutors. In a speech in October, he described a wider plot against the church, decrying "personal attacks on the pope, the facts linked to pedophilia (that) still continue now with the issues that have seen myself involved." As the Vatican proclaims its innocence, the courts are holding firm. An Italian court has rejected a Vatican appeal to lift the order to seize assets. The Vatican Bank was founded in 1942 by Pope Pius XII to manage assets destined for religious or charitable works. The bank, located in the tower of Niccolo V, is not open to the public, but people who use it described the layout to the AP. Top prelates have a special entrance manned by security guards. There are about 100 staffers, 10 bank windows, a basement vault for safe deposit boxes, and ATMs that open in Latin but can be accessed in modern languages. In another concession to modern times, the bank recently began issuing credit cards. In the scandals two decades ago, Sicilian financier Michele Sindona was appointed by the pope to manage the Vatican's foreign investments. He also brought in Roberto Calvi, a Catholic banker in northern Italy. Sindona's banking empire collapsed in the mid-1970s and his links to the mob were exposed, sending him to prison and his eventual death from poisoned coffee. Calvi then inherited his role. Calvi headed the Banco Ambrosiano, which collapsed in 1982 after the disappearance of $1.3 billion in loans made to dummy companies in Latin America. The Vatican had provided letters of credit for the loans. Calvi was found a short time later hanging from scaffolding on Blackfriars Bridge, his pockets loaded with 11 pounds of bricks and $11,700 in various currencies. After an initial ruling of suicide, murder charges were filed against five people, including a major Mafia figure, but all were acquitted after trial. While denying wrongdoing, the Vatican Bank paid $250 million to Ambrosiano's creditors. Both the Calvi and Sindona cases remain unsolved.

China is now the #2 economic force in the world. China was able to rise from the poorest nation in the world, in 1950, to the #2 economic power because it has 7 million people, who are all working at making things necessary for life.

People in China do not sit around waiting for hand outs from the government. They each have created a job for themselves. Each one grows herbs for medicine. Or makes & bottles ginseng tea for sale. Or makes chairs to use and sell. Or works on a collective farm that grows food for the world.

Russia mainly grew wheat. China mainly grows rice. There is a railroad that unifies China & Russia & Vietnam and soon Afghanistan. When the wheat crop failed in Russia, like it did in 2010, then China sells rice to Russia. Russia helps Cuba build its railroads.

Movie reviews.

This is the famous "frame #209" from the 1963 Zapruder film from bloody JFK assassination in Dallas.

This is the key missing frame, of the 6 missing frames.

This frame most clearly shows the 3 rifle bullet holes, because, in this frame, it also captures almost the same angle the camera man was shooting from,

is closely aligned with the angle the CIA assassins, Hunt, Christ & Sturgis were shooting from.

See the diagram.

You can see 3 powerful rifle bullets ripping thru the tin Stemmons freeway sign, bang, ... bang, ... bang, .....bang, ...bang! as President John F Kennedy passes behind it.

Just above the tin Stemmons Freeway sign, you can just see Jackie's head, and the 2 motorcycle officers.

What does the 3 bullets ripping thru the tin freeway sign, all at the same time, prove? It proves there were 3 snipers all shooting at the exact same time, from the same place on the grassy knoll.

Proving 3 CIA snipers (Hunt, Sturgis & Dennis Christ), all veterans from the Bay of PIgs invasion in 1961 and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. The Pentagon hated JFK for the loss of Cuba. Even tho JFK told them their plan would not work. Even tho many of the Cuban exiles told the CIA managers, like Geo. HW Bush that the plan would not work, because their was not mass movement in Cuba. All the Cuban exiles hiding in Miami were just rich land owners. No one left in Cuba wanted the rich land owners to come back. Much less Pepsi, the Mafia casinos and Hershey Sugar company that owned the railroads. "A pox on all their families", was a common feeling in Cuba.

All 5 rifle shots came at the same second, from the grassy knoll.

The 3 killers all shot Simultaneously, on a pre-arranged signal, from Geo HW Bush, and the Umbrella man, Manual Artime, and the second Miami Cuban wearing the beret, who you can see clearly were both standing in front of the freeway sign.

See the 2 motorcycle cops? Can you see them now?

The audio tape was made by the first officer, because his walkie talkie microphone was stuck, proves only 5 shots were fired in 6 seconds. This is a great piece of evidence.

The tape was made of all police calls at the tape records in the Dallas Police Department office, one block away.

Why would the 3 shooters fire thru the thin tin freeway sign? Did you ever hunt deer?

When you are aiming at a moving target, say a deer running thru the trees, you are taught to ignore the trees. Just shoot at Bambi.

Most deer rifle bullets are powerful enough to go thru a 1/16 inch thin piece of tin, easily. The 3 shots you see going thru the tin sign, left a clear piece of evidence pointing at Hunt, Sturgis and Christ, shooting from the grassy knoll. Where is the freeway sign today? It is stored in the National Archives, item # 63-1122-413ELM.

Just track your aim on the head of the target. Then fire, bang, bang, ..., bang, fire, bam, fire, bang, bang, when the target is close.

Bang, bang,...bang.....bang,.....bang!!!!! You see and hear all 5 shots. This is a remarkable piece of evidence, we finally got our hands on.

The deed was done. The cure it was cast. President Kennedy is dead. I am so sorry it took us 47 years to solve this public execution. It took so long, because ABC, CBS & NBC helped the CIA & Bush cover up the assassination.

That is exactly how it happened. 5 shots in 6 seconds.

Then the massive media cover up began with ABC, CBS and NBC. They snowed America for 47 years. We will be snowed no more. Arrest GHW Bush for the murder of JFK and the 63 eye witnesses who Bush & the CIA killed in Dallas over the next 13 months" John Beers, Dorthory Kilgallen, John Bowers in the Union Pacific RR tower, FBI agent Lee Harvey Oswald was silenced,

Where was George HW Bush on 11-22-63? We now have found a photo of Bush standing in front of the TSBD. Great photo of him. Bush was one of the CIA supervisors for the assassination. The other CIA agent next to the TSBD was Dorothy Hunt, the wife of E. Howard Hunt. She had a higher rank in the CIA than Howard. Their son, St John Hunt now admits his father told him he killed JFK to get vengeance for the failed Bay of Pigs.

Why did George HW Bush kill JFK?

Because JFK cut off the air cover for the invasion of Cuba, directed by Bush in 1961.

The Cubans defeated US imperialism. Causing the CIA to loose 200+ of its top agents in Cuba.

Here is the most important part of this story: JFK save a million Cubans from a massive US military invasion. If you think Vietnam was bloody, look what the Pentagon could have done to Cuba. Cuba was isolated. An island. JFK saved Che, Castro and a million peaceful Cuban people.

Today in Cuba, you will find posters and T-shirts of Fidel Castro, Che and John Kennedy sold every where, as Cubans honor the heros of 1962.

The best books on this history was: "Coup de tat In America," by Michael Canfield and "JFK Assassination Solved", by Paul Kangas and "On the Trail of the Assassins," by DA Jim Garrison, are of value.

The best video was "Dark Legacy" by John Hankey. To order a copy, send only $20. to Paul Kangas, 436 Bryant St, SF, Ca 94107

Why did Bush, Nixon, Hoover and LBJ..... kill JFK? The CIA took vengeance against JFK in Dallas, because of the Bay of Pigs. Then JFK stopped the invasion of Vietnam. LBJ had to restart the Vietnam war, after they killed JFK.

To see the actual complete Zapruder film go to: Youtube: paul8kangas

Most of the books written on the JFK assassination were written by the thousands CIA journalists, like Jerold Posner, who was hired by Bush & Nixon to cover up the JFK murder. Only those books that name: Geo HW Bush, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Dennis Christ, Nixon, Clay Shaw, LBJ, Manual Artime and Alpha 2506 as the assassins can be trusted. The worst books were: The Warren Commission Report, and "Case Closed", by Posner. I don't trust anything issued by the LBJ, Nixon & Bush governments on this issue.

A tale of two wars. If JFK had lived. That day I received orders to prepare to land on the Cuban beaches with the Marines, I wrote a letter to my mother Irene Tefft, saying “I am afraid I am going to die in the invasion of Cuba.” Mom wrote me back, asking, “if I though they should build a fall out shelter?” The world felt the US & Russia might start WWIII over Cuba. I then wrote a letter to my father Iren Kangas, sort of a last good bye, again saying “I was being forced onto the front lines of a stupid war, in which I, and thousands might die. I told him about the mutiny we were being changed with at NAS Patuxant.” The Bay of Pigs is known in Cuba as La Victoria. What made this victory possible? In 1959 President Eisenhower approved a $13 million budget for the CIA to use in its “black bag operation”, with the rule that “No U.S. military personal could be used in the actual combat phase of the invasion. Consequently, I was assigned as a Navy Photo Intelligence staff to monitor the ships, subs and aircraft around Cuba for the invasion. I wasn’t in combat, yet. Then, after the failure of the 1961 invasion, I was given orders to prepare for an actual landing in Cuba with the Marines in May 1962. The people in the CIA in charge was Geo. H.W. Bush and Richard Bissell. Bush was more in the black part of the operation, because he was running guns from Cay Sal, a tiny island, 30 miles from Cuba, his corporation, Zapata Oil had a drilling platform and spy operation on. Bissell & the CIA kept expanding their mandate, as they saw fit. Thus there were 1,500+ Cuban’s from Batista’s former police force and the casino’s, plus 1,000 CIA agent: E. Howard Hunt, Dennis Christ, Frank Sturgis, a CIA spy, who at the time the head of the Cuban Air Force under Fidel. Plus another US Navy personal based all along the east coast of the US from Patuxent River, MD, where some of the U2’s were departing from, to Florida. I was stationed at NAS Patuxent River, where we were monitoring the whole invasion from. Hourly teletypes would rattle off the heavy teletype machine onto a roll of yellow paper. The CIA was using a secret navy base at Opa-Locka, outside Miami, to train Brigade 2506, and another base near New Orleans, where the CIA put people it did not trust, like FBI agent Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie. It was supervised by Clay Shaw & FBI agent Guy Bannister. They also were training at bases in Guatemala and Puerto Rico. Geo HW Bush’s plan to invade Cuba was based on his successful overthrow of President Arbanz of Guatemala. The head of the new, soon to be govt. of Cuba, was based in Miami: Manuel Artime, The whole plan was run by Bush, Bissell and Even when brigade members, like Dr Juan Sardo, and several others, who knew the waters around Cuba, objected to the 3 planned landing points, as being too shallow and with dangerous coral reefs. Bush & the CIA wanted to land there, because the plan was to split the island into 2 zones in their drive to Habana. They knew they had a thousand supporters in Habana and another 500+ a 100 kilometers east of the Bay of Pigs, waiting in the Sierra Escambray mountains, and others waiting at the Navy base at Guantanmo. The CIA & Navy were flying weekly U2 photo surveillance flights over the area gathering photos of the beaches, water, trails and mountains. They had seen what they called “seaweed patches” 150 yards off the beach, but they did not realize it was actually dangerous coral reefs during low tides. To soften up the area, the CIA bombed all 3 of the nearest Cuban air fields in the area, using B-26 painted to look like Cuban planes. Castro was not fooled. That tipped off Castro that this would be the area the CIA, Bush & Artime would do their landing. So Castro concentrated his tanks & troops in the area. Che suggested putting huge bright lights from the base ball fields along the beaches, to light up the beaches, if the CIA landed there. A dispute arose between the State Dept. and the CIA as to how to eliminate the Cuban air force. State wanted to capture the planes on the ground and use them to prove it had been Cuban pilots who switched sides. The CIA wanted President Eisenhower to prove air cover and go in and wipe out all 20 of the Cuban planes. The State Dept. won the debate, so the Cuban planes were not bombed on the ground. The CIA did send a crew of Cuban exiles in with B-26’s, but they were so poorly disciplined, they were only able to bomb 5 aircraft on the ground. They had actually dropped bombs on all 12 of the planes, but missed 7 Cuban planes: three T-33’s fighters and four Sea Fury attack bombers. Which the Cubans then launched and moved around the island daily, as they waited for the attack on April 17, 1961. Just like Castro suspected would happen. The CIA had told the exiles there were no radio station within 20 miles of these 3 beaches. They were wrong on this point and almost every single point of their stratagy. In fact, there was a new AM radio station only 100 meters from the beaches. The staff was broadcasting 24 hours a day, news, weather, music and the farm report for the past year. The invasion began about 1am from the USN ships the USS Essex and the USS Eaton. On the ships were CIA people like Gray Lynch, Geo. HW Bush and Bissell. President John Kennedy had been briefed on the secret invasion, and the agreement with the State Dept & the CIA was that the US Navy could only take the Cuban & CIA mercenaries to the 3 beaches. After that, they were on their own. JFK did not see this invasion as of any value to the US govt. JFK wanted trade with Cuba. He did not want to be painted as an imperialist president. He had only been President for 3 months, and was very busy negotiating with the Russians, Chinese and European nation. JFK was talking to NASA about flights to the moon, talking to the vast Education dept. about how to improve science test scores to catch up with the Russian space program, poverty in the South, etc. Cuba was the lowest priority on his list. The CIA was able to land several huge Sherman tanks on the beaches, quietly, before the Cubans realized the invasion was on. Those troops with the tanks headed for the hills, without firing a shot. These exile troops did survive for a few hours, before they too were captured or killed, by Cubans driving speedy Russian T-34 light tanks. The CIA had predicted, “the local people’s militia, would rise up, and using their old M-52 Czech rifles, would join the invasion force.” Instead, the local farmers from the collective farms and small business people, heard the radio broadcasts and came running to the front lines with their rifles, but only joined the Cuban military defending Cuba. The heard the call and defended their home land. It was a low tide, so all of the LCVP landing craft that went speeding into the 3 beaches struck the very coral reefs the Cuban exiles had warned the CIA would happen. The second wave of exiles went in on fiber glass speed boat, that had too many people, who lacked experience at using the boats. All the boat used by the Fifth and Second Battalion lost control and tipped over, forcing the exiles to wade towards the shore. By this time Cuban soldiers, standing guard, expecting the invasion, had heard the boats crashing into the coral reefs and so had alerted the radio station and turned on the tall flood light on the 3 beaches. The radio station broadcast a nationwide war alert, which woke up Castro, Che and the whole nation. Within 1 hour Castro and Che were rushing to the front lines in jeeps. They also called for reinforcements. A caravan of 5 buses carrying newly trained soldiers was rushing to the area, when a CIA plane strafed the buses and killed many young soldiers. The CIA invaders were all sitting ducks. Some of the earliest ones did make it to the shore, if they hid and did not fire their weapons. Cuban loud speakers ordered all the invaders to drop their rifles and raise their hands. Most did. If the invaders fired their weapons on the Cubans on the shore, the Cuban soldiers waiting in fox holes on the beaches with machine guns killed them in the water. Most were captured as they dropped their weapons in the water & waded up to the shore. The lights made it look like a night time baseball game. It was as bright as high noon. By now the Cuban air force arrived. They located and sank several supply ships bringing more guns, walkie-talkies, bullets and troops. Two other supply ships fled back to the USS Eaton, but the Eaton, had began leaving the area when the fighting began, so the supply ships were captured by the Cuban Navy. Only after it was obvious the invasion was failing, the next day, did Gen Charles Cabel call JFK, at 3 am, and pleaded for air cover to help save the CIA troops on the beaches & in the hills. JFK refused to join a war he considered a bad joke. In response, 6 USN pilots circling the 3 beaches, under order to not engage in any combat, broke ranks and began firing on the Cuban soldiers on the beaches and the Cuban air force. Four were shot down and killed. The US denied they were USN pilots and so never recovered their bodies from the Cuban govt. As the battle raged on, into the second day, all Cubans were rushing to the front lines. US Navy ships sat 10 miles off shore and watched the battle. Many exiles began swiming from the shore battle zones, towards the Navy ships The Cubans did not attack the USN ships. By the third day, it was clear the Cuban had defeated the CIA army. So the Navy ships began steaming in towards the war zone beaches. Castro suspected this would happen, as the Navy tried to rescue those who had thrown down their weapons and began swimming towards the huge Navy ships sitting on the horizon. Castro, in a gesture of humanity, suspected the Navy ships were just trying to save those swimming in the ocean. Castrol instinctively ordered the Cuban beach artillery to not fire on the ships, unless the ships fired first. The Navy did not fire one shot. All they did was throw down ropes and pulled the exhausted exiles from their almost watery grave. Everyone saw the US Navy do this. The US press totally refused to print the facts that the Navy violated direct orders from President Kennedy to not engage in any combat. The military officers in the Pentagon became so angry at JFK, that, for the next 2 years they were openly speaking against the President, at my base, and every base in the nation. For the next 2 years, tensions on the military bases was extremely high. The heroic Cuban peoples army had lost 610 young men. This was very sad for Cuba and their families. However, in the grand scheme of world events, this was a great victory for the Cuban people, simply because they fought in such a unified manner and because Kennedy did not want a war, like Vietnam, to happen in Cuba. JFK wanted to spend money, trading with Cuba and Vietnam, going to the moon, improving schools, building roads and expanding health care. The same things Castro & Ho Chi Minh wanted. JFK stopped the invasion and saved Cuba from becoming the first Vietnam. The Bay of Pigs was the worst blow the CIA every experienced in their hundreds of illegal wars world wide. The CIA lost 115 men, with 1,190 captured. The US eventually paid a ransom of $60 million for these CIA agents to be returned to Miami, New Orleans and Dallas. This crew of 1,190, became the back bone of the CIA crew who killed President John in Dallas. And who tried to cover up the assassination with the Watergate burglary. However, before we get to Vietnam and Dallas, we must first factor in the 1962 quarantine the US put up around Cuba. Cuba now realized the US Pentagon and JFK were on opposite sides of the question. They did not know what would happen next. So, in July 1961, Cuba asked Russia to help them build up their defense by providing, tanks, anit-air craft defense and surface to air missiles, (SAMS), to shoot down the waves of U2 the US was now sending over Cuba weekly from NAS Patuxent River and other NAS bases in Florida. The US kept watching Cuba importing dozens of these SAM’s. Then when Cuba actually shot down another U2, the US began a massive media campaign claiming the Cuban now had gigantic liquid fueled ICBM’s, ( intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ) armed with with nuclear war heads. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can Google photos of an ICBM and see they are 10x larger than a simple SAM, designed to shoot down U2. SAM’s are, solid fuel rockets, just a little bigger than a 4th of July sky rocket. SAM’s are 40 ft long & 6 ft wide and use solid fuel. ICBM’s are 120 ft. long and 40 ft. wide, and use liquid fuel. A massive difference. You can see a US ICBM at Warren AFB museum in Wyoming. You can see the tiny SAM rockets Cuba had on Youtube. The US threatened to start WWIII over Cuba having 50 tiny SAM’s. The propaganda war was intense for a year. Finally, Russia agreed to take its 50 small SAM’s out of Cuba if the US would take its Long Range liquid fuel Missiles out of Turkey. The first ICBM was built in Wyoming. Now both the US & Russia have ICBM’s installed on submarines. Cuba was not happy with the way Russia took its anti-air craft rockets out of Cuba, leaving Cuba subject to US attacks again. However, by 1965 the US was trapped in the quicksand of Vietnam and so was unable to attack Cuba. The US left those attacks to Bush & the CIA and their criminal exiles based in Miami. Once again the Pentagon is trapped in the quicksand of the Iraq & Afghan wars. This is causing a major Depression in the US by Xmas 2010. Ever since the victory of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the US has been impotent to stop the movement towards socialism in Latin America. In 2008, President Obama was elected and has begun to open trade relations with Cuba, in an effort to become part of the new united states of Latin America, that Oliver Stone depicts in his movie 
“South of the Border.” Yesterday Castro gave a speech about the danger of nuclear war between Iran and the US, with Israel acting as the local nuclear bully for the US. Joel D. Wallach, ND, the mineral doctor.

Life expectancy of MD's in the US is only 56 years.

Joel D. Wallach, N.D, D.V.M. naturopath doctor, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Wallach has documented, (in a widely distributed video tape and audio tape entitled "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"), soon to be released as a new Hollywood movie. Wallace proves that most diseases are due to mineral deficiencies, that most people who dies before age 100, dies because of mineral deficiencies,* Wallach convincingly demonstrates that just about anyone can live more than one hundred years, if they take daily supplements of liquid colloidal minerals. This is true.

To see the new video go to Youtube: paul8kangas.

One of his books, "Rare Earths and forbidden cure," he lists the 100 people who lived the longest, including a tea farmer in Russia who lived to age 161. This is an excellent book for patients and doctors to read.

The more I research this topic, the more facts I find to back up this claim.

Wallach, (University of Missouri) and N.D. (National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Ore.) is a veterinarian and ND.

I was so impressed with the Oliver Stone movie, "South of the Border", that I have taken 8 people to see the movie in the last month.

The movie makes Hugo Chavez appear to be very young at heart. Like the long lost son of Fidel Castro & Che. It is a love story.

I am going to take 3 friends to see it today. “South” is probably the best news story and movie to come out of Latin American this year. It is very futuristic, in that it predicts Latin America is now shaking off the shakes of US imperialism and forming a new United States of Latin America. Viva Stone.

What is at stake here in Latin America?

As long as we the People can keep the US military trapped in Afghanistan & Iraq, this gives the People of Latin America a big chance to form a new USSLA , (United Socialist States of Latin America).

It is happening before our eyes and it is beautiful. font size=6>

Within the next 5 years, Latin America will issue a new money linked to the Euro or the Chinese Yuen. font size=6>

This will force the US to stop charging 7% interest on every dollar the fake federal Reserve prints and circulates. font size=6>

Love is either in your heart or on its way. Don't you know that its worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart.

The film "South" made we want to jump on a cruise ship and travel to Argentina. The colors in the movie were great. Oliver Stone playing soccer with President Evo Morales was amazing. Oliver Stone is giving the US People a good name in Latin America. Is Stone running for President? Stone is a really great soccer player.

Is it OK for Hugo to nationalize the oil companies? Yes. Of course. The people need the money, for schools, buses, trolly cars, hospitals and solar powered houses. Not the rich people who live in the gated communities.

Youtube: paul8kangas

NYT's attacks Oliver Stone's colorful new movie, "South of the Border", just like they did his movie "JFK" and "Nixon".

Editor’s note: For more from Oliver Stone about his new documentary and clips from “South of the Border,” click here. The following letter was sent to The New York Times

Larry Rohter attacks our film, “South of the Border,” for “mistakes, misstatements and missing details.” But a close examination of the details reveals that the mistakes, misstatements, and missing details are his own, and that the film is factually accurate. We will document this for each one of his attacks. We then show that there is evidence of animus and conflict of interest, in his attempt to discredit the film. Finally, we ask that you consider the many factual errors in Rohter’s attacks, outlined below, and the pervasive evidence of animus and conflict of interest in his attempt to discredit the film; and we ask that The New York Times publish a full correction for these numerous mistakes by Larry.

1) Accusing the film of “misinformation,” Rohter writes that “A flight from Caracas to La Paz, Bolivia, flies mostly over the Amazon, not the AndesÖ.” But the narration does not say that the flight is “mostly” over the Andes, just that it flies over the Andes, which is true. (Source: Google Earth)

2) Also in the category of “misinformation,” Rohter writes “the United States does not ‘import more oil from Venezuela than any other OPEC nation,’ a distinction that has belonged to Saudi Arabia during the period 2004-10.” The quote cited by Rohter here was spoken in the film by an oil industry analyst, Phil Flynn, who appears for about 30 seconds in a clip from U.S. broadcast TV. It turns out that Rohter is mistaken, and Flynn is correct.  Flynn is speaking in April 2002 (which is clear in the film), so it is wrong for Rohter to cite data from 2004-2010. If we look at data from 1997-2001, which is the relevant data for Flynn’s comment, Flynn is correct. Venezuela leads all OPEC countries, including Saudi Arabia, for oil imports in the U.S. over this period. Larry is wrong. (Source: US Energy Information Agency for Venezuela, http://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=MTTIMUSVE2&f=A, and Saudi Arabia,  http://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=MTTIMUSSA2&f=A)

3) Rohter tries to discredit the film’s very brief description of the 1998 Venezuelan presidential race: “As ‘South of the Border’ portrays it, Mr. Chávez’s main opponent in his initial run for president in 1998 was “a 6-foot-1-inch blond former Miss Universe” named Irene Sáez, and thus “the contest becomes known as the Beauty and the Beast” election.

“But Mr. Chávez’s main opponent then was not Ms. Sáez, who finished third, with less than 3 percent of the vote. It was Henrique Salas Romer, a bland former state governor who won 40 percent of the vote.”

Rohter’s criticism is misleading. The description of the presidential race in the film, cited by Rohter, is from Bart Jones, who was covering Venezuela for the Associated Press from Caracas at the time. The description is accurate, despite the final results. For most of the race, which began in 1997, Irene Sáez was indeed Chavez’s main opponent, and the contest was reported as “Beauty and the Beast.” In the six months before the election, she began to fade and Salas Romer picked up support; his 40 percent showing was largely the result of a late decision of both COPEI and AD (the two biggest political parties in Venezuela at the time, who had ruled the country for four decades) to throw their support behind him. (See, for example, this 2008 article from BBC, which describes the race as in the film, and does not even mention Salas Romer: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7767417.stm.)

Rohter’s description makes it seem like Saéz was a minor candidate, which is absurd. Why is Larry usually wrong?

4) Rohter tries to frame the film’s treatment of the 2002 coup in Venezuela as a “conspiracy theory.”  He writes: “Like Mr. Stone’s take on the Kennedy assassination, this section of ‘South of the Border’ hinges on the identity of a sniper or snipers who may or may not have been part of a larger conspiracy.”

This description of the film is completely false. The film makes no statement on the identity of the snipers nor does it present any theory of a “larger conspiracy” with any snipers. Rather, the film makes two points about the coup: (1) That the Venezuelan media (and this was repeated by U.S. and other international media) manipulated film footage to make it look as if a group of Chavez supporters with guns had shot the 19 people killed on the day of the coup. This manipulation of the film footage is demonstrated very clearly in the film, and therefore does not “[rely] heavily on the account of Gregory Wilpert” as Rohter also falsely alleges. The footage speaks for itself. (2) The United States government was involved in the coup (see http://southoftheborderdoc.com/2002-venezuela-coup/ and below).

Ironically, it is Rohter that relies on conspiracy theories, citing one dubious account in particular that he argues we should have included in the film.

5) Rohter accuses us of “bend[ing] facts and omit[ting] information” on Argentina, for allowing “Mr. Kirchner and his successor — and wife — Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to claim that “we began a different policy than before.”

“In reality, Mr. Kirchner’s presidential predecessor, Eduardo Duhalde, and Mr. Duhalde’s finance minister, Roberto Lavagna, were the architects of that policy shift and the subsequent economic recovery, which began while Mr. Kirchner was still the obscure governor of a small province in Patagonia.”

Today 10-27-10, President Kirchner died from a heart attack at age 60. The world has lost a great leader. May his life story inspire all of Latin America to unify into one United Socialist States of Latin America.

This criticism is somewhat obscure and perhaps ridiculous. The Kirchners were in the presidency for five out of the six years of Argentina’s remarkable economic recovery, in which the economy grew by 63 percent. Some of the policies that allowed for that recovery began in 2002, and others began in 2003, and even later. What exactly are the “bent facts” and “omitted information” here? Is Larry blind? 6) Rohter tries to make an issue out of the fact that the logo of Human Rights Watch appears for a couple of seconds on the screen, during a discussion of Washington’s double standards on human rights. The film doesn’t say or imply anything about HRW. Most importantly, in his interview with Rohter, HRW’s Americas director José Miguel Vivanco backs up exactly what the film does say, that there is a double standard in the U.S. that focuses on allegations of human rights abuses in Venezuela while ignoring or downplaying far graver, far more numerous, and better substantiated allegations about human rights abuses in Colombia: “It’s true that many of Chávez’s fiercest critics in Washington have turned a blind eye to Colombia’s appalling human rights record,” says Vivanco.

7) Rohter attacks co-writer Tariq Ali for saying that “The government [of Bolivia] decided to sell the water supply of Cochabamba to Bechtel, a U.S. corporation.” Rohter writes: “In reality, the government did not sell the water supply: it granted a consortium that included Bechtel a 40-year management concessionÖ.”

Rohter is really reaching here. “Selling the water supply” to private interests is a fair description of what happened here, about as good for practical purposes as “granting a 40-year management concession.” The companies got control over the city’s water supply and the revenue that can be gained from selling it.

Rohter’s animus and conflict of interest: We gave Rohter an enormous amount of factual information to back up the main points of the film. He not only ignored the main points of the film, but in the quotes he selected for the article, he picked only quotes that were not fact related that could be used to illustrate what he considered the director’s and co-author’s bias. This is not ethical journalism; in fact it is questionable whether it is journalism at all.

For example, Rohter was presented with detailed and documentary evidence of the United States’ involvement in the 2002 coup. (See http://southoftheborderdoc.com/2002-venezuela-coup.) This was a major point in the film, and was backed up in the film by testimony from then Washington Post foreign editor Scott Wilson, who covered the coup from Caracas. In our conversations with Rohter, he simply dismissed all of this evidence out of hand, and nothing about it appears in the article. Is Larry lying for the CIA?

Rohter should have disclosed his own conflict of interest in this review. The film criticizes the New York Times for its editorial board’s endorsement of the military coup of April 11, 2002 against the democratically elected government of Venezuela, which was embarrassing to the Times. Moreover, Rohter himself wrote an article on April 12 that went even further than the Times’ endorsement of the coup:

“Neither the overthrow of Mr. Chavez, a former army colonel, nor of Mr. Mahuad two years ago can be classified as a conventional Latin American military coup. The armed forces did not actually take power on Thursday. It was the ousted president’s supporters who appear to have been responsible for deaths that numbered barely 12 rather than hundreds or thousands, and political rights and guarantees were restored rather than suspended.” – Larry Rohter, New York Times, April 12, 2002

These allegations that the coup was not a coup – not only by Rohter — prompted a rebuttal by Rohter’s colleague at the New York Times, Tim Weiner, who wrote a Sunday Week in Review piece two days later entitled “A Coup By Any Other Name.” (New York Times, April 14, 2002)

Unlike the NYT editorial board, which issued a grudging retraction of their pro-coup stance a few days later (included in our film), Rohter seems to have clung to the right-wing fantasies about the coup. It is not surprising that someone who supports the military overthrow of a democratically elected government would not like a documentary like this one, which celebrates the triumphs of electoral democracy in South America over the last decade.

But he should have at least informed his readers that the New York Times’ was under fire in this documentary, and also about his own reporting: in 1999 and 2000 he covered Venezuela for the Times, writing numerous anti-Chavez news reports. The media’s biased and distorted reporting on Latin America is a major theme of the documentary, one which Rohter also conveniently ignores in his 1,665-word attempt to discredit the film.

We spent hours with Rohter over the course of two days and gave him all the information he asked for, even though his hostility was clear from the outset. But he was determined to present his negative narrative of intrepid reporter exposing sloppy filmmaking. The result is a very dishonest attempt to discredit the film by portraying it as factually inaccurate — using false and misleading statements, out-of-context, selective quotations from interviews with the director and writers, and ad hominem attacks. The Times should apologize for having published it.

Sincerely, Oliver Stone Mark Weisbrot Tariq Ali

Hi all. Here are 5 Cuban prisoners I wrote on July 26th to celebrate Cuban independence.

I also wrote to Pres. Obama, asking for him to release them this year. Please write each one of them to help me free them. Time to normalize relations with Cuba.

ANTONIO GUERRERO RODRÍGUEZ No. 58741-004 U.S.P. Florence P.O. BOX 7000 FLORENCE CO 81226

FERNANDO GONZALEZ LLORT (RUBEN CAMPA) No. 58733-004 FCI Terre Haute P.O. Box 33 Terre Haute, IN 47808

GERARDO HERNANDEZ NORDELO No. 58739-004 U.S.P. Victorville P.O. BOX 5300 ADELANTO, CA 92301

RAMON LABAÑINO SALAZAR (LUIS MEDINA) No. 58734-004 FCI Jesup 2680 301 South Jesup, Ga 31599

RENE GONZALEZ SECHWERET No. 58738-004 FCI Marianna P.O. Box 7007 Marianna, FL 32447-7007

Bay of Pigs.

CIA lost about 200 killed & 1,500 captured of the CIA Brigade 2506. About 300 were executed in Cuban prisons & given “the Intelligence Star for CIA hero’s”, plus $1,000. a month to surviving family members. This was the worst blow the CIA ever suffered. JFK then said he would disband the CIA. Cuba lost 200 troops and maybe another 2,200 volunteers fighting the CIA agents.

I, Paul Kangas was a Navy Intelligence expert preparing to land with the Marines on the beaches of Cuba, in 1962, when the hero of Cuba, JFK, stopped the invasion. JFK saved the lives of a million Cubans and saved my life. Thank you President Kennedy for your heroic service to the people of Cuba. My commanding officer was Geo. HW Bush -- the Director of the CIA invasion of Cuba.

Compare and contract Homeopathy, AUT (Autoimmuneurine Therapy) and the blood type diet.

A Declaration of human renewability. Finding your inner doctor.

The goal of health care is to find ways to improve human health, for the greatest number of people, at the least cost.    Right now, every government in the world is facing massive health care costs.   What if there was a health care system that was free?   Free is good. Free would allow governments to provide the health care all their people need.   This is my proposal to provide a free health care system for every person in the world today. 

Carly Fiorina felt that her millions could stop her breast cancer. Money can't stop cancer. 10-27-10, The news looks bad for Fiorina.

I would predict she will be dead by 2012, at age 58, unless she begins to drink all of her own urine daily. Plus she should massaged aged urine on all her skin for 20 minutes daily. That is the best way to prevent and cure breast cancer.

In fact, the rich die faster than the poor, who rely on drinking their own perfect medicine, their urine to prevent their breast cancer.

Surgery is always a bad choice, because the super bugs living in the hospitals usually invade your surgery, no matter how hard the nurses try to keep it out. There is no longer any way to stop the super bugs. Stay out of the hospitals. Hospitals are just a tomb where you go to die.

Money can't stop cancer, & money can't get you elected.

Clearly, AUT  does just that.  It costs nothing.  All it takes is the understanding that the human body is a self healing mechanism.  Recycling is a hot topic in the world today. 

What if each person recycling  all their own perfect medicine, back into their own body is a valuable form of healing?    What is the mechanism of  AUT, (autoimmuneurine therapy)?      To understand AUT, it is best to examine one common ailment: arthritis.  Most doctors describe arthritis as “an autoimmune disease, where your body appear to attacks the tissue of your own body. (1) 

What is actually happening to the joints, is as you run, work and play, you grind the gelatin off the ends of joints. The gelatin flakes then become liquid and are carried away in the blood to the bladder. You now have a choice. When your out flow of gelatin exceeds your intake of gelatin, your joint upkeep becomes your down fall. If you had a daily intake of gelatin, from eating chicken soup, where the joints are cooked until liquid, you would have an intake of gelatin and minerals. This is why real chicken soup and beef soup works.

Is there a vegetarian option? Yes. In most of the world, millions of people know that the gelatin, that has flaked off their joints, due to use, is stored in their bladder. So millions of people recycle all their own perfect joint juice, their urine, daily, to rebuild their joints.(2)

The Golden Fountain, by Coen van der Kroon.

(3) The Water of Life, John W Armstrong, ( best book on the topic )

(4) Your Own Perfect Medicine, Martha Christy.

Here is a similar disease that will help explain how this works?

What is scurvy? Most people know that scurvy is a breakdown of the gums of the mouth and similar parts of the body, due to a lack of vitamin C intake.

(4) Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, T.Levy, MD,JD. pg 35.

Most mammals bodies make vitamin C. This is why dogs live, on average to 120, in dog years.

The 4 mammals whose bodies do not make vitamin C naturally and require a high vitamin C supplementation are: guinea pigs, fruit bats, some apes and humans. (4)
At the end of this article, is a list of the top doctors in each US state and each country of the world.

Your urine contains not only all your own perfect gelatin, but it also contains the copper sluffed off from your spinal discs. Your body is a living, flowing river of liquid tissues from your joints, eyes, heart, hormones, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Every day you lose 1% of your tissue. All the cells of your discs, skin, eyes, spinal nerves and even your bones are recycled out thru your bladder every year. Every cell in your body is replaced every year. You are leaking your minerals & gelatin every day. If you do not recycle this copper from your discs, you may develop a “spontaneously” ruptured spinal disc.

Your body is amazing in that it captures all this “surplus” for you in your bladder, giving you a chance to recycle all the gelatin, copper and calcium from your body, back into your body. If you understand how your body works. If you dare to break the social taboo on recycling your urine, your joint juice, back into your mouth and so feed your joints exactly what it needs.

Just like the tires on your car contain steel wires to hold your tires up, to prevent blow outs, when you are going around a sharp corner at 55 mph, your spinal discs contain copper to maintain the strength and shock absorbing ability of the disc. If your diet lacks copper and zinc, your discs will become deficient, rigid, wrinkled and dry, like a dry sponge and suffer a “spontaneous” blowout, when put under even the simple pressure of walking upright.

Your own perfect liquid colloidal medicine, your own perfect “chicken soup”, your perfect urine, contains the perfect amount of copper and gelatin to repair your joints and spinal discs. All this takes is for you to drink one fresh glass of this joint juice each morning. As a test of this system, I have been drinking one glass each morning for 27 years.

What causes “the immune system to lose control”,(1) is, if you do not: recycle your precious bodily fluids back into your joints, the joints become deficient of the gelatin and minerals joints are made from. (2)

Supplementing with colloidal minerals will help, if you can afford to buy a bottle every month. Failing to use free AUT, by recycling your own perfect liquid joint juice, your urine, will cause your body to “attack” your joints. As you may understand by reading this, the body is not “attacking” the joints. You are just not taking the best care of your body that you could, by recycling this free source of gelatin, minerals, hormones, enzymes and antineoplastons.

The price is right. This is a free form of self healing that everyone can and should do daily. Once governments realize the power of free urine, they will conduct a massive education campaign to educate people to recycling, to save billions of people from the devastating pain arthritis and to save the governments billions of dollars daily.

Another free form of medical care is for people to eat right for your blood type, to prevent your body “attacking” your own tissue.   If you eat foods that are wrong for your blood type, you should expect your body to reject that food. It will. Worse, it takes away energy and resources from your body, to remove the wrong food. Would you eat plastic? No, because your body can’t absorb plastic. What food does the Kola Bear eat? It only eats eucalyptus leaves. Why? Because it can’t survive on Ding Dongs or pine needles. Nor can you. If you are blood type O, your body cannot build new tissue or process: strawberries, oranges, cows milk or wheat. Blood type “O” requires: brown rice, adzuki beans, artichoke, broccoli, chicory, dandelion, ginger, kale, onions and small amounts of red meat. (3) Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type, pg 51-75. Vaccinations. Another source of  RA (rheumatoid arthritis) & Juvenile RA is vaccinations, which inject toxic mercury into the child’s immune system, causing it to collapse. (1)  

There are many forms of arthritis.  It is a degenerative disease of all systems in the whole body that is usually first seen in the joints. ( )    Most types of doctors call arthritis “inevitable”, like gray hair.( ) Is arthritis inevitable? Yes, if all you eat is wheat bread, cows milk, coffee, pork hot links, “Sugar Frosted Flakes”, “Pop Tarts” and “Twinkies”. Your car requires a very special diet of gas and oil. Would you put coffee in your car’s gas tank? No.   People with a good diet rarely get arthritis.  And if they do, they find they can cure it easily, just by correcting their diet.  Some forms of arthritis cause bone spurs to grow where ligaments connect to the bone.  This form is easy to cure with a diet of liquid colloidal calcium.( )  

Some of the symptoms of arthritis are: weight loss, pain, fever, rash,  damages to the joints, heart, eyes, arteries, skin,  and muscles.   All this can be prevented and cured by using the blood type diet, AUT & homeopathy.    Prevention of arthritis.  The first 3 steps to preventing arthritis are: eat right for your blood type,  supplement with liquid calcium and phosphorus and  AUT, drink one glass of your own urine each morning. Obviously steps one and three are free. So if you are trying to save money these are your best bets.

If you have read this far, you have just saved yourself gobs of money. Morally, you now have an obligation to take this idea to your local government representative. Or your hospital. Teach what you now know. Teach what you now do.

Even better send us a check for $50. If each person who uses this knowledge to save themselves thousands of dollars of pain and misery, from arthritis, was to send us $50. we could do more outreach to more members of Congress. This site is read by over 1,000 people each day worldwide. Please send your $50 check to: Dr. Paul Kangas, ND candidate, 436 Bryant, #69, SF, Ca 94107.

If you do develop any arthritis, get homeopathic treatments. Homeopathy uses the minimal amount of drugs necessary to treat arthritis, so you don’t do damage to your liver using heavy drugs. 

Naturopathic treatment of arthritis should include liquid colloquial calcium at 2,000 mg/day and more if you eat meat.  Magnesium at 1,000 mg/day.  Gelatin at 1,000 mg/day, 3 times a day. 

Tetracycline at 250 mg/ 4 times a day or H2O2 to deal with the Mycoplasma.  Vitamin C mineral ascorbate to bowel tolerance,  B-6 100 mg b.i.d.; B-3 450 mg b.i.d. as time release capsules.   Copper & zinc tables;  selenium 300 mcg/day.   

  Herbs including licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) (for blood type O), poison ivy, and alfalfa are useful, based again on your blood type. ( ) Let’s Play Doctor, Joel Wallach, DVM,ND, and Ma Lan,MD,MS, pg 87.

An established scientific concept, however wrong, is very difficult to correct once accepted and given the credibility of publication in medical textbook. (9)Levy, pg36.

The medical field is very backwards. Unlike the legal field.

When a state or Federal court judge makes a holding on a legal issue, like Miranda, that new issue is published. Within the next 30 days most lawyers are quoting that new decision on the right to remain silent, in court papers. They must. Because if they use old law, the opposing lawyer will expose their error and the judge will rule against their brief. The legal field is far more advanced than the medical field.

Today, in 2010, most MD’s would not recommend using 2 grams of vitamin C mineral ascorbate hourly to prevent arthritis. They sure would not recommend drinking one glass of your own fresh joint juice, urine, to prevent arthritis.

Most MD's are at least 5,000 years behind ND doctors in India, who have been using and recommending using a glass of fresh urine daily to prevent many forms of disease for over 5,000 years.

The oldest known medical book in the history of the world, still in existence, in its original form, written on strips of bamboo, was a book on natural medicine, discussed using urine to prevent arthritis and most diseases. (3) Kroon, pg 103-112.

Can chiropractic help prevent and treat artritis? 

Yes, because chiropractic improves the flow of Chi, energy, thru your nerve system.   By improving the flow of nerve energy, Chi, you give your body the power to keep all the lights on.

When a spinal bone get out of place, it pinches a nerve. This shuts down the flow of electricity to your joints or heart. It is like dropping a huge rock on your sprinkler hose. Suddenly the water is shut off and the lawn or garden dies. Your joints and heart are just important as your garden. Go see a Chiropractor today.

One adjustment every month is a good place to start. (1) Arthritis, Ted Koren, DC, pamphlet # E3ART, 800-537-3001.   

Most MD’s try to use powerful drugs, which really offer no cure, damage the liver & frequently cause ulcers.   Over 90% of the drugs MD’s use, pass right out of the body and end up in the oceans.   Such drugs cause the shrimp to lose their sense of survival, so they swim towards light on the surface, and so are quickly eaten by fish & birds.   Drugs are destroying the world shrimp population. (SF Examiner 7-7-10) 

When the drugs fail to fix your arthritis,  MD’s will offer your surgery, which also never works.   The reason Homeopathy works to treat arthritis is because they use forms of medicine, in the smallest amounts necessary, to effect relief.  Thus there is rarely any waste to flush into the oceans. Example: if a Homeopath wants to use selenium, they take 1 tiny particle of selenium and put in a gallon of water.  They shake it 100 times.  They then take 1 drop from that gallon & put it in a gallon of pure water.  They then shake that 100 times.   They then place one drop of this potentate water & place it on a sugar pill.  That is a 30X potency of Homeopathic selenium.  

It sounds strange, but it works.  And has for over 150 years.   Homeopathic is recognized world wide as effective, real medicine.   Drug based orthodox medicine has now become a major source of ocean pollution that is destroying the whole eco system because the drugs they use are too powerful and people take far too many anti-depression drugs.    Drugs do far worse damage to the oceans than the BP oil spill.   Even if everyone taking anti-depressants & Tylonol, was to stop today, it might take 30 years to reverse the terrible damage already done to the oceans by drugs & MD’s.   What is the alternative to drugs?  Homeopathy, Naturopathic medicine and AUT. 

The text on curing cancer will continue in 7 pages. First this short news flash.

The best doctor we know: Dr. Joel Wallach, ND, : 887-912-7529, will talk to you for FREE, for 20 minutes, each day, at 1pm, PST, only, on his talk show.

Dr. Paul Kangas, ND candidate, paul8kangas@mac.com

Dr. Christine Hicks, DC, SF, 415-

Dr. David Latch, DC 415-

Did GHW Bush kill JFK, because JFK stopped the invasion of Cuba?

David Frost promised that this movie would be about , "the trial Nixon & Bush never got," for the murder of President Kennedy. Yet, in the movie Frost never raises the 3 facts that most clearly convict Bush, sr. & Nixon: both Bush & Nixon were in Dallas on 11-22-63, and both deny being in Dallas on that bloody day. E. Howard Hunt was a top CIA agent who worked for Bush & Nixon as their hit man. Thanks to a perfect hit on JFK, Bush was given the top post in the CIA. The goal of the Watergate burglary was to get the Dallas photos of Hunt & Sturgis out of the Democratic Party safe, to coverup the Bush assassination of JFK.

Here again, Nixon won the debate with Frost. Frost did not do his homework well enough to really know what the cover-up was about. And Nixon knew this. That is the reason Nixon agreed to do the interview. It was just more of the cover-up of his real crimes in Dallas. Every single eye witness in Dallas was murdered by the CIA too. How do we know that Karl Rove is still busy helping the Republicans win the White House? What evidence do we have? Think about this:

What would happen if many of the most active Republicans voted for the weakest Democrat in the Democratic Primaries where they could cross over and vote for the weakest Democrat?

In this way the Republican could help set up the election, by selecting the most airy-fairy Democrat, so the Republican could win in November. In some elections, to get the same results, Republican have given money to weaker Green Party candidates, to knock out stronger Democrats. Did you know that?

Politics is all fun and games. Played with big money. Is that do-able? Actually, the Republicans have used these strategies before, but mainly in local elections. Now Karl Rove has gone big time.

Think smart about this fact: The only states where Obama won, are open primary states where Republican can vote in Democratic Primaries. The only states.

Is this a coincidence? Or is something really going on? Hey, using this ploy, the Republican have nothing to loose.

For this to have happened, would mean that Republican are better organized than Democrats. Or that Republicans are more serious about politics and have more money to spend holding planning meetings, and driving voters to the polls. Is any of this true? Actually, all of this is, unfortunately true.

There are more Seniors in the US than there are any other group. There are 120 million voting Seniors, ages 60 - 111. We can elect at 71 yearold President. We are not going to let some teenager be Prez.

Behind Earth Day Editor -- Regarding the Sept. 27 Open Forum article: Why was April 22 chosen as Earth Day? What event happened? I may know, because in April 1968, San Francisco State College celebrated the first Earth Day.

Following the oil spill in Santa Barbra, three biology students at S.F. State, who were also part of SDS, the Joe Hill caucus, decided to hold a event to unify the green and the red movements on campus. The administration gave us the main auditorium. We had eight speakers, including Guissippi Slater, Paul Kangas, Doug Kitt and Golden Gate Park's head gardener. We decided to hold the first Earth Day on April 22, because that was V.I. Lenin's birthday. We thought using that date would unify the greens and the reds. So now you know the rest of the story. PAUL KANGAS San Francisco

Secret facts on Curing Cancer.

How would you like to live to 120?

If you are smart, I can show you how to live to 120. I am sorry to have to say this, but the Earth is a limited resource.

There are 4 times as many people on Earth today, as the Earth can support today.

So that means, only the educated ones will survive the coming crisis. Go for the gold and the selenium and that will put you on top.

If you do not study how to survive and thrive, you will become poor and die young.

If you want to live to 120, begin reading here and now. This site is your ticket to out running Death.

First, what is your blood type? That is key to understanding survival to 120.

Next, read about Minerals. There are 69 minerals your body requires to make it to 120. I explain how to use them all to improve your skin tone, hair color, blood & health.

Improving the quality of your blood is key. It is your river of life. By eating only foods that build up the quality of your blood, you can prevent many diseases from entering your body.


Many people fear cancer. Educated people rarely get cancer. If you understand your body, you will not get cancer.

If you take care of your bike, it will last you a life time. If you take of your body, by giving it all 69 minerals you need, your beautiful body will last for 120 years.

Here is an example of understanding Cancer and AIDS.

Gwen Ifil. Cancer & AIDS.

How many Black women have died of AIDS in the US? Out of the 11,000 women who have died of AIDS in the US, in the last year, 7,700 of them were Black women. Some as young as age 11. Dead. Victims of rape by their brothers with AIDS.

"Let me just put this in perspective: If AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women, between the ages of 25 and 34, there would be an outraged outcry in this country."

-- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at the third primary debate between Democratic presidential candidates, held at Howard University in Washington, DC, June 28, 2007.

Cracked Obama: "I just want to make it clear, I got tested.”, drawing laughter from the black male members of the audience.

Black women did not laugh.

Why should they? The AIDS joke has been put on them for 25 years by black men. This is more evidence that Obama is educated enough, or aware of the problems of women, to lead. Everyone who attends a Obama event should raise the issue of AIDS among Black women, until Obama gets hip to the issue.

By his ignorance, Obama continues the slavery of black women. His jokes against women betray his true believes.

What Hillary Clinton did not say, is just as important.

Black women are dying at higher rates of Breast Cancer too, not just AIDS. What is the connection between Cancer & AIDS?

How did Hillary miss that fact?

Because she too is uneducated about the role of Selenium in preventing cancer.

For this reason, it is necessary for You & me to form an organization to bring the news about Selenium into the grade schools now. When you go to a Hillary Clinton event, raise the issue of selenium as the best way to prevent and cure cancer. Why is it the best way? Because it costs less and so is more available to more people.

Will you join me? If you want to help, please call 800 - 982- 3197 and join my organization, my network, and order yourself a bottle of Selenium. Give them my account # 3101.

Now give that bottle of selenium to someone who has AIDS or cancer. Even better, carefully explain the value of selenium to that person, to try to convince them that they can cure themselves by taking selenium.

In that way they will become inspired to help themselves. They may even become so motivated by the science, that they will teach others science. In this way people who need help will be helping others.

In this way, you can familiarize yourself with selenium. Plus you can help learn how you can create a small business for yourself or some poor person in the world. My goal is to educated a thousand new people everyday to the power of selenium to cure cancer and AIDS.

Part of that goal is to show people how to start their own small business selling selenium to their friends. Selenium is cheap. For that reason, it is the ideal mineral to build a company around. It is the new gold for the People. Anyone, anywhere can start a company selling selenium to cure cancer in their town.

If you join my network, by calling 800 -982 -3197 and help yourself, and then share that number with someone also wants to start their own business, you can help save the world from Cancer and AIDS.

Yes, for only $25. you can make a giant step towards helping to save the world. Do not think that doctors will do it. They will not. They do not understand selenium. And they do not understand how to empower people to start their own small family business.

The cure for Cancer will only come from those that understand science, selenium and the power of building a network of family business around the world to spread selenium to every dark place on this green Earth. You can bring the light of science to every dark corner of the world with your daily effort to teach just one person each day to start their own small health care business.

China creates a million doctors a year just by giving them one year of medical education. The rest they learn in the field, by practicing what they learned in medical school. Experience is a better teacher than school.

We can do the same. We just have to do it in a manner that is consistent with the laws that now exist in each part of the world. Give people the knowledge a real doctor should have.

It does not matter if the person is not yet called a doctor. Once they have the knowledge, they will know they have the power to cure Cancer and AIDS. Just give People the knowledge. The magic will follow.

Then call 800 -755- 4656, and order the book, Dead Doctors Don,t Lie.

The history of journalism. Once upon a time, journalists in America were the most trusted people. Hey, their job was to report the truth and nothing but... Just saying the names of Dorthy Kilgallen, Walter Chroncite or Edward R. Morror involkes the Holy grail of the greatest journalists. They were seen as pure as the driven snow. Until President Kennedy was killed. Then suddenly most journalists began self censoring or working for the CIA. Those who continued to tell the truth, like Michael Canfield, Jack Anderson, Joe Rudolph or John Hankey, suddenly found themselves out of work, on Nixon’s enemies list or dead. Probably the best example I know is Dorthey Kilgallen. She wrote several great articles about how the CIA killed JFK. Shortly after she wrote her third article, the CIA murdered her and her secretary and burned all her notes. Next was Michael Canfield and AJ Weberman. Canfield and Weberman wrote the best book ever written on how Nixon and the CIA killed JFK: “Coup de tat In America.” Canfield took the book to Ben Bradley of the Washington Post. Bradley agreed to read the book and run the story. Bradley actually had the story written and ready to run. Instead of showing the book to Woodward and Burnstein, Bradley gave the book to the FBI. The FBI told Bradley to “Kill that story.” Bradley did exactly what the FBI told him to do. The FBI then began following Canfield all around the US for the next year. Every newspaer to TV station Canfield went to, the FBI showed up 20 minutes later and order the editor to kill the story. They did. The FBI drove Canfield into poverty and obscurity. The FBI put Weberman in prison. Especially on the local level. My favorite example is KPFA in Berkeley. Daniel Elsburg, Larry Bensky, Mama O’Shea, Dennis Burnstein come to mind. The only journalist at KPFA who would allow me on the air to discuss the roll of Geo HW Bush and Nixon in the JFK assassination was Mama O’Shea. She was great. She had me on the air every November, until she died. Is Larry Bensky a CIA agent? He sure plays the role of one very well. When the Watergate hearings were held, Bensky was the agent tapped to cover Watergate, because “They” knew Bensky would cover up the true meaning behind Watergate, to hide the connection between Cuba, Dallas, Vietnam and Watergate. Just after Watergate, I was part of a team of journalists who wrote a book connecting Bush, Nixon and Sturgis to the 1961 invasion of Cuba, the assassination of President Kennedy, Vietnam and Watergate. If you are an average American, you know about Nixon, Vietnam and Watergate. Bensky made sure the story didn’t go any further. When I showed Bensky a fresh copy of our new book, hot off the press, he said he wanted to read it. I said I would sell him a copy for $6. He asked me to send it to him and said he would send me the money. I sent him the book. After that Bensky did everything he could to block me from talking on KPFA about the role of Bush in the JFK assassination. In 1990, I worked with the SF Mime troop and produced a great play about how Bush and Nixon killed JFK, calle, “Back to Normal”. Critics called that the best play the Mime had ever done. Burnstein refused to even mention it on his show. Dennis Burnstein showed up at a park in Berkely to see the Mime Troop show. I had a table where I was handing out flyers and selling my book. Burnstein told me he would never allow such a story, as the role of Bush & Nixon behind the JFK assassination to be discussed on KPFA. He told me he considered such a story as “total nonsense.” Did Berstein say that because he was brainwashed, or because he had the ruling class perspective, due to his college training, or is Bernstein a CIA agent too? When DA Jim Garrison arrested and prosecuted Clay Shaw for the murder of President Kennedy, Shaw denied he was a CIA agent. It was not until 10 years after he was dead that investigators found his CIA pay #, that we were able to finally confirm Shaw was, in fact, an employee of the CIA when Shaw worked with Bush and Nixon to kill JFK. How long will it take us to figure out if Bensky is a paid CIA journalist, like Daniel Shore, Dan Rather and 90% of America’s top journalists. What does CIA stand for? Central intelligence Agency. That means it is their job to centralize all news in the US to make sure only the news they approve is published. Most CIA agents claim to be “journalists”. It is the job of Bensky and all of his ilk to make sure the average American never makes the connection between the Bay of Pigs, the end of the Vietnam war in 1963, Dallas and Watergate. And now Barak Obama. Obama has been tasked with the job of “ignoring” the CIA assassination of JFK. He has agreed, that during the anniversary or any discussion about Cuba and Vietnam, he will “skip over the role of JFK in stopping the invasion of Cuba or stopping the Vietnam war”. Obama has agreed to censor that page in history. How do we know that. Because that is what he does. Why do we think Bensky is a CIA agent? Because he refuses to discuss the connections between Cuba, Dallas and Watergate. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, what is it? Obama should have not made a joke of this very serious issue. The yoke of AIDS and sexual slavery, imposed by rape, by black men. It will take a woman president to expose this slavery of Black women in the Black community.

Black women have been raped & murdered into silence by black men for a 1,000 years. Here in America & in Africa.

There is no value in testing. What is necessary is a plan for prevention. First we need to educate Black girl that they have protection against rape.

Break the code of silence.

The best way would be integration of public housing. Cities like San Francisco create Black public housing, and so isolate Black girls from protection.

If Asian, Latin, white & Indian people were integrated into public housing projects, that would break the code of silence. Womens groups would protect Black girls from the Black male rapists. As long is there is no integration, Black babies will be raped by black men.

Obama is so lame on the AIDS issues, that all he can do is get tested. Most of the tests are faulty. Still, Obama has no plan on how to fight AIDS, because he knows nothing about the science of minerals like selenium.

Obama is so busy acting cool, that he has no time to read the science. He might win an Oscar.

The cause of AIDS, a lack of selenium in the diet, was discovered 9 years ago. Where has Obama been?

No where.

He is so busy going to expensive parties, acting like he cares, that he has no time to do his home work.

That is why when Hillary raises the serious question, that Black women are dying at a higher rate, from AIDS, than any other groups in America, Obama has nothing to add. Except a lame joke about getting his dick tested.

We do not need to know about Obama testing his own private dick.

That is not the issue.

The issue is Black women are dying, in higher numbers, while Obama is playing with his dick.

No one dares to talk straight about the facts of rape in the Black community. Rape counselors list white men as the main rapists of Black women.

Yet the stats show that 95% of the rapes of Black girls & babies, was at the hands of black men with AIDS. Most of these rapes happen to black girls from age 7 to 17.

Usually by family members, fathers with AIDS, brothers with AIDS, cousins, friends, neighborhood gangs of older black men, frequently ex-cons with AIDS, who control the neighborhood drugs sales & prostitution. Black men with AIDS do not care who they infect.

Black men believe that if they gang rape a young black woman they can then enslave her as a prostitute. Who can stop them? Black men commonly rape black girls, inject them with drugs, force them into addiction and prostitution. Slavery today. Black women who dare report their B/m rapists are frequently killed by B/ms. Honor killings. Enforcing the code of silence.

This sky rocketing rate of the rape of Black girls is causing a huge rise in the rise of unwanted babies in the black community. The highest rate in 15 years. Babies born with VD. That is 42 births to girls age 15 to 18. In the Black population the rate is 85 unwanted babies per 1,000 girls.

At the same time the rate of STD's is rising. The fastest rise in VD in Black girls in 15 years. Million of Black girls 7 to 15 are now infected. It is worse in the Black community. Mainly because of the code of silence.

How much flack will I get for discussing this issue?? Tons.

Yes, much of this can be traced back to the Iraq war wiping out jobs in the US.

But Black women should not be bearing the burden of this poverty. But they do, due to sexism in the Black community. If a woman is President, can that help stop the problem?

Black men hold this 1,000 year old cultural belief that if they have AIDS, the cure for AIDS is to rape virgin black girls & babies. Black women’s groups have called for the death penalty for black men with AIDS who rape women. (SF Chronicle, 5-5-03).

There are no black men writing against rapes of black women by black men in the black community. I challenge you to show me one.

Have you seen the movie: NO! A film by Iesha Simmons, about the rape of Black women, by Black men in the Black community. Her mother was raped by the head of SNCC.

AIDS is an Acquired Immune nutritional Deficiency of Selenium, hence the word: A.I.D.S. The cause of AIDS is a diet lacking selenium.

In rain forest areas, like South Africa, the rain washes the selenium out of the soil, so there are higher rates of AIDS and Cancer, in wet areas. Dry desert areas, like Senegal, have almost no AIDS. This is more evidence that the cure for AIDS is selenium. If a person with AIDS takes 15 selenium pills daily, (3,000 mcg) that may cure their AIDS.

We could cure AIDS in 5 years by giving free selenium to all. Doctors want to keep AIDS spreading, by denying selenium cures AIDS.

Paul Kangas, Green Party candidate for President.

Do childhood vaccinations cause cancer? Are vaccination of babies a major cause of the increase in childhood cancers? Read this story and judge for yourself.

Jenny McCarthy gave a star turn on Oprah when she clearly, simply and passionately described what happened to her son after vaccination and how she was empowered by information she found on the internet to find ways to cure his vaccine-associated regressive autism. Autism is caused by vaccinations.

Hillary Clinton just came out & said, if elected, she would fund a $700 M study of the cause of Autism. 11-25-07,

Big deal. If she would take the time to go talk to the Amish People of Pennsylvania, she would discover what we have known for 20 years: unvaccinated kids do not suddenly get Autism. More evidence vaccinations cause Autism. Still Hillary is making the right move. Health care is the main concern of people. Next comes opposition to the war.

Hillary would win against Rudy Guialini if she would just focus on health care and the war. If she would take a stronger stand for bringing the troops home faster, she would win.

She listened to her mother's instinct and pursued a course of treatment that involved nutrition and other alternative therapies. It is a story of a mother's love and determination to heal her son after he was given the diagnosis of autism, a neuroimmune disorder that so many pediatricians are taught is untreatable. Yes, doctors are brainwashed into followed what makes the drug corporations the most money. Read the Hippocritic Oath. Doctors must all take an oath to never provide abortions.

In the early 1990's, a mother in California, Cindy Goldenberg, was the first Mom to cure her son of regressive autism by listening to her mother's instincts and doing her own research into vaccine-induced neuroimmune dysfunction. Her son experienced regressive autism after receiving MMR vaccine.

Cindy sought out IVIG therapy, as well as nutritional and probiotic therapies, that she said "healed his gut." Her son was soon in a regular classroom and this year he graducated from high school. Victory. The key nutritional mineral that is used to heal vaccination damage, is 3,000 mcg of Selenium daily.

As of last night, there were nearly 2,000 messages, primarily from Moms, for Jenny and Holly posted on Oprah's website at http://www.oprah.com/community/thread/1812

12 FREE methods for preventing cancer today. Why wait until you are dying? You can prevent cancer today. Heres how.

Probably the best way for you & me to understand our bodies, and to prevent cancer, is to watch how your food digests. If you eat right for your blood type, you can actually see and feel the diference. This is the easiest way to prevent cancer. You will loose weight just by eating smaller meals based on what is right for your blood type.

Blood type O can eat small amounts red meat daily, but not wheat. O's can also live better by eating rice, but not dairy. Probably the biggest way you can improve your health, is by not eating sugar.

I now drink my coffee black. No cream & no sugar ever. Try it. Once you start, you will not ever want to go back to sugar.

Smart people rarely get cancer.

http://www.couragecampaign.org/sneaky Laughing at death. Why not? I can afford to. I take my selenium. I am 69 & alive. Whoopee. The only way we can laugh at death is to take selenium. Laughting at death, does not mean I am happy when someone dies. It is sad in a hundred ways. You may think you’ve inherited a “bad heart” or are prone to breast cancer (or any disease for that matter) because a close family member had it. But please toss these thoughts from your mind right now, because you, and you alone, are in control of your health destiny. This study on identical twins is just the latest to show that your lifestyle, in this case your diet, trumps your genes in terms of how your health pans out. Identical twins really give a unique and valuable opportunity to see just how big an influence your habits have on your health, as of course identical twins start out exactly the same, genetically speaking. However, as this new study shows, they often don’t end up the same. Among men who ate a healthful Mediterranean-style diet, heart rate variability was higher, which reflects good autonomic function of the heart. For those who scored in the top quarter for eating a Mediterranean-style diet, the benefits to heart rate variability equated to a 9-14 percent lower risk of heart-related death. Even among identical twins who have the exact same DNA, dietary choices influence the health of their heart come middle age. Great News: Your Genes Can Be Influenced! Epigenetic "malleability" helps to explain why identical twins become distinct as they age, health-wise, and it explains how you can actually tweak your genes for better or worse, too. In fact, you ARE changing your genetics daily and perhaps even hourly from the foods you eat, the air you breathe, and even by the thoughts you think. You are the "caretaker" of your genetic roadmap. As you age, your genome does not change but your epigenome changes dramatically, especially during critical periods of life, such as adolescence. It is influenced by physical and emotional stresses -- how you respond to everything that happens in your environment, from climate change to childhood abuse. The secret is in the methyl groups that overlie the DNA molecule, which is the realm of the epigenome. When a gene is turned off epigenetically, the DNA has usually been "methylated." When methyl groups adhere to a segment of DNA, they inhibit the gene from being expressed. For the most part you do not manifest disease merely by a defective gene, but by the regulation or expression of your gene by epigenetic influences. This is good news as scientists have discovered it is easier to make epigenetic changes than to fix damaged genes. Your epigenome becomes dysfunctional easier -- but it’s also easier to fix. That’s good news -- it means you aren’t doomed by bad genes! How Genetic Expression Works In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains the foundation of epigenetics, and how the true secret to life does not lie within your DNA, but rather within the mechanisms of the cell membrane. In this way -- which is contrary to conventional medical science -- it is actually the cell’s membrane -- operating in response to environmental signals picked up by the membrane’s receptors -- that control the “reading” or “expression” of the genes inside. For instance, researchers from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University recently explained at Experimental Biology 2010 how altered "histone modifications” can impact the expression of many degenerative diseases, ranging from cancer and heart disease to biopolar disorder and even aging itself. As Dr. Jean-Pierre Issa at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center explains, histones can essentially “hug” DNA so tightly that it becomes “hidden from view for the cell.” So while you have tumor suppressor genes in your body right now in ALL of your cells, you also have proteins called histones. If a tumor suppressor gene is hidden, it cannot be utilized, and in this way too much histone deacetylases, or HDACs, will “turn off” these cancer suppressors. Now here’s where epigenetics comes in Ö there are many HDAC inhibitors out there that will essentially block the HDAC, allowing your tumor suppressor genes to activate and fight cancer. These HDAC inhibitors exist, at least in part, in common foods like broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, garlic and onions. By adding these foods to your diet, you are supporting your body’s ability to fight tumors. And this is only one example of many. How to “Remind” Your Cells to be Healthy Ideally you’re already leading a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising and managing stress, but if you’re not it’s never too late to start. Each tissue only uses about 10 percent to 20 percent of its gene complement, and you want to be sure that those genes are the most advantageous ones possible for your health. You can begin to “remind” your cells to express in a healthful way, long before you manifest a disease, by encouraging your genes to express positive, disease-fighting behaviors by leading a healthy lifestyle. To get started, I highly recommend you take this free assessment to determine your Nutritional Type. Your body responds uniquely to food -- your fuel -- based on your genetics, biochemical makeup, family history, and your own interaction with your environment. This is why it’s so important to find out which foods are right for your body Ö and that’s exactly what Nutritional Typing does for you. Even if you’re already eating healthy, organic foods, it might not be enough for you to reach your highest level of wellness and optimal genetic expression. You could actually be eating an all-organic diet -- and still be missing the mark of peak wellness. So please take a few minutes to discover your Nutritional Type and learn what foods will best support your epigenetic health. When it comes to epigenetic expression, keep in mind that diet is only part of the equation. You can also turn your genes on and off with your emotions. Most people have emotional traumas that can adversely affect their health, but using techniques like energy psychology you can go in and correct the trauma and actually regulate the expression of your genes. My favorite technique for this is Meridian Tapping Technique/Emotional Freedom Technique (MTT/EFT). And remember, it’s never too late to start “training” your genes to express in a positive way. Whether you have hereditary health problems you’re trying to circumvent or not, everyone’s genes can benefit from good nutrition and attention to stress management.

Pete Wilson is dead at 62. From a lack of selenium supplementation.

Peat Wilson, the world famous TV announcer on Ch 5, KGO, dropped dead in the prime of his life.

Laughing a death. Should i laugh when a millionaire dies from a preventable disease? Death is not funny, but it can be silly, when someone does something like dying young. Should one laugh at such a silly death?

Yes & no. It is sad & funny at the same time when highly educated people die so young. In my world, 66 is young. Everyone who uses selenium and AUT can live to 100. I am aiming for 111.

Wilsons death is serious. Especially when he dies in one of the "best" hospital in the world. Of a totally preventable disease. Here is another case, where the best is actually the worst. Stanford has not idea about selenium. Stanford Hospital is a joke.

That is why Michael Moore can make a comedy about health care. The black comedy of people like Wilson trusting their doctors. The average life expectancy is 57. Wilson's main doctor died 4 years ago. Wilson failed to take care of his own heart. You must be your own first physician. Prevention is necessary. Wilson did not do prevention. Wilson did not take selenium supplementation. We can all learn from this sad death. The only way one can laugh at death is to supplement with all necessary 69 minerals daily.

No one should ever be treated with surgery for hip replacement. The cure is gelatin. Not surgery. Of course, I can say that till I’m blue in the face & no millionaire will listen. They all want a quick fix. They are not willing to do Prevention. Even Michael Moore will not do Prevention. Even Moore is looking for a quick fix for his diabetes.

It would be a waste of time to send a letter to the editor about this, because most people have no idea that heart disease is caused by a lack of selenium. They would never even consider selenium.

I had actually called Wilson , on his talk show, the 6 months before he died, to discuss the role of selenium in preventing heart disease. He dismissed the idea that a mineral could prevent heart attack. If you think education is expensive, look at what ignorance did for Wilson.

Another time his talk show was discussing the medical differences between gays & straights. I told Wilson about the research I had read, done by gay doctors, showing that gay brains are different and even the 3 tiny bones in the ears are different, due to a lack of selenium. Wilson was very careful with my comments, but he did let me discuss the research.

I was glad to hear from him that he had seen the same studies. I told him the research suggests that children who have a lack of selenium in their diets tend to become gay. Which is exactly what the research show. I also told him that a lack of selenium leads to AIDS and heart disease. How ironic that Wilson should die from the very disease he & I talked about on his shows in 2006.

Each mans death diminishes us all. Hopefully someone will wake up to the role of selenium in preventing heart disease.

Here Wilson is, in the “best” hospital in the nation, getting a simple hip replacement surgery, and he dies so young.

Hip replace surgery can be totally avoided if people eat right 4 their blood type & drink gelatin drinks daily. I take gelatin daily and jog daily at 65. No one will believe that treatment either. So much for western doctors. Hip replacement surgery does not work. Is that more obvious now.

When William Shakesphere died, not a single poet, writer or play write wrote a single sad line about his death.

Why? Because it was known, in his day, that Shakesphere was just a business man, a publisher. Everyone in his day, knew he did not write a single word he published.

So when Wilson dies, why should we be sad? He was smart & rich in the wrong way. Like Shakesphere.

Headaches & Herbal medicine.

Can Cayenne Peppers Really Cure a Headache?

Chronic headache sufferers may soon have some new alternatives. The active ingredient in cayenne peppers, capsaicin, is believed to bring headache relief by depleting Substance P, a neurotransmitter that helps send pain signals.

Although some are still skeptical, a number of studies have tested the claim, and most have found evidence to support it. One prominent study on capsaicin for pain relief was published back in 1998 in the Clinical Journal of Pain. Their review of 33 previous studies found that capsaicin worked better than a placebo for cluster headaches. Most studies suggest that the capsaicin needs to be applied topically, such as swabbing the inside of your nose, in order for it to be effective. Sources: • New York Times October 30, 2007 
 • Clinical Journal of Pain June 1998;14(2):97-106

News headline: 7-17-07. .... A healthy diet and exercise do not help prevent the return of breast cancer, and even worse, meals loaded with fruits and vegetables provide no extra benefit, according to a new study.

What this great study forgot to compare was blood types.

It does no good to just eat vegetable willy nilly, without first finding out which vegetable are good for your unique blood type.

Plus, it is bad for your body to eat vegetables and fruit together in the same meal. Mixing the 2 confuses your digestive system and so the food is passed right thru, without your system being able to digest the nutrients.

If nothing else, this study at least proves the value of knowing your blood type, before you eat your vegetables.

So if vegetables can not help prevent Cancer, what can. As I have been writing about for 12 years now, on this site, you need to take 3,000 mcg of SELENIUM daily to prevent and cure cancers of all types.

You can continue to ignore this research, and wait for the next study, in 2010, which will again confirm that eating vegetables will do you no damn good to stop Cancer, or your can start taking your Selenium today, while you wait for your friends to die off as they too wait for the next silly study.

The study, conducted at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and six other facilities, found recurrence and survival rates were no better for those who ate nine or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables than for those who ate five.

This next line from the news is a dark joke:

"The good news is that a healthy diet is sufficient," said Lovell Jones, a professor in M.D. Anderson's department of health disparities and the study's principal investigator here. "We always assumed we're not eating enough fruits and vegetables and that the more we ate, the better," Jones said. "Now we know you don't have to eat nine, 10 or 11 servings a day."

Did he really say that? Yes. As the Cancer rate keeps going up & up, and as the rates of all cancer dig deeper and deeper into young children and babies. Imagine, one year old babies are not developing cancer, due to a lack of selenium in their mother and in their diet.

It is not genetics. It is mainly a lack of selenium. The media & doctors are trying to trick you into thinking it is genetics, but it is not. If you fear it is genetics, then you loose hope, because their is nothing you can do to fight cancer if it is in your genes. Nothing but wait for science. Genetics is a lie. The doctors fiddle as Rome burns.

The findings, published in today's Journal of the American Medical Association, are a setback to the hope that better diets can prevent breast cancer recurrence. Cancer recurred in 17 percent of women in the study, regardless of whether they were in the five-serving or nine-serving group. About 10 percent in both groups died, the vast majority from breast cancer. The study focused on more than 3,000 women — average age 53 — who had been treated successfully for early-stage breast cancer. They were followed for six to 11 years.

An earlier analysis of the study concluded that women who ate five servings of fruit and vegetables and exercised 30 minutes a day had significantly improved cancer-free survival. Previous research into diet and breast cancer has shown mixed results, but the authors of this study said the earlier ones were not rigorous. Researchers emphasized such nutrient-dense vegetables as dark, leafy greens, sweet potatoes and carrots and didn't count iceberg lettuce and french fries. A serving was a half-cup.

John Pierce, head of cancer prevention at the University of California at San Diego and the study's lead investigator, said he and Jones will further analyze the study to see whether certain groups — blacks, those with certain genetic profiles and post-menopausal women — benefit from extra servings of fruits and vegetables.

Pierce said that as many as 20 percent of women could fit into a group that benefited. But he also acknowledged the results so far were a surprise.

And now for the final bad joke about veggies being able to prevent cancer.

"I went into the study expecting to see a difference between the two groups," he said. "I don't think anyone expected a washout like this."

We have watched for 30 years as the Cancer went up while people ate their veggies. How could he fake being shocked by what we see now?

We have known blood type "O", vegetarians die from Cancer younger & more often than red meat eaters. The groups who can be vegetarians are: blood type "A". There are no vegetarians in the world age 100+. None. Here are the names of the most famous vegetarians: Linda McCartney, blood type "O", who died at age 56, from trying to be a vegetarian. Proof it does not work for blood type "O". The list is long of famous dead vegetarians. The next one to die will be John Robbins, the millionaire from the Baskin Robbins ice cream family. RIP.

In fact, a study in Colorado, in 1990, of every person over 100, shows there was not one single vegatarian over 80 could be found alive. There is no vegetarian alive at 100. Everyone over 100 ate red meat at least every other day.

Please pass the steak.

Now for even more bad jokes from the oxymoron of medical science and cancer.

Please notice in this story that they never tell you that a CT scan is just plan old fashion x-rays being sprayed into your body, which increases the rates of cancer higher in women than men.

Does the story warn you to stop using CT scans? No. It just says women get more cancers from the CT scans. Why would any woman want even one?

At what point will the media or doctors tell women & men to stop taking CT scans? Probably never. No wonder Michael Moores new movie is such a bloody good joke. Doctors are insane.

What is a traditional naturopath? Naturopathy and naturopathic medicine, is the fastest growing of all the alternative healing disciplines.As more people have become disillusioned with conventional health care, it has certainly gained new respect as a credible healing modality. But naturopaths really fall into two very different groups. Traditionally trained naturopaths (N.D.’s) use the naturopathy degree to consult with clients, and as an accreditation to teach, to write and to access research. A core belief of naturopathy is education—passing on knowledge to empower the client.

A smaller number of naturopaths are trained medically (N.M.D.’s) with an education similar to that of a conventional M.D.. They have extensive hands-on coursework in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, and other conventional disciplines.

I work as a traditional naturopath, specializing in non-invasive, lifestyle consultation. A traditional naturopath avoids diagnosing disease or prescribing medication. The principles which guide traditional naturopathy lead to general improvement in health. Commonly, clients find that long standing health problems have improved or disappeared. In fact, the greatest success of naturopathy is in rebuilding health, which then naturally improves or eliminates chronic illness.

Traditional naturopathy is not recommended for acute trauma, such as a serious automobile accident, a childbirth emergency, or orthopedic problems that need corrective surgery. It can contribute to faster recovery in these cases. Still, these situations are best suited for conventional medicine or medical doctors who also have a background in natural medicine. Conventional medicine without a doubt, really excels in emergency health care.

Traditional naturopaths focus on the client as a whole. They look to the cause of a health concern rather than suppressing symptoms. The naturopath works to educate his or her clients in how to stimulate the body’s own vital healing forces. Although all naturopaths emphasize choices based on their own personal interests and experiences, they maintain a consistent philosophy.

A typical visit to a naturopath incorporates these beliefs:

She/he will ask you about 100 questions about how you feel, what hurts, how you sleep, and what are your goals? Similar to the way a Homeopath asks questions, to diagnosis your symptoms.

Then she/he will discuss Prevention and what you can do to improve your health.: Eat Right 4 your Blood type. Eat less food. Do a 3 day Fast on urine and water & 1 bowl of miso soup.

1: Nature is a powerful healing force. The body has considerable power to heal itself. The role of the naturopath is to simply facilitate and enhance this process by educating the client in natural therapies, which stimulate his or her own internal healing force. Above all, the naturopath must do no harm. 2: The person is viewed as a whole. Understanding the client as a unique individual is essential. The naturopath will ask questions and strive to understand the complex interaction of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social factors affecting the client’s total health picture.

3: The goal is to identify and address the cause of the problem. Naturopathy does not attempt to suppress symptoms, since symptoms are seen as part of the body’s attempt to heal itself. A naturopath seeks to understand the underlying causes of a health concern, and helps to control or reduce symptoms through improved lifestyle choices.

4: The naturopath is a teacher. First and foremost, the naturopath educates, empowers and motivates the client to assume more responsibility for his own wellness through having a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet. After determining the cause of a health concern, the naturopath discusses with the client the various natural options for creating a return to health.

5: Prevention is the best approach. Illness prevention is really best accomplished by lifestyle habits which support health.

I feel we need both types of medicine to stay well in today’s world. In our high stress lifestyle, there may be times when we need to rely on modern medicine for fast symptom relief or to stabilize from a serious health crisis or injury. Still, this type of emergency medicine is no substitute for a sound, nutritious diet regular exercise and the remarkable ability of whole herbs to boost the body’s own natural healing response.

I believe naturopathy is a premier healing choice to create a solid foundation on which to build lifelong health As technology eases testing for disease, doctors say they still have to keep themselves from working up a frenzy about new tests.

And a new way to scan the heart, using 20X more radiation than necessary, for blocked arteries is no exception. Researchers reported Tuesday that a high-resolution CT scan of the heart puts everyone, especially young women, at a higher risk of developing cancer from the radiation.

"The younger you are, the higher the risk," said Dr. Sanjay Rajagopalan, co-author of the study published in this week's Journal of the American Medical Association and a professor of medicine and radiology at Ohio State University.

High resolution CT scans of the heart -- CT angiography as the scan is called -- went into widespread use in 2004, after FDA approval. Cardiologists use the tests to help rule out heart disease in people at low or moderate risk who might otherwise get an invasive angiogram to look at the arteries that supply blood to the heart.

The scans -- unlike a real angiography, in which a catheter is threaded through the arteries to check for blockages -- take five minutes of spraying your with radiation, to complete and can help rule out heart disease, especially in people with symptoms like chest pain but few other risk factors, while it is giving you cancer. Especially if you are a woman. Most doctors agree that any test with X-rays or other forms of radiation increases one's chances of getting cancer, but until now no one has put numbers to the newly approved radiation CT scan, which gives 20 times the amount of radiation as a mammogram.

Twenty time more radiation!

Cancers from radiation range from breast cancer to leukemias and lymphomas. Because it typically takes 20 years for cancer to show up, that risk is less for older people who won't live long enough to develop the disease, said Dr. Andrew Einstein, lead author of the study and a cardiologist at Columbia University. Because the radiation is directly to the chest, young women end up with a higher risk of breast cancer, he said. To reach their conclusions, the study's authors estimated the radiation dose to each organ from a scan. They then used statistical analysis to estimate the risk of cancer to each organ based on age and sex.


It turns out women are also more radiosensitive usually because they have babies, which removes selenium from their body.

Women who do not supplement with selenium get the highest rates of cancer.

The same amount of radiation which a woman receives, she's more likely to develop cancer than a man," Einstein said. Young women have a 1-in-143 chance of developing cancer after getting just one scan, according to the study, while a young man has a 1-in-686 chance.

Experts say the findings not only warn doctors against ordering too many scans for patients who don't need them, but should also discourage people from getting scans on their own without advice from a doctor. Some imaging centers have let patients self-refer, said Dr. Gautham Reddy, a UCSF radiologist and chief of heart and lung imaging. "People who are concerned and have no symptoms should probably talk to their doctor first before they get a radiation scan," Reddy said. "But I would say that if there is a need for a CT scan using radiation, often the disease process itself (coronary artery disease) is more risky to have than any risk of cancer, which is relatively small." Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in both women and men, more than all cancers combined.

That was a cute lie. Why cause any risk to a patient? CT scans do not help. They cause cancer. Do they not understand their own results? The best treatment for coronary artery disease is 2 grams of vitamin C hourly, not using a CT scan study. Every doctor should have their head examined with a CT scan every day until they understand it causes cancer.

The American Heart Association recommends that a CT angiography be followed by standard diagnosis and treatment if blocked arteries are found. Any person with heart disease may need to have an invasive angiogram anyway and ballooning or stents placed in the arteries if necessary.

As the scans using radiation get more popular, most experts agree that further research will be needed to determine the risk of repetitive scans, said Dr. Ann Bolger, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association and cardiologist at San Francisco General Hospital. "Say you come into the emergency department and (your chest pain) turned out to be GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), and then you get your GERD again six months later. Is that prior test exposing you to all that radiation going to keep you from getting another test?" Bolger said. Any smart person would avoid the CT scan like it was the plague.

America is a nation controlled by big lies.

The lies keep the population demobilized so they are powerless to organize to even stop a war. The Iraq war has gone on longer than Vietnam or WWII. Yet the population refuses to organize into action groups to act now to stop the war. Why? Because the media, acting like a machine gun, keeps a rapid fire pattern of lies hammering the brains of the imprisoned American population.

Here are the main 9 lies the media keeps pounding into the heads of the children:

Sadam Hussain has weapons of mass destruction. The President has the power to make war. The ABC is your best source of news. Oswald killed President Kennedy.

Now here is a new form of lies the CIA uses to disorganize people to keep the majority from taking action against the war.

They take the 911 attack and add new false facts, to blame the ruling class for the attack.

The CIA’s new joke is to say, no plane hit the Pentagon”. It was a missile. None of the Saudi high jackers was smart enough to pilot a plane that skillfully. Instead, it was a pentagon missile fired into the Pentagon, to trigger the Iraq war.

Building 7 was blown up by high explosives to destroy files in the building as part of a coverup.

Many of the Saudi high jackers are still alive, proving it was a robot plane or missile that hit the Pentagon.

The total effect of all these twisted stories is to confuse the public.

Now we have CIA jokesters playing both sides of the 911 issue. Half the CIA journalists, like Peter Dale Scott, are writing lies designed to create a following amoung the young, to keep them from going into the anti war movement. It is psy warfare at its highest level. They call it the 911 Truth movement. Yet the movement refuses to examine the great lie it is caught up in, or the 9 great lies the movement is based on: how the CIA killed JFK and took over the media, RFK, King, Israel, WWII, vaccinations, the race into space, driving cars, communism, unions and the value of free public education. As long as the media can keep the majority twisted on these key issues, the media & the ruling elite can keep control of the brains of the majority.

How long will it take for the American people to build a large movement of people able to think and act for the truth? Well, stay tuned. It hasn’t happened yet. But it could. How long will the Iraq war continue? As long as the majority can be conned into not forming independent organizations that do not have their energy and time sucked into the Democratic Party and these 9 lies.

Look at the numbers of people who will not come to a march against the war because they are so brain washed by computers & TV into supporting the war state of Israel. Most people live in a state of fear. They fear that if they do anything to oppose the war, they will loose their job, their friends and their religion. Just joining a union scares most people. Now what happens if women

Women may be breaking away from this mind control. Watch the numbers of women who break from the churches and join Code Pink. Or break from the Democratic Party and join ANSWER. Women’s groups like NOW are useful when they fight for the right to abortion or expose that most rapes are done to Black women by their family members. Causing people to think and act in new ways is necessary to stop the war and form a whole new society. That requires people learning to see the lies.

The less food you eat, the less likely you are to get cancer.

And the longer you will live. Every animal study proves that.

What do explorers and adventures do to improve their health? They drink their own waters from thy own cistern.

Probably the best thing you can do to improve your health, is to learn to recycle your own perfect medicine. Your golden fountain. Owine.

That, of course, is code for drinking your own pee pee. The French do it. So do people in most countires of the world. It sounds odd, but people who do it, tend to not get cancer, at a higher rate than any other diet. Plus they do not experience hunger. So they eat less food daily.

(www.military- biodefensevaccines.org (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.pcgwfzbab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.military-biodefensevaccines.org%2F)) and a blogger at www.anthraxvaccine.blogspot.com (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.ly4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.anthraxvaccine.blogspot.com%2F), has interviewed and helped many anthrax vaccine victims over the last decade. She is urging that citizens call or write a letter to Senators on the Veterans Affairs Committee listed below and urge that a hearing be held on the mandatory anthrax vaccine program, which has left thousands of soldiers suffering with chronic illness and disability. She says that many of the vaccine injured soldiers need better medical care and disability pensions.

Meryl is also a strong advocate for an end to the mandatory anthrax vaccination of all military personnel. In 2005, NVIC joined with Meryl and veterans groups in an amicus brief filed in a DC federal court lawsuit to stop the Defense Department from forcing soldiers to get anthrax vaccine without their voluntary, informed consent.

Soldiers who refuse to get the highly reactive anthrax vaccine, like Private First Class Leif Hamre, 22,

are threatened and punished. According to an article in The Raw Story, Hamre said "The tactics they have used to coerce me into taking the shot are unregulated, unscrupulous and downright un- American," Hamre wrote in a recent open letter to family, friends and others who are campaigning against the military's mandatory anthrax vaccine program.

"They have tried to turn my platoon against me in various ways (which is not totally unsuccessful). Along with the more common tactics like intimidation and threats (including the possibility of a forceful inoculation). I can only imagine what will come as I continue with this." http://rawstory.com//printstory.php? story=7554 (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.qy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Frawstory.com%2F%2Fprintstory.php%3Fstory%3D7554) The demonization and persecution of soldiers, who are fighting for the right to exercise informed consent to vaccination in the military, is similar to the demonization and persecution of parents, who are fighting for the right to exercise informed consent to vaccination of their children.

Civilian forced vaccination proponents like Paul Offit, Dan Salmon and Arthur Caplan, who advocate mandatory vaccination with every vaccine drug companies produce, are thinking up ways to punish the non-vaccinators. For the crime of refusing vaccination, they are talking about (1) posting the names of non-vaccinators on a public list; (2) prosecuting them; (3) fining them; (4) taxing them. What will be next? Imprisonment?

Perhaps these arrogant, ignorant bullies posing as healers and "ethicists" should take a look back in history to the times when the fine art of pitting citizen against citizen became the basis for branding minorities in society as a threat to the public welfare to justify taking away their civil liberties, then their jobs, then their homes, then their lives.

If the State can tag, track down and force individuals against their will to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity today, there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.

Following is a list of members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee: Democrats: Daniel K. Akaka, Hawaii

CHAIRMAN: John D. Rockefeller IV, West Virginia Patty Murray, Washington

Barack Obama, Illinois Sherrod Brown, Ohio Jon Tester, Montana Jim Webb, Virginia

Bernard Sanders, Vermont (Independent)

Republican: Richard Burr, North Carolina

RANKING MEMBER Senator: Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Larry Craig, Idaho Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina John Ensign, Nevada Johnny Isakson, Georgia ************************************************************ "According to Hamre, 22, the military gave him an ultimatum in late June: Either take the mandated six- shot anthrax series or face military punishment.

He was given 24 hours to decide. After conducting several hours of research into the drug and its history of triggering serious adverse reactions, the Minnesota native concluded that the "vaccine was dangerous" and "should probably still be in a lab right now for further testing."

He decided to refuse it..... Hamre's mother, Mary, said that after her son refused the anthrax shot series he was assigned extra duty, taken off missions, significantly dropped in rank and pay scale, and confined to a certain area on the base - all while working an 18-hour work day, seven days a week.

Making matters even worse, she said, is the difficulty the family has had in trying to communicate with Leif since he refused the shots. Baghdad remains a volatile and unstable city, and the electricity is still very unreliable, frequently cutting in and out, and is only on for certain portions of the day.....Facing the possibility that he could be permanently dismissed from the military because of his refusal to take the anthrax vaccine has been hard on her son, Mary said, especially since Leif has been proud to serve his country and follow in the footsteps of his father, who also was in the Army.

Mary, 55, lives in Minnesota and works as a massage therapist. "They try to break them down..... but someone has got to take a stand," she said." - Julie Weisberg, The Raw Story (September 17, 2007)

Soldier faces threats from military after refusing anthrax vaccine The Raw Story September 17, 2007 by Julie Weisberg Click here for the URL: (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.qy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Frawstory.com%2F%2Fprintstory.php%3Fstory%3D7554) A soldier serving in Iraq who is stationed in Baghdad says he has faced "threats" and "intimidation" from his Army superiors - including the possibility of forced inoculations - after he refused to take the military's controversial anthrax vaccine.

Private First Class Leif Hamre, 22, is currently serving out a Field Grade Article 15, a non-judicial punishment for disciplinary offenses (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.sy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.riley.army.mil%2Fview%2Farticle.asp%3Fid%3D476-2002-05-09-58575-94), for refusing to take the Pentagon's anthrax vaccine, BioThrax, earlier this summer. According to Hamre, 22, the military gave him an ultimatum in late June: Either take the mandated six- shot anthrax series or face military punishment. He was given 24 hours to decide. After conducting several hours of research into the drug and its history of triggering serious adverse reactions, the Minnesota native concluded that the "vaccine was dangerous" and "should probably still be in a lab right now for further testing." He decided to refuse it. In March, RAW STORY (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.ty4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Frawstory.com%2F) revealed that Walter Reed is invest igating links (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.uy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Frawstory.com%2Fnews%2F2007%2FPentagon_conducting_research_into_adverse_effects_0327.html)

between the vaccine and life- threatening autoimmune diseases. Hundreds of US servicemembers have refused the shots, fearing the side-effects experienced by some 80 percent of the soldiers who receive them, according to a 2002 General Accountability Office report.

But the Army has not taken Hamre's "no" as its final answer. "The tactics they have used to coerce me into taking the shot are unregulated, unscrupulous and downright un-American," Hamre wrote in a recent open letter to family, friends and others who are campaigning against the military's mandatory anthrax vaccine program. "They have tried to turn my platoon against me in various ways (which is not totally unsuccessful). Along with the more common tactics like intimidation and threats (including the possibility of a forceful inoculation). I can only imagine what will come as I continue with this."

During a recent interview with RAW STORY, Hamre's mother, Mary, said that after her son refused the anthrax shot series he was assigned extra duty, taken off missions, significantly dropped in rank and pay scale, and confined to a certain area on the base - all while working an 18-hour work day, seven days a week.

Making matters even worse, she said, is the difficulty the family has had in trying to communicate with Leif since he refused the shots. Baghdad remains a volatile and unstable city, and the electricity is still very unreliable, frequently cutting in and out, and is only on for certain portions of the day. Hamre is pictured with Iraqis at right.

This has made speaking over the telephone to Leif sporadic at best, leaving the family to interact with him through a MySpace page. Facing the possibility that he could be permanently dismissed from the military because of his refusal to take the anthrax vaccine has been hard on her son, Mary said, especially since Leif has been proud to serve his country and follow in the footsteps of his father, who also was in the Army. Mary, 55, lives in Minnesota and works as a massage therapist. "They try to break them down....but someone has got to take a stand," she said. The Army did not respond to repeated requests for comment, even after several extensions.

A troubled vaccine

BioThrax is the only FDA-licensed vaccine for anthrax in the United States. The Pentagon has used it for the military's mandatory anthrax vaccination program for the last ten years. Although the military continues to publicly claim the vaccine is "safe and effective," thousands of soldiers have suffered adverse reactions. The vaccine's troubled history has made many soldiers wary of the required inoculations.

"It is natural for people to be concerned with medicines they are not familiar with," Col. Randall G. Anderson, director of the Military Vaccine Program, said in an email to RAW STORY last week. "The DoD continues to educate our forces with a variety of products, such as individual briefings and trifold pamphlets." "Additionally, there is a great variety of medical misinformation available on the Internet," he continued. "That is why the DoD focuses on providing facts about the disease and vaccine, based on science from credible organizations like the Institutes of Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and prevention." A federal judge ruled in 2004 that the military's mandatory administration of the vaccine was illegal because the Food and Drug Administration had not approved its use for inhalation anthrax, only for anthrax contracted through the skin. After FDA approval, the judge allowed voluntary injections. The Defense Department resumed mandatory shots again in March. The Pentagon continues to defend its efficacy and safety. "I'll say once again, the vaccine is safe and effective," former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs William Winkenwerder said (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.xy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.defenselink.mil%2Ftranscripts%2Ftranscript.aspx%3Ftranscriptid%3D3756) last year. The Pentagon, however, has at least four separate research studies (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.yy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rawstory.com%2Fimages%2Fother%2Fpdf3powerpoint.pdf)investigating the vaccine's often debilitating side effects. And even BioPort's insurance company, Evanston Insurance, has questioned the product's safety. Last December, Evanston filed suit (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.zy4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rawstory.com%2Fimages%2Fother%2Fpdf5emergent.pdf)against BioPort in federal court for what it termed BioPort's "material misrepresentations," alleging that the pharmaceutical company knew about but failed to disclose "incidents, conditions, circumstances, defects, or suspected defects" related to the vaccine's safety. Evanston has assisted and reimbursed the company for legal costs associated with BioPort's defending itself against numerous lawsuits filed by service members who claim they have been seriously injured by BioThrax. BioPort initially filed a motion to dismiss the case, but that motion was denied earlier this year, and the case continues to move forward in the Michigan federal court system.

Cause of vaccine's side effects unknown

It remains unclear what within the drug is triggering such severe autoimmune reactions in many of the soldiers who take it. The Army has yet to publish any information or findings related to its several research studies on the vaccine's adverse reactions.

Although some have pointed to previous problems with the vaccine's manufacturing process and stability, many feel the more likely culprit is the use of the experimental adjuvant -- or immune enhancer -- squalene. Traces of squalene were found (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.9y4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.anthrax.mil%2Fresource%2Flots%2Fsqualene.asp)in several batches of the anthrax vaccine several years ago. Squalene (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=7mqh8ecab.0.8y4i8ecab.oblmlwbab.12707&ts=S0274&p=http%3A%2F%2Fweb.archive.org%2Fweb%2F20050113164034%2Fhttp%3A%2F%2Fanthrax.mil%2Fresource%2Fqna%2FqaAll.asp%3FcID%3D109), an oil-based adjuvant that is often used to boost the effectiveness of experimental vaccines at Army and NIH research centers, has not yet been approved by the FDA for use in public vaccines because of safety concerns. The adjuvant is frequently used by researchers to deliberately trigger severe autoimmune reactions in mice and other animals for research projects. Hamre said when he began asking his own questions about the vaccine and how it is stored at his Baghdad base's medical aid station, he not only found that the clinic was violating the Army's own implementation standards regarding storage temperatures, but met stiff resistance to his queries from superiors. "The result of asking questions today about a quality control issue with their storing equipment got me more than a few dirty looks and even an under-the- rug threat to my safety," Hamre wrote.

Mother defends son's decision

Although his mother said his future in the military is uncertain, Hamre said it is important for him to continue to refuse the vaccine and question its necessity, safety and efficacy, in hopes his struggle will make a difference in protecting the well-being and health of future Americans who choose to serve their country. "I believe as an American soldier you are expected to follow orders and put yourself in harms way but unnecessary safety risks should not be part of the accepted risks one is asked to face," Hamre wrote. "We are being forced to accept chemicals into our already weary bodies that have caused the suffering of thousands of individuals; of course those people are easily dismissed by the government because they took a 'safe' drug."

"One thing bothers me, though," he added. "I am an American citizen too, with rights I thought we were fighting to protect." Leif entered the Army when he was 20, which was two years this July. He is scheduled to conclude his service in the autumn of 2008. His unit, however, is slated to rotate out of Iraq and return home in December, where they will be stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Leif will serve in Alaska until his term is up next year.

What does it mean for women to have a Right to abortions.

Does it mean there is a Right written into the law books?

Does it means women have 100% access to abortion, in every state?

Does it means abortion can only be proved by a white male doctors, if and when the doctor wants to provide that Right?

Should the government have a rule that forbids women from having more than one child every 10 years? Is Global Warming caused by women having too many children?

Are there too many people in America, India, Brazil and China who want too many cars?

Can the world afford to allow women to have as many children as they want?

Do religions force women to have too many children?

Do you support only surgerical abortions? Or do you also support Herbal Abortions and self help abortions?

Should we provide abortions by any means necessary?

Should there be limit to the size of the population?

Is Mexico making too many unwanted babies? Right now in America, only 13% of women have access to an abortion provided by a doctor. Why?

Because all MDs take an oath to NOT provide abortions. And terrorist kill doctors who provide abortions.

What does Any Means Necessary mean?

It means, that if hospitals will not provide abortions, than we should empower women to provide themselves with their own abortions using Herbs or barefoot docotrs, or self help clinics of women helping women create an abortion using their own D and C procedures.

More women die in childbirth, than die from illegal abortions.

So I have found a way to provide safe, legal, Free abortions to all women in the world.

How is that? With Penny Royal Tea. It is a very powerful Green Tea that can be used to cure colds and provide abortions.

By drinking Penny Royal tea, a women can obtain a Free, safe, legal abortion anywhere in the world.

Is it safe? Totally. But most Doctors will lie and tell you it is not, because they do not want women have the power to control their own bodies, their own destinies.

So doctors lie, an tell people that Penny Royal is not safe.

Yet, when I ask for one single documented case where a women got sick or even died from using Penny Royal tea, they all give me false stories about Oil. Oil? Yes, Penny Royal OIl, which is totally different.

There is not a single documented case of any woman dying from using Penny Royal Tea.

But the lies go on. Spread by Catholics & other religious nuts who secretly are opposed to abortion, but want to appear to be politically hip.

Yes, it would be nice if all doctors would provide abortions in hospitals.

But we are not there. Where we are, is we are still fighting for that. And one of the ways we fight is by providing women with the knowledge of how to provide themselves with their own abortions using herbs.

Unfortunetly, most doctors would deny women the Right to self help and self knowledge.

So now the Right to legalized abortion enters the stage of Knowledge. Knowledge about how to use herbs to provide an abortion.

Can Herbs be used to fight crime? Yes. In areas of cities that have the highest crime rate, they also have the highest rates of unwanted children.

Most poor women are brain washed by the church and state to pretend they want to have children. Yet most women would be better off with only one child.

People who have only one child tend to live richer lives. Most boys in poor areas do almost nothing to help raise the child. Such boys impregnate numerous young, ignorant, age 13 girl, then run off and impregnate another uneducated woman.

Such men were raised without fathers & so repeat the same pattern. These boys and their children do most of the crime and fill most of the prisons. By proving Herbal abortion knowledge to girls in these areas, we can prevent 50% of the future crimes.

Once 100% of the women in the world have the knowledge of how to provide themselves with their own abortions using HERBS, then the doctors will step up to the plate and start providing surgerical abortions in hosptilas.

This too is an example of process and uneven development.

If you want to make some form of abortion Free, safe and legal in your town, go get a baggie of Penny Royal tea and start cooking up free abortions for your women friends. Power to the peaceful and the herbals.

Five buck Chuck. If you would like enough Penny Royal tea to provide an abortion, just send $5. to Paul Kangas, 15 Boardman Pl., SF, Ca 94103.

There you have it, the first $5. abortion. Five buck Chuck.

This is true. Have you read the book: Smart Couples finish Rich. That is true too. Only stupid people get cancer. Fat people. People who refuse to read about vitamin C. People who refuse to eat right for their blood type. Are you smart enough to live cancer free to age 100? People who refuse to take large doses of Selenium get cancer & die young. People who believe they get all the minerals they need from their 4 food groups. Smart people do not get Cancer.

There is a great article on cancer in Dental magazine. There has been a major breakthrough as to what cancer is & how to cure it.

It turns out there is a Fungus mass that is always connected to the cancer. There is some connection between cancer & this fugus mass.

This Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, MD, has been attacking the fungus mass with just baking soda, and curing most cases of cancer. It is simple, easy & cheap. He has written a book with a DVD, on it.

How it seems to work is, by attacking the fungus with sodium bicarbonate, and killing the fungus, it is possible to kill the cancer. Without the Fungus, the cancer cannot seem to survive.

You can order the book by calling 800- 311- 6265.

Peak Oil. By now you have heard that the world has probably burned up over 55% of the known oil in the world. We have passed the peak of oil production. That is why Operation Iraqi Liberation is central to the US world economy. Now comes the other half the the equasion.

Oxygen. We have burned up over 55% of the oxygen in the air. Even if we were not running out of oil, we are running out of Oxygen. The less oxygen there is in the air, the higher the rate of cancer gets. So even if we had unlimited amounts of oil, we would now have to switch to Solar, simply because human can no longer continue to burn oil in our air and breath at the same time. We are killing our selves with air pollution.

War is bad. Pollution is worse. Al Gore is right. We must now teach a whole new generation of teens to become solar engineers.

The Solar Living Institute Summer of Love Festival is happening in Hopland next weekend. I will be there. I will be bringing a dozen future solar engineers to the Festival.

California must lead the world in Solar Power production. We must rapidly train 1 million new solar engineers in the next 10 years. Can we do it? The election is a big distraction. So is the war. We must ignore the distractions & recruit every 14 yearold in the world to learn Solar. We need people to start Solar businesses. Sell solar cells. Build solar cities totally built around the idea that people can walk to work in houses powered totally by solar. Silicon vally is leading the way.

Hillary & the Democrats plan to continue the war forever. They want the oil. It does not matter who gets elected. If the President does not follow order from the CIA, Big Oil, they will be fired. The same way JFK was fired by Bush. Our only savior will be the young solar engineers who rise up and build a whole new solar world starting from Novato, California. Global warming will fuel the solar cells. I have great hope for the future. Those teens who embrace solar now will rule the world by 2069.

There are a hundred ways to start your own solar business today. It does not have to be just being a solar engineer. I fact, those who are able to build businesses that sell solar charges for computers will probably make more money than the engineers.

Michael Moore & Me.

( Single Payer, Baby boomers & Fasting).

As the Baby boomers age & begin their massive die off in 2013, they are beginning to take an intense interest in a better medical system to care for them in their old age. Too late. But better late than never. I have a friend who just turned 58, feels he is facing death, and so now, suddenly, he wants to work on passing a Single Payers system. But he still does not take vitamin C hourly.

Most Baby boomers still refuse to take responsibility for their own health care. They want the state to care for them. As a leader of the Baby boomers, I have been taking vitamin C hourly for 40 years.

Anyone who advocates Single Payer, like Michael Moore, a fat kid, who does not Fast, exercise or take vitamin C hourly, ( like Linus Pauling taught ), needs to rethink what it means to advocate Single Payer.

I am down with Single Payer, but only if people take personal responsibility for their own health care first. Meaning you have to exercise for 20 minutes every day. Do laughter therapy. Fast once a month for 3 days. Take your selenium daily.

I do not support a Single Payer system that would allow smokers into the system.

Anyone who smokes should be required to quit for 30 days, before they could be covered.

Is that harsh? No. Society has to draw a line in the sand and tell people, Hey, you must have a job. You must contribute your fair share. Same goes for smokers & alcoholics. They must quit before they will be covered. Private insurance companies give people who do not smoke cheaper rates. Society should do the same.

Not to worry. Single Payer will never happen as long as we do not have a large Green Party in the US. When the Green Party has elected officials, say Mayors in every state, then we will achieve Single Payer.

Meanwhile the massive Baby boomer die off will continue as people like Bill Clinton 62, (8/19/48) & Michael Moore 53, (4/23/54) reach 69, and die way too young at 69. I predict Clinton will die from a heart attack, due to a shortage of selenium in 2013. Look at Clinton. He is the poster boy for poor health. I, on the other hand, will live to age 128, and die in 2069.

I will wait patiently as the Baby boomers die off, crying for health care.

At some point, they will wake up and start taking vitamin C hourly.

The day Michael Moore & Clinton starts taking vitamin C hourly, will be the day the socialist revolution begins. Let us pray it is before they die.

Fasting gives you more clarity in thinking.

As I write this I am on the 8th day of a Fast with Code Pink, sleeping at Madame Speak Nancy Pelosi & Senator Diane Fineswine’s homes, so I may have achieved some sort of clarity.

Gandhi use to do a 7 day Fast whenever he wanted enlightenment. Hey it really works. One of the things I noticed on my Fast, was that after 3 days colors looked brighter. Trees looked greener. The sound of birds was sweeter. The sky seemed bluer. Try it. You will love how much better you feel if you just drink water with vitamin C powder in it for 3 days. Of course, I did the Gandhi Fast. I drank all my own perfect medicine. Yes, I recycled my own water of life. Just like Gandhi did in the movie & in real life. Go see the movie Gandhi. Fasting is not suppose to be a risk taking game where you see how long you can live on just water, until you faint. Although some political activists do that. The problem is, you can die doing that. Fasting is a political tool. It can also be a great way to fight cancer.

While Fasting, I exercise & do laughter therapy for 30 minutes every day. When you stop eating food, you body searches for something else to eat.

The first thing your body will start eating, when there is no food, is all the cancer cells in your body. Long before any doctor can detect a single cancer cell, your body can locate and eat them. And your body will, if you give your body a chance to attack cancer. The way to do this is by Fasting for 3 days each month.

In China, for the past 5,000 years, the first thing people do when they get sick, is stop eating food for 3 days. They just drink hot water. Or drink Penny Royal tea.

Dogs & cats will stop eating for 3 days, when they get sick, and just drink water. Smart. If only Michael Moore was as smart as a dog.

Here is some types of water I used on my Fast: water with food grade hydrogen peroxide, Penny Royal tea, Miso soup, almond milk, rice milk, hot water, water with Ona Loa vitamin C mix in it. This is both vitamin C & minerals, so it helps the body consume any hidden cancer cells in your body. China has the lowest rate of cancer in the world, due to the massive number of people who Fast 3 days each month. Fasting cures cancer.

This is a great example of a whole people taking personal responsibility for their own health by Fasting once each month. And you can see the great results. Inspire of the massive pollution China has, thanks to people taking personal responsibility and Fasting monthly, China has the lowest rate of cancer in the world. This is more proof that Fasting cures cancer. The Gerson therapy uses Fasting as part of its very successful treatment for all forms of cancer. More proof that Fasting cures cancer. Of course, there is not just one way to cure cancer. There are actually 12 key steps to cure cancer, all of which are listed below.

My point in this article is to say that Single Payer is not the path to a longer life span. The path is the stepping stones I have mentioned. Single Payer is just a dream. It opens the discussion of what You must and can do today to improve your own health. Fast and take your vitamin C water hourly.

I have learned so much in the 8 days I Fasted with Code Pink. I was amazed. I had no idea that Fasting cures cancer when I began the Fast. Fasting gives you time to think. Plus you achieve clarity. That sound spiritual and fuzzy, but I took the time to do 4 hours of research into Fasting on the internet.

You find a few good sites that give the scientific results of Fasting. Most western sites just poo poo Fasting as airy fairy quackery. That is because they do not want you to take the Cancer business away from doctors & drug pushers. The Insurance business. Tough. Fasting cures cancer. Now we know.

Most American eat 2x as much food as they need to be healthy. By Fasting for 3 days a week each month, you can actually train your stomach to feel full on half as much food as you now eat. You eat too much. By eating less, you can fight cancer and save money and be healthier and live to 120. What an amazing concept.

There is a great article on cancer in Dental magazine. There has been a major breakthrough as to what cancer is & how it works. It turns out there is a Fungus, Candida Albicans, that is always connected to the cancer. They now believe cancer is mainly a Fungus. There is some sort of Symboiotic relationship between the cancer & the fungus. This Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, MD, an Oncologist in Rome, has been treating it with baking soda, and curing most cases. Curing by nature. He has written a book on it. The book contains a beautiful DVD. How it seems to work is by attacking the cancer with sodium bicarbonate, it is possible to kill the cancer. Without the Fungus, the cancer cannot seem to survive. This is the next great breakthrough in fighting cancer. You can order the book by calling 800- 311- 6265.

Troops Home by Christmas,

is a group that  organizes   to stop the war on Iraq.

We hereby endorse the Saturday, Oct 27th, 2007 march.    We have leaflets and are now making our own flyers to support & publicize the march.  You can join THC by e mailing us at paul8kangas@mac.com.

Paul Kangas,  vice president of Veterans for Peace, #69,

The name of our organization is based on the idea that soldiers traditionally want to stop fighting and go home for Christmas.   During WWI, the front line troops actually stopped the war for a week and collaborated with each other.    Then they refused to fight any more.   

The war was effectively over on than front, until the officers back at HQ found out the troops were on strike and refusing to fight.   

The officers had their troops arrested and sent in new, fresh troops to restart the war.

This war will end when front line troops decide to simply go on strike, and refuse to fight, or go out on point.   

That day is getting near.  Already, the Zogby poll showed that 73% of the  US Army troops want the war to end now.     Even 52% of the Marines say they think the war must stop now.   

Christmas is approaching.    The more public out cries the troops hear about from those of us back home, demanding the war stop now,  the sooner the day will come when the troops do a mass strike against the war.

We call for all people of Iraq to prepare a Christmas celebration in Iraq.   If we start talking about celebrating a Christmas day of truce in Iraq for December 25, 2007,  we can psychologically prepare our troops to stop fighting for that one day.    We know it sounds odd for Muslim & American Christians to even consider celebrating Christmas in Iraq now, but it may be a way and a day we can actually stop the war for one day.   

There is a successful commercial movie about this phenomenon named: Merry Christmas, Joyous Noel.   It is worth renting from Netflix to  understand what the fear of war feels like on the front lines.    As a Navy vet  training for  the  near invasion of Cuba in 1962, the movie brought back to me  the fear  I experienced in 1962  of the coming landing on the beaches of Cuba.   

I did not want to die.  I did not want to go.   I did not want to invade Cuba.   So I helped organize a mutiny against the invasion of Cuba.     I wrote letters to my parents about  what was going on with the coming invasion of Cuba.   Who else would a sailor write to.   I was all alone, except for my left wing parents.   I wish I had had a lawyer. For my efforts I was given a Captains Mast hearing and deported to Iceland, for a year of punishment duty.    

It might have saved my life, if the invasion of Cuba had happened.  If Kennedy   &  Nikita Khrushchev had not stopped the invasion.  

At least I would not have been sent, if there had been a bloody invasion.   After the mutiny, they did not trust me on the front lines, with a gun.    

This is a Petition to Request the United States House of Representatives to begin an Investigation to see if there is grounds to Bring Charges Against (Impeach) the President and Vice President of the United States of America President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney have violated their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and have committed high crimes, including but not limited to:

1. The President and Vice President lied to Congress and the American People about Iraq's involvement in the 9/11 attacks, and "fixed the intelligence" about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, thus justifying the invasion of Iraq with false and misleading statements.

2. To investigate to see if the best evidence shows, Bush crime family murdered of President Kennedy. This success embolden them to overthrow the Constitution. If we do not organize and Impeach now, the next President will continue to violate the laws without fear. If we are able to Impeach, that will put our nation back under the rule of law.

3. The President and Vice President secretly approved wiretaps and electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens without a court order, violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the 4th Amendment to our Constitution. ?

4. The President and Vice President approved torturing prisoners in violation of the 8th Amendment of our Constitution and the Geneva Convention. In an act of further arrogance, the President wrote in a “signing statement” in December 2005, that he had the right to ignore Congress’ express prohibition of torture. ?

5. The same Constitution that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have violated provides only one way for them to be charged with their crimes. The House of Representatives must investigate and charge them, through the impeachment process. Under the law We The People can also Prosecute Cheney & Bush criminally after they leave office. If the charges are proven, the laws allows criminal charges, to include life in prison and/or the death penalty for the crimes committed by Bush & Cheney. This is the least we can do.?

Therefore, we, the undersigned citizens, respectfully request our elected officials who took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, to call on our State Legislators to initiate a petition for impeachment, and to request that Nancy Pelosi, our Representative in the House, should lead the effort to initiate impeachment hearings of the President and Vice President. Sincerely

Song of the Week, Heidi Little's version of "A Peaceful Solution" originally written by Willie and Amy Nelson, on the front page of the Peace Institutes web site.

To hear it, copy & paste this site:


Should we vote for a person, based on the color of their skin, or should we vote for a person because of the content of their character? What is Obama trying to say? I have white friends who are so simple minded, that they think electing a black man will somehow be a short cut to ending sexism. (( That is not a misprint. )) Sexism is a bigger issue in the world than racism. What are they thinking? What does history teach about electing any man. Black men are no better than white men, when elected. As the song goes, They are still just a man.

After the Civil war, numerous Black men were elected to Congress from the South, and when asked by women to support the right of women to vote, they refused to to help women win the right to vote, or to allow women the right to vote. Black Congressmen in 1870, just helped white men oppress all women. If we want real change, we need to elect a woman. This will not be easy. Hillary can not beat a white male Republican. Or can she? More women vote than men. I am predicting President Hillary, if enough women register to vote, especially 17 yearolds, who will be 18 by Nov 2008.

Unfortunately, the only woman running, is in drag: she is also a man, because she does not support abortion. She did not get to where she is by advocating abortion.

Abortion is the key elephant standing in the middle of the room today. It is the main issue in global warming, and the main issue in the middle east and the main issue in the religious world, worldwide. As long as population is out of control, the rising sea level is going to drive millions of unwanted people, to try to sneak into America. As is happening, as I write this. Right now 20 million people in Asia have been forced out of their homes. Barak Obamas position on abortion is key. Journalists must trick him to reveal his true hidden agenda on abortion.

Hell, we do not even hear from Hillary her true position on abortion. As the pressure gets great, we might, if someone can trick her to speak truthfully. Whoops. Here is an example where I feel her sex matters in this race.

I am not saying vote for Hilary. I am just saying if you want abortion to be made legal in all 50 states, and Mexico, Hilary would get that done, if elected. If there was a mass militant womens movement ready to take back the streets every weekend, as the People of the Philippines did to overthrow Marcos. If women do not form an Army, the Insurance Companies will beat up on President Hilary daily, and drive her out of the White House. Like they did when she was First Lady. In fact, the Corporations will assassinate Hilary, if she is elected.

Abortion is the key to stopping global warming. Yet, not one word is said. Not by the Left, or the Right. Why? Because it is illegal to advocate Penny Royal tea or abortion.

Abortion. My advocacy of teaching women to use Penny Royal tea will get abortion spread further and faster than will electing Hillary. A vote for Paul Kangas for President will spread abortion fast and further into all states of the world, and Mexico, than will a vote for any other candidate for President. Yes, Paul Kangas is on the ballot for President, but the media is blacking out the Green Party candidate to save the Democrats.

The Future of the Middle East.

Many Americans are deathly affraid the US has created a fire storm in the Middle East that is going to result in the total destruction of Israel. And they are right to worry about that.

I have listened to KPFA & KQED experts on what is coming. What Pandoras box this illegal war has opened. They all miss the big picture.

Here is what I feel is coming bloody fast.

The womens movement in the middle east will demand democracy. It may take 30 years for women to take power from the crazy religious nuts, but it will happen, because of the leadership of women like H N Ali, who wrote the book: Infidel.

If you want to stop the coming blood bath that will drown Israel, then demand & speak up for legalize abortion in all nations of the world.

Abortion will free women from the enforced slavery of forced childcare.

Teach the value of there being a United States of the Mid East, so that Israel is just one state. Of course, that means Jews will have to learn to talk to people & stop just shooting Palestinians.

There is no way giving money & guns to Israel is going to stop the coming religious blood bath the US has created. If I lived in Israel, I would remember South Africa & move out fast. By 2020 Israel will be engulled & surronded & be an insane place to live.

Guns & money can not stop what is coming. Diplomacy can. First, cut off all military aid to Israel. Sounds suicidal, but if the US does that, it will be a gesture of good will that will inspire sane people in the Mid East to agree to moderate the religious nuts and push for a peace settlement. Not one Israel will like, but if could save a million lives. If you do not do that, the blood will only get deeper. We must stop all US arms shipments of Israel. The US created this mess, and we have the primary duty to push Israel to stop killing people with our money & our guns. Israel is a false state. It has no basis to exist the second the US cuts off our money. Israel must create its own community relationship with the people they live next to. Brute force will no longer work.

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Mother's Milk

Post Partum Psychosis (PPP)


Avian Bird Flu

Case report: Beets may have helped reduce Hepatitis


Mercury Contamination

Bodily Fluids and Autoimmuneurine Therapy

Breast Milk and Radiation

Stem Cells 2005

The Body's RADAR: Rapid response by the body to diseases.

Vietnam War

McMartin Pre-Schooler: 'I Lied'
The notorious McMartin molestation case

Behind Earth Day

Editor -- Regarding the Sept. 27 Open Forum article: Why was April 22 chosen as Earth Day? What event happened? I may know, because in April 1968, San Francisco State College celebrated the first Earth Day.

Following the oil spill in Santa Barbra, three biology students at S.F. State, who were also part of SDS, the Joe Hill caucus, decided to hold a event to unify the green and the red movements on campus. The administration gave us the main auditorium. We had eight speakers, including Guissippi Slater, Paul Kangas, Doug Kitt and Golden Gate Park's head gardener.

We decided to hold the first Earth Day on April 22, because that was V.I. Lenin's birthday. We thought using that date was a good joke, and would unify the greens and the reds. So now you know the rest of the story. Published in the Oct 7th, 2006, SF Examiner.


San Francisco

Ten Reasons to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is shy about this issue, because she is affraid people will see her as self-serving. After all, when Cheney & Bush are put in jail, she is next in line to become President. This will be a democractic coup. Not like Bush did in Dallas. For this reason, we the People must put Impeachment back on the table. Do not be shy. By impeaching, we help restore the soul of our Constitution, nation and people. We are not good Germans. We will not back down. We are mad as hell and were not going to take it any more. Onward to Impeachment.

I ask Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for the following reasons:

1. Violating the United Nations Charter by launching an illegal "War of Aggression" against Iraq without cause, using fraud to sell the war to Congress and the public, misusing government funds to begin bombing without Congressional authorization, and subjecting our military personnel to unnecessary harm, debilitating injuries, and deaths.

2. Violating U.S. and international law by authorizing the torture of thousands of captives, resulting in dozens of deaths, and keeping prisoners hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

3. Violating the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel. By assassinating President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Most of the best evidence now shows the assassins were CIA agents: E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and George H.W. Bush, Sr. all veterans of the Bay of Pigs. All involved in Watergate. All photographed in Dallas 11-22-63. To see the video, go to You Tube:: paul 8 kangas.

4. Violating the Geneva Conventions by targeting civilians, journalists, hospitals, and ambulances, and using illegal weapons, including white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and a new type of napalm.

5. Violating U.S. law and the Constitution through widespread wiretapping of the phone calls and emails of Americans without a warrant.

6. Violating the Constitution by using "signing statements" to defy hundreds of laws passed by Congress.

7. Violating U.S. and state law by obstructing honest elections in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

8. Violating U.S. law by using paid propaganda and disinformation, selectively and misleadingly leaking classified information, and exposing the identity of a covert CIA operative working on sensitive WMD proliferation for political retribution.

9. Subverting the Constitution and abusing Presidential power by asserting a "Unitary Executive Theory" giving unlimited powers to the President, by obstructing efforts by The People to bring back the Constitutional Law, , by obstructing efforst by a lame Congress and the Courts to review and restrict Presidential actions, and by promoting and signing legislation negating the Bill of Rights and the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

10. Gross negligence in failing to assist New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina, in ignoring urgent warnings of an Al Qaeda attack prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and in increasing air pollution causing global warming.

Ten ways you can help push Impeachment.

Making Butter.

One of the early fond memories, I had of my childhood, was working in a norther Michigan logging camp, making butter.

It was about 1949 and our family was camping out along side a lake from April unil September.

What a great summer that was. Swimming in the cold clear water, filled with slippery black leaches. After we swam, we would have to pick the leaches off.

I worked each morning in the kitchen churning butter from fresh cows milk in a tall wooden churn. My incredible mother, Irene Kangas, ran the kitchen for the lumber camp. My sisters and brothers would be scampering around the floor, as I worked the butter churn. I would always the main worker of us 5 kids. I would sit on a stool and slide the plunger up and down for about a thousand strokes. Every so often I would peek under the wooden lid and check to see if any butter had formed.

At first there was just a yellow tint on top of the milk. Then all of a sudden, there was huge handfulls of fresh, raw butter floating on top of the milk. Then I would scoop it out and put it in a large wooden dish and put the dish on the large boarding room style plank board wooden table. The lumber jacks would come in, including my father Iren Kangas and my mother father, Jack Saari, for breakfast of hot whole wheat pancakes.

I loved watching the way they ate and talked. They were so alive and earthy. After they had left back into the woods to continue cutting trees, I would sit down to a hot breakfast of eggs and pancakes. I would only put butter on my pancakes. I loved the taste of fresh butter on hot pancakes. I still love the taste of butter. In fact, I am writing this article one evening when I came home late, and for dinner just had a scoop of butter. That was dinner. It reminded me of making butter at the logging camp.

Commie Mommie.

My Mother was a member of the Communist Party. So was my Father. I had a set of perfect parents. They gave me a great view of the world.

I hope I gave as good a view to my 3 children:. My Mother Irene was a great person. If she had access to abortion, and had not been pregnant all the time, she probably would have been a great writer.

Irene was smarter than most of her children. At 90 she was still doing cross word puzzels in the newspaper. It was amazing to watch her doing a puzlel.

She was so quick witted. I loved just watching her work her way thru a puzzle.

In 2004 Mom lived with me for several years. She was physically weak, but mentally totally together. I would be sitting writing and if I could not spell a word, I would just turn around and ask her how to spell any word.

It was great. She could spell any word in a flash. What a mind. I attribute part of her clear mind to the fact that she had never had silver filings in her teeth. Unlike me. I had a dozen, which destroyed my membory. Instead, Mom had false teeth at age 25. So did my Father Iren. False teeth was a big advantage over mercury filings. So now I am getting false teeth, at age 66. Trying to prevent Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

Hope I get it done before I become lost in the fog of Alzheimers. What is it like having Communists for parents?

Great. They taught me to look behind what the corporate owned government is doing.

Did George HW Bush assassinate President John F. Kennedy?

Note: All references to "George Bush" refer to George Herbert Walker Bush, former director of the CIA, Commanding officer of the April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, and father of George "Dubya" Bush (who was appointed Rresident by a 5 to 4 vote of the Supreme Court).

The Author of this famous article was Paul Kangas, US Navy Vet, a member of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, whose Commanding Officer was CIA agent, George H. W. Bush. The US is now nothing but another banana republic controlled by GM, GE, AT&T, etc. Soon, they plan to take over the internet, so they can silence our only alternative voices. Fight back. Write back. Join the march against the war, better, help organize the march against war in October, in your town. Email me for free buttons, posters, leaflets and such. My address is 15 Boardman, SF, Ca 94103.

Did Bush assassinate President John Kennedy?

Was the 1964 Election Stolen?

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? Robert F. Kennedy jr.s blockbuster new report, in the June 2004 Rolling Stone, on how the Bush team stole the 2004 election in Ohio shows a few Democrats are slowing waking up. About time! The Bush Klan stole the 1964 election by killing President Kennedy, as he ran for re-election. In the past 40 years not one single word has been written by any journalist exposing that felony crime. How long will it take for any journalist to ask Tony Snow, that blood soaked question? Could John Kerry have won the election? The answer is still No! If Kerry had won, and tried to stop the war, the CIA would have assassinated Kerry too. The Seattle-Post Intelligencer would never dare to say that. I am still waiting for Rep. Jan Schakowsky to apologize for not having said anything about the stolen election of 1964. Or was that before she was born?

Al Gore has something to say about all this. His movie, An Inconvenient Truth reveals that journalist Al Gore has more power than an elected official to change the minds of elected officials. Journalist Robert F. Kennedy jr., on Air America, should now begin making a movie about Ohio 2004 and Dallas 1964, if he really wants to have any real chance of running for President. If elected, he too will be shot by the CIA. The Kennedy lawsuit against Diebolt is probably dead before it is filed. Hey, this is not a democracy. This is a bloody dictatorship. Is journalist Tim Dickerson aware of the history his article is based around? Dallas.

A newly discovered FBI document, 1999, reveals that George HW Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy.

The document places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami, like Frank Sturgis, for the invasion of Cuba, the Bay of Pigs. ( Unfortunately, I too was part of the Bay of Pigs.--PK)

Actually, the CIA had already slipped Frank Sturgis into Cuba, where Sturgis, an excellent spy, had worked his way up the grape vine and was now a spy working inside the army of Fidel Castro. Sturgis worked for the CIA flying guns to Castro, to try & win Castro over to be a puppet of the US. Sturgis was such an excellent pilot, he even rose to the head of the Cuban Air Force. He had direct access to Fidel. The Miami Cubans were trained as marksmen by CIA agents Bush and E. Howard Hunt.

Bush at that time lived in Houston, Texas, hopping from Houston to New Orleans, to Miami, weekly, Bush spent 1960 and 1961 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez. This story was just published in the Cuban newspaper, Granma, on 1-13-06. I, was Paul Kangas, too was unfortunately part of the invasion of Cuba. I was in the US Navy, Operation Vertical Envelopment, based in XXXX, Md. We were the Second Wave, suppose to follow the Bay of Pigs "private" invasion, led by George Bush. But the invasion failed. Due to really dumb decisions by Bush to land during a low tide, when the mud would be the deepest. Bay of Pigs Commanding Officer, Geo. Bush forget to check the tide tables before he chose the landing hour. What a war. What a hero. I wonder why Bush does not mention this famous battle in his war stories? Here Bush was, the head of the Bay of Pigs invasion, but he does not mention it in his resume? Interesting. George Bush, was the CIA agent in charge of the invasion of Cuba. He was the top banana. As such, he was my commanding officer. Bush was stationed in Guatemala, where he had 2 US Navy ships delivered to him, by Air Force officer, L. Fletcher Prouty in 1961. Prouty told me in a one hour 1998 taped interview, played on FM radio station KPOO, in 1998. You may remember Felix Rodriguez as the Iran-contra CIA agent who received the first phone call, from Gene Hasenfus, telling the world the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua.

As soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane crashed, he called his long-time CIA supervisor and personal friend, George HW Bush. Bush denied being in the contra loop, but investigators recently obtained copies of Oliver North's diary, which documents Bush's role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network. In 1988 Bush told Congress he knew nothing about the illegal supply flights until 1987, yet North's diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting Aug. 6, 1985. Bush's "official" log placed him somewhere else. Such double sets of logs are intended to hide Bush's real role in the CIA; to provide him with "plausible deniability." The problem is, it fell apart because too many people, like North and Rodriguez, have kept records that show Bush's CIA role back to the 1961 invasion of Cuba. (Source: The Washington Post, 7/10/90).

Bush lied to Congress to cover up his role in the Bay of Pigs. But everyone in Congress knew he was lying. They all just did this show for the press to brain wash the American people. That is what CIA stands for: Central Press Controll.

Why is Bush still so darn shy about his role in the Bay of Pigs? He was a military hero. Right? What could still be embarrassing about his hero role in that war? That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating that, "Mr. George HW Bush of the CIA had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. (Source: The Nation, 8/13/88). Bush denies he was in the CIA then. Denial, denial. On the day of the assassination Bush was in Dallas, Texas, but he denies knowing exactly where he was. Does the Grassy Knoll sound familiar? Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in Dallas, behind the grassy knoll, by Dallas News photographer, John Beers. The now famous tramp photos of E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis arrest in Dallas for the CIA assassination of President John Kennedy. In 1959 Rodriguez was a top cop in the Cuban government under Batista. When Batista was overthrown and fled to Miami, Rodriguez went with him, along with Frank Sturgis and Rafael Quintero. Officially, Rodriguez didn't join the CIA until 1967, after the CIA invasion of Cuba, in which he participated, and the assassination of JFK. But records recently uncovered show he actually joined the CIA in 1961 for the invasion of Cuba when he was recruited by George Bush. That is how Rodriguez claims he became a "close personal friend of Bush."

Then "officially" Rodriguez claims he quit the CIA in 1976, just after he was sent to prison for his role in the Watergate burglary. However, according to Rolling Stone reporters Kohn & Monks (11/3/88), Rodriguez still goes to CIA headquarters monthly to receive assignments and have his blue 1987 bulletproof Cadillac serviced. Rodriguez was asked by a Rolling Stone reporter where he was the day JFK was shot, and claims he can't remember. George Bush claims he never worked for the CIA until he was appointed director by former Warren Commission director and then President Jerry Ford, in 1976. Logic suggests that is highly unlikely. Of course, Bush has a company duty to deny being in the CIA. The CIA is a secret organization. No one ever admits to being a member. The truth is that Bush has been a top CIA official since before the 1961 invasion of Cuba, working with Felix Rodriguez. Bush may deny his actual role in the CIA in 1959, but there are records in the files of Rodriguez and others involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that expose Bush's role.

The corporations would not put somebody in charge of all the U.S. state secrets held by the CIA, unless he was experienced and well trained in the CIA. (Source: Project Censored Report, Feb 1989, Dr Carl Jensen, Sonoma State College). Recently I interviewed former CIA liaison officer L. Fletcher Prouty. He is a consultant for the excellent new movie on how the CIA killed JFK, being made by Oliver Stone. Prouty told me that one of the projects he did for the CIA was in 1961 to deliver US Navy ships from a Navy ship yard to the CIA agents in Guatemala planning the invasion of Cuba. He said he delivered two ships to a CIA agent named George HW Bush, who had the 2 ships painted to look like they were civilian fishing ships. That CIA agent then named the 2 ships after: his wife, and his adopted home, town, and the whole operation after his oil company, Zapata. He named the ships: the Barbara and the Houston. Any book on the history of the Bay of Pigs will prove the names of those 3 ships. Again, this is more finger prints of George Bush's involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Yet Bush denies his role in this great adventure. Why would Bush be so shy about his role in this war? What is the secret? Is there something dirty about this war that Bush & Nixon don't want the public to know about? Answer: Yes there is. The same people involved in the Bay of Pigs were the people involved in the Watergate burglary. Most Americans still do not understand this, because the media, even liberals like KPFA, Berkeley, continues to cover-up the role of Bush and the CIA in the assassination of JFK. I was in the US Navy at the time, and was part of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba. George Bush was my commanding officer. In 2006, the Cuban newspaper, Granma, published this story on the front page on 1-13-06! Why does the US Left cover-up for the CIA? Mainly because they are just products of the CBS, ABC, CNN, NBC brain washing designed to keep US a nation of sheep.

What other evidence do we have that George HW Bush & the CIA killed President John Kennedy? Were there any American leaders, who suspected the CIA had killed JFK on Nov. 22, 1963? Who was the most famous leader in America, who on 11-23-63, said that, ??the CIA killed JFK...!? And was then too was also assassinated by agents of the CIA, on 2-21-65? We know that in 1965 the CIA assassinated anyone who dared to point a finger at the CIA, like: Dorothy Kilgallen, assassinated by Bush & the CIA 11-8-65, in NYC, ten months after Malcolm X, in NYC. Jack Rudy, reporter John Beers, ( Dallas, 11-22-65), and hundreds of other Dallas eyewitnesses. Bush launched a blood bath in America after stealing the election of 1964, and few in the press have dared to point that out. Hey, 2 weeks before the assassination, George HW Bush met with Jack Ruby at his Carousal Club, on Nov. 8, 63, along with Bernard Weisman and slain officer J.D. Tippet, to plan the ambush of JFK. This meeting was reported to Chief Justice Earl Warren, during the investigation. Kilgallen reported these facts in her last column. But, I digress, back to our main topic X.

It took the CIA 451 days to plan, and carry out this careful, specific assassination, of Malcolm X, and anyone else who dared to point a finger at the CIA & Bush, and tell the truth. So the CIA had to be careful to make it look like it was done by a group of Black men, so as to blame it on Blacks, and so cover-up the hand of Bush & the CIA. Much as the assassination of RFK was blamed on a Palestinian. Most white people have a real hard time with this RFK fact, because they have been so carefully brain washed by the TV. The assassination of X was designed to destroy the ideas and words of X, and if you read any history of Malcolm X today, you will not find any reference to his statements to the press on 11-23-63. Go read the official site of X, or Wikipedia. Notice there is no mention of X?s ?The CIA chickens have come home to roost, and have killed their own chief rooster.? Malcolm X basically said, ?Bush and the CIA was out trying to kill Castro, JFK stopped them, so Bush & the CIA turned their guns on JFK.? So Bush and the CIA has succeed in that respect in silencing the words of X. Except one, the film about Malcolm X by Spike Lee. That is one of the few accurate documentaries about X. That film is as much about the CIA assassination of JFK, as is Oliver Stone?s film ?JFK?. Watch those 2 videos together and you get a fairly full story. The files on the role of Bush in the JFK assassination are sealed until 2039, as a birthday gift to Bush. By then Bush could be 113, as he was born in 1924.

Why was the Watergate burglarized?

This is the key question we must answer today in 2006. The CIA was trying to plug up a possible news leak. They were trying to stop the Democrats from publishing the photos of Hunt & Sturgis under arrest for the murder of JFK (May 7, 1977, SF Chronicle.) This is an interview of Frank Sturgis, published in the SF newspaper!

Presently, there is a law suit attempting to force the government to release the records about the Bay of Pigs invasion. Why are those documents still secret? Why are they locked in the National Archives along with all the photos from [the] Dallas assassination of JFK until 2039? Why are the 4000 hours of Watergate tapes in which Nixon is babbling endlessly about the mysterious connections between the Bay of Pigs, Dallas and Watergate, also being sealed in the National Archives? Is it because all three incidents are connected? Worse, the CIA lawyers just got a court to order that the tapes are actually Nixon's property, so can now be hidden in the Nixon Library, so no researchers can listen to the relevant parts. Did you know that is how the Watergate tapes were disappeared?!

Yes. We must demand the secret files on these 4 cases be released now. For a copy of the petition to release the files, please write to: Paul Kangas, private investigator, 15 Boardman, SF, CA 94103. Thanks to Oliver Stone's blockbuster new movie on JFK, and Spike Lees movie on Malcolm X, there is now sufficient national movement to reopen all these cases. The White House feared Stone's new movie, JFK, so much that they hired 50 CIA journalists, like Posner, to slander the movie before it even came out! KPFA & Larry Bensky trot out Posner to attack critics of the CIA, anytime they get too much press. Do not fall for it. Bensky is probably one of the few assets of the CIA who does not even get a check from the CIA. He does it just because he was well brain washed by his college.

Every serious investigator now agrees that Oswald did not shoot JFK. That James Earl Ray did not shoot Dr. Martin Luther King, and that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot Robert Kennedy. Do you find any of that shocking? These cases must be reopened so that Sirhan can be set free. The only bar that keeps Sirhan in prison is the tremendous anti-arab racism in Americans: in both blacks & whites.

According to a biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and political ties with the Bush family go back to 1941 when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L.A. newspaper, placed by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by Prescot Bush, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young, malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: Freedom Magazine, 1986, L.F. Prouty). In fact, Prescott Bush is credited with creating the winning ticket of Eisenhower-Nixon in 1952.(Source: George Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988).

Newly discovered FBI documents prove that Jack Ruby has been an employee of Richard Nixon since 1947. That FBI document Ruby is listed as working as a spy & hit man for Nixon. On Nov. 22, 63 Ruby was seen by a women who knew him well, Julian Ann Mercer, approximately an hour before the arrival of JFK's motorcade, unloading a man carrying a rifle in a case at the Grassy Knoll from his car. Ruby later was seen on national TV killing a witness who could link Nixon & Bush to the killing of JFK: Oswald. On the Trail of the Assassins, Garrison, p xiii.

Richard Nixon was Vice President from 1952 until 1960. In fact, Nixon was given credit for planning Operation 40, the secret 1961 invasion of Cuba, during his 1959 campaign for President. After Batista was kicked out by the starving people of Cuba, and Fidel Castro came to power, Castro began telling American corporations they would have to pay Cuban employees decent wages. Even worse, Pepsi Cola was told it would now have to pay world market prices for Cuban sugar. It is not that Fidel lead the people to throw out Batista and the American corporations, it really was that the Cuban people were the secret fighting force leading the war against the American corporations.

Pepsi, Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil and the Mafia drug dealers decided Fidel had to be removed since his policies of requiring corporations to pay market wages was hurting their profits. So the corporations asked then Vice-President Nixon to remove Fidel. Nixon promised he would, just as soon as he'd won the 1960 elections against some underdog, an unknown Democrat named John Kennedy. It would be an easy victory for Nixon. The polls had Nixon winning by a landslide. Besides, Kennedy was a Catholic, and Americans would no more elect a Catholic President than they would elect a woman, a black or a Jew. This was what people really felt and thought like in 1959.

Nixon told Pepsi, Standard Oil and other corporations who lost property given back to the farmers of Cuba, that if they would help him win, he would authorize an invasion to remove Castro. To further impress contributors to his campaign, then Vice-President Nixon asked the CIA to create Operation 40, a secret plan to invade Cuba, just as soon as he won. The CIA put Texas millionaire and CIA agent George Bush in charge of recruiting Cuban exiles into the CIA's invasion army. Bush was working with another Texas oilman, Jack Crichton, to help him with the invasion. A fellow Texan, Air Force General Charles Cabel, was asked to coordinate the air cover for the invasion. Most of the CIA leadership around the invasion of Cuba seems to have been people from Texas. A whole Texan branch of the CIA is based in the oil business. If we trace Bush's background in the Texas oil business we discover his two partners in the oil-barge leasing business: Texan Robert Mosbacher and Texan James Baker. Mosbacher is now Secretary of Commerce and Baker is Secretary of State, the same job Dulles held when JFK was killed. (Source: Common Cause magazine, 3-4/90).

Full Moon Calendar is used by Investigators to predict crime waves. 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 January 9 28 18 7 25 14 3 22 10 30 February 8 27 16 6 23 12 2 20 9 28 March 9 28 18 6 25 14 3 21 10 29 April 7 26 16 5 24 13 2 20 9 28 May 7 26 15 4 23 13 2/31 19 9 27 June 5 24 14 3 22 11 30 18 7 26 July 5 24 13 2/31 21 10 29 18 7 25 August 4 22 12 29 19 9 28 16 5 24 September 2 21 10 28 17 7 26 15 4 23 October 2 21 10 27 17 6 26 14 4 22 November 1/30 19 8 26 15 5 24 13 2 21 December 30 19 8 26 15 4 23 12 2/31 21

On the Watergate tapes, June 23, 1972, referred to in the media as the "smoking gun" conversation, Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, discussed how to stop the FBI investigation into the CIA Watergate burglary. They were worried that the investigation would expose their conection to "the Bay of Pigs thing." Haldeman, in his book The Ends of Power, reveals that Nixon always used code words when talking about the 1963 murder of JFK. Haldeman said Nixon would always refer to the assassination as "the Bay of Pigs." On that transcript we find Nixon discussing the role of George Bush's partner, Robert Mosbacher, as one of the Texas fundraisers for Nixon. On the tapes Nixon keeps refering to the "Cubans" and the "Texans." The "Texans" were Bush, Mosbacher and Baker. This is another direct link between Bush and evidence linking Nixon and Bush to the Kennedy assassination. In the same discussion Nixon links "the Cubans," "the Texans," "Helms," "Hunt," "Bernard Barker," Robert "Mosbacher" and "the Bay of Pigs."

Over and over on the Watergate tapes, these names come up around the discussion of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was trying to obtain when he ordered the CIA to burglarize the Watergate. (Source: Three Men and a Barge", Teresa Riordan, Common Cause magazine, March/April 1990, and San Francisco Chronicle, May 7,1977, interview with Frank Sturgis in which he stated that "the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking related to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy.") After Nixon's landslide victory in 1972, he knew he had to centralize all power into the White House to keep his faction in power, not only to hold power, but to prevent the media from digging into how he secretly shot his way into the White House, just like Hitler shot his way into control of Germany. The first thing Nixon did was to demand signed resignations of his entire government. "Eliminate everyone," he told John Ehrlichman about reappointment, "except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause." (Source: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney Blumenthal.)

The reason why Bush will 'do anything" is because his hands have as much of Kennedy's blood on them as do Nixon's, Hunt's, Sturgis's, Felix Rodriguez's and Gerald Ford's. This White House gang fears that if the public ever realizes how they shot their way into power in Dallas, it could set off a spark that would destroy their fragile fraud and land them in jail. Or worse.

Other famous Watergate members of the CIA invasion that Bush recruited were Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker and Rafael Quintero. Quintero has said publicly that if he ever told what he knew about Dallas and the Bay of Pigs, "It would be the biggest scandal ever to rock the nation."

Meanwhile, in 1960, Prescott Bush was running Nixon's campaign. Nixon was sent to South Vietnam to assure the French-connection government there that if France pulled out, the U.S. would step in to protect the drug trade from the GoIden Triangle. (Source: Frontline, 1988, "Guns. Drugs and the CIA"; Alexander Cockburn; "Cocaine, the CIA and Air America," S.F. Examiner, Feb. 2, '91; The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, Alfred McCoy, 1972.)

Who is Prescott Bush. No one knew until I wrote this article in 1986. Senator Prescott Bush was the Banker who recruited Adolph Hitler to work for Ford Motor Company. P. Bush trained Hitler to run for office. Bush & his assassins killed all the opposition candidates in that election, 1930, so Hitler won by default. Just like the Bush crime family did in 1963, when Nixon was running against JFK for President.

P. Bush then built the whole Nazi Army & Air Force to arm Hitler to invade Russia. Of course, to do that they first had to smash a few states that stood in the way. There was a great movie about how the Russians beat Bush & Hitler, called Enemies at the Gates, 1999. Now on video & well worth you time, if you want to know more about Prescott Bushs role in hiring Hitler.

Bush stole the 1934 election, that got Hitler elected, the same way Bush stole the 2000 & 2004 elections here that put the Bush Dynesty in world power. Are you starting to see a pattern?

In 1959, Vice President Nixon was flying all over the world, acting just like presidential material. It was an easy race for Nixon. Congressman Jerry Ford was doing a great job fundraising for Nixon, as was George Bush. The rich loved Nixon. The media picked up every bone Nixon tossed out to them. The biggest problem was that Nixon was afraid to speak openly of his plan to invade Cuba. The plan was a secret. No sense in alerting Cuba to the coming invasion. But Kennedy was taking a harder line on Cuba than Nixon, because Kennedy was not aware of the corporate/CIA planned invasion. Nixon lost the 1960 race by the smallest margin in history.

At first Bush, Nixon, Cabel and Hunt decided to just go ahead with the invasion, without informing President Kennedy. Then, at the last second, at 1 a.m., just two hours before the invasion was set to go, US Air Force General Cabel called President Kennedy, at 1am, and asked for permission to provide U.S. Air Force air cover for the CIA invasion. Kennedy woke up his whole cabinet and discussed the situation for an hour. When General Cabel called back for the final go ahead, at 3a.m., Kennedy said, "No!" He told them, "You can call it a black bag operation, a private operation, but you can not involve the U.S. government is such a dirt bag operation."

The CIA and Bush were furious with JFK, but my Commanding Officer Bush decided to go ahead with their "private" invasion anyway. Due to poor intelligence, the CIA landed at the worst possible beach. I remember that day well. I was on duty monitoring the invasion from our secret Navy base in Maryland. They landed before dawn, in a huge swamp. At the worst possible hour, during low tide. You would think someone in the CIA would be smart enough to at least check the tide tables. So there was miles of mud before the shore. So the CIA ships could not get in close to the beach. The CIA soldiers were sitting ducks for the women soldiers of Cuba who happen to be defending that beach that morning. Yes, most of the Cuban militia who stopped the CIA that day, were armed women!

The invasion failed. The CIA lost 1500 of its best men, killed, with another 1100, captured and now in Cuban prisons. It was the worst single blow to the CIA, in the history of the CIA, that the CIA ever suffered. (Source: E. Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day.) Bush, Nixon, Sturgis and Hunt blamed Cabel for even asking Kennedy, and blamed Kennedy for saying "No". They were livid with anger. Nixons corporate sponsors, Pepsi, Ford, GE & AT&T, ordered JFK to make any deal necessary to recover the 1100 CIA agents imprisoned in Cuba. JFK did. Once the CIA had its well-trained Cubans back, ( Alpha 66 ) they decided to continue the invasion of Cuba, just as soon as they could get rid of that S.O.B. Kennedy. The 1964 election was fast approaching. Nixon was running against Kennedy again. Bush, Ford and Nixon knew that they had to get rid of JFK now, or else the Kennedy clan, with Robert and Ted in the wings, could control the White House until 1984.

They decided not to wait until '84 to get back into the White House. The Cuban teams of "shooters", supervised by Bush, began following Kennedy from city to city looking for a window of opportunity to shoot from. They came close in Miami, but JFK had the bullet proof bubble on his Limo. They tried in Chicago, but couldn't get the cooperation of Mayor Daley.

But in Dallas, they had an ace. The mayor was the brother of General Cabel, whom the CIA blamed for the failure of the invasion. Pay back time. The general prevailed on his brother, Earl, and the motorcade was changed to pass the grassy knoll at 7 m.p.h.

The Sheriff and the Mayor insisted that the bullet proof bubble had to be removed from JFK's Limo, "...so the people of Dallas could get a better look at JFK".

The Secret Service was in on the Bush ambush. I was also part of an armed marching Navy guard unit for President John F. Kennedy at the time and our whole unit was ordered to "stand down", so there were no marching armed military guards with JFK when he rode his motorcade in the deadly hostile streets of Dallas. It was a turkey shoot.

I had been a Guard for President Kennedy. I had marched, armed with an M-1 rifle, beside President Kennedy's car several times in Washington, DC, when I was stationed there in 1960-61.

Why was there no Navy & no Marine guards around JFK in Dallas? Unusual.

That was the first, and last time, in history, when a President rode in a motorcade without the armed marching units of the Navy and Marines surronding him, as he rode in public, and with his bullet proof bubble.

In Dallas, the CIA, under order from my commanding officer, George HW Bush, removed the bubble. Told the armed Navy guard to stand down. Told the secret service to back away from his car. Like a perfectly scripted movie, JFK was shot by Bush, Hunt & Sturgis.

Hunt and Sturgis shot JFK from the grassy knoll. They were arrested, photographed and seen by 15 witnesses. But the media turned a blind eye to the photos, and for 25 years the world has been searching for the truth. Pepsi Cola was having a board meeting in Dallas that week. Joan Crawford, wife of Mr. Kendel, Pres. of Pepsi, Richard Nixon, and others from Pepsi, Ford, GM & GE were all at the Pepsi Corp. Board meeting in Dallas, from November 17th, until November 23. As was Joan Crawford, wife of the president of Pepsi. The "meeting" was actually the CIA planning meeting for the ambush of JFK. As soon as JFK was dead, they all fled Dallas, in their private planes. Read the Dallas Morning News, which reported all this on Novmember 21, 1963.

On the day JFK was murdered, Nixon, Hunt, Sturgis, Bush and some of the Watergate crew were photographed in Dallas, as were a group of Cubans, one holding an umbrella up, like a signal, next to the President's limo just as Kennedy was shot. The Cubans can be seen holding up the signal umbrella in the Zapruder film and dozens of stills taken during the assassination. After the murder they can be seen calmly walking away. We have just now reconstructed the Zapruder film, restoring the missing 6 frames, plus added a sound track to the new Zapruder Film, from the audio tape made by the motorcycle police officer who accidentaly recorded the gun fire coming from the grassy knoll. The audio tape is the best time line we have of the number of shots fired by Hunt and Sturgis. Hey, I can not say they things unless they are true. I could be sued by Bush if what I say is not true.

I have said this, in public, over 3,000 times, at most college along the West Coast, since 1975, when I first discovered that Bush was behind the JFK ambush. I have never been sued, because everything you read here is the best evidence I have been able to develop during this investigation. Nixon denied he was in Dallas that day, but new photos and stories prove he was there. Nixon claimed, to the FBI investigators, who suspected Nixon was behind the ambush, because Nixon had the most to gain from the assassination, that, "he couldn't remember where he was when JFK was killed." (Source: FBI memo, Feb. 23, 1964, published in Coup d'etat in America, Michael Canfield). ( I have 9 copies of this book left, if you want a copy. One of the best books on the subject. Send me $30.) Bush, too, claims he can't remember where he was. Numerous FBI files, eye witness statements, even Bushs own personal records show he was in Dallas, from Nov. 17, until Nov. 23, 1963! Why does Bush feel he has a need to lie, if he has none of JFKs blood on his hands? Why are Bushs records from the Bay of Pigs still secret? Why are Bushs records from the Watergate period still held secret?

Jack Anderson did a TV special in 1988 proving beyond any shadow of doubt that two of the tramps arrested in Dallas behind the grassy knoll were Hunt and Sturgis. After the assassination, Citizens groups, like Mark Lane, and even sleepy members of Congress set up committees to investigate the assassination. NY attorney Mark Lane, to his credit, has still continued to investigate, even now in 2006. After the murder, Bush and former Vice President Nixon, to block all this citizens activity, asked President Lyndon Johnson to appoint Nixon's friend, former FBI agent Jerry Ford, to run the Warren Commission.

Nixon also asked LBJ to appoint Nixon's long-time supporter, Judge Earl Warren, to head the Commission. LBJ agreed. Ford interviewed all the witnesses and decided which ones would be heard and which ones eliminated. It is no coincidence that Nixon selected Ford as his Vice President after Spiro Agnew was ousted. When Nixon himself got busted, in the Watergate scandal, Earl Warren offered to set up another special commission if it would help get him out of trouble again.

Ford, of course, pardoned Nixon for the assassination of JFK and the Watergate burglary.

But, even tho Nixon is dead, Nixons historical records is still not out of the woods. By putting Bush and Nixon on trail now, during the impeachment of Bush jr., we can end this national nightmare that has gone on since 1963. There are 4000 hours of Watergate tape. On the June 23, 1972, discussions with John Ehrlichman and Haldeman there is clear evidence that Nixon is openly "confessing" to hiring Hunt to kill JFK. That is why the Watergate "investigation" went into secret session after Congress heard some of the tapes. This is why only 12 hours of 4000 hours have been released to the public.

Did Congress realize that Nixon and Bush had openly discussed killing JFK for stopping the air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Remember, Nixon taped virtually every discussion he had with anyone in his inner circle, including Bush and Johnson, in order to blackmail people later. There is a photo of Bush reporting to Nixon in the White House in 1968. It will be interesting to see what they were talking about on that day, when the full 4000 hours are finally released. The key to unlocking the secrets behind the 1963 murder of JFK is hidden in the 3988 hours of unreleased White House tapes. Bush was in Dallas again, on the day Reagan was shot. (Source: George Bush, F. Green, 1988.) That must have given Bush a flashback to November 22,1963. Ten ways you can create Impeachment. Register in the Green Party to build an alternative to the spineless Democrats.

Support Cindy Sheehan for Congress, against Nancy Pelosi.

Go to our You Tube site at: paul 8 kangas, daily, to get updates from Cindy. Tell a friend about the site.

Move to San Francisco for one year to work to elect Cindy.

Donate your new car to the Movement, by putting large orange duc tape letters, spelling Impeach on the side of your car. I have 2 foot high Impeach taped on each side of my new Prius. If I can do it, you can do it.

Wear orange shirts on Friday.

Does it matter who the next President is?

Can we elect a better President? Who would end the war?

Who would legalize abortion & free women from imposed child caring?

Who would reform our medical system to one that Prevents cancer?

Can it be done?

Does the President hold real power, or is she just a figure head for the Power Elite? That secret club who pulls the strings of the Supreme Court, the Congress, the janitors & yes, even the Resident in the White House.

We did not elect Bush. The last 2 elections were fixed by the Supreme Court puppets. Meaning the Idiot in the Out House was imposed on us by the secret Military Industrial, Church complex. The Power Elite. The rich kids who own the Generals. Some day, everyone will own Generals.

The 2008 election will be stolen too.

Your vote does not count. It is all a fix.

This means we must instead, organize Minute Men, units to take back the Constitution & the Country from the Brittish ruling class idiots who now control Washington. You can go to all the Peace meetings you want to, but at the end of the day, the war wagons keep on rolling. We must reorganize society to oppose, as General Ike said, oppose the military industrial church complex. I added church. First we need to get more women active, by legalizing abortion, so women will have more free time to strike against the war machine.

Do not waste your time working for any of the Democratic party candidates. Voting just sucks time & people out of the peace movement.

However, voting for the Green Party is a useful form of protest voting, but working for Hillary or John Edwards or Kucinich is a waste of your life. What are they running for? They are just running to have the right to be the next puppet for the military. What a waste of time. Which peace group do you work with?

It is far more useful to try & build an anti-war coalition that holds a peace march every month. Probably the most useful groups to work with are:

Code Pink,

THC, ( Troops Home by Christmas ),

Move On,


World Can,t Wait,

or United for Peace.

Did you read Kurt Vonegutt,s book: Slaughter House 5?

Does the average American understand that Prescott Bush & Ford hired Hiter to invade Russia?

Do you know that America & Germany were on the same side during WWII?

Kurt Vonegutt made this Oh so clear in his book, Slaughter House 5.

That explains why the US fired bombed Dresden, after the Russians freed Kurt Vonnegutt from the Nazis

Hey, the US did not want the Russians to liberate Europe from the whole Hitler alliance.

The US was on the wrong side.

We still are.

Iraq was no exception.

It is the Rule

Which group do you work with?

They have no power. They all lack an army of militants willing to hit the streets every day to push issues, educate & organize.

If each town has a circle of 100 activists willing to work daily and have fun doing it, to stop the war, legalize abortion, then we could change the situation. But voting for Hillary, may be fun.... We did that in 1960. We eleccted JFK & so Bush & the CIA just removed him. And we had fun electing Clinton, and the CIA tried to do character assassination to remove him.

Yes, vote, but do not volunteer time for any Democratic candidate. They are all just puppets of the Military.

Spend your time organizing your garage band into a Minute Man strike force for the Green Party. A unit willing to take to the streets every day until the empire falls.

If we want a real People Movement, we need to look at what happened in the Philippines and HOW they made that great leap forward.

It does not matter who the President is.

What matter is that the People of the US be able to put a harness on than mule and control her. (G-1)

Bush was a great test case for American, and the People of the World.

We could not stop the rape of Iraq, because we were not well enough organized to whip the Pentagon & their puppet Bush into line. Americans do not understand who runs the government. Nor does Hillary. General Smedly Butler did.

We must now get better organized. We can do it. American corporations started this war, ,,,,, and they cause 25% of the pollution in the world. That is both a problem and a great opportunity.

This means we the People, have the position and the power to stop this war, and eliminate a huge part of the very cause of global warming endangering the world.

We can do take control, if we get more organized. The first step is to IMPEACH.

Those people who can be conned into believing absurdities, are the same people who can be talked into committing atrocities. Do not be such an easy sell.

There are still high school boys in America who are conned by religion enough, to believe that war is good. When the US is defeated in Iraq, the religious nonsense will fall away.


We must continue to reach out to our young men, to talk some sense into their heads, before they get conned into going into the war machine. Women are at reaching young men. We must recruit young women into the anti war movement. War is just a scam.

You see more, go to our YOU Tube site: paul8kangas. Paul 8 kangas.

Support Cindy Sheehan's Walk for Humanity! Date Leave Arrive

July 13 Montgomery Al. Ft. Benning

July 14 Ft. Benning Ga Atlanta Ga. July 15 Atlanta Ga. Gainsville Ga.

July 16 Ganisville Ga. Clemson SC July 17 Clemson SC Charlotte NC July 18 Charlotte NC Greensboro

July 19 Greensboro NC Lynchburg VA July 20 Lynchburg VA Charlottesville

Date Leave Arrive July 21 Charlottesville Va. Richmond . July 22 Richmond Va. Arlington July 23 Arlington Cem White House July 23 Washington DC Philadelphia July 24 Philadelphia PA Allentown PA July 25 Allentown PA New York City July 26 United Nations Action July 27 Begin to Gather at Central Park July 28 TBA July 29 Gathering of Hearts Central Park

What is Prevention medicine?

It is people taking responsibility for their own health care.

Hello again Senator

I have met & talked with you several times. I saw Sicko last month, in SF, with Michael Moore. Great film. I hope he does SickO II on vaccinations & dental mercury.

In Dec. 1998 there were 10,360 cases of autism. By Dec. 2002 there were 20,337 cases.

Autism has risen in California, due to the mercury in vaccinations. It is time to put a 3 year moratorium on vaccinations, to create a pool of unvaccinated children, to see if that will drop the massive autism rate. Other sources of mercury are burning coal by PG&E, dental fillings & lawn sprays.

Amish kids have the lowest rate of vaccinations & the lowest rate of autism. Is that a clue?

My 1st wife & I have 4 kids. None were vaccinated. All are healthy. My 2nd wife has 6 kids of her own. None were vaccinated. All are healthy. None of my 10 kids have autism because they were not vaccinated. The evidence is building. For these scientific reasons, I write to oppose AB 16.

As a private investigator, I am frequently asked to find missing people. One thing I have noticed, is people often go missing after vaccinations or getting mercury fillings. The mercury causes suicidal & homicidal mental issues. The SF Chronicle carried a story of a man who jumped off the GG bridge one week after getting extensive dental fillings. Mercury causes suicides. (7-4-07, pg 3 Bay Area).

Another clue. The highest rate of suicides is in dentists, who handle mercury every day.

You are considering three separate pieces of legislation (AB 16; SB 676 and SB 533) that each contain the provision cutting citizens out of the new vaccine law making process.

Already, Assembly Bill 16 (AB 16) has passed through the Assembly and the Senate Education Committee with strong lobbying by its creator and sponsor Ed Hernandez (D-West Covina), a doctor of optometry who was also the sponsor of the failed HPV vaccine mandate. Hernandez get donations from Merck and has been offered a position with Merck after he leaves office. This is a sick process. We must cure this sickness by not allowing legislators to continue to take bribes from drug companies.

If AB 16 becomes law, Dr. Hernandez will deliver the HPV vaccine mandate for Merck, after all. I urge you to investigate Hernandez's corrupt ties to Merck. I would appreciate an appointment with you on Monday July 9th to talk about this autism problem. Thank you, Paul Kangas, The execution of a former head of the Chinese Food and Drug Administration, who began his career in government as a consumer advocate determined to strongly regulate the pharmaceutical industry and ensure the safety of drugs and vaccines, may seem extraordinarily harsh. However, his choice to betray the people and take money from an industry he was responsible for regulating in exchange for allowing dangerous drugs, vaccines and food to be marketed, caused the deaths and compromised the health of thousands of innocent people in China and other countries. What is the appropriate societal sanction for powerful leaders in government whose irresponsible, immoral actions kill and injure members of a trusting public? An equally important question: what is the appropriate societal sanction for wealthy drug company officials, who participate in corrupting government employees responsible for regulating pharmaceutical and other consumable products that end up injuring and killing people? Sanctions for drug company lobbyists, who give financial incentives to doctors and politicians to push widespread use of pharmaceutical products that carry serious health risks - or even legally require their use - is another outstanding issue. The corruption of a once honest man by corporate executives exploiting people for profit is a human tragedy. The people doing the corrupting should not be left off the hook. Equally important is the need for politicians in every country to refrain from putting too much power to regulate and recommend pharmaceutical product use in the hands of one unelected bureaucrat working for a government health agency. Mechanisms for strong public participation and oversight should be an integral part of any public health program that involves government or physician recommended use of pharmaceutical products. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Can you prevent Cancer? Yes, you can. If you take selenium.

Why wait until you get cancer, or heart disease before you discover Selenium?

What happened? The lesson of the first Thanksgiving. After the poor harvest of 1622, writes Bradford, "they began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop." They began to question their form of economic organization. This had required that "all profits & benefits that are got by trade, working, fishing, or any other means" were to be placed in the common stock of the colony, and that, "all such persons as are of this colony, are to have their meat, drink, apparel, and all provisions out of the common stock." A person was to put into the common stock all he could, and take out only what he needed. This "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" was an early form of socialism, and it is why the Pilgrims were starving. Bradford writes that "young men that are most able and fit for labor and service" complained about being forced to "spend their time and strength to work for other men's wives and children." Also, "the strong, or man of parts, had no more in division of victuals and clothes, than he that was weak." So the young and strong refused to work, and the total amount of food produced was never adequate. To rectify this situation, in 1623 Bradford abolished socialism. He gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced, or trade it away as they saw fit. In other words, he replaced socialism with a free market, and that was the end of famines. Many early groups of colonists set up socialist states, all with the same terrible results. At Jamestown, established in 1607, out of every shipload of settlers that arrived, less than half would survive their first 12 months in America. Most of the work was being done by only one-fifth of the men, the other four-fifths choosing to be parasites. In the winter of 1609-10, called "The Starving Time," the population fell from 500 to 60. Then the Jamestown colony was converted to a free market, and the results were every bit as dramatic as those at Plymouth. In 1614, Colony Secretary Ralph Hamor wrote that after the switch there was "plenty of food, which every man by his own industry may easily and doth procure." He said that when the socialist system had prevailed, "we reaped not so much corn from the labors of thirty men as three men have done for themselves now." Before these free markets were established, the colonists had nothing for which to be thankful. They were in the same situation as Ethiopians are today, and for the same reasons. But after free markets were established, the resulting abundance was so dramatic that the annual Thanksgiving celebrations became common throughout the colonies, and in 1863, Thanksgiving became a national holiday. Thus the real reason for Thanksgiving, deleted from the official story, is: Socialism does not work in just one state or city; the one and only source of abundance is free markets, and we thank God we live in a country where we can have them. Socialism can only work when it is organized in the whole world. And enforced. Anyone who refuses to work must be put in prison. Forced labor is necessary. But I won't have to say that when everyone is starving. Those who can grow food will have to protect their farms from the parasites. Look at South Africa. One of the most productive nations on earth for food. Until the expert farmers were kicked off their land by the anarchists. The movement to free S. Africa was not a fight for socialism and against racism. The movement was racist & anarchist. Now you see the results. The Black people are now worse off under the Black government than they were under the white government. Michael Moores new movie totally misses the Prevention picture. Come to the movie SickO on June 29th, so we can talk about it. I will see you at the movie. I will be at the movie, selling bags of Penny Royal tea, as I run for President in the Green Party. (G-1 )