Can the most Deadly Cancer be Prevented by Fasting? Can Fasting cure some cancers?

OVERVIEW: Compare and Contract Homeopathy, Auto-immuneurine Therapy (AUT) and the Blood Type Diet.

Defensive living. The goal of health care is to find ways to improve human health, for the greatest number of people. At the least cost.  The ideal goal is for the average person to live to age 100 and be able to walk, think, talk and function to care for themselves. Gilgamesh is an ancient story of the human search for good health and longevity. Stone tables document this story as being real. (19) An even older story is the story of Shiva. And ancient original bamboo scroll, which were recently found, documents this history as also being real. (3) pg 105.   Right now, in 2010, every family, every person and every government in the world is facing massive health care costs.   What if there was a health care system that was free?   Free is good. This health system is available right now today. As soon as you finish reading this book, you will instantly be able to access this free health care system. Once you understand, it does not matter if you are lost in the jungle, lost in a city or in the biggest prison, you will have instant access to this free system. Right now. Free would allow governments to provide the health care all their people need.   This is my proposal to provide a free health care system for every person in the world today based on what I have read and experienced in the past 40 years.  There is no one magic bullet to prevent disease. If we look at the main forms of medicine in the world today: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, Allopathy, Chiropractic, Herbology, Psychology and folk medicine, we see they all have something valuable to offer. If you have a back ache, is the pain caused by a bad fall from a bus, or a diet lacking selenium (scoliosis ), that was triggered by the fall, or some unknown cause? Or maybe all three. That is why a doctor has to have the ability to evaluate the problems from all possible points of view. For that reasons, doctors are better off referring patients to several experts in different fields.

Chapter I How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that uses the smallest amount of an active medical substance, bodily fluid, herb, insect or drug possible, to produce the same effect, or symptom, as a large dose of a drug would cause. This means there is less damage to the patient’s liver. Liver cancer, caused by use of over-the-counter drugs is now a major cause of death in the US.(5 ) Pharmaceutical drugs flushed out of our bodies and down our toilets are now a major source of pollution in the oceans. Prozac is now being reported to be causing shrimp to loose normal mental functions, so they seek light and so swim to the surface of the ocean and so to their death. (6) (NPR radio 8-8-10) And less use of drugs means less damage to the shrimp and all life forms in the oceans. Homeopathy is based on the idea that like cures like. Example, by putting, a 30c homeopathic remedy of sulfur into a patient, that may trigger a certain response of the bodies immune system to rev up to fight the sulfur. The bodies immune system is designed to fight foreign invaders. A 30c of sulfur may be seen as a foreign object is some types of people, who have certain conditions. So now the immune system has been programed to attack the sulfur, and any disease that has the same symptoms as the as the sulfur causes. Does this make sense? In other words, if you give an elemental sulfur compound to a healthy person, what symptoms will the sulfur cause? Doctor Hanamann figured out about 200 years ago, that if a healthy person can be purposely made sick, so they develop the same symptoms that a sick person has, by using a certain substance, like mineral sulfur, then that same substance: be it a drug, minerals, tissue or bodily secretions, would probably cause the body to heal itself. Their testing of this theory, “Provings” over the last 200 years has shown to be correct. This is the theory of homeopathy, and it works most of the time. Homeopaths take a tiny amount of a drug or minerals and put it in a liter of water. They pound or shake the bottle a certain number of times, say 1,000 times on a leather pad. The dilution is repeated many times Then they take one drop from the final liter and put it on a lactose pill. This pill is given to a patient with a certain set of symptoms, based on a 200 year old set of case studies of similar symptoms. Homeopathy works to treat symptoms with tiny amounts of substances containing a somewhat unknown and mysterious “Vital Force energy” created thru many dilution's. We know it is more than the power of suggestion, because it works on animals too. Homeopathy is defined as working, “From the deep, to the surface. From the top to the bottom.” (2) The 3 stage normal course of healing observed by Hering, where symptoms disappear in reverse order from which they came. When we are in the amniotic sac, we are just developing. Even in this state of being, one week after inception, we may be injured by what our mother experiences, ie., a car accident, or smokes, or drinks. The first part of the body that forms in the womb is the spine and the brain, the top and deepest parts of the body. Can such injuries by healed later in life? Maybe. The healing crisis: Our feelings, our brain and spinal nerves get better first. Hering says “When the physical symptoms get worse, (pain), and the psychological symptoms lessen, we feel better emotionally, then healing is happening”.

Homeopathy uses human evaluation, case studies and diagnosis learned over hundreds of years, and passed down to the the next generation, to diagnosis and treat a disease. They do not use mere lab tests, machines or x-rays. The doctor asks about a hundred questions about how you feel. How you feel is the most important question. And then they decides which highly dilute minerals or insect or bodily secretion, or highly dilute drug remedy, might work best. From the homeopathic perspective, symptoms are not the disease. Lab tests are not the disease. Symptoms accompany disease. Symptoms are evidence of a disease. Treating symptoms is like killing the messenger for bringing bad news. In fact, treating symptoms can suppress the body’s natural responses and inhibit the healing process.” (3) Cummings, pg 6. Symptoms are like the dust clouds of an approaching army. Symptoms need to be read carefully. Most MDs try to hide the symptoms by making them go away. It is like dumping chemical dispersals on a giant oil spill, causing the oil to sink to the bottom of the Gulf. “Look ma! No more oil in the Gulf!” The oil is still killing shrimp, but now it is invisible. Symptoms are, our bodies of four armed forces working to defend itself against the stress: fever (body heat or a sauna to heal), refusing to eat (Fasting to heal), feeling sleepy (need for rest to heal) and pain (avoiding injury to heal). Symptoms are actually positive adaptive responses. From the heat created by the body and fired at the disease by the body, which we call fever. That is why many cultures (Finns, Japanese and Mongolians) take sauna baths once a week to prevent diseases by raising the body temperature artificially. Fever and heat fight disease. There is a new form of Sauna developed in Portugal by Professor Serge Jurasaunas, using solar power and special sands from Japan that emits infrared in the range of 4-14 microns. The sand can betaken orally or the patient can be buried in the sand. The sand is heated daily by the sun & so holds heat for 72 hours, like a heat sink. He claims excellent results on removing pesticides, cancer and arthritis. This is a passive form of solar power that is now being built into new housing. (28)

Chinese medicine discovered 2,300 years ago that they could actually help the body attack the disease by moving heat from the hot parts of the body, to the cold parts, suffering from the infection, by using needles to push the heat alone lines of “nerves” of the body. Chinese doctors use needles to move heat along these invisible lines and so discovered the meridians of the body. New discoveries in the body are being made every day. Does homeopathy offer or use supplementation? What about sulfur? Here is a study that shows a patient who was deficient in sulfur, like MSM, and was treated with homeopathic sulfur.

How Dr. Andy Weil, MD, Discovered Homeopathy.

“On the day I went to my friend Dr. Greg Manteuffel’s homeopathic office, I had no pain. I recited my story to the doctor, precisely describing the symptoms. The questions went on for a very long time. Many of them seemed strange, certainly not the kinds of questions I was taught to ask patients as an allopathic doctor. For example: Are you a warm person or a cold person? What position do you sleep in? Do you like the fat part of the meat or the lean? There were familiar questions about symptoms also, but Greg wanted to know all my symptoms, even the ones that seemed trivial to me and he did not seem to attach greater importance to those I though were the big ones, like my pain. He wanted to known all about the pain, but only from my subject point of view: its quality, duration, location, and so forth. In my case the match was easily made, because elemental sulfur is a common and familiar homeopathic remedy that rapidly produces very clear symptoms. The rest of the story is quickly told. I never was able to have my barium swallow, because the pain never returned, not once in the two years that thave passed since the time of my visits to a gastroenterologist and a homeopath. I have had no digestive or other serious problems and continue to avoid coffee and camphor.” (22)

Chapter II What is Amniotic Fluid?

Amniotic fluid is the fluid the baby floats in, inside the amniotic sac. The sac forms around the embryo from day one. As the embryo grows, it receive blood from the mother. As the embryo urinates out the surplus water into the sac the embryo is now swimming and living in its own urine for 9 months. The embryo drinks and breaths its own urine for 9 months. No wonder it is no valuable to drink as medicine for the brains, lungs and heart. Thus amniotic fluid is just your own urine, and it causes the sac to expand into your own hot tub. Your mothers blood continues to bring you water, proteins, hormones, anti neo plaston, minerals and vitamins. You then pee it out. What are you peeing out and drinking back in? Stem cells. In the early years of your growth, your cells are “plastic” in that any cell can become part of any organ. There are the much vaulted plurlipotent stem cells that all the medical community is researching today. Where is the free source of these stem cells? From the urine of pregnant women. “Pluripotent stem cells. These are true stem cells, with the potential to make any differentiated cell in the body (but probably not those of the placenta which is derived from the trophoblast).  Three types of pluripotent stem cells occur naturally: ◦ Embryonic Stem (ES) Cells. These can be isolated from the inner cell mass (ICM) of the blastocyst — the stage of embryonic development when implantation occurs. For humans, excess embryos produced during in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures are used. Harvesting ES cells from human blastocysts is controversial because it destroys the embryo, which could have been implanted to produce another baby (but often was simply going to be discarded). ◦ Embryonic Germ (EG) Cells. These can be isolated from the precursor to the gonads in aborted fetuses. ◦ Embryonic Carcinoma (EC) Cells. These can be isolated from teratocarcinomas, a tumor that occasionally occurs in a gonad of a fetus. All three of these types of pluripotent stem cells can become any form of tissue. ◦ can only be isolated from embryonic or fetal tissue.” (30) - Which is exactly where we are looking now in this paper. Your urine, especially the urine of a pregnant woman would probably contain fragments of stem cells, making her urine most useful for preventing cancer and many diseases. Your urine now fills the sac you are in with your pee. You are now in your “fish” stage of growth. You are now floating in your own perfect “hot tub” of your own pee. You drink this fluid in, from day one. You also breath urine in to form your lungs, and so stem cells into your lungs, in your fish stage, and the urine causes your lung cells to develop, because of all the blood proteins, hormones, minerals vitamin and stem cells in the urine. You continue to recycle your urine daily for 9 months, drinking it, breathing it in and then peeing it out. A totally recycling process. Bet you didn’t know you were a born recycler did you? Recycling is good. Researchers are still working with mice cells, while I have been working with human iPS cells for 27 years. Here is a recent 2010 news story. “Human iPS cells. Just five months after the mouse study was published, the feat was repeated by three separate laboratories using human skin cells.3 One research group used the same genes as those used in the mouse study, whereas a second group used OCT3, SOX2, NANOG and LIN28. The techniques were efficient enough to generate one cell line for every 5-10 thousand cells treated. Although not extremely efficient, it is quite usable, since it is possible to obtain hundreds of thousands to millions of cells to carry out these kinds of studies. The technique was recently replicated for adult human skin cells,4 instead of skin cell lines, demonstrating that it could be used to generate patient-specific cell lines. Do iPS = ESC? Studies using iPS cell lines have shown that those cells undergo similar changes compared to what is observed with embryonic stem cells. Cell populations grew at the same rate, telomerase (which preserves the ends of chromosomes) was present in both iPS and ESC. Several genes that are silenced in fibroblasts, but active in ESC, were also active in the iPS cells. The iPS cell lines could be differentiated into heart muscle and neuronal cells, in addition to basic cell types (ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm). Gene expression assays showed that 5,000 genes from iPS cells showed a five-fold difference in expression compared to those in fibroblasts, although 1,267 genes had a five-fold difference in expression between ESC and iPS cells. According to the James Thomson study, "The human iPS cells described here meet the defining criteria we originally proposed for human ES cells (14), with the significant exception that the iPS cells are not derived from embryos."3 (31) Rick Deem, god and science. -

What is AUT, (Autoimmune Urine Therapy) and how does It work, in comparison to Homeopathy?

By comparing Homeopathy and AUT one can come to understand what they both are, and how they work differently. (5) AUT uses the bodies ability to diagnosis a disease automatically. The body is constantly automatically monitoring your health patterns. Your body is always issuing an hourly diagnosis. Especially when you sleep. The diagnosis is sent by the brain to the organs, where complex organic compounds that can cure cancer and most diseases, called hormones and anti-neo-plastons (ANP) are manufactured, when you sleep. So if you develop one stray cancer cell on Monday, by Tuesday morning your body has manufactured a pint of the most advanced anti-cancer compound known to man. You just have to learn how to trust your body. No doctor is required. If you get heart disease or arthritis or malaria, your body quickly manufactures a unique Anti Neo Plaston (ANP), in one hour, that if recycled back into your skin, daily, by massaging urine onto your skin at night, or drinking the urine in the morning, the ANP can cure or treat the disease, even before it gets to stage one. Massaging fresh urine into your skin is superior to drinking, because you can obtain more sensitive hormones, ANP, etc. The body manufactures the exact proper liquid medicine, in a natural response to the illness. No pharmacist required. Then the patient can catch their own perfect medicine in a cup or canteen, no matter if they are lost in a jungle, in prison, or trapped under a ton of rubble in an earth quake damaged house, and drinks it, or massages the medicine into the skin. If you get dirt in your eye, it is an excellent eye drop, for eye problems, ear drop for any ear infections, etc. It is the best treatment known for cancer and heart disease. “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident.” -Schopenhauer

Chapter III Balancing of Interests. Would you rather live free or die of cancer?

When you compare the effectiveness of AUT to any other form of cancer treatment on earth, AUT comes out at the least known, but the best treatment for cancer. No other treatment costs as little or is as convenient, or reliable, or safe as AUT. Some people turn up their nose at the idea of drinking their own perfect medicine daily, to prevent and cure cancer, because they have been brain washed into thinking of it as “gross”. Not as gross as having cancer. Change you thinking and cure your heart disease and cancer. I will tell you what is far more “gross”. Going thru the horrors of radiation, and chemo and surgery to attempt to treat cancer. To most cancer patients, radiation treatment is far more disgusting than drinking my own fine urine “wine” daily. Would you be willing to massage aged urine onto your skin each night for a month to prevent or cure your cancer? I think I will have a drink now. I will flavor it with a little turmeric. I would do anything to avoid the brutal treatment offered by cancer hospitals today. If you feel the same way, you now have a free choice. Once you drink one glass of your own urine daily, for one week, you will find the taste similar to drinking a great German beer at room temperature, or a fine wine. Seriously. The problem is all in the mind. This shows the way your mind, body and sprit are connected, in one form of medicine. Your brain detects the cancer. The body is told by your brain to make this unique perfect medicine just for you. You drink it. The cancer is washed away. Do you believe in recycling? Do you understand what Paul Hawkins talks about in his powerful book, “The Ecology of Commerce”? (20) Then here is your chance to really do your part. To recycle your own “waste” into curing your heart disease and cancer. Does recycling now make more sense to you? “Ask not what your government can do for you. Ask what you can do for your self.” What are the cultural factors that inspire people to adopt urine therapy? Self defense. Many animals, like mountain goats drink each others urine as a form of self defense. Yes, they use urine for the water and as a way to prevent disease but they mainly drink all their urine to hide their travels, so they don’t leave any “P-mails” droppings for the mountain lions to follow. The book, “The Hundredth Monkey” theory on cultural adaption. Many humans adopt new life styles first, by seeing others doing well, by adopting new health habits. The way I convinced my wife to join the urine drinking club, was, I drank several glasses of her fine urine. She saw that it did not kill me. She sees that over the 25+ years of me doing urine therapy, my skin seems to get better every year. Cultural adoption. Over the years, I have spoken to people suffering from almost every known disease: arthritis, hepatitis, cancer, heart disease, TB, breast cancer, psoriasis, colitis, AIDS, etc. Some of them adopted by suggestion of drinking their own urine within one month of reading one book on urine therapy. (5) The rest suffered on their own cross of stubbornness. Would your rather live, by being a part of this very special club, or would you rather be rigid minded and die from cancer and chemo therapy? I feel the treatment offered by MD’s for cancer, radiation, will kill you before the cancer does.

Chapter IV How Was Gold Discovered? Why did gold become the standard for value?

What is the gold standard for health care today? I feel I have discovered a new gold standard for health prevention. If you look at the history of gold and parallel it with the history of liquid gold, ie., urine therapy, you will notice that liquid gold has a longer and better history. Gold has been used as a coin and standard for trading since about 1,500 BC. Fairly recent. People were making jewelry out of gold as far back as 4,000 BC, but that still is 1,000 years short of when liquid gold was actually used as a form of medicine to prevent and cure cancer. A far more important use that mere trade. Gold has a limited value. Urine has an unlimited value. How did this prior valuable medical knowledge about urine get lost? Various competing medical schools of though arose over the last 400 years and began pushing drugs, which addicted people for the last 200 years, just long enough to erase the memory of most people, three generations, about the power of free liquid gold, urine, to prevent cancer. However, now urine is coming back as one of the most important medicines in the world for fighting cancer, since history has proven that drugs, surgery and radiation do not work well. Especially since MD’s have driven the cost of health care beyond the reach of most people, even in America. How long have people used urine to prevent disease? Liquid gold, urine therapy, has been the gold standard for preventing disease for over 5,000 years, since 3,000 BC. In the beginning, it was one of the first medicines people had to experiment with. Logically, thirsty cave dwellers, not having been told it was “taboo”, when they were thirsty, and not wanting to leave the safety of their cave and fire, would drink whatever was wet. Gradually they noticed that people who drank urine daily seemed stronger and did not get sick. Somehow they started using it to massage their skin. Women caring for babies probably began saving it to wash babies messy bottoms. They notice the babies skin did not get infections, and was so soft and pink, so the women began rubbing baby urine on their faces. There were probably a dozen original uses that people made of urine that gradually developed the first science text written on urine therapy, written on bamboo, over 5,000 years ago. Yes, we can document urine’s used for over 5,000 years, because we have one of the original “books” written over 5,000 years ago on strips of bamboo, bound together with rawhide twine. At one time there were over 1,000 such books. We are lucky that one survived 5,000 years and was discovered in an Indian estate library. Don’t you just love people who save old things? (3) Immortality has been both a spiritual and medical dream for thousands of years. Many believe that the spirit is immortal. So they ponder “How would it be possible for the physical body to also be immortal?” Once people become conscious of their power to improve their health, they tried to find ways to live longer. Not forever, just longer. “Spiritual” people claim they will go to heaven and live forever. Materialists look for science to guide their quest for longevity that just doubles their life here on earth.

One of the myths of immortality is that of vampires. They claim to live “forever” by sucking the life blood of young beautiful female victims. This is suppose to keep them young forever. There have been some famous rich people (John D. Rockefeller) who actually tried something like that, by getting blood transfusions from young people. He also had a wet nurse from age 40 to 100, who fed him fresh breast milk from her breasts each morning. Those who drink urine believe that because urine is similar to mother’s milk and contains the liquified cell fragments from hearts, lungs, eyes, etc. that this is a form of science that can actually have the same effect as mythical vampires who suck the blood out of the young. Or the rich who can afford to hire a wet nurse or pay for blood transfusions. The obvious advantage of drinking urine is it costs nothing, so it equalizes the playing field for rich and poor alike. Of course, only those educated enough to understand urine therapy, so they can leap beyond the social taboos and myths will be able to live longer selectively, by allowing just those who can understand the hidden paths to longevity. This will overcome the monstrous social injustice doctors are trying to create with expensive treatments with vitamin E and bee pollen, promising a long life, but really just to make themselves rich, which helping the rich to live twice as long as most. So far, none of their gold plated “science of immortality” claims has born any fruit. If it had, MD’s would live to 100. None have. The average life expectancy of the average MD is only 56, according to the CDC. (8) Wallach Playboy magazine ran 4 articles on immortality July 2010, titled, “The New Human. The next 20 years will change our idea of what it means to be human,” by Margaret Atwood, Mary Midgley, Joel Garreau and Ray Kurzweil. All four articles contained the idea, “There is no way to double life expectancy in a reasonable manner.” I would bet none of these authors take the two grams of vitamin C hourly, that Linus Pauling popularized in the 1960’s. Of course, none of them do real science research. None of the writers of such articles ever live to the magic number of 100. Why? They are all just philosophers. The blind leading the blind. Chapter V What If Urine Can Help Double Human Life Expectancy? That is the question we who research this topic are trying to answer. In the next 20 years, urine may become the main way to prevent and cure cancer and heart disease, if the present trend towards more and more educated people using urine to investigate the value of urine to prevent and cure cancer, continues to grow. And the danger of allopathic medicine continues to expose itself as dangerous, deadly and too damn expensive. Allopaths can’t prevent cancer! They can’t even cure cancer. All they claim is they can try to “treat” cancer, heart disease and most other diseases. But most of these MD’s are dying so young, they proved they do not know what they are talking about. No cigar for trying. There is no one magic bullet for longevity. The answer may be a combination of modalities like AUT, Homeopathy, the blood type diet, Chiropractic and Yoga. Or something totally new and unexpected. “Forecasters have generally failed dismally to foresee the drastic changes brought about by completely unpredictable discoveries.” --Martin Rees, “Our Final Hour”.

Chapter VI Is Beer Similar to Homeopathy or Urine?

Beer is basically the herb Hops in an alcohol solution. Beer looks like urine. Beer was a precursor to developing homeopathic remedies. In fact wild hops is used to make the homeopathic medicine Bryonia alba/ (Bry.). (1) pg 45. Herbs are a valuable and powerful form of medicine. If you eat the herb Hops, your glands will manufacture an organic medicine from the Hops, which will be in your urine. The unity between herbal medicine and AUT is natural. In AUT, the role of the doctor is just to teach the value of urine to: patients, government officials, medical students, soldiers and prisoners, so they will have the courage to treat themselves to prevent diseases like: cancer, malaria, dehydration & starvation, no matter where they are living or are captured or lost. Prisoners today would benefit greatly from using urine as their first line of medicine to prevent cancer, heart disease and AIDS. I have worked with such prisoners for 30 years. Prisoners are usually very grateful to hear my suggestion when they are facing twenty to life in prison. It costs nothing.  All it takes is the understanding that the human body is a self healing mechanism. 

Chapter VII Weight Control and Obesity.

What is the first step you and any person who wants to loose weight, needs to do to save their heart and their life from an early death due to obesity? Probably you need to get control of your mind and your spirit, so you can stop over-eating. That is hard to do. Here is one way this process can be done. I recently did a nine day fast on nothing but water and urine with a group of nine women in Code Pink in 2009. The Depression was sweeping the country. We were trying to stop the Afghan war budget wasting money our schools needed. When I first began, I knew I could Fast two, maybe three days, because I had done a few Fasts in the past. So I joined the Fast, sleeping outside on the steps of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mansion. After I got to day two, I felt fairly strong. I decided to go one more day. I told people how I felt. They all encouraged me to “Go just one more day!” I said I will try one more day. I knew from reading about Fasting that once you get beyond three days, you can go as long as you want to. As I slept on the third night, I noticed that spiritually and mentally I felt very stable. I did not really feel hungry. I also notice I did not have bowl movements. Just urine. Which I drank all of each day. I went to sleep about 9 pm, sleeping in my car, with a large-mouth empty bottle to leak into. I would wake up every few hour and empty my bladder of about a pint. At 3 am I woke up, filled the bottle, drank it back down and went back to sleep in my sleeping bag. The next morning I woke about 5 am and emptied my bladder again. I drank it all back down. I was feeling much stronger and better now. I knew I would feel full and so better if I drank all of it. I did not want to get hungry. Urine seems to be very good about suppressing the mental urge for food. About noon I told the group I felt fine, so I decided to go just one more day. One woman dropped out of the Fast. The next morning I felt stronger, but really missed the taste of food and just the joy of chewing a big juicy steak. But I decided to push myself for one more day of just water and all my urine each day. Does my experience help you to reduce your intake of food? Fasting and loosing weight. Once a person gets use to drinking urine, they get use to the taste, and may notice that they no longer feel hungry. If you could no longer feel hungry, would that help you to stop over-eating? Maybe. Urine is a great tool for weight control, because it suppresses the mental desire for food. This is the reason people who do Fasting, favor drinking urine to maintain their meditation. It would have been easy to cheat, because each day I left the Fast and went to work for 6 hours. But my interest was in really seeing how far I could actually push my brain, feelings and body into the mode of a pure spiritual experience that Gandhi talked about. Gandhi said he would Fast for weeks on just urine and herbal tea as a way to focus his mind to develop new strategies on how to politically fight the British, to drive them out of India. Fasting and mass marches was the main tool Gandhi used to figure out how to drive the Brits out of India. The British claimed a monopoly on the buying and selling of salt. They forbid people from drying out sea water to make salt. Gandhi broke their illegal monopoly on making salt by marching to the sea and scooping up a bucket of sea water. I intend to break the illegal monopoly MD’s claim to be able to cure diseases. I hereby say I will make medicine free by teaching millions to drink their own perfect medicine. Soon I will have 200 people doing this here in California. Then 20,000. By the time I am 99, I will a million patients living cancer free. Once I live that long, cancer free, the battle for free health care to prevent cancer will be won. Just like Ganghi, I may be able to lead a mass movement to break a monopoly. This high spiritual modality achieved by drinking ones own perfect urine, makes mentation so peaceful, easy and simple. AUT allows you to conduct your meditation anywhere, without having to worry about food or water. You can just focus on relaxing, letting your mind flow with the cosmos and thinking about what you find interesting. All your worldly physical needs are met by just holding your empty cup in front of yourself and letting go. Let go. Let go.

Chapter VIII Recycling is the Main Modality of Autoimmune Urine Therapy. 

AUT raises recycling to the medical level. It allows a person to achieve calorie restriction diet without malnutrition. (19) pg 20. Fasting is commonly done on just water. That defeats the main value to Fasting, as expressed by Gandhi, “To improve my thinking and to improve my health.”(25) Fasting on just water is painful and causes great stress. While Fasting on urine is far more relaxing and fun, because you no longer feel hungry. Recycling eliminates one more “normal” daily function of having to feed your face. No more need to shop for food for 9 days. No more need to cook and wash dishes. No more need to pay expensive restaurant prices for second rate cooking. I find my cooking is always better than any restaurant. Plus I cook foods that are correct for my blood type. Someday there will be restaurants with menus that design dishes fit for your blood type. What are the most common diseases that are treatable using auto immune urine therapy? Allergies, arthritis, asthma, breast cancer, colitis, eczema, hay fever and tinnitus? (5), Armstrong (7) (12) Why does just the simple act of massaging urine on your skin, or drinking just one glass of your own fresh urine, prevent and cure all these diseases? Because your body is a self healing mechanism. I am sure you have read that before, but never understood the total mechanism. It works because your body operates on an auto immune system. You have probably read about auto immune diseases. Those are diseases that the body can automatically treat and cure, if you use your recycling program. Your body was built with a recycling system, but some societies have forgotten to teach their babies how to use the auto immune system. Due to necessity, society is now re-educating itself to understand this simple, easy and free system to prevent and cure many diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Chapter IX How Widespread is Cow Urine Therapy in India?

Cow urine has been drunk in farming circles in India for over 5,000 years. It probably began out of necessity in desert areas with local thirsty cowboys. Over thousands of years people realized it made them healthy, beyond just providing them with a source of water on the desert. People noticed that the cowboys skin was so smooth. They lived longer than most people and rarely got sick. Doctors adopted the idea from the cowboys and documented its obvious medical benefits. “Managers in the new Go Cola factory use a urea distillation process, and after filtering, work with mixtures, using iguen principles of Ayurveda medicine for formulating healing drinks, lotions, soaps or powders against diabetes. His latest creation is "Go Cola, (purple cow in Sanskrit), a drink made from cow urine and herbs like basil and bacopa to compete with Western soft drinks popular in India.” "We have several flavors of Go Cola: orange, lemon, rose and vetiver. Urine also has medicinal uses: as an analgesic, for general use for infections ...», states literature in the laboratory of Dr. VD Chandel’s research center. Urine is a traditional ingredient in Indian Ayurvedic medicine: Gandhi and the former prime minister Morarji Desai used to drink their own urine daily, and several important gurus point out that cow pee can help cure cancer, diabetes or hypertension.” (26) Miami Heald, 7-26-10.

Chapter X Is There Any Modern American Diet Similar to AUT?

Yes, the Calorie Restriction Diet is similar in that a person using will power, who tries to eat less food, but more nutritious food and drink only pure water. Since urine contain most of the nutrients necessary for good health, this makes urine probably the best food to use to maintain a low calorie diet. Especially since urine has a calming effect, so it relaxes a person and suppresses the desire for food. My research, ie., drinking my own urine and doing Fasting, (I did a 9 day Fast only on urine and water), supports the work of Gandhi and thousands who Fast to improve their thinking and health. I have been drinking all my own urine for 27 years. I suspect that qualifies me as an expert. I have been writing articles about it for 20 years.

Chapter XI What Are the Key Nutrients in Urine?

This list of the nutrients in urine is what probably what first really inspired me and gave me the mental strength to be willing to speak out publicly for urine as a new form of medicine. Once you understand the very valuable, eye cell fragments, stem cells and anti-cancer compounds being thrown off my your body, into this rich soup, I call Owine (33) Kangas, which is similar to the word for urine in spanish, you will want to quickly incorporate Owine into your new healthy life style daily. This is the new food pyramid. This new millennium of health requires a whole new food. We cannot just accept the world as it is. We refuse to die as mere worms. We must invent a whole new life style to propel this new generation into living to age 160 and beyond. This is the fuel of this new generation that emerged, some at midlife, from the papillon of the old dying generation into a new more beautiful life style. The butterfly generation. Contents of Urine. Urine contains these biologically active compounds: Amino acids: alanine, carnosine, glycine, histidine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalinine, serine, tyrosine, valine, hydroxyproline and other active substances. Proteins in urine: albumin, haptoglobin, transferrin, hGH, IgG, IgA, IgM and other proteins from your heart muscles. Look at that list. Every one of those free substances has made scientific headlines in the news over the last 10 years of stem cell research. And they will next year. By drinking your own urine, or that of your partner, or your children, you will by living on the cutting edge of scientific research into stem cells and the greatest cancer researchers in the world today. You will be living twenty years ahead of the best minds in the world. Enzymes found in your fresh urine: alpha-amylase, beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase, protease, gamma-gluyamyltransferase, lysozyme, and other enzymes made by your body, just for you. Harmonies found in fresh human urine: serotonin (makes women happy), insulin, testosterone, progesterone, corticosteroids, prolactin, leptin, gonadotropin, corticotropin, lactogenic, oxytocin, vasopressin, and many more. These are the facts and science that totally pushed my buttons and made me a dedicated urine drinker. Beer is fun but urine is funnier. What are stem cells? Stem cells are young cells made by the body in the process of growth. Where are they made? In the amniotic sac during the growth of the embryo. As the embryo grows in the sac, it gives off urine. This engorges the sac, creating a fluid environment for the new human embryo to “swim” and drink in. The fish stage of growth. Ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny. Stem cells are able to become any any part of any organ or tissue. In our daily growth process the body makes millions of these “plastic” stem cells which float within the blood and so end up in the urine are able to travel to where they are needed to grow, repair and build eyes, brain, bone, heart and all tissue of the body. The key character of stem cells, is they are not yet fixed into one function. They are “plastic”. If you watch a plant growing, you can see stem cells born and then move into being assigned to a certain part of a plant, where they assume a certain function and become permanently attached to that position and function. The usual place stem cells are found is in embryos in the amniotic sac. Since stem cells are moved by the blood to various places in the body, many of them are found in urine, in the amniotic sac, still waiting for their assignment. Thus, in adults, fragments of nerve stem cells end up in urine, so when you massage urine onto your skin, you are massaging neuro stem cells and fragments of stem cells into your skin. This is one of the main reasons urine works so well to soften, improve and repair skin. Neuro stem cells are cells found in an adult body that are used by the body to repair nerves. Thus they seem to remain in a plura potent, or plastic state, so that when fragments of them end up in the urine, they are readily useable by the body to become skin cell, if massaged into the skin daily. This give a new power to massage therapists to help their clients. Neuro stem cells are also easily absorbed by the brain to repair the brain, if you drink your urine daily. The fresher the urine is, the more active it is in repairing the brain. Stem cells can regenerate any other type of cell. If a stem cell is placed on your skin, or in your heart, it will become a skin cell or a heart cell. The big advantage of urine therapy is that it uses fragments of stem cells, in their natural medium, blood and then urine, to transfer them to your skin, by rubbing fresh urine onto your skin. Proof of this process is that rubbing urine onto your skin keeps it soft and supple. You do not need to spend millions of dollars to obtain a line of certified stem cells from a lab. You are your own perfect lab. You are now in position to regenerate your own skin or heart using your own line of stem cells. One of the main uses of urine, is to repair brain cells. Just by drinking a glass of your own fresh urine each day, you can repair 1% of your brain each day.

Chapter XII Key Elements of a Free Health Care System.

Homeopathy, while a great advance over Allopathic medicine, it is still more time consuming and expensive than AUT. The goal of every doctor is to deliver healing as free as possible. Millions of people go without reasonable health care when they are children. The need for a job and money bar many people from access to a doctor under the money system. Under this new self vaccination system, no child ever needs go without health care. The main principle of this new system is, “Most diseases are Preventable!” Why wait for a person to get sick? By implementing AUT, from day one, most people can live disease free for the first 100 years of life. This system makes Arthritis a disease of the past. The thirst for money, the need for money to pay for huge hospitals, tends to interfere with prevention and healing. Today, millions go without basic health care due to a lack of money. AUT is a mechanism that can provide free health care to every person in this world instantly. All it takes is for education and leadership to reach everyone with this better idea that people can use their own perfect medicine to treat themselves, if they just drink their own urine. I realize this might be hard for some reader to swallow or even understand, at first blush, but it is a common form of medicine used in many areas of the world, including India, Germany and even the US. The people who use AUT, do so because their experience using AUT has proven to them that it works better than homeopathy or allopathic drugs. For 25 years I have worked with mo-dern pioneers of AUT to help people with cancer, prisoners and homeless people in San Francisco. I feel their pain. When I see people suffering from arthritis, cancer, heart disease, AIDS, skin diseases and TB, I often take the time to explain how massaging or drinking urine can help heal their problem. I recently made an audio tape with a prisoner (Richard Quarles) with cancer and AIDS doing 20 years in prison. This tape was made about a month after I had explained to him how he could help heal his cancer and AIDS using his own perfect urine. He & I later discussed how he changed his mind about urine, being as this was probably the best medicine he was going to have access to in prison for 20 years. He was very up beat that someone had put the knowledge into his own hands, so he now has some control over his life while doing 20 years. We are all doing life. Only some are more obvious of the medical prison they are in. “The Physician’s highest calling, his only calling is to make sick people healthy---to heal, as it is termed.” --Hahnemann, Organon, 6th ed. I would up date that and say, “The Physician’s highest calling, his only calling is to teach healthy people how to stay healthy and avoid disease.” Defensive living. Avoid the car crash. What if each person, recycling  all their own perfect medicine, back into their own body, is a valuable form of healing?    Chapter XIII What is the Mechanism of  AUT (Autoimmune Urine Therapy)?  To understand the significant differences between Homeopathy, the blood type diet and AUT, it is best to examine one common ailment: arthritis.  Most doctors describe arthritis as “an autoimmune disease, where your body appear to attacks the tissue of your own body. (11)   What is actually happening to your knee joints, that causes them to wear the gelatin off the ends of the bones, as you run, work and play, is you are grinding the gelatin off the ends of joints. This is normal. All parts of your body are constantly being replaced. The gelatin flakes off and then become liquid gelatin and is carried away in the blood to the bladder. You now have a choice. When your out flow of gelatin exceeds your intake of gelatin, your joint upkeep becomes your down fall; arthritis. How can you replace your gelatin daily? If you have a daily intake of gelatin, from eating chicken or beef soup daily, where the beef or chicken joints are cooked until liquid, you would have a daily intake of gelatin and minerals. This is why real chicken or beef soup works to prevent arthritis. Gelatin is a good food for blood Types O, A and B. (2) Is there a vegetarian option? Yes. In most of the world, millions of people know that the gelatin, in our bodies, that has flaked off their own joints, due to use, is stored in their bladder. So millions of people recycle all their own perfect “joint juice”, their Owine, daily, to rebuild their joints daily. Thus, they do not need to kill animals to obtain the gelatin their joints need daily. They just need to drink all their own urine each day. Even just one cup in the morning works wonders. One more way vegetarians can live better without killing animals. Many foods are blood type specific. Urine does not effect different people differently. When case taking in homeopathy, one must ask about which foods a person ate last night, before the person got sick. One must also ask what the blood type of the patient is, to have some idea of which homeopathic medicines may not work on that type of person. Since most people will be using their own perfect urine on themselves, one need not ask those questions, since your own urine contains the antidote to whatever your disease is. Your urine is your blood and so is your blood type. (2) pg 97. You are never allergic to your own urine, because it comes from your own blood type. Thus, it is a perfect food you are not allergic to. Here is a disease that will help explain how this process works: What is scurvy? Most people know that “scurvy is a breakdown of the gums of the mouth, and similar parts of the body, due to a lack of adequate vitamin C intake.” (14)

Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, T. Levy, MD,JD. pg 35.

Most mammals’ bodies make vitamin C. This is why dogs live, on average, to 120, in dog years. The 4 mammals whose bodies do not make vitamin C naturally and so require a high vitamin C supplementation are: guinea pigs, fruit bats, some apes and humans. (6) Wallach, You cannot get an adequate intake of vitamin C simply from vegetables and fruit. Studies show that if you increase your intake of mineral ascorbate vitamin C to two grams an hour, you may be able to avoid cancer, arteriosclerosis and heart disease, so that you can live to age 160. This is a line of reasoning from Dr. James Lind, to Linus Pauling to Thom Levy. It is a line of thinking that has not yet been adopted by most MDs. That is why MDs in the US, on average, live to only age 56. (5) Wallach Recycling. Your body is a living, flowing river of gelatin, minerals, hormones, enzymes, anti-neo-plastons (ANP) and vitamins. Every day you lose 1% of your tissue: eyes, brain, heart, etc. Your urine contains not only all your own perfect gelatin, to prevent arthritis, but it also contains the copper that washes out from your spinal discs. Every cell in your body is replaced every year. All the cells of your spinal discs, skin, eyes, spinal nerves and even your bones, are recycled out thru your bladder every year. Bones may take 2 years.

Chapter XIV Sexual Function and the Bladder.

What is the connection between male sexual potency and his bladder? Most men notice they get an erection when their bladder gets half full. This scientific connection has been written about in human literature for hundreds of years. In the Canterbury Tales (26) there is the story of the maid who goes into the masters bedroom in the morning to bring him his breakfast. He throws off the bed covers to reveal he has an erection and asks the maid to sit on him to relieve his tension. She know more about male sexual functions than he does. So she agrees to satisfy him if he will first show her the power of him member, by pissing out the window, towards the morning sun, to see how far he can squirt. He is more than glad to demonstrate his power to her and the people walking on the street below. He unleashes a mighty stream of hot pee out the window. As soon as he does, his hard-on goes limp and the maid is saved from having one more job to perform. The reverse of this, is that if a couple want to create sexual potency in a man, all the man has to do is drink two glasses of hot tea or pee one hour before he needs to perform. As soon as his bladder is half full, he will feel an erection coming on, if he is otherwise healthy. One test of a mans’ health is his ability to get an erection. Then the first test of health should be for his lover to give him two glasses of tea, or pee, wait for an hour, while snuggling and see what pops up. This technique may need some practice before it works perfectly every time. What will generally improve the overall health of any man or woman is if they recycle their own urine. Urine is a general body tonic that improve the health of all organs, especially the skin. Another useful vitamin to take, just prior to sex is Niacin, B-3, just before sex, because it warms up the skin and gives you a kind of nervous energy that can be fun.

Chapter XV Prevention. Homeopathy Treats Symptoms.

Homeopathy is not a form of medicine that advocates prevention as a major part of its practice. Nor is allopathy. Homeopathy and allopathy just try to treat just specific symptoms, after the fact. This require a person to get sick first. Then the doctor try to guess what has caused the illness. They both just treat symptoms. The idea of prevention is based on looking at the body as a whole system of mind, spine, body and sprit. There are systems that functions like whole body tonics. Herbs treat the whole body. Ginger is a whole body tonic that has been used by people for thousands of years. Whole body tonic are far more useful than drugs that try to zero in on one specific disease. One person, one doctor, not even a computer, is just not smart enough to be able to understand all the thousands of interlocking system that make the body grow and function. We would be smarter if we just help the body to function fully and prevent disease. In the book the “Magic Mountain”, by Thomas Mann, the theme is that some people went to the sanatorium to die. And they died. While those who, when they checked in and told the clerk, “I have come here to get well,” frequently got well and went back to living. Your sprit, your intention, determines a lot about your future. What is your intention in reading this idea? Do you come here to learn how to live to age 100? Sugar Diabetes is a disease in which your body if forced to dump most of it organic mineral chromium out of the cells and into the urine, due to eating too much sugar, mash potatoes or processed carbohydrates. Obviously, one of the ways to treat sugar diabetes is to recycle the chromium rich urine back into the digestive tract.

Chapter XVI The Blood Type Diet

The blood type diet is based on prevention medicine that effects the whole body: mind, spine, nerves and sprit. As is Naturopathy. As is Auto Immune Urine Therapy. For this reason, those forms of medicine that teach prevention, may be more cost effective, simpler, safer, easier for the people to use and so my prevail. Just recycling all of your urine each day is such a safe, free, simple form of prevention that I am shocked more people have not discovered it yet. Example: Spinal discs. Did you know that the main mineral in the spinal disc is copper? Every day your body looses 1% of the copper in your discs, if your diet does not contain a good supply of organic copper and zinc from foods or supplements. Most foods, that are suppose to contain copper, no longer due, because our soils have become anemic. (9) If you do not recycle this copper, that washes out from your discs, and is stored for one hour in your bladder, you may develop a “spontaneously” ruptured spinal disc.(9) pg 212. Spinal discs and tires. Just like the tires on your car contain steel wires, steel belts, to hold the pressure in your tires, when you are going around a sharp corner at 55 mph, to prevent blowouts, your spinal discs contain copper to maintain the strength and shock absorbing ability of the disc. To prevent blowouts of your discs. If your diet lacks copper and zinc, your discs will become deficient, flaccid, wrinkled and weak, like an old ballon and suffer a “spontaneous” blowout, when put under even the simple pressure of walking upright.

Your own perfect liquid colloidal medicine, your own perfect “chicken soup”, your perfect urine, contains the perfect amount of copper, zinc and gelatin to repair your spinal discs. All it takes is for you to drink one fresh glass of this “joint juice” each morning. As a test of this system, I have been drinking one glass each morning for 27 years. As a result of doing this recycling, I have not been sick, for even 1 day, in 27 years. At 69, my hair is still dark brown, as it was when I was 20. Your body is amazing in that it captures all these “surplus” minerals and gelatin for your use, in your bladder, giving you a small window of opportunity to catch and recycle all the gelatin, copper and calcium from your body, back into your body. In the average adult, the kidney filter the total volume of the blood 300 times a day, producing 1 liter (2 pints) of fresh perfect urine, passed out of the body 6 times daily. (7) pg 261. Your urine is a soup made from tissue from your body, contains tissue fragments from your: eyes, joints, heart, spine, brain and all parts of the body. Your perfect soup for renewal. Organic & inorganic substances in your urine that are very useful for repairing the joints and whole body, because they are perfectly made from and for your blood type and body. If this idea can be transmitted properly, in 20 years, most people on earth could be recycling this free perfect medicine, because people will finally recognize t Part II is available when you send $9. by credit card, thru Pay Pal to Dr. Paul Kangas

7 Things you can do to get Universal health care in 2011..

Take 2 grams of vitamin C mineral ascorbate hourly.

Take responsibility for your own health care by doing things that will prevent cancer, colds & heart disease. Ask not....

2. Organize a local health care working group by calling me at 415 368 -8581.

3. Become an advocate for prevention. Write a leaflet & hand them out daily. Obama promises mandatory health INSURANCE, to keep the health care insurance companies healthy & rich. Fight Obama.

Meet Paul Kangas, in person, Sat., Aug, 2010, 6pm,, San Francisco,

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rm 215, second floor, . Compare & contract Homeopathy & AUT (Autoimmuneurine Therapy) & the blood type diet. A Declaration of human renewability. Finding your inner doctor. The goal of health care is to find ways to improve human health, for the greatest number of people, at the least cost. Right now, every government in the world is facing massive health care costs. What if there was a health care system that was free. Free is good. This is my modest proposal to provide a free health care system for every person in the world. Clearly, AUT does just that. It costs nothing. All it takes is the understanding that the human body is a self healing mechanism. Recycling is a hot topic in the world today. What if each person recycling all their own perfect medicine, back into the human body is a valuable form of healing? What is the mechanism of AUT, (autoimmuneurine therapy)? To understand AUT, it is best to examine one common ailment: arthritis. Most doctors describe arthritis as an auto immune disease, where your body attacks the tissue of your own body. What causes the immune system to lose control, is, if you do not: supplement with colloidal minerals, fail to use AUT and do not eat right for your blood type, your body start attacking your own tissue. Another source of RA (rheumatoid arthritis) & Juvenile RA is vaccinations, which inject toxic mercury into the child’s immune system, causing it to collapse. There are many forms of arthritis. It is a degenerative disease of all systems in the whole body that is first seen in the joints. Most types of doctors call arthritis “inevitable”, like gray hair. It is not. People with a good diet rarely get arthritis. And if they do, they find they can cure it easily, just by correcting their diet. Some forms of arthritis cause bone spurs to grow where ligaments connect to the bone. This form is easy to cure with a diet of liquid colloidal calcium. Some of the symptoms of arthritis are: weight loss, pain, fever, rash, damages to the heart, eyes, arteries, skin, and muscles. All this can be prevented and cured by using the blood type diet, AUT & homeopathy. Prevention of arthritis. The first 3 steps to preventing arthritis are: eat right for your blood type, supplement with liquid calcium and phosphorus, AUT, drink one glass of your own urine each morning, and if you do develop any arthritis, get homeopathic treatments. Treatment of arthritis should include liquid colloquial calcium at 2,000 mg/day and more if you eat meat. Magnesium at 1,000 mg/day. Gelatin at 1,000 mg/day, 3 times a day. Tetracycline at 250 mg/ 4 times a day or H2O2 to deal with the Mycoplasma. Vitamin C mineral ascorbate to bowel tolerance, B-6 100 mg b.i.d.; B-3 450 mg b.i.d. as time release capsules. Copper & zinc tables; selenium 300 mcg/day. Eat right for your blood type. Herbs including licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) (for blood type O), poison ivy, and alfalfa are useful, based again on your blood type. Can chiropractic help? Yes, because chiropractic improves the flow of Chi, energy, thru your nerve system. One adjustment every other month is a good place to start. Most MD’s try to use powerful drugs, which really offer no cure, damage the liver & frequently cause ulcers. Over 90% of the drugs MD’s use, pass right out of the body and end up in the oceans. Such drugs cause the shrimp to lose their sense of survival, so they swim towards light on the surface, and so are quickly eaten by fish & birds. Drugs are destroying the world shrimp population. (SF Examiner 7-7-10) When the drugs fail to fix your arthritis, MD’s will offer your surgery, which also never works. The reason Homeopathy works to treat arthritis is because they use forms of medicine, in the smallest amounts necessary, to effect relief. Thus there is rarely any waste to wash into the ocean. Example: if a Homeopath wants to use selenium, they take 1 tiny particle of selenium and put in a gallon of water. They shake it 100 times. They then take 1 drop from that gallon & put it in a gallon of pure water. They then shake that 100 times. They then place one drop of this potentate water & place it on a sugar pill. That is a 30X potency of Homeopathic selenium. It sounds strange, but it works. And has for over 150 years. Homeopathic is recognized world wide as effective, real medicine. Drug based orthodox medicine has now become a major source of ocean pollution that is destroying the whole eco system because the drugs they use are too powerful and people take far too many anti-depression drugs. Drugs do far worse damage to the oceans than the BP oil spill. Even if everyone taking anti-depressants & Tylonol, was to stop today, it might take 30 years to reverse the terrible damage already done to the oceans by MD’s. What is the alternative to drugs? Homeopathy, Naturopathic medicine and AUT. We will be doing a colorful Power point presentation on how Bush killed JFK.

David Frost promised that this movie would be about , "the trial Nixon & Bush never got," for the murder of President Kennedy. Yet, in the movie Frost never raises the 3 facts that most clearly convict Bush, sr. & Nixon: both Bush & Nixon were in Dallas on 11-22-63, and both deny being in Dallas on that bloody day. E. Howard Hunt was a top CIA agent who worked for Bush & Nixon as their hit man. Thanks to a perfect hit on JFK, Bush was given the top post in the CIA. The goal of the Watergate burglary was to get the Dallas photos of Hunt & Sturgis out of the Democratic Party safe, to coverup the Bush assassination of JFK. Here again, Nixon won the debate with Frost. Frost did not do his homework well enough to really know what the cover-up was about. And Nixon knew this. That is the reason Nixon agreed to do the interview. It was just more of the cover-up of his real crimes in Dallas. Every single eye witness in Dallas was murdered by the CIA too. Cure for cancer found.

The easiest way to prevent cancer is by taking 2,000 mcg of selenium daily. An excellent source of selenium is from American Youngevity.

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Behind Earth Day Editor -- Regarding the Sept. 27 Open Forum article: Why was April 22 chosen as Earth Day? What event happened? I may know, because in April 1968, San Francisco State College celebrated the first Earth Day. Following the oil spill in Santa Barbra, three biology students at S.F. State, who were also part of SDS, the Joe Hill caucus, decided to hold a event to unify the green and the red movements on campus. The administration gave us the main auditorium. We had eight speakers, including Guissippi Slater, Paul Kangas, Doug Kitt and Golden Gate Park's head gardener. We decided to hold the first Earth Day on April 22, because that was V.I. Lenin's birthday. We thought using that date would unify the greens and the reds. So now you know the rest of the story. PAUL KANGAS San Francisco Farmers give their animals all 69 minerals. For that reason, there is almost no Cancer in cows.

Cows fed minerals do not get cancer.

Isn't that interesting. Investigate that claim.

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Dr. Donald W. Miller, a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle, shares impressive research findings on the cancer-fighting properties of selenium. As scientists have now determined, cells of all organisms, whether bacterial, animal, or non-animal, need selenium for proper functioning. Selenium deficiency has been linked to a wide variety of disorders and diseases, including: Hypothyroidism Cognitive decline Cancer (including lung, prostate, colorectal, skin) Heart failure Coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis) The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), as set by the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, is 1,555 mcg (micro grams) of selenium per day, based on two studies that show this amount of selenium supports the optimal generation of glutathione peroxidase. This is believed to be adequate for 98 percent of the population. However, this government recommendation did not take into account a previous finding that shows a dose four times higher (3,000 mcg) to have an anti-cancer effect, without being toxic. Some of the scientific explanations for selenium’s anti-cancer effect include: Increased antioxidant protection and immune system Regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis (programmed cell death) Suppression of growth of blood vessels supplying nutrients to the cancer Inhibition of tumor cell invasion The first indications you have reached an optimum selenium level, are "garlic breath". As the selenium levels increases, if you go to levels above 4,500 mcg, your fingernails develop white patches, become brittle. You can avoid this by staying below 4,000 mcg. The best level for curing cancer is 3,000 mcg daily. Paul Kangas, ND, has done 3,000 mcg daily for 20 years, as of 2007. Hair and nail loss occurs once selenium intake reaches 4,990 mcg per day, according to one study. Obviously, it is best to stay at 3,000 mcg daily. People with cancer, might want to go up to 4,990, to attack the cancer. Who cares if you go bald, if you can kill the cancer, without the side effects of death from radiation, chemo or surgery. August 27, 2007

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In China, where cancer rates are much lower than here, Fasting is the first method employed in fighting cancer: taking away the cancer's food supply stops its growth immediately. Because cancer has a very high rate of metabolism, starving it is a logical first step. Fasting is where one stops eating solid food and just drinks: real collodial mineral water, filtered water, (no tap water), H2O2 water, Miso soup, fresh raw beet/ onion/ garlic/ carrot juice, water with 2 grams of vitamin C hourly, almond milk, rice milk, and more. See below. The idea is to allow your body to take a vacation from digestion for 3 days. If you body can not find any food to digest, it will now digest cancer cells lurking in your bones, blood, & cells. Your body can cure your cancer, before you even know you have it. Fasting cures cancer.

Employment Health Care Prevention Contract.

I now require my employees to sign a Prevention Contract.

To work for me they must first agree they will follow my health care directives.

1 - They must sign and agree to take 2 gms of vitamin C hourly.

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2 - They must agree to take Chromium daily. I do this for all employees, but those who smoke are really the one this step is aimed at. I do not tell them they must quit. I just give them the tools they need to quit, then I watch to see when they actualy do quit. It works.

3 - Get one Chiropractic adjustment daily for the first month, free, then once a month after that. This is one of the best ways to get people to quit.

4 - Get one ear accupunture daily.

5 - Eat only foods that are correct for their blood type.

6- Drink 1 oz. of liquid minerals daily.

7 - Take amino acids daily: DLPA & L-phenylalanine. 8- Take Gelatin daily to prevent arthritus.

9 - Fast one day a week. This is one step I do with my employees. I do all the same steps too. Because they see me Fasting on water & vitamin C for 3 days a week, they honor my leadership & follow my lead, by Fasting one day a week. They see I never get sick. They do it for their own good. You might ask, How can you enforce such a personal agreement. Easy. I know if they follow this system, they will not get sick, or get heart disease, or cancer. So if they call in sick, I know, & they know, they broke the agreement. This program is part of my employee education campaign. Some people adopt the Program immediatly. Other adopt it slowly, when they realize it is in their best interest. This is how socialized medicine works. This is how a Free medical system works.

6 - Drink 1 oz. of liquid minerals daily. I supply the brand I want them to drink. This is a cheap form of workers health care. And they eventually realize that the company really does care about them staying healthy. How can I afford to do this. Because it cost 50% less than any other system in the world. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

7 -

This Prevention system works better than Single Payer & is available now.

H2O2. Another means of creating an environment detrimental to the cancer are through the oxygen therapies. In the 1930's, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery that cancer metabolizes anaerobically (without oxygen) in a process very similar to fermentation. Knowing this, if we oxygenate the cancer site (and cut off its supply of sugars) we witness a dramatic change in its growth rate for more often than not, tumors begin to shrink. The oxygenating therapies involve supplements, exercise and rest, magnetic therapy, ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapies. Fasting cures cancer. Hyperthermia techniques, sometimes used to attack the actual tumor, can also attack the blood vessels feeding the tumor thus starving the cancer. Starving the cancer can also be accomplished by battling cachexia, the wasting syndrome that actually kills most cancer patients. Hydrazine Sulfate is used to stop cachexia.

Some other methods of starving the cancer employ shark cartilage, bovine cartilage, and other substances that halt or slow angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels). Fasting cures cancer. Finally, we would be remiss in not making the obvious statement: the best way to fight cancer is to not get it in the first place. Prevention is the first step we must each take. Strengthening our immune system and the attainment of peace of mind should be our goal, since this is the place of perfect health. Fasting cures cancer. If you do not have cancer, you might want to view cancer as a metaphor, for recent discoveries show that nearly all of our greatest killers and terribly degenerative diseases of the 20th century are the product of a compromised immune system. Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), and AIDS, just to name a few, can be battled with many of the same weapons we have in our anti-cancer arsenal, at least until something better comes along.

The final determination of what will work and what will not is in your hands. The better informed you are, the better your choices, the better your chances. There are no quick fixes or magic bullets. Patient participation does not imply a do-it-yourself program; get a professional health care provider, and always keep in mind that you have the right to choose your own professional health care provider), and that choice should be guided by the words of the medieval physician Moses Maimonides who wrote: "The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." Fasting cures cancer. Healing a chronic degenerative disease means you will form a partnership with your health care counselor, naturopath. It means changing your life for ever; changing your life for the better. It means you have been blessed. Yes! Fasting cures cancer.

Pancreatic cancer, arguably one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with just a 4 percent survival rate, over five years, could possibly be prevented by increasing levels of folic acid. Yes! Now we are getting somewhere on cancer. To see this site live, go to YOU TUBE paul 8 kangas now. For this reason, take supplements like Folic acid when Fasting to cure cancer. Penny Royal

Reuters reports, of a very large, population-based study of men and women from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. This is a major clue as to Prevention! Folic acid is a cheap supplement available in every drug store and health food store in the world.

But your health freedom to buy Folic Acid, and all vitamins is about the END!

The AMA has a secret bill before Congress, to put all vitamins under the control of the AMA.

Today a bottle of Folic Acid costs $6. If we allow the AMA to get control of our vitamins, they will increase the cost of all vitamins by 1000%. That means a bottle of Folic Acid will cost you $60.

Highway robbery. This will happen in 2 weeks, if we do not act fast.

This new law is being rammed through Congress without a single word be written in the press.

The Public comment period will end April 30th, in just 9 days.

To add you name to the petition to oppose the new Codex Law, go to

Prevention of cancer is the best treatment. Now it can be done with just folic acid.

Prevention puts the power in the hands of each person. Power to the People. We should be teaching cancer Prevention using Folic, in our grade schools.

Most cancers can be prevented. Folic acid is 20% of the solution. If you do all 7 things suggested here, you can prevent and cure most cancers now.

The Media is saying the cancer rate is dropping, but it is not true. Most people who get cancer, die within 7 years.

Worse the rate of cancer in babies and children is skyrocketing. What is going on? The doctors of the AMA are lying to the journalists.

And the Media, instead of checking the facts, getting a second opinion, are just repeating the lies the AMA tells them. The Media is famous for just repeating the lies the White House tells them. They are doing the same thing with whatever lie the AMA tells.

If you agree we need to put Prevention first, write your local officials and ask them to take a written position on the need to teach cancer Prevention in our grade schools.

Write one letter to each official, all the way up to one of the candidates running for President. Do not let them off the hook with a form letter. Keep writing until they agree to personally start taking Folic Acid themselves. I guess that means you need to start taking Folic yourself, first. Surgery and Chemo do not work.

There is just one catch: The folic acid supplements must be taken together with food and vitamin supplements, and must be 5x the dosage recommended by the FDA.


Folate, which is also called folic acid, is a B vitamin, tiny amounts of which are found naturally in spinach, asparagus, chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils, and added to numerous grain products, such as flour, rice, pasta and rice cereals. Previous research has shown it may protect us from colo rectal and breast cancer. The study: Led by Dr. Susanna C. Larsson, the Swedish team followed 36,616 women and 45,306 men who were between 45 and 83 years old in 1997 to determine if folate also protects against pancreatic cancer.

The subjects were already enrolled in the Swedish Mammography Cohort or the Cohort of Swedish Men for which they had completed food frequency questionnaires. The group was followed for 6.8 years, and during that time 135 cases of pancreatic cancer occurred.

The results: Even when such influences as demographics, smoking, body mass index, diabetes, blood type, exercise and the amount of dietary fruit, vegetables, calories, carbohydrates and alcohol were factored in, those who consumed the most folic acid supplements, (350 micrograms 1,000 mcg / day or more) were 75 percent less likely to develop pancreatic cancer, compared with those who had the lowest intake (200 micrograms per day).

Folate, derived from supplements, had the best effect, if taken with food, correct for your blood type. Those who also took 1,000 mg of vitamin C hourly, also did even better at Preventing all forms of cancer.

Notice the opening line was,: Pancreatic cancer, arguably one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with just a 4 percent survival rate, over five years,... do not believe the Media when they say death rates in cancer are going down. That is just wishful thinking. Only 4% survived beyond 5 years!!

New studies show the use of Premarin is the major cause of breast cancer & heart disease in women. The best form of Hormones for women to use to prevent night sweats, is urine therapy, because the hormones in urine are the womans own perfect hormones. Yes, your own body makes the best hormones you can use to prevent Menopause.

The study findings were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

This web site is doing a study of the Biggest Lies told to us by the Government & the NCI.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which makes top-selling hormone pills Prempro and Premarin, criticized the study as overly speculative. Company spokesman Dr. Joseph Camardo said hormone prescriptions continued to fall in 2004 but breast cancer rates did not decline proportionately, because many women drink wine, which is another major cause of breast cancer.

Ravdin said the company's criticism does not invalidate the cancer trends.

Breast cancer is the most common major cancer in American women and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. About 180,000 new cases are expected to occur in the United States this year and more than 1 million worldwide. More women die from heart disease than cancer, due to the use of Premarin. The best way to prevent cancer, is for women & men to take 2 grams of vitamin C hourly. That is what Linus Pauling discovered and his use of 2 grams an hour allowed him to live to age 94. His father died at 34 and his mother died at 44, so Pauling thought he would die young. That fear inspired his research and allowed him to make one of the most important longevity discoveries in the last 500 years.

Ovarian cancer is far less common. The British study found that even with the 20 percent greater risk from hormones, Premarin, the actual risk was very low: 2.6 of every 1,000 Premarin hormone users developed ovarian cancer over five years compared to 2.2 in 1,000 non-hormone users. The rate of all forms of cancer is lowest on people who drink a daily dose of one ounce of urine daily.

Still, that means about 1,000 extra ovarian cancer deaths from 1991 through 2005, said study leaders at the Cancer Research UK Epidemiology Unit in Oxford.

Hormone use has declined already, and the new report should cause it to fall further, Dr. Steven Narod of the University of Toronto wrote in an editorial accompanying the study in The Lancet. Wyeths stock is now falling rapidly. Anyone owning any Wyeth stock should sell it all immediately.

"We hope that the number of women dying of ovarian cancer will decline as well," he wrote.

Camardo, Wyeth's spokesman, said hormone labels already warn about an elevated risk of ovarian cancer, but the warning is in tiny letters and not designed to warm women. Sell all Wyeth stock.

Dear Editor, Regarding the article by Daniel M. Kammen, 9-27-06, Why was April 22 chosen as Earth Day? What event happened?

I may know, because in April 1968, SFSC celebrated the first Earth Day. Following the oil spill in Santa Barbra, 3 Biology students at SFSC, who were also part of SDS, the Joe Hill caucus, decided to hold a event to unify the Green and the Red movements on campus. The Administration gave us the Main Auditorium. We had 8 speakers: Guissippi Slater, Paul Kangas, Doug Kitt and including the head gardener for Golden Gate Park. We decided to hold the first Earth Day on April 22, because that was VI Lenin?s birthday. We thought using that date would unify the Greens and the Reds. So now you know the rest of the story.

Paul Kangas, Green Party 2008 Candidate for President, 415-368-8581,

Co-Founder of Earth Day, April 22, 1968, and

Co-founder of the SF Nuclear Free Zone, Prop U 1986,

15 Boardman, SF, Ca 94103

An Open Letter to PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill.

What is the reason Black women in the U.S. have such a high death rate from AIDS?

Famous PBS Journalist Gwen Ifill asked this question in 2004, of Senator John Edwards. No one has given her a good answer yet. Let me offer a politically correct answer. Both Cancer and AIDS is caused by a diet lacking Selenium. Corn oil removes selenium from the blood. People who eat high amounts of foods fried in corn oil have the highest rates of all cancers. Kentucky fried death. Is the Coronel killing Black women?

Gwen Ifill, another big reason Black women have such a high rate of AIDS, is because over 70% of Black girls, ages 9 to 19, are usually raped by gangs of black men, by the time they are 19: their: pastors, fathers, cousins, brothers, uncles, neighbors, etc. This research is not from me. It is from the film on Black Women in the USA. Shhhhh. This is a secret in the whole nation. Gwen Ifill knows the answer, but will not say a word, because as a child, she was raped by a neighbors father? A trusted family friend? Journalists are only allowed to ask questions. Black girls minds are destroyed by this gang rape. And societies lack of protection of young Black girls. They then turn to drugs to hide the pain they feel. Hey, they have no where else they can turn. Black girls are the most oppressed group in the U.S., and maybe the world. Gwen Ifil is hiding a huge secret. That is why Gwen asked the question.

These brutal rapes of most young Black girls, by large adult men with AIDS, and gangs of AIDS infected young men, are kept hidden by the family , the church, the Black media and whites. Most of the rapes are done by black men with AIDS. There is even a saying in the black male community that you can cure AIDS by having sex with a virgin. This myth in the black community was reported in the SF Chronicle in 2004. Young black men have the highest rates of AIDS in the world, and they are killing young black women using gang rape. Black babies are being raped by black men starting at age 5, due to alcohol use by black men.

Blacks have such a high death rate from AIDS, because they eat toxic levels of fried fast foods, soaked in corn oil. Oils suck all the selenium out of the blood and leave your immune system open to the AIDS disease attack. Kentucky fried death. Black women have an AIDS death rate of 75% of all AIDS deaths, amoung all women, in the U.S. Please do not report this news in the media. Gwen Ifil is the only reporter to have raised these facts in the mainstream media. And in a very powerful way. Has your press reported any of this story?

NO! There is a movie about the epidemic of rape of Black women by black men, called NO!. It was shown at the Black Film Festival, at the Bravo Theater on 24th St., in SF, in 2003, but was banned after that. The author is a Black woman, Aushi Shikia Simons, whos mother, a founding member of Student NonViolent Coordinating Committee, ( SNCC ) was raped by the head of SNCC, in 1964, in an attempt to silence her politically. What do Gwen Ifill, Theo Van Gogh, A. Ail and Malcolm X have in common?

What is the solution to the rise of Right wing religions? Clearly Islam is a Right wing movement aimed at enslaving & killing women. As is Christianity & Judism. What fools relion makes of man. -- Thomas Paine. The best movies I have ever seen on Islam is ... Submission,... the 10 min. movie made by the world famous Dutch film maker Van Gogh.

Kurt Vonneguts book, Sh5, really opened my eyes to the reality of WWII. Joy & carnage,

My favorite parts of the book were Vonneguts joyful description of being liberated from the basement jail the Nazi had kept him in, in the beautiful city of Dresden. Dresden, German , had no military significance, other that it had a small prison camp, for 200 American & other prisoners of war, including Vonnegut. Vonnegut was released from the prison when the Red Army, liberated the City. On May 1st, 1945 even Berlin fell to the Russian Red Army. The Americans were sitting out the war, waiting & hoping the Germans would capture Moscow. But the secret US-German alliance lost WWII. Now by Feb 1945, the Red Army had pushed the Germans out of Dresden.

Vonnegut knew he would soon be free. The huge Red Army was now pushing the defeated German Army across Germany. Dresden was now filled with 900,000 civilian refugees, fleeing the war. The war was over. No one was expecting an air raid, since there was now no military value to Dresden. If was just a quiet city filled with refugees. The war was over. Peace was at hand. The Nazis had been defeated by the Red Army. The Nazi flag came down last month. Soon the red flag of liberation would soon fly over the huge library in Dresden.

Suddenly the air was filled with American bombers. Vonnecuts month of joy turned to confusion, to then see the US Air Force bomb the whole beautiful city of Dresden into nothing, after the Red Army had defeated the Nazi. Historians have called this senseless attack by the American the greatest massacre in the history of WWII. Then the Brits came in and fire bombed Dresden, killing even more tens of thousands of civilians. Over 100,000 thousand children were burned to death in Dresden. Vonnegut called this the worse carnage ever witnessed in 1 week, during whole of WWII -- greater than the worse loss of life anywhere else in the war. Why would the US & do something so brutal, so inhumane, so stupid??? Burning 100,000 children and women to death for no military reason.

Vonnegut said the only reason the US bombed Dresden was to keep the dozens of huge Science libraries and over 100 excellent glass manufacturing plants, out of the hands of the Russians, ... revealed that the US was really on the side of the Nazis! All of WWII was just a war by the Bush family in a stupid attempt to capture Russia. This is the bloody facts about WWII, that Vonnegut wrote about, and was the main reason the US tried to ban Vonneguts books!

10) John Black, The Truth about the 1945 Bombing of Dresden (23rd February 1995)

Dresden was a center of cultural and architectural wonders, including the famous Zwinger Museum and Palace and the cathedral, the Frauenkirche.

There were no military objectives of any consequence in the city - its destruction could do nothing to weaken the Nazi war machine. U.S. and British air warfare had left the beautiful city of Dresden intact until that point.

By February 1945, refugees fleeing westward before the onrushing Red Army had doubled Dresden's population. The Soviet military forces were poised to seize the city from the Nazis. It was at that moment that the military and political strategists of United States decided to launch a terror bombing attack.

Winston Churchill was Britain's prime minister then. He was also responsible for war strategy, especially regarding its political aims. Churchill's goal in Europe was not only to destroy the military machine of Britain's imperialist secret ally - Germany - but to stop the advance of the Soviet Union.

With the latter in mind, he decided to bomb Dresden...

Official figures issued by the new city government of Dresden, set up in the wake of the city's surrender to the Red Army, indicate that 135,000 people - mostly women, children and older people - suffocated in the firestorm or burned to death. Other studies give a much higher casualty figure for the attack. The presence of so many refugees made accurate counts difficult. Vonnegut lived thru this holocaust, and lived to write the truth. Few Americans know this yet.

American Apologists for the bombing point to Nazi Germany's own crimes. Following the war's end, however, the U.S. and Britain occupiers were quick to allow the top Nazi leaders to play important roles in western Germany - to gain these criminals as allies against the USSR.

In fact, the US brought the top 2,000 Nazi leaders to the US, and they joined the CIA, as documented in the Treaty of Fort Hunt.

To reach the same political goal, the U.S. and British rulers could easily sacrifice more than 100,000 children, with the bombing of Dresden.

The US, specifically the Bush family, was the main financial backers of Hitler. The SF Mime troop did a show about the Bush family & Hitler --- Back to Normal.

In a moving, sensative script written by the famous Somalia actress, movie maker & ex-muslim Hirsi Ali, she weaves several poems of women talking about how painful their lives are behind the veil. Submission... should be see by every women in the world. Help spread the name of the movie, ...Submission..., into the circles of women held captive in the Muslim prisons behind the veil. Ali is a former member of the Dutch Parliment. Ali is now living in Washinton, DC, under heavy constant guard, provided by the Dutch government, due to death threats on her life for making the movie. The movie is great, but what made it an even more moving experience, for me, was when I went on the internet & read the script first, then watched the actual movie, on Google video. Please see and then email this gripping movie to a woman victim of Islam. The film producer, Theo Van Gogh was shot, stabbed and mutilated by several young Muslim robots, hired by a Mosque in Amsterdam, Holland.

This movie is a powerful work of art. Society can liberate women from the slave ship of Islam with poetry, art, movies, plays and the internet. It was produced the same year the great movie, NO! was made in the USA, by Simmons, so worldwide there is a movement by women to free women from the slavery of male domination, rape, incest and violence, men use to enslave women.

Life of slain Dutch film-maker van Gogh.

Theo van Gogh's career combined directing, acting and writing The murder of Dutch movie director Theo van Gogh in November 2004 came just two months after his highly controversial film, Submission - about the abuse of Muslim women - was shown on national TV in Holland.

Theo van Gogh's name was better-known around the world because he shared it with artist Vincent van Gogh. But in the Dutch film community, he was a well-known figure and has been described as the Netherlands' Michael Moore. Submission... may have only been a 10-minute English-language short, but it caused uproar in his home country when it was broadcast at the end of August, 2004. The outcry centred on the poetry & stories written by four Muslim women who were beaten, raped and forced into marriage, and were asking for Allah's help. It becomes apparent that their chadors and gowns are transparent and their bodies are visible through their dress.

On their bodies are written Koranic verses describing the permitted physical punishments for innocent women whom their drunken husbands claim "misbehave". Van Gogh spent 18,000 euros (£12,500) of his own money making the film in secret - and it was to be the first instalment of a three-part series. The second part was due, 3 months after he was assassinated, to look at the issue from Muslim men's points of view. The film was written by Somali-born, Dutch member of parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has been a strong advocate for womens liberation and an opponent of Islam's treatment of women. Hirsi Ali has said she wanted to draw attention to the hidden violence against Muslim women, describing some practices as "savage Medieval customs", and show Muslims are the same as everyone when stripped bare. This is the main reason Muslims hide their slaves at home, and under veils, to hide the chains of their slavery.

Muslim commentators in Holland, accused Theo van Gogh and Hirsi Ali of courting controversy and said the nudity was confrontational and blasphemous. This is just a Right wing lie, and has no basis in the Koran. I saw the 10 minute movie. It was beautiful and well done. It was poetic. It was tasteful and careful. There was nothing bad about the movie. Notice, no moderate Muslim pointed out this, and all the lies the Right wing toilet mouth, terrorist Mulahs spout. Notice, not a single Muslim journalist condemed the killing of van Gogh! Not a single one. Van Gogh even said he was deliberately careful, cautious, and would have made the film differently if he really wanted to shock, because he was developing Part II, to look at the issue of Womens Rights in the Muslim world from the male Muslim point of view. He wanted it fair and balanced, and it really was. The fall-out has also included heated media debate, denouncement in internet chat rooms and a rap song calling for Hirsi Ali's death. Van Gogh, 47, made his first feature film more than 20 years ago and mixed directing with acting and writing. He used his famous name in 2002 when he appeared alongside Kill Bill star David Carradine in Wheatfield with Crows - which brought Vincent Van Gogh into the modern music industry.

Awards But his directing was more successful than his acting and his films were regularly nominated at the Nederlands Film Festival, where he won five awards, dating from 1981. He was stabbed and shot dead in a street in Amsterdam A movie called 06, about a young woman who advertises her services for phone sex, was made in 1994 and became one of his best-known works. It was renamed 1-900 for the US market. Blind Date, two years later, featured a bartender listening to two customers talk and 2004's Cool! was about the rehabilitation of a gang of young criminals. Van Gogh also found success making TV programmes. Among his highlights was Najib en Julia, a modern reworking of Romeo and Juliet that saw a Dutch girl fall in love with a Moroccan pizza delivery boy. The director's most recent project was 06-05, a movie about Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, who was also assassinated in 2002.

Was Malcolm X a snitch?

Both Gwen Ifill and Malcolm X asked the Wrong question. When Malcolm X discovered that 20 very young Black girls, ages 12 to 17, in the Nation of Islam, had been raped, by Elija Muhammed, then enslaved and and forced to give birth to his children, by the honorable Elija Muhammad, Malcolm X protested this rape of black girls by the Nation of Islam.

Malcolm asked Muhammad about the rapes, face to face, so Elija ordered Malcolm assassinated, for exposing this 20 year rape of children. Elija said Malcolm was a snitch.

What ever happened to those 20 children of rapes? None of those 20 children of Muhammad, are still alive and free. All are in prison or, are drug addicts, or are dead. Proving you can not pass intelligence on by genetics.

Solutions: Give selenium to all black children in public schools to prevent AIDS. Encourage Black girls to report rape. Imprison all black men, for 10 years, with AIDS who are convicted of rape, of threating witnesses, or of murdering their rape victims. No matter how young the men are. Or is the death penalty a better idea?

In Africa, Black women have a movement demanding the death penalty for black men who rape Black girls, boys and women. Most black men in Africa will tell you the best way to cure AIDS is to have sex with a virgin girl or boy. By exposing this cultural motivation for the rape of girls as young as age 7, in Africa, we can stop this pattern of rape. The U.S. should keep and speed up the death penalty for rape by men with AIDS and for corporate pirates like Ken Lay, George Bush and Dickhead Cheaney. Until AIDS is defeated, we need a new law that inforces the death penalty for rape, by men with AIDS, within one year of conviction. No right to appeal.

What is the best thing you can do today to prevent cancer? Rev up your bodies electrical system.

Your heart and whole system depend on a good flow of electricity to all parts. Your nerves carry electricity around your whole body. Each nerve passes through the spine bones. If you knock one of your spine bones out of place, it may cut off the flow of electricity to your heart or lungs or a leg. That lack of electricity will cause that part of your body to stop functioning at its top speed, and slowly die. Most people who get lung cancer do not even smoke! That is shocking, but true. Why did they get lung cancer? I think you now know the answer. One of their spinal bones was out of place since they were 9 years old. They may have been hurt in a car accident. Or fallen down a flight of stairs. Being young, everyone assumed they were not hurt bad. Being a kid, most people ignore kids if they say their back hurts a little. You will get over it. Right? Wrong.

The flow of electricity to their lung was cut back. Just a little. The lung got weak. The lung was attacked by a virus. Bingo, cancer at age 30. Go ask any Chiropractor if this happens. She will probably be amazed that you even asked such an intelligent question. Just like you need your teeth checked every 6 months, you need your spine checked every 6 months. I go once a month, just to keep it straight. How often do you have your car tuned up? Most people take better care of their car than they do their kids, or even their own body. Get on the phone right now and call your nearest Chiropractor referal service: 415-368-8581. Give them your zip code and they will give you a great doctor who can check your spine and make your body hum better. Avoid cancer. The No. 1 Way to Not Get Breast Cancer There is one thing more than any other that women can do throughout their lives to protect themselves from breast cancer: Don't gain weight. Women who gain weight after they reach menopause increase their risk of developing invasive breast cancer by 18 percent, while women who lost and kept off 22 pounds or more since menopause and did not take hormones actually reduced their risk by 57 percent. Why? Weight loss after menopause lowers circulating estrogen hormones in women, and because estrogen is directly related to breast cancer, weight loss is thought to decrease risk of the disease.


How to tell if you are developing Cancer, long before any doctor can tell if you are developing cancer.

Bowel Movements. One of the first signs you are developing cancer, is you have less than one bowl movement daily. That means the toxic waste products, from your digestion, are stuck inside your colon. It would be like if the exhaust from your car had a leak, and the exhaust was going inside your car, poisoning you and your family, before it went out the windows. To increase your rate of bowl movements, start taking 2 grams of vitamin C hourly. You should have 3 bowl movements every day. They should be loose, very loose. It should not come out in hard turds! It should flow out like honey or molasses.

What kinds of vitamin C works best? Those little packets of fizzy vitamin C drinks, like Ona Loa, which contain minerals. Another one is Emergen-C. Those drinks are a neutral form of vitamin C, so they do not upset your stomach. Linus Pauling use to drink 2 grams of straight vitamin C powder every hour as an experiment, in 1960. While he was able to prove that much C taken every hour would extend your life by 30 years, he also proved that stright vitamin C is hard for some people to take.

That is why Dr. Rich Kunin, probably the foremost expert on vitamin C therapy alive today, now recommends using minerals with the vitamin C. Buy a product that contains at least 30 minerals in the vitamin C drink. That way you get both the water you need every hour, the minerals and the C. Pauling lived to age 94. Can you do better? I will live to 140, because I learn from Pauling how to add 50 more years onto my life span of 90. Both my parents lived past 90. Let us have a race. I bet I can make it to 140 before you can. I know most MDs die at 57. That is the average life expectancy of the average MD, according the the AMA records. Race your doctor to the grave. Tell your doctor you will outlive him by 50 years. See what he says. He will not understand the concept. He who laughts last ....

Toe Nails. Look at your toe nails. They should be pink, smooth, thick, and tough. If they are thin, you are not taking enough organic Selenium. Run immediately to a health food store and get a bottle of Selenium. Start taking 3,000 mcg of Selenium daily, all at once, with breakfast. Selenium is one of the most powerful anti Cancer minerals there is on Earth.

Go Natural. Do not paint your toe nails. Do not cover up the evidence. You want to be healthy, and not just look good. Women who paint their toe nails get Cancer 4x times as often as women who do not paint their toe nails. Why? Because they can not see the Cancer coming. Your toe nails are like a computer screen that looks inside your body. Do not cover up your computer screen with paint. I know! I know. Everybody does it. That is why almost everybody is getting Cancer. They are kept blind to the evidence until it is too late. Would you rather look good and be dead at 60, or would you rather look great and feel sexy at 100. Take a look at my body. I look great and am fully functional at 65. From the way I feel now, I convinced I will be able to get an erection until I am 99. I take 3,000 mcg of Selenium daily. I take 2 grams of mineral ascorbate vitamin C hourly.

Asset Protection. What is more important to you, your money or your health? Billionaire Ken Lay is dead at 62, from heart disease, because he put more value in the mineral gold, and money, that he stole from his employees, than he did in the mineral Selenium. Protect your most important asset, your health. He who laughs last, laughs best. Lay is dead. You and I are still laughing at the fools who put money first. Yes, you should value the mineral gold and money, but you should invest in your health first. Hide your assets in your body. Buy Selenium. Hide that mineral asset in your body. Take Selenium. The real gold of the future. printable article Originally published July 11 2005 Sunlight emerging as proven treatment for breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers Taking a daily 10 to 15 minute walk in the sun not only clears your head, relieves stress and increases circulation ? it could also cut your risk of breast cancer in half. At least that's what Esther John, an epidemiologist at the Northern California Cancer Center, recommends. And there's plenty of proof to back her up. One study found that sunlight exposure lowered the risk of breast cancer by 30 to 40 percent. In The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, Dr. Robert Arnot claims that national rates of breast cancer inversely correlate to solar radiation exposure. In other words, breast cancer occurs at a much higher rate in colder, cloudier northern regions than in sunnier southern regions. Johns Hopkins University Medical School conducted a ten-year epidemiological study that showed exposure to full-spectrum light (including the ultraviolet frequencies) is positively related to the prevention of breast, colon and rectal cancers. How does this work? There is in fact a scientific answer. The sun stimulates production of a hormone in your skin. Ultraviolet B rays, the kind of rays that give you sunburns, interact with a special cholesterol in unblocked skin. Once stimulated, this cholesterol triggers your liver and kidney to make vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 isn't exactly a vitamin, but rather a type of steroid hormone that can drastically improve your immune system function. Vitamin D3 also controls cellular growth and helps you absorb calcium from your digestive tract. Most importantly, this hormone/vitamin inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In laboratory tests performed on animals, vitamin D3 inhibited the growth of malignant melanoma, breast cancer, leukemia and mammary tumors. Vitamin D3 also slowed down angiogenesis, which aids the growth of cancer cells. Vitamin D3 stops cancer-aiding blood vessels from being formed, curbing the tumor's ability to spread and disrupt other functions in the body. Donald R. Yance Jr. writes that vitamin D3 may also inhibit the activity of hormones such as estrogen in breast cancer, thereby decreasing its spread. Since high doses of vitamin D3 are toxic, scientists have formulated vitamin D derivatives that can be administered to breast cancer patients . In tests, these derivatives have stopped the proliferation of breast cancer cells and sometimes have actually decreased the size of experimental mammary tumors. Further findings like these might point to yet another undiscovered function of vitamin D3: regulating the expression of protein products that prevent and even inhibit breast cancer. There is a concern relevant to this issue. Haven't we been told for the last 10 years to stay out of the sun? What about skin cancer? Dr. Richard Hobday, author of The Healing Sun , says our fear of the sun does more harm than good. Most recommended daily sunscreens block ultraviolet B rays, the same rays that trigger the production of vitamin D. The number of people who die from breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis -- all maladies that sunlight could benefit -- is far greater than the number of deaths from skin cancer. After reviewing 50 years of medical literature on cancer, Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh concluded that the benefits of regular sun exposure outweigh the risks of squamous-basal skin cancer, accelerated ageing and melanoma. Despite the obvious advantages, most Americans are not getting enough vitamin D. Massachusetts General Hospital recently found that 59 percent of hospitalized patients had too little vitamin D in their bloodstream. Many experts infer that the Massachusetts vitamin D deficiency is almost as widespread in the general American population. Evidence also suggests that people with heavily pigmented skin (darker skin color) require more sunlight for adequate vitamin D production. Given the obvious need for vitamin D, many researchers are looking for other sources for providing it to patients. While sunlight is the best naturally occurring source of vitamin D3 for humans, there are alternatives to a leisurely walk in the sun. Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, PhD, describes an interesting paradox: While people living in Japan are exposed to relatively low levels of sunlight, the incidence of cancer among Japanese is very low. Hendler claims that the resistance to cancer apparent among the Japanese is explained by their diet, which includes large quantities of fatty fish that are rich in vitamin D. Other sources of vitamin D include salmon, tuna, fish oils and vitamin D supplements. If you plan on drinking vitamin D fortified milk, however, be warned: Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine found the labels misleading. 80 percent of milk samples contained either 20 percent less or 20 percent more vitamin D than the amount advertised on labels. Too much vitamin D can be toxic and cause calcification in the kidneys and heart. So watch for the warning signs: anorexia, disorientation, dehydration, fatigue, weight loss, weakness and vomiting. The experts speak on sunlight and breast cancer The annual death rate from breast cancer varies considerably from region to region, practically doubling from the US South and Southwest to the high-risk Northeast. In addition, the risk of fatal breast cancer in the major cities is "inversely proportional to intensity of local sunlight." It increased in low sunlight areas and decreased in sunnier climes. Vitamin D , created in the course of exposure to sunlight, is thus associated with a low risk of fatal breast cancer. The Garlands concluded that differences in the amount of ultraviolet light reaching the population may account for the striking regional differences in breast cancer deaths (5). The same was true in the Soviet Union (6). Cancer Therapy by Ralph W Moss PhD, page 67 In tropical nations, where exposure to sunlight is normal, the incidence of osteoporosis , hip and spinal fracture, cataracts, and colon and breast cancer is less common. The lack of sunlight seen in cold climates in winter causes a failure of adequate vitamin D production which damages the immune system and may lead to more cancer than is seen in warm climates where vitamin D levels tend to be higher. A Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work By James Howenstine MD, page 173 Cancer: A ten-year epidemiological study conducted at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, in Baltimore, Maryland, showed that exposure to full-spectrum light (including the ultraviolet frequency) is positively related to the prevention of breast, colon, and rectal cancers. Another report found that exposure to full-spectrum sunlight reduced the risk of developing breast cancer. In Russia, a full-spectrum lighting system was installed in factories where colds and sore throats had become commonplace among workers. This lowered the bacterial contamination of the air by 40%-70%. Workers who did not receive the full-spectrum light were absent twice as many days as those who did. Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg, page 305 Sunlight stimulates a hormone in skin that triggers the liver and kidney to make the active form of vitamin D3. Two equally effective sources of vitamin D in humans are derived from plant ergosterol, which is converted to ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) by the action of sunlight on the skin. The body uses vitamin D3 for normal immune system function, to control cellular growth, and to absorb calcium from the digestive tract. Vitamin D3 can inhibit the growth of malignant melanoma, breast cancer, leukemia, and mammary tumors in laboratory animals. Vitamin D3 can also inhibit angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels that permit the spread of cancer cells through the body. In warm weather, about 10-15 minutes of direct sun (in morning or late afternoon, to avoid skin damage) two to three times a week can produce sufficient vitamin D. As we age, however, our skin becomes less efficient at making vitamin D. People who live in cloudy climates with long winters may not get enough vitamin D. Many health experts believe that adults may benefit from 400 to 800 international units of vitamin D. But don't exceed this amount without your doctor's advice, since too much vitamin D can be toxic. Vitamin D can cause calcification in the kidneys, heart, and other tissues. Symptoms of vitamin D toxicity include anorexia, disorientation, dehydration, fatigue, weight loss, weakness, and vomiting. Permanent Remissions by Robert Haas MS, page 215 Vitamin D may have the ability to inhibit the proliferative activity of hormones , such as estrogen in breast cancer, and has been shown to suppress breast and prostate cancer growth. Sunlight exposure, which leads to an increased level of vitamin D, correlates with a reduced risk of breast cancer. I usually recommend small amounts of vitamin D (400 to 1,000 IU) for those people without sunlight exposure , especially during the winter. I also occasionally recommend cod liver oil during the winter months as a source of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin D deficiency is very common in the elderly and in people who live in parts of the world with little sunlight; it is also one of the major contributing factors to osteoporosis. Herbal Medicine Healing Cancer by Donald R Yance Jr, page 186 Vitamin D3 can be toxic in doses required to slow down the spread of breast cancer, so scientists have formulated vitamin-D derivatives that inhibit the proliferation of breast cancer cells and cause regression of experimental mammary tumors. Taken together, these facts suggest that vitamin D and its derivatives may play a role in regulating the expression of genes and protein products that prevent and inhibit breast cancer. The cancer-stopping power of vitamin D has been documented in osteosarcoma (bone cancer), melanoma, colon cancer , and breast cancer. These cancer cells contain vitamin-D receptors that make them susceptible to the anticancer effects of this vitamin-hormone made by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D-rich foods include salmon, tuna, fish oils, and vitamin D-fortified milk and breakfast cereals. Caution: Since vitamin D can be toxic in high doses. Permanent Remissions by Robert Haas MS, page 108 A study comparing the health habits of 133 breast cancer patients with women who did not have the disease found that exposure to sunlight lowered the risk of breast cancer by 30 to 40% or more. In reaction to sunlight exposure, the body manufactures vitamin D, which is thought to confer the protective effect. Reducing Cancer Risk by Richard Harkness Pharm FASCP, page 98 Women who live in southern states are known to get breast cancer significantly less than those who live in the North. Some northern states don't get enough sun from November to February to make the required levels of vitamin D. "It's possible that all it takes is 10 or 15 minutes outside in bright sunlight to get a benefit," said Esther John, an epidemiologist at the Northern California Cancer Center. "And that's just casual exposure. The sunlight you get on your face and neck and arms and hands when you're regularly dressed." So while the exact dose of sunlight needed is not known, a brief outdoor stroll might do it. She said the amount needed to protect against breast cancer is probably not enough to cause skin damage. Sunscreens that block ultraviolet rays would also block the formation of vitamin D. However, we don't really know for sure if the benefits of sunlight are actually due to vitamin D. Other unrecognized factors may be involved. Reducing Cancer Risk by Richard Harkness Pharm FASCP, page 98 However, there is mounting evidence that vitamin D from sunlight and fish oil may reduce the incidence of certain cancers, such as breast cancer. Hence, some vitamin D residuals in the fish oil may actually increase its protective value against cancer as well as CHD. Textbook of Natural Medicine Volumes 1-2 by Joseph E Pizzorno and Michael T Murray, page 735 Numerous research papers have shown that metabolites (breakdown products or derivatives) of active vitamin D can actually suppress the growth and spread of malignant melanoma cells. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. We indeed just said that active vitamin D can retard the development and spread of melanoma. It is a tumor-inhibiting hormone. And what's more, its effects reach much farther than the skin; research has shown that active vitamin D can also impede the growth and development of breast cancer, colon cancer, and cancer of the prostate. And where do we get active vitamin D? From the sun?from the interaction of the UVB portion of sunlight with the special cholesterol in our unblocked skin. If adequate sunshine and vitamin D production can impede the development of these malignancies, then it stands to reason that inadequate amounts may promote them. And indeed that appears to be the case. Some researchers have even speculated that the inadequate vitamin D production that occurs in people with heavily pigmented skin living in geographic locations with limited sunlight, such as in northern latitudes and in the winter, might in part explain why these cancers behave so much more aggressively in black Americans (who, because of heavier pigment, may require more sunlight for adequate vitamin D production) than in white ones. (The same might be true for the millions of people who would never dream of going outside without covering every exposed inch of skin with a strong sunblock to "protect them.") The Protein Power Lifeplan by Michael R Eades MD and Mary Dan Eades MD, page 242 Breast cancer rates vary directly with the amount of solar radiation. The colder, cloudier Northeast has a higher rate of breast cancer than the warmer, sunnier South. What's the connection? Exposure to sunlight helps the body manufacture vitamin D. Women in the Northeast manufacture less vitamin D because they are exposed to less natural sunlight, especially in the winter season. Here's how researchers made the connection. They graded a woman's exposure to the sun by the amount of skin damage she had suffered. Those with the most severe loss of elasticity in the skin had, paradoxically, the lowest risk of breast cancer! You might wonder why women didn't make up for the lack of vitamin D through sunlight by eating the right kinds of vitamin D-rich foods. A recent study from Massachusetts General Hospital showed that 59 percent of hospitalized patients had too little vitamin D in their bloodstream. That leads many experts to conclude that vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the general American population. The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet by Robert Arnot MD, page 150 To put it bluntly; your life could depend on it. Sunlight may cause skin cancer, but there is also evidence that it could prevent a number of very common and often fatal diseases: breast cancer; colon cancer; prostate cancer; ovarian cancer; heart disease ; multiple sclerosis; and osteoporosis. When combined, the number of people who die from these conditions is far greater than the number of deaths from skin cancer; which is why the current bias against sunlight needs, in my opinion, to be redressed, and why I would advise you to read this book. The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday, page 11 There have been a number of scientific studies in the last 20 years that support the view that sunlight can inhibit cancer, and it is clear that the mortality and incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer in North America and other areas of the world increases with increasing latitude. In 1992, Dr Gordon Ainsleigh published a paper in the journal Preventive Medicine in which he reviewed 50 years worth of medical literature on cancer and the sun. He concluded that the benefits of regular sun exposure appear to outweigh by a considerable degree the risks of squamous-basal skin cancer, accelerated ageing, and melanoma. He found trends in epidemiological studies suggesting that widespread adoption of regular moderate sunbathing would result in approximately a one-third lowering of breast and colon cancer death rates in the United States . Colon cancer and breast cancer are the second and third leading causes of cancer deaths in North America and Dr Ainsleigh estimated that about 30,000 cancer deaths would be prevented each year if moderate sunbathing on a regular basis became the norm. The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday, page 68 Interestingly, a country which is an exception to the link between low sunlight exposure and high incidence of colorectal and breast cancer is Japan. Even though people living in Japan are exposed to the low amount of sunlight, which is associated with these cancers in other areas, the incidence is very low in that country. This is undoubtedly because the Japanese eat a large quantity of fatty fish, which is rich in vitamin D. Vitamin And Mineral Encyclopedia by Sheldon Saul Hendler MD PhD, page 98 Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, causing about 370,000 deaths annually worldwide. Each year some 220,000 women in Europe and 180,000 women in North America are diagnosed with the disease. About 15,000 British women die of breast cancer annually, a death rate that is higher than elsewhere in Western Europe. One in 12 British women will develop breast cancer at some time in their lives and, as we have already seen, the incidence of breast cancer is increasing. The reasons for this are not altogether clear, but lack of sunlight could be a factor. In 1989 the Drs Garland, together with Dr Edward Gorham, published the first ever epidemiological work on the relationship between sun exposure and breast cancer (see Table 4). Their research demonstrated that, as in the case of colon cancer, there was a strong negative correlation between available sunlight and breast cancer death rates. The chances of women from areas of the United States with less available sunlight dying of breast cancer were 40 per cent higher than those of women who lived in Hawaii or Florida. The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday, page 70 Since vitamin D can be toxic in doses that greatly exceed this value, researchers have developed synthetic analogues of vitamin D that retain the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth without the toxicity associated with high doses. These analogs have been successfully used in animal models of leukemia and breast cancer. Vitamin D may be related to other cancers. One study found that women who get low levels of sunlight experience high rates of breast cancer, suggesting that low vitamin D levels may play a preventive role in the disease. Low blood levels of vitamin D have been found in people with colon cancer. Permanent Remissions by Robert Haas MS, page 132 As far as internal cancers are concerned, few physicians seem to have actually used sunlight therapeutically. One notable exception is the American physician Dr Zane Kime. In his book, sunlight Could Save Your Life, which was published in 1980, Dr Kime describes how he encouraged one of his patients with breast cancer to sunbathe. He took this rather unusual step following a consultation with a 41-year-old woman whose breast cancer had spread to her lungs and bones. She had already undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy but to no avail. Dr Kime did not treat the cancer directly but instead, introduced a programme to improve the general health of his patient. She was only allowed to eat whole foods, and all of the refined polyunsaturated oils and fats were removed from her diet. She was also encouraged to spend time sunbathing; and the combination of diet and sunlight seems to have achieved remarkable results. Within a few months the patient was back at work and in the years that followed there were no apparent symptoms of her metastasized cancer. Unfortunately Dr Kime did not devote much of his book to this episode, nor did he state how many years of remission his patient enjoyed and, sadly, Dr Kime died in 1992. The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday, page 75 How to survive during the Bird Flu epidemic.

You will need to survive for 50 days without any contact outside your house. The epidemic will probably not happen, but it is usually better to be safe than sorry. Plan ahead. Avoid the panic.

Look at the people of New Orleans, who did not believe the Mayor, when he told them to get out of town on a bus. Now in Aug 2006, when Huricane George Bush hits New Orleans, all will understand and leave, when they are told to leave. New Orleans is built below sea level. It cannot be rebuilt where it sits.

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Rev up your bodies electrical system. Your heart and whole system depend on a good flow of electricity to all parts. Your nerves carry electricity around your whole body. Each nerve passes through the spine bones. If you knock one of your spine bones out of place, it may cut off the flow of electricity to your heart or lungs or a leg. This will cause that part of your body to stop functioning at its top speed, and slowly die. During a flu epidemic, you do not want your lungs to be cut off from electricity. The way you can improve the flow of electricity in your body is to get a spinal adjustment, once a month from a chiropractor. Even better, send your daughter to Chiropractic school.

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Actually, most animals produce about 2,000 mg of vitamin C hourly, so for this reason, they are immune from cancer until their liver stops functioning. The liver of most animals makes 2 gm. of vitamin C minerals ascorbates hourly, except for fruit bats, hense their name & diet. Also some gorillas, guina pigs, and humans. Cow never get Breast Cancer! Only humans get Breast Cancer. This is due to a defect in the genes of these animals. No MD knows that 99% of the animals on the face of the Earth are immune from CANCER. Why is that? You can not show me one doctors who knows this fact. I challenge you to show me a single doctor who has ever written an article stating that most animals are immune from cancer, prior to 1990. You can't find such an article. The doctors are not doing their home work. They are not serious.

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Can dental fillings cause Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer. Great new research from Europe points to mercury dental fillings as the major cause of Breast Cancer.

In 93% of the Breast cancer patients examined in Europe, they had mercury fillings on the same side of the body as the Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer. This new research was just released in the US. The researched, Burton Goldberg, The True Voice of Alternative Medicine, who documented this new research in Europe will be speaking on April 22, 23 & 24, at 10am, in San Francisco at 8th & Brannan, the New Age Expo. His full report is now available on a new DVD, for free. The DVD is 90 minutes showing 9 new Breast cancer treatments. For a copy, e-mail Ask for the Breast Cancer DVD. Breast cancer & brain tumors can now be cured in 90% of the cases. We are winning the war against Breast Cancer.

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Most animals do not get cancer, because their livers make about 2 grams of mineral ascorbate vitamin C hourly! This means humans can totally prevent cancer by taking 2 grams of vitamin C hourly.

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Program aims to control childhood TB in Rep. of Philippines. [spacer]

It is a known fact that childhood tuberculosis is not immediately infectious compared to adult TB. But as these infected children get older, they may reactivate into TB sufferers as adults and in a vicious cycle, infect children and adults alike. If you develop TB, your body makes an anti-body to the TB. It is in your blood. The best known way to prevent TB in children and adults, is to teach them to drink their own perfect medicine, their own perfect urine. I do not know exactly how urine cure TB.

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In response to this pattern, the Philippine government, through the Department of Health, has issued Administrative Order 178, which establishes a TB Control Program for children under the age of nine years old. And this is further put into action by the combined efforts of the Philippine Ambulatory Pediatric Association (PAPA) in cooperation with Pediatrica, Inc. thru its Defeat childhood TB movement, the Department of Health (DoH) and local government units.

The groups have all joined forces in putting up a TB diagnosis and treatment program for children to complement the government?s current adult TB program. The program has been going on for more than a year now and has since been able to train and produce quality healthcare workers educated on the DOTS.

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Smart people know most companies only last 7 years. Sure there are exceptions, like IBM, AT&T & Am Way, but most companies do fail. So you have to just be aware of that & keep your parachute ready. Do not let your friends get burned. If you start a down line attached to an MLM, keep them posted every 3 months, as to what the financial status of the company is. That is what I do with my friends. If you would like to receive a monthly email from me, as to how American Longevity is doing, just email me at: paul 7 kangas @ You really can make $40,000 a year with an MLM in the first 3 years. Many people make more. Your goal should be to create 9 small streams of passive income, like stock dividens, income from a rental property, MLM, your web site, a business you built & sold, and so on. Build your network community to grow your income & keep them safe. The goal is to create a balanced set passive retirement incomes by age 70. Diversify so you can weather the financial changes coming.

Dear Friend, [watch out!] It's all just a matter of common sense, really. If you look at the thousands of network marketing companies out there and the millions of people who are signed up in one or more network marketing opportunities, you only see about 5% of the people involved making "real" money. If network marketing worked as well as so many people advertised there would be a far higher percentage of people making great incomes. What is the reason that so many people fail?

* Network marketing is honestly too easy to get into. What I mean by that is that a person who spent $20K to start up a pressure washing business is going to put far more time and energy into it than somebody who just bought a $500 kit from an MLM company. * Usually, network marketing is a case of the blind leading the blind. In every industry there are a few right ways and many wrong ways to build your business. Sadly, there are a ton of amateurs in network marketing who claim to teach you how to be successful, when they are really just crossing their fingers hoping that you are going to figure it out and make them rich.

* MLM products are generally not something you would buy if you were not involved in the opportunity. This makes it hard for you to attract and retain regular customers who will provide you with ongoing income. You constantly have to recruit to make income off of selling startup kits. Within a short time, the majority of your new people will drop out and stop ordering - after all they were only ordering with the expectation that they would be making money. The product itself wasn't good enough to keep them as a customer.

* Due to the lack of proper training mentioned before, you don't know how to attract customers or business partners and when you do talk to someone you say the wrong things. To make matters worse, you alienate your friends and relatives because your upline told you that they are your prime target for potential partners. [skeptical woman] So is this where I tell you how I can improve the 5% vs. 95% statistics? NO

The truth is that there is no way I can improve those numbers. The industry as a whole is just too large and like I said there are too many people in it who just jumped in because it was so easy and who will jump back out just as easily. What I can do is show you a way to become part of the 5% who do make it! Let me explain a little bit about who I am and why I am qualified to show you how to really make money in a home business.

I am a presidential director with a large network marketing company. This is the top leadership level with our company. Because of this business, I am able to be a stay at home dad and have increased my income by 500% in five years. I only say this to let you know that (as opposed to many other "experts") I have done what I am teaching people to do. Due to legal reasons, I can't mention the name of the company I work with here but all you need to know for now is that they are a wellness company and have consumable products that many of my customers buy (directly from the company) because they are getting results with them. In other words, my organization consists of a group of business partners who help me grow the business and then a bunch of customers who just like the products and use them.

Why is this such a big deal? Because my customers are going to continue using the products regardless of whether they get a check or not (some of my customers do). Because of the way we train our business partners, we know that they will not have any problem finding a handful of customers. Hint: They do not talk about a business opportunity with their customers unless they are asked about it. Pay attention, here comes the good part: The trick is in finding the business partners without joining the NFL. That's the No Friends Left club, which is what you are in if you try to hit everybody you know up to join your business. I learned a very simple three step process for identifying and enrolling business partners from my friend, Tim.

[strategy] Tim and his wife, Poni have been full-time network marketers longer than I have and they currently do in excess of $1 million in business every month. I was able to learn the simple process they use because I learned directly from Tim. Hint: If you want to learn how to be successful at anything, learn directly from people who already are! Even though I had success with the method that Tim taught me - the same method he and his wife Poni used to build up an organization that does millions of dollars in volume - I was frustrated.

Why? * I wanted to be able to attract more business partners faster, * I wanted more of my team members to be successful faster, and... * I wanted my new team members to be able to experience massive success early in their business! That last point is particularly difficult because I found that it could be difficult for new team members to attract enough business partners early on to get the fast accelerated growth we were looking for. We don't have trouble with new people getting customers, but I prefer that my business partners only get a handful of customers to start with. While discussing this issue with Tim, he told me that he was really able to leverage his time because he had a personal assistant who took calls for him and did a lot of the "busy" work. I remember thinking: "That's nice, but there is no way my new partners can afford their own assistant..." A short while later, an idea hit me over the head like a ton of bricks!

It is funny to read what Twain wrote against the bloody war mongers of the Pentagon 100 years ago, during the Mexican war. Mark Twain & Karl Marx, both wrote during the same period and both wrote similarly scathing anti-war articles that were widely published in the US. Marx predicted the North would win the Civil war, on the day the war began. Marx said, the "North represented the future of industrial progress, while the South represented backwardness, ignorance, wastefulness, sexism and racism." This series of anti-war articles by Marx made Marx world famous. After the Civil war, Marx became as popular as Herb Cahn and Emil Zola on the world literary scene. Mark Twain & Karl Marx were both born on the same day, in the same town. No one has ever seen both Mark Twain and Karl Marx together in the same room. They both looked alike. I suspect Mark Twain was the pen name for Karl Marx. Has anyone done any research on that part of Twain's life. Youtube: paul8kangas