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Paul Kangas JFK Bush
Sunday, 3 September 2006

Paul Kangas, P.I.
Who is responsible?
Obama was elected to end the wars and build one million new solar powered homes to stop our addiction to oil.
This war is putting our kids with guns in harms way.  Our kids are no match for the experienced, drug addicted Taliban.

We who are oppose to the war are doing everything we can to stop the wars.  Including revealing are the dirty little secret of this LOST war.  
If anyone should be prosecuted, it is Obama for continuing this illegal war.  Impeach Obama.  

Mr Manning is a hero for exposing that the war is lost.  Did we know the war was lost?
Yes, right after Vietnamistan.

Youtube: paul8kangas

Wikileak: The "journalist" have no idea 
what they are looking at.
Example: The Dallas tapes from the motorcycle officer proved JFK was shot 5 times from the grassy knoll.
"Journalists" did nothing to expose the CIA assassination of JFK, because JFK had stopped the invasion of Cuba.   
Geo HW Bush was my CO during the invasion of Cuba.  
Still covered up by the "journalists".

Watergate tapes.  On the tapes Nixon said he & Bush had to pay Hunt $1 M, to keep quiet about "paying back JFK for stopping the invasion of Cuba",, killing JFK.   Listen to the tapes.   Journalist Mike Canfield revealed all this to Ben Bradley of the Wash Post,  including the actual identity of the 3 CIA shooters, but  Bradley just gave the documents to the CIA to bury.

Obama promised to release the thousands of photos still held secret from Dallas.
Obama lied and is doing nothing to 
release the Dallas evidence.
Will Bush get away with the murder of JFK?

Wikileaks - prove Obama lied about the 
Afghan war.  Obama is worse than Bush.
The war is LOST.  Who wants to be the last 19 yearold killed for a LOST war?
Impeach Obama.

Youtube: paul8kangas
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Posted by paulkangas at 2:53 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 29 July 2010 8:04 PM EDT

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