100 worst lawyers in California.

Send us the name, first, middle and last, And DOB, ( date of birth ) of your new boyfriend or girl friend and Date Detectives tell you if you are face to face with a felon. See pg 9 below.

The "Tax Lady," North Highlands tax attorney Roni Lynn Deutch, (DOB ) (CDL# ) (home address ) was sued for $34 million by state officials today on charges that her firm swindled thousands of clients.

The lawsuit by state Attorney General Jerry Brown says Deutch's $25 million-a-year empire is essentially a fraud, with clients paying thousands in fees but getting little or no legal assistance in return, for the same services they could get for FREE, from the IRS. Worse, she took $$ millions and didn't even fill out the simple IRS forms she was suppose to fill out. The same forms you can get from the IRS for free. Capitalism sucks.

If you are suing your lawyer, please send us her name, case #, county & her home address. If you send us the name, DOB, address, vehicle lic. # & color, & we will publish it for all the world to see. Photos are useful too. We will review the case & see if we think it is valid.

Define Watergate in 99 words.

Nixon, Bush, Hunt & Sturgis were trying to suppress all copies of the Dallas photos showing Hunt & Sturgis arrested for the assassination of President Kennedy.

Jack Anderson had given Larry O’Brian 7 photos taken by John Beers proving Hunt & Sturgis killed JFK. O'Brian was the head of the Democratic Party, who's office was in the Watergate complex.

The Bush CIA had a mission to totally suppress this news story.

The CIA had every new organization under control.

Watergate was to be the final nail in JFK's coffin.

The burglary was planned in the Whitehouse by Bush & Nixon.

This is my definition of Watergate in 99 words.

Youtube:: paul8kangas

Jean Daniel (1920- 2013) Is a French journalists, asked by President John Kennedy to act as an envoy and begin negotiating a peace treaty with Fidel Castro in 1963. Daniel was meeting with Castro in November 1963 when news came that the Bush CIA had assassinated JFK. In the terrible moments after the new was delivered by the aide ( .....? ) to Fidel, ( Fabian Escalante?), Fidel & Jean sat in shocked silence for about a minute. Then Fidel spoke, saying, “ This is a very sad ending to your mission of peace.” Fidel & Jean Daniel then discussed the meaning of this terrible death. Fidel pointed out, that during the revolution, several groups had proposed assassinating Batista. Fidel spoke against this idea, saying, “All that would happen, is the US ruling class would put another military puppet in charge of Cuba, to protect the US corporate interests, who would kill more of us who are trying to improve conditions inside Cuba. It is better to fight with the devil we know.... Fidel always believed change could be made only by organizing a mass coalition of groups, students, women, workers, professionals, capable of replacing the Batista dictatorship. Film title, “After the Bay of Pigs”.        Script for an interview with  Fidel Castro and Jean Daniel. Questions for Jean Daniel: 1 - What specific request (point) did President Kennedy ask you to discuss with Fidel Castro? 2 - How did Fidel respond to that request? 3 - What conditions did Fidel ask for from the US/ 4 - Who in the JFK administration asked you to talk to Fidel? 5 - Was your mission to draft a written peace treaty with Cuba and the US? 6 - What day did you first talk to Fidel on? 7 - Was anything put in a written form? 8 - How many people were in the room when you talked to Fidel? 9 - Did anyone one take notes at the meeting? 10 - After you left Havana, who did you talk to in the US government? 11 - Did you talk to Robert Kennedy? 12 - Did talk to Jackie Kennedy about the rights of women in Cuba? About 11-1-1963, President John Kennedy organized a secret meeting with French journalists Jean Daniel.   JFK gave Daniel a letter of introduction, and asked Daniel to negotiate a peace treaty for the US with Cuba.    Daniel flew to Cuba.  Eventually Daniel ended up with a face to face meeting with President Fidel Castro.       They then spent 4 days negotiating a fully formed peace treaty.    On Nov 18th, they covered the topics generally. It was 4 intense days.   By 11-21-63 they had developed an actual peace treaty.   On 11-22-63 Fidel and Jean were having a friendly final discussion and saying good bye.  Daniel was due to fly out at 6pm, back to Paris.     Then, about 2pm,  the news came from Dallas, that the 200 veterans from the Bay of Pigs: Geo Bush, Frank Sturgis,  Howard Hunt, and the other veterans, had successfully assassinated JFK at high noon.  Military style.  It was a public execution. One of the important  points Jean Daniel discussed with Fidel Castro, was points of common interest between Cuba and the US. In 1962, the atmosphere in the US military became very hostile against JFK after the 1,500 veterans from the Bay of Pigs returned to Miami.   I was in  US Navy Intelligence, based in Maryland.                     We began planning a new invasion of Cuba after the Bay of Pigs.            JFK was  trying to repair the tension with the rogue CIA.        President Kennedy  put the Pentagon in charge of the CIA, as his first step to get control of the CIA.                                                 JFK fired the top 3 people in the CIA.                                              At American Universally, JFK said he would “...break the CIA into a 1,000 pieces & scatter it to the wind.”                          Next, JFK abolished the Federal Reserve and began printing millions of  $5. US Notes, backed by silver to take control of the economy away from the British banks who controlled the Fed.    The world was afraid the US was about to start WW III, over the Russian missiles based in Cuba.   I was based in Washington, DC, where I was a guard for President Kennedy  from 1960 to 1962.   I was then transfered to Maryland to plan the next invasion of Cuba,  and so lived thru this period,  and became aware of the cold attitude of the military brass against JFK.  I was on the front lines, preparing to invade Cuba,  but JFK had bigger plans.   Castro had come to NYC & spoke at the UN.  Many of us in the military did not want to invade Cuba.  We were poor people in the military, just for a job.  We felt that what Castro was doing: providing free schools for the poor,  free  medical care,  jobs for all, was what we also needed in the US.  We liked Castro.  I liked his beard.    A group of 15 of us sailors in Maryland, organized a group arguing against the invasion of Cuba.  The Navy charged us with mutiny.     JFK wanted a secret peace treaty with Cuba.    JFK was ending 2 wars at once: the invasion of Cuba and the invasion of Vietnam.  This might sound confusing, if you are an America, because this history is still secret.  After the Cuban invasion ended, and the economic blockade was set up around Cuba, I received orders to Vietnam.   Then, in one of his boldest moves for peace,  JFK issued Executive Order #263, on 10-16-63, and totally ended the Vietnam war.    JFK told the Pentagon, “Why should we go to Vietnam, which is so far, when we did not go to Cuba, which is so near?”   JFK had plans to bring peace to US relationships with Russia and Cuba.                                                                          After JFK ended the Vietnam war,  with E.O. #263,  I then received orders to Iceland.     JFK wanted  to create a decade of peace with the Russia.   How did the Bush CIA know that JFK had sent Daniel to negotiate this  secret peace treaty?   The CIA had tried to assassinated Fidel over 100 times and failed.  They practiced, executed the plan, failed, devised another plan, executed it, failed,  practiced new methods and practiced.  The CIA spent every week from 1958 to 1963 devising new plans on how to assassinate President Castro.  While every plan failed, the 1,500 assassins now had plenty of training.    They had devised over 100 methods, plans, weapons and seneriores.  Bush and the CIA  spent over $10 million in those 5 years, developing, training and practicing every angle of an assassination.   The 5 years of intense practice paid off....,   in Dallas. Is Constitutional law professor & now President Obama a war criminal? Why? Because Obama still continues to detain civilians captured in Afghanistan, torture them for information about who is doing the road side bombs, while at the same time stating in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech that “nations should only engage in wars to defend themselves, or as a last resort, and civilians must be spared from the violence.” Obama actually said that! Obama is worse than Bush. Most black people in America support Obama’s fascist war policies. There is not a single black person who has written a single line against Obama’s blood thirsty murders in Afghanistan. Why is that?? Go to any anti-war march. You will not see any black people marching against the wars. Why?? Stephen L. Carter, a black writer who is “popular” only because he is black, defends Obama’s criminals wars, by writing out of both sides of his mouth. Carter would never call for impeachment. Nor would Carter ever march against the Obama wars. Black people have no higher moral ground to stand on, as long as they stand on the side lines and continue to stay silent on this brutal, illegal Afghan war. Youtube: paul8kangas

I accuse the Obama administration of attempting to protect a group of criminals in Miami from being brought before the bar of justice,

by..., shockingly... arresting and imprisoning 5 journalists who were investigating the criminal gang! Journalism is a dangerous profession. Look at Julian Assange.

This is an outrage against justice. Worse, the 5 journalists were given life sentences just for “eves dropping on people talking loud in bars in Miami.” Talking about what? Talking loud about unsolved murders. Yes, that was there only crime. Look at the facts of their actions and you will see they are innocent of any violations that would justify any jail time.

Yes, they wrote news reports about Cubans in Miami who were openly bragging about planting bombs in an air plane that killed 78 young Cuban tennis players. Plus planting bombs in tourist hotels in Havana that killed a dozen people.

O.K. So they have now uncovered a group of terrorists in Miami who were killing innocent people. When the Bush administration discovered the names of the 5 journalists who had written the reports on the terrorists, what did Bush do? He ordered the FBI to arrest, not the Miami terrorists, but the 5 journalists who uncovered the names of the terrorists who were responsible for killing the 78 people on the airline they blew out of the air. Now the Obama administration is continuing the persecution of the 5 Cuban journalists, who were sent by Cuba to try to find the names of the terrorist behind the bombing of the Cuban airline.

It is funny to read what Twain wrote against the bloody war mongers of the Pentagon 100 years ago, during the Mexican war. Mark Twain & Karl Marx, both wrote during the same period and both wrote similarly scathing anti-war articles that were widely published in the US. Marx predicted the North would win the Civil war, on the day the war began.

Marx said, the "North represented the future of industrial progress, while the South represented backwardness, ignorance, wastefulness, sexism and racism." This series of anti-war articles by Marx made Marx world famous. After the Civil war, Marx became as popular as Herb Cahn and Emil Zola on the world literary scene. Mark Twain & Karl Marx were both born on the same day, in the same town. No one has ever seen both Mark Twain and Karl Marx together in the same room. They both looked alike. I suspect Mark Twain was the pen name for Karl Marx. Has anyone done any research on that part of Twain's life. Youtube: paul8kangas

Can Geo thermal/ Solar power stop the corporate war machine? The main cause of most US wars is our addiction to oil. If those of us who are opposed to wars start building Geo thermal / Solar houses, we could eliminate the need for oil & nukes. This is a way to create jobs and undercut the US addiction to oil & war. This is how you can create your own job, your own house. Nuclear power is only used to boil water. Solar can boil water & spin generators. I was in the US invasion of Cuba. I almost died in WW III, on the beaches of Cuba. Fortunately for millions of Cubans, JFK had the courage to say “No!” to war. JFK saved Cuba & me. Is Obama an evil person? Yes. And no. He really doesn’t understand how to stop our addiction to OIL. He will kill every person in Libya, just to get their last barrel of OIL. Obama is a war criminal, just like Hitler & Bush. Can Geo & Solar supply enough power to run our whole society? Yes, but the Energy corporations do not want you to understand this. They want your mind to see only Oil or nukes, so they can enslave you. There is enough free Geo energy under your house to heat your house to 55 F forever, if you know how to build a baffle foundation. China is now the leader of Solar technology. By 2020 China will get 60% of its power from Solar. By 2050 they will get 90%. The US has dropped the ball. The US need to double its output of engineers. Solar is free, safe & clean. Youtube: paul8kangas Credit. Obama said, “Credit is the lifeblood of the economy." That is not true. Credit comes into existance from savings. Not spending.

The US is now spending the savings of people from China. The US is broke. The credit is gone because the US wasted billions on the Afghan & Iraq wars. The Stimulus "Plan" passed by Congress in 2010, will do more to stimulate the Chinese economy that it will the US jobs for the working class.

We must restore our savings. We must stop spending money we do not have.

Credit without saving is a form of Cancer. Printing money will not restore credit.

It will cause massive, unprecedented hyper inflation. Just printing money without manufacturing creates paper without value.

The US is broke. We do not need to print money to build bridges. We need to all start saving money.

Detroit needs to make small electric cars we can sell in China & India. The US is broke. The govt. must stop spending money for 5 years. The first bail out was wrong. Now BO wants to give main street a bail out. 2 wrongs do not make a right. Both bailouts are wrong.

Obama uses the old trick of talking about balancing the budget, when he is throwing gas on the fire of inflation, by just printing money to fund a war and will make the economy totally out of balance.

The deficit will not jump start the economy. This 2nd bailout will DEPRESS the economy. And make prices higher. As long as the interest rate is zero, people will not save money.

Congress is just throwing gas on the fire of inflation. Revving up the printing presses will destroy the economy. Protect your own wealth, by investing in Canadian banks. Not a single Canadian bank has failed. Congress has no idea that they are destroying our economy. Go see: You tube: paul8kangas


Never mind whether your date is smart or good-looking. How do you know you aren’t flirting with a felon?

For a small fee, a nascent crop of companies wants to help you find out by running background checks on the potential flames you encounter on Match.com, eHarmony or any of the nation’s nearly 1,500 dating Web sites.

You can do most of this yourself, if you take a photo of Romeo, make a copy of his drivers license, ask if he even has a credit card, write down his vehicle license #, meet 3 of his best friends, meet his parents, send him a letter and see if he even gets it,

see if he has ever been sued in small claims courts, see if he owns property, etc.

At the same time, at least two states, New York and New Jersey, have begun regulating Internet dating sites, and legal experts say they believe changes to the liability laws that protect such sites are on the horizon. And you thought your mother was the only one who wanted to vet your love life. The focus on background screenings comes as some 20 million Americans are using dating sites, more than double the number five years ago, according to the market research firm IBISWorld. While they are finding casual dates and even love, they are also encountering married people pretending to be single or, worse, sexual predators and convicted felons. No one has put a number on how much violence stems from dating sites, according to groups that keep track of rape and other violent crimes, like the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Center for Victims of Crime.

Yet plenty of crime stories begin with two people skimming each other’s online dating profiles. Consider the widely reported case of Jeffrey Marsalis, a serial rapist in Philadelphia who met his victims on Match.com. Such perils have been around since the dawn of the Internet, an ideal medium for complex cover-ups. But now that online dating is a billion-dollar industry, state officials, public safety advocates and enterprising businesses are calling for further safeguards.

Whether it is possible, however, to effectively screen people and make sites more truthful is unclear. After all, members are not always honest about their age and weight. “What we want to do is provide some degree of safety,” said Robert Buchholz, a retired New York State Police captain who, with Andrew J. Scott, a former police chief in Boca Raton, Fla., founded MyMatchChecker.com, a Web site that went live in April, enabling people to request background checks on anyone they have met on a dating site.

Mr. Buchholz and Mr. Scott, who each have more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, said that having daughters inspired them to try to make online dating safer. Their company offers a basic background search for $9.95. In addition to Web sites, a flurry of mobile phone apps aim to make background checks as quick and easy as ordering a pizza: Just plug in a couple of facts like a name and birth date. ValiMate, the creator of the Instant National Criminal Search app, even allows users to send the results of the check to a friend for added safety. Date Check, from Intelius, encourages users to “look up before you hook up.” The app is marketed to women who want to perform a background check on would-be Romeos “in the time it takes to redo your lip gloss.”

(Industry professionals say that predators are usually black men ages 29- 49.) State officials are also pushing for safer Internet dating. A law that takes effect this month in New York State, the Internet Dating Safety Act, requires sites to post common-sense safety tips, like “meet in a public place.” Assemblywoman Audrey I. Pheffer, a sponsor of the Internet law, said that it grew out of her realization that online dating had become ubiquitous, even among people she “never dreamed” would pursue romance online.

Some states have considered similar legislation but ultimately rejected it. New York’s law is like one passed in 2008 by New Jersey, which also requires dating sites with a membership fee to inform users whether they do criminal background checks (most do not). Such legislation was championed by True.com, one of the first major online dating companies to screen members to determine if they are married, felons or sexual offenders (about 2 percent of those who try to sign up are rejected, they said). Ruben Buell, the company’s president, said that the type of checks it conducted were inexpensive. “You’re talking pennies per check.” Still, most online dating companies question whether such checks can be effective. They contend that because state and county databases are incomplete, the checks give daters a false sense of security. Even advocates of criminal screenings concede that they are imperfect because the databases vary in quality and availability. Some counties, for instance, do not keep digital records. Others do not provide data about sex offenders. “If I really knew that there was great ability for us to not let anyone on the site that shouldn’t be on the site, I would do it,” said Mandy Ginsberg, the general manager and executive vice president of Match.com. Background checks, she said, might lead daters to think everyone they encounter on the sites is safe. (Ms. Pheffer said she originally wanted background checks but decided against them for the same reason.) Critics also point out that companies that conduct background screenings are not necessarily perfect. Some have mishandled information. Another concern involves mobile apps, which can provide personal information to people who may abuse it.

Braden Cox, a policy counsel for NetChoice, a group that advocates for Internet companies, said that background screenings were well intentioned but that most could be thwarted. “Most people, thankfully, are good people on these Web sites,” said Mr. Cox, who speaks from experience: a few weeks ago he married a woman he met on Match.com. Dating sites have no incentive to police their members. The Communications Decency Act absolves Internet service providers of liability because the sites are not considered the publishers of the information on their pages — their members are. The reasoning is that sites would not be able to operate if they were responsible for everything posted by their users. Lawyers have tried to get around this law, but “they usually fail,” said Brian Carver, an assistant professor at the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley. “Every start-up depends on this protection.” Parry Aftab, a lawyer and safety expert, says she is increasingly hearing about alarming cases involving online dating, like pedophiles who woo single mothers to get near their children. She expects there will be challenges to that immunity if sites accept money from members and have knowledge of criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, she advises singles to be cautious. “Don’t give up your heart so fast,” she said. David Frost promised that this movie would be about , "the trial Nixon & Bush never got," for the murder of President Kennedy. Yet, in the movie Frost never raises the 3 facts that most clearly convict Bush, sr. & Nixon: both Bush & Nixon were in Dallas on 11-22-63, and both deny being in Dallas on that bloody day. E. Howard Hunt was a top CIA agent who worked for Bush & Nixon as their hit man. Thanks to a perfect hit on JFK, Bush was given the top post in the CIA. The goal of the Watergate burglary was to get the Dallas photos of Hunt & Sturgis out of the Democratic Party safe, to coverup the Bush assassination of JFK. Here again, Nixon won the debate with Frost. Frost did not do his homework well enough to really know what the cover-up was about. And Nixon knew this. That is the reason Nixon agreed to do the interview. It was just more of the cover-up of his real crimes in Dallas. Every single eye witness in Dallas was murdered by the CIA too.

Cure for cancer found.

The easiest way to prevent cancer is by taking 2,000 mcg of selenium daily. An excellent source of selenium is from American Youngevity. This is a great health insurance nutritional company that is better than the Single Payer system. Better than Single Payer? Yes. Here is why. This system is working now. It costs only $6. to join this company to insure your health by taking all essential 69 minerals.

Farmers give their animals all 69 minerals. For that reason, there is almost no Cancer in cows.

Cows fed minerals do not get cancer.

Isn't that interesting. Investigate that claim.

IF you want to join Youngevity, just call me at 800 982 3197, extension #3101, ask for Paul Kangas by name.

God I am glad we have the internet.

What is an election campagin? It is your effort to put together a team to rebuild society. It is you doing what you can do to help your country. Ask not, what your country can do for you.... You take your issues and try to Lead us towards better schools, towards better health, out of Iraq & Iran. That is why I am running for President.

Meet Paul Kangas, in person, Wednesday Nov 14, 6 pm sharp, at the Fabulous San Francisco Veterans 4 Peace Hall, Room 219.

Paul Kangas will be speaking and answering questions. Bush killed JFK. See the Photos. This slideshow will cover the secret history of George Bush, from the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba, to Dallas & the JFK assassination, to Watergate. No one covers it better than Private Investigator Paul Kangas, former Guard for President Kennedy and member of the US Bay of Pigs Invastion of Cuba.

How to stop the war by Christmas. (g9)

The war is ending. Either because the US is defeated,

or because the People of the US are able to mount a series of sustained demonstrations that force the military to withdraw. The key psychological date for withdrawal is Christmas. Why? Because that is a day of rest, family & healing for most soldiers worldwide. There is even a great movie about this phenomenon, called Merry Christmas, Joyous Noel. It came out in 2006 & hit the charts as #21 by Christmas. It is an excellent movie for organizers who want to understand how this war can be stopped. The troops can stop the war. See the movie, now available on DVD. Movies are a revolutionary tool. This movie is making a big come back on DVD as an organizers tool against war. Lead us our of Iraq.

The Dems are too chicken to withdraw. So, we the People must create a massive peace movement that can bring the troops home by Christmas.

The biggest problem is, the elections are now sucking huge amounts of people into wasting their time voting for someone, like Hillary, who will not even have the power to end the war.

Unity. We need a national organization that is larger & stronger than the Democratic War Party. So the first step is to build or find a group that says, that "there will be no savior coming from the DemocRATS."

Why do we need to do this?

Because the Dems are planning to invade Iran, as soon as Hillary gets elected. We must stop the next war, before it starts. People need an organization that marches against the war & will not support the Dems.

The closer we get to the November 2008 election, the greater the temptation will be for people to join the DP. The media will suck you in. The bling will suck you in.

The star quality of Hillary will try to suck you in. Joining the DP is more dangerous to your health that smoking cigs. Do not smoke. Do not register DP.

It may seem hard to understand, but you have more power to stop a war if you are not registered DP, than if you are. If you are not registered Dem, you will be more creative in finding ways to stop a war. If you are in the DP, you will be prone to “Letting Hillary do it for you.”

I am not opposed to Hillary. I just know, from having been a guard for President John F. Kennedy, that even if Hillary wanted to stop the war, she could not. Ask the most powerful Dem you know. If they are hip, they will tell you, JFK actually ordered the US troops out of Vietnam, and so was assassinated for doing so. If Hillary dared to stop the war, she would be assassinated by the CIA. That is reality. You can be shocked and deny that if you choose, but smart people know ......

That is the reason why so many people in the world hate the ugly Americans who are in the DP. People in the DP are the “Good Germans” of America. People in the RP are the bad Germans. Do not get sucked into being a Good German.

There is no way you can stop a war unless you have an organization that is large enough to stop the Dems. But to form such an organization, we must first learn to work with different kinds of people. There are a few of those type groups around: THC, (Troops Home by Christmas), Code Pink, Answer, World Can’t Wait, Green Party, PFP, who would never support the DP, but none of these groups is large enough to beat the Dems and run the country.

This means we need to find a way to fuse national groups like Code Pink, Green Party, THC & Vets for Peace into a common front to block the Dems, when they invade Iran in 2010. Which the DP will. This means we have to overcome the splitter mentality.

There is always one person in every group who will say we should not work with someone who is Black or gay or Trotskists, or Maoist, etc. Our goal is to stop the war. Who cares who the person sleeps with or reads.

Splitters say whatever they can to block unity. When I say, do not smoke & do not join the DP, I say that because I want peace. The DP wants war. Obviously, if we want peace, we should work only with groups that will not vote for war.

The DP always works for war, even tho young people do not understand that. I can think of no union group that forbids members from being registered in the DP. That should be a rule with any serious peace activist. How soft on crime are you?

Here is a few groups that are as rotten as the Dems: unions, Move on, the CP & other groups who encourage people to vote DP. Voting DP or RP is a bad idea. Voting means you give away your power. Take back your power. Vow to never even be registered in the DP. It is like taking a vow to not smoke. It is more dangerous to your health to be registered DP or RP, than it is to smoke. If we want to be able to run the country, & stop the polluters & war profiteers in the DP, we will have to be willing to enforce harsh laws, including the death penalty, against war profiteers in the DP. Are you willing to lock Diane Fineswine in prison for life for her crimes against the world? If you are not, you are not ready to stop the DP war machine. Think about that. How soft on crime are you?

Riefenstahl, L. A Memoir.

New York: Picador, 1995.The autobiography of the creator of the hugely effective documentary, Triumpth of the Will and Olympia, the artistic film based on the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The book is fascinating because Riefenstahl forged a full and interesting life.

She must have done many things right, because she lived to 100 and enjoyed every minutes of her beautiful life. Her only focus was on beauty. The lack of introspection about her relationship with historical events -- whether they be those related to Germany or the decline of the Nuba -- makes the reading even more interesting.

Some Jewish people in Hollywood protested her films, but when it comes to Hitlers Paymaster, Jewish people are strangely silent.

Why is it the person who hired Hitler to invade Russia, Prescott Bush, father of George Bush, receives no protest from the Jewish community, while, powerless individuals, especially women film makers, are attacked by right wing Jewish people in Hollywood?

Russia was the true Jewish homeland, with more Jews living it it than any other place on Earth. Yet when Bush hired Hitler to attack & burn Russia, .....? To this day, there are almost no Jewish voices raising protest against the Bush crime families hiring of Hitler, & the attack on Russia.

As Global Warming gets Hotter, Impeachment Fever Rises.

Dear Cindy, First and foremost, please let me thank you for all you have sacrificed, your son, your family and your life to help show America that this war is wrong. And it is so wrong. And the American public's apathy is so wrong. And those who have tried to tear you down are so wrong.

I agree with you as to where we are headed. Bush is becoming more Hitlerish each day. Our government's attitude towards the citizens has shifted so far to fascism that it amazes me how few are yet screaming. But folks are beginning to take notice.

Three years ago, most people responded to that kind of statement from my mouth as ludicrous or at least over exaggerated. Now the reaction I get is not only that the "war is wrong", but that "our government is wrong"!

I read in your letter that you don't see folks as Republicans or as Democrats but what is in their hearts. I too am a "heart watcher" and your heart on Mother's Day while sitting on the grass with me was so pure and so true. But I felt your sadness, not only the sadness for your son and for your other three children not there with you, but your sadness for the other people that were NOT there that day, your sadness for the millions who just don't get that this war is so wrong.

But I believe there are a number of people that are beginning to wake up and realize that the only answer for our planet is peace. That the only solution to our World's existence is peace. That the only journey worth taking is creating a life of peace. There are old ones and young ones coming forward. A new kind of humanity that you have inspired, as have many others have before you, and along with you.

There will always be those who try to create chaos but there are more of us joining daily who are willing to get past those differences and trouble makers. There is a new surge of activists on their way to carry on this work for peace.

You said in your letter that neither party can hear the other and so I will dare to repeat to you, what one of your adversaries said in reaction to your resignation. "Most of us... understand that she is hurt very deeply." and they hope that you "will now be able to heal".

You have sacrificed so much Cindy, even the time that you should have had to heal from such a great loss. Please know that there are millions of us that love you, respect you and admire all that you have done. We will miss you and your heart but I believe we will see each other again, as I know you when you are truly needed, you will stand up for peace.

My little girl, Autumnrain was so proud to meet you and be there with you on Mother's Day in DC. She considers you a heroine, as do I.

I'm not going to tell Autumnrain that you are resigning, I am going to tell her that you've gone home to rest and to heal. That you have served your time honorably, as did Casey and have fought the toughest of fights. But all tours must come to an end and so it's time for you to return home. Heal Cindy and be at peace.

Deidra Lynch CODEPINK Orlando

Love your colors.

Would you be willing to Fast for 1 day to stop the war? It is called a Rolling Fast. You do one day. Your friend does 1 day, and so on, in your circle of friends. Are you ready? I learned so much in the last Fast, July 4, 2006, I would be willing to do a 5 day Fast, in 2007, in front of Speaker Nancy Pelosis house. Last year Cindy Sheehan, Dick Gregory & hundreds of members of Code Pink did a Fast against the war. It was great.

One problem was that Cindy Sheehan, having never done a long Fast before, did not understand how to Fast. She wrote, in her blog, that she got tired while traveling, so instead of following the idea of drinking only water, Cindy was drinking coffee! What a big mistake. A month later she was hospitalized for what was called heat stroke. Heat stroke is caused by a diet lacking sea salt, which contains minerals necessary for balancing the body. A lack of salt causes heat stroke. Now, some 10 months later, Cindy still has not recovered from that mistake. He has been exhausted for months, due to drinking coffee & not eating food. What a terrible mistake. Actually, many people who Fasted had problems. We must learn the best practices, the best ways to Fast. Onward.

As for myself, I experienced no hunger for the 4 days I Fasted in 2006, because I drank just water, vitamin C fizzy packets, & all my own perfect medicine. My own water of life. Yes, that is right, I drank all my own Pee for 4 days. I felt stronger. I was stronger. Fasting was a great experience for me, because I did it right. I have been Fasting for years.

I am sorry Cindy got sick. I am glad she has decided to take a vacation and drop out of the Democratic Party.

I didn't think I could last 2 days, but I felt great at the end of 4 days. Now I want to shoot for 5 days. Now I know why Gandhi drank all his own Pee every day. It really stops hunger. This is a powerful secret.

Pee is as nutritional as mother milk. In fact, women all over the world feed their pee to their babies when they are low on milk or water. I know this sounds gross to American, who live way too high off the hog, but for most of the people of the world, who do not get enough to eat, pee is perfect. Pee is free. That is a price all people can afford.

Who is up for a world wide Fast against the war for just 4 days? To kick it off, I would be willing to start June 29, Friday, and go until July 4th.

I am available to teach people the tricks I learned from the last one. You really will not experience HUNGER if you do what I do.

I could do a 2 day trainning run Sat June 9 & 10th at Pelosis house. Have some fun. Take the 2 day challenge. Stop the war. We can do it. PS -- sure, some may think this is weird, buy war is weirder.

Maybe it would shock the nation into action. Besides, Americans are too fat. This is a way people could loose 5 pounds safely. Paul Kangas

When Nancy Pelosi announced last fall that impeachment was "off the table," official Washington accepted that the primary avenue for holding lawless Presidents to account had been closed off by the new Speaker of the House. But the Republic's citizenry has not been so inclined. And now, with the Administration's troubles mounting, they're preparing to tell Pelosi that America and the world cannot wait until January 20, 2009, to put an end to Bush's reign of error. When Pelosi arrives at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego on April 28--the same day that activists nationwide will rally for presidential accountability--she'll find on the agenda a resolution that declares that the actions of President Bush and Vice President Cheney "warrant impeachment and trial, and removal from office." Delegates are expected to endorse the measure.


Pelosi fears that impeachment would distract from the Democratic legislative agenda and provoke an electoral backlash. History suggests she is wrong: The Watergate Congress was highly efficient, and Democrats had one of their best years ever at the polls after pressuring Richard Nixon out of office for his role in the assassination of President John Kennedy, and the Vietnam war genocide.

But aside from Dennis Kucinich, who is particularly fired up about Cheney's misdeeds, few in Congress have even hinted at bucking Pelosi's ban.

Outside Washington, however, an "impeachment from below" movement is gathering steam. The President's troop surge into Iraq and his refusal to consider exit strategies has caused many to react like GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, who has observed, "The President says...he's not accountable anymore, which isn't totally true.

You can impeach him." Hagel's remarks go to the heart of the surge in interest in impeachment: It stems from Bush's ongoing disregard for the demands of the electorate, the Congress and the Constitution.

Legitimate impeachment initiatives are organic responses to the realities of a moment rather than purely legal procedures. Talk of impeachment gains traction when it becomes clear that the Congress, especially Pelosi and the Democrats are unwilling to respect the system of checks and balances or the rule of law.

This explains why the allegation that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, apparently with White House approval, pressured US Attorneys to politicize prosecutions has added so much fuel to the fire, with activists like Vermont's Dan DeWalt now saying, "I don't have any trouble getting people to agree that impeachment is necessary."

DeWalt engineered a campaign in March to get town meetings in his state to pass resolutions calling on Congress to impeach and remove Bush and Cheney. Three dozen towns did so, including Middlebury, where GOP Governor Jim Douglas found himself presiding over a meeting that voted overwhelmingly in favor of going after the two for misleading the nation about the threat posed by Iraq, condoning torture and approving illegal electronic surveillance. The goal of the town meeting movement was to get the state legislature to forward articles of impeachment to the US House.

Citing Thomas Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary Practice, which makes reference to the authority of state legislatures to propose impeachment, legislators in at least ten states, including Vermont, have now done so. But the real success of the initiative was to illustrate the popular appeal of impeachment--an effort helped along by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, who devoted a week of strips to the town meeting votes--and to tell members of Congress like Vermont's Peter Welch that they might want to take their cues from constituents rather than Pelosi. Welch has responded by meeting with activists and asking them for more details of Bush's high crimes and misdemeanors.

DC Democrats still put forth anti-impeachment arguments--particularly the old saw that going after Bush would just give the presidency to Cheney.

Activists have countered with an "Impeach Cheney First!" campaign and a reminder that the Constitution in no way prohibits holding more than one official to account at the same time. They've also picked up an argument made by Daniel Ellsberg, of Pentagon Papers fame, who says it was the threat of impeachment that got Richard Nixon to bend to pressure from Congress to wind down the Vietnam War. "If you want to move Bush on Iraq," says Ellsberg, "get serious about impeachment." Millions of Americans are doing just that. John Nichols

Democratic Candidates Offer No Alternatives to War By Kenneth J. Theisen (05-04-07)

Last week eight Democratic presidential candidates met in South Carolina for a debate. The candidates were senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Chris-topher Dodd; former senators John Edwards and Mike Gravel; Gov. Bill Richardson; and Representative Dennis Kucinich.

Although most of what was said during this so-called debate was no more than “campaign sound bites,” it is important to look at what was said and also what was unsaid to see the alternatives the Democratic Party is offering to replace the Bush regime in 2009. Clinton was the first of the candidates to speak. In discussing the invasion and continued war in Iraq, she stated, “We have given the Iraqi people the chance to have freedom, to have their own country Ö it is past time for them to demonstrate that they are willing to make the sacrifice, the compromise that is necessary to put together a unified government and provide security and stability without our young men and women in the middle of their sectarian civil war.”

In what alternative universe does Clinton live? “Freedom?” Four years ago a massive invasion of the country was launched by the Bush regime. Today some 200,000 U.S.-led forces, “allies,” and contract mercenaries occupy “free Iraq.” “Sacrifice?” More than 650,000 Iraqis have been sacrificed on the altar of U.S. imperialism. If that is not enough sacrifice, maybe Clinton can take a look at the pre-war sanctions enforced by the United States which led to more than a million deaths of Iraqis, about half of the deaths being children. But then Clinton voted for the war and her husband was president while hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died under the sanctions regime so maybe looking back is not a good idea for the good senator. And the sectarian civil war to which she refers is a direct result of the invasion and occupation.

But let’s move on to see what other issues were raised in the debate. What concerns did Sen. Obama have? Early in the debate he stated his compassion for the military occupiers of Iraq. “We have seen our Army and our Reserves and our National Guard all being stretched to a breaking point. And that’s one of the reasons why I proposed that we’re going to have to increase the size of our ground forces, so we can stop the sort of rotations that we’ve been placing them on, which have been putting enormous strain not only on the soldiers themselves, but also their families Ö The men and women in uniform have performed valiantly in terms of overthrowing Saddam Hussein and giving the Iraqi people an opportunity to bring their country together.” In a recent foreign policy speech Obama proposed increasing the size of the Army and Marines by 92,000 and also getting the support of other countries when fighting wars of choice.

So Obama wants to increase the size of the military so that “our” poor military will not be over-stretched when the U.S. launches wars of choice. He also prefers more allies in his wars. In effect he is proposing a stronger “multilateral imperialism” in place of the Bush regime’s “unilateral imperialism.” And this is a good alternative?

And where is Obama’s compassion for the suffering of the Iraqi people? He feels sorry for those who have brought on this suffering. I guess the deaths and horrors imposed on Iraqis do not count. He forgot to mention it in the debate if it does. But then he did mention the “opportunity to bring their country together” that the U.S. invasion has given the Iraqi people. This is like Hillary’s freedom to “have their own country” sentiment. But those ungrateful Iraqis are just not showing their appreciation for these opportunities and the freedom the Bush regime has brought them. What ingrates.

At one point in the debate there was actually real debate. Representative Dennis Kucinich challenged Senator Obama about Obama’s previous statements outside of this debate referring to Iran. Obama has made it clear that he thinks that all options, including the use of nuclear weapons against Iran, are on the table with respect to keeping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. (Other candidates including Clinton and Edwards have expressed similar views.) In response to Kucinich, Obama said, “I think it would be a profound mistake for us to initiate war with Iran. BUT have no doubt, Iran possessing nuclear weapons will be a major threat to us and to the region Ö I think it is important for us to also recognize that if we have nuclear proliferators around the world that potentially can place a nuclear weapon into the hands of terrorists, that is a profound security threat for America and one that we have to take seriously.” (Does this remind you of Bush’s statements before he launched the attack on Iraq?)

At that point former Senator Mike Gravel pointed out correctly that the United States is the “greatest violator of the Non-Proliferation TreatyÖWe signed a pledge that we would begin to disarm, and were not doing it. We’re expanding our nukes. Who the hell are we going to nuke? ... Tell me Barack Ö who do you want to nuke?” Obama replied, “I’m not planning to nuke anybody right now, Mike, I promise you.” So we are safe from Obama for “now.” But then he is not the president and right now he does not have the power to nuke anyone.

One of the topics that did not come up at the debate was the impeachment of Bush. Although all the candidates claimed they were against indefinitely continuing the war waged by Bush, not one of them talked about impeaching the president who initiated the war. But Kucinich has proposed impeaching VP Cheney. But when the moderator asked who would enter into Kucinich’s effort to impeach the VP no one raised their hand.

Kucinich pointed out the hypocrisy of the candidates that claim to oppose the war, but yet recently voted to give the Bush regime even more money for the war than he asked for in his budget. He said, “I think it’s inconsistent to tell the American people that you oppose the war and, yet, continue to vote to fund the war. Because every time you vote to fund the war, you’re reauthorizing the war all over again Ö The Democrats have the power to end the war right now, and that’s what we should do.” He also went on to expose candidates like Clinton who say they voted to authorize the war because they were misled by the Bush regime. He stated, “I don’t think that it’s sufficient to say that if we had the information at the beginning that we would have voted differently. That information was available to everyone.” Millions around the world opposed the war before it was launched. They knew the Bush regime was attempting to deceive the world. Kenneth J. Theisen is an Oakland resident.

A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy. The document places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and '61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez. Why would anyone still be writing about the Bush assassination of JFK, 40 some years later? Because maybe that is how the CIA took over the US in 1963, turning the US into a secret dictatorship? Maybe? That depends on how awake you are.

You may remember Rodriguez as the Iran-contra CIA agent who received the first phone call telling the world the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua. As soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane crashed, he called his long-time CIA supervisor, George Bush. Bush denied being in the contra loop, but investigators recently obtained copies of Oliver North's diary, which documents Bush's role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network. In 1988 Bush told Congress he knew nothing about the illegal supply flights until 1987, yet North's diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting Aug. 6, 1985. Bush's "official" log placed him somewhere else. Such double sets of logs are intended to hide Bush's real role in the CIA; to provide him with "plausible deniability." The problem is, it fell apart because too many people, like North and Rodriguez, have kept records that show Bush's CIA role back to the 1961 invasion of Cuba. (Source: The Washington Post, 7/10/90).

That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating that, "Mr. George Bush of the CIA had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. (Source: The Nation, 8/13/88).

On the day of the assassination Bush was in Texas, but he denies knowing exactly where he was. Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zagruder film.

In 1959 Rodriguez was a top cop in the Cuban government under Batista. When Batista was overthrown and fled to Miami, Rodriguez went with him, along with Frank Sturgis and Rafael Quintero. Officially, Rodriguez didn't join the CIA until 1967, after the CIA invasion of Cuba, in which he participated, and the assassination of JFK. But records recently uncovered show he actually joined the CIA in 1961 for the invasion of Cuba when he was recruited by George Bush. That is how Rodriguez claims he became a "close personal friend of Bush."

Then "officially" Rodriguez claims he quit the CIA in 1976, just after he was sent to prison for his role in the Watergate burglary. However, according to Rolling Stone reporters Kohn & Monks (11/3/88), Rodriguez still goes to CIA headquarters monthly to receive assignments and have his blue 1987 bulletproof Cadillac serviced. Rodriguez was asked by a Rolling Stone reporter where he was the day JFK was shot, and claims he can't remember.

George Bush claims he never worked for the CIA until he was appointed director by former Warren Commission director and then President Jerry Ford, in 1976. Logic suggests that is highly unlikely. Of course, Bush has a company duty to deny being in the CIA. The CIA is a secret organization. No one ever admits to being a member. The truth is that Bush has been a top CIA official since before the 1961 invasion of Cuba, working with Felix Rodriguez. Bush may deny his actual role in the CIA in 1959, but there are records in the files of Rodriguez and others involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that expose Bush's role. The corporations would not put somebody in charge of all the state secrets held by the CIA unless he was experienced and well trained in the CIA. (Source: Project Censored Report, Feb 1989, Dr Carl Jensen, Sonoma State College).

Recently I interviewed former CIA liaison officer L. Fletcher Prouty. He is a consultant for the excellent new movie on how the CIA killed JFK, being made by Oliver Stone. He told me that one of the projects he did for the CIA was in 1961 to deliver US Navy ships from a Navy ship yard to the CIA agents in Guatemala planning the invasion of Cuba. He said he delivered three ships to a CIA agent named George Bush, who had the 3 ships painted to look like they were civilian ships. That CIA agent then named the 3 ships after: his wife, his home town and his oil company. He named the ships: Barbara, Houston & Zapata. Any book on the history of the Bay of Pigs will prove the names of those 3 ships. Again, this is more finger prints of George Bush's involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Yet Bush denies his role in this great adventure. Why would Bush be so shy about his role in this war? What is the secret? Is there something dirty about this war that Bush & Nixon don't want the public to know about?

Answer: Yes there is. The same people involved in the Bay of Pigs were the people involved in the Watergate burglary. Why was the Watergate burgalarized [sic]? The CIA was trying to plug up a possible news leak. They were trying to stop the Democrats from publishing the photos of Hunt & Sturgis under arrest for the murder of JFK (May 7, 1977, SF Chronicle.)

Presently, there is a law suit attempting to force the government to release the records about the Bay of Pigs invasion. Why are those documents still secret? Why are they locked in the National Archives along with all the photos from [the] Dallas assassination of JFK? Why are the 4000 hours of Watergate tapes in which Nixon is babbling about the mysterious connections between the Bay of Pigs, Dallas and Watergate also being sealed in the National Archives? Is it because all three incidents are connected?

Yes. We must demand the secret files on these 3 cases be released now. For a copy of the petition to release the files, please write to: Paul Kangas, private investigator, POB 422644, SF, CA 94142. Thanks to Oliver Stone's blockbuster new movie on JFK there is now sufficient national movement to reopen all these cases. The White House fears Stone's new movie so much that they have hired more CIA journalists to slander the movie & Stone. Don't fall for it. Every serious investigator now agrees that Oswald did not shoot JFK. That James Earl Ray did not shoot Dr. Martin Luther King and that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot Robert Kennedy. These cases must be reopened so that Sirhan and Ray can be set free. The only bar that keeps Sirhan in prison is the tremendous anti-arab racism in Americans: in both blacks & whites.

According to a biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and political ties with the Bush family go back to 1941 when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L A. newspaper, placed by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by Prescot Bush, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young, malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: Freedom Magazine, 1986, L.F. Prouty).

In fact, Prescot Bush is credited with creating the winning ticket of Eisenhower-Nixon in 1952.(Source: George Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988).

Newly discovered FBI documents prove that Jack Ruby has been an employee of Richard Nixon since 1947. That that [sic] FBI document Ruby is listed as working as a spy & hit man for Nixon. On Nov. 22, 63 Ruby was seen by a women who knew him well, Julian Ann Mercer, approximately an hour before the arrival of JFK's motorcade, unloading a man carrying a rifle in a case at the Grassy Knoll from his car. Ruby later was seen on national TV killing a witness who could link Nixon & Bush to the killing of JFK: Oswald. On the Trail of the Assassins, Garrison, p xiii.

Richard Nixon was Vice President from 1952 until 1960. In fact, Nixon was given credit for planning Operation 40, the secret 1961 invasion of Cuba, during his 1959 campaign for President After Batista was kicked out by the starving people of Cuba, and Fidel Castro came to power, Castro began telling American corporations they would have to pay Cuban employees decent wages. Even worse, Pepsi Cola was told it would now have to pay world market prices for Cuban sugar.

Pepsi, Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil and the Mafia drug dealers decided Fidel had to be removed since his policies of requiring corporations to pay market wages was hurting their profits. So the corporations asked then Vice-President Nixon to remove Fidel. Nixon promised he would, just as soon as he'd won the 1960 elections against some underdog, an unknown Democrat named John Kennedy. It would be an easy victory for Nixon. The polls had Nixon winning by a landslide. Besides, Kennedy was a Catholic, and Americans would no more elect a Catholic President than they would elect a woman, a black or a Jew. This was 1959.

Nixon told Pepsi, Standard Oil and other corporations who lost property given back to the farmers of Cuba, that if they would help him win, he would authorize an invasion to remove Castro. To further impress contributors to his campaign, then Vice-President Nixon asked the CIA to create Operation 40, a secret plan to invade Cuba, just as soon as he won.

The CIA put Texas millionaire and CIA agent George Bush in charge of recruiting Cuban exiles into the CIA's invasion army. Bush was working with another Texas oilman, Jack Crichton, to help him with the invasion. A fellow Texan, Air Force General Charles Cabel, was asked to coordinate the air cover for the invasion.

Most of the CIA leadership around the invasion of Cuba seems to have been people from Texas. A whole Texan branch of the CIA is based in the oil business. If we trace Bush's background in the Texas oil business we discover his two partners in the oil-barge leasing business: Texan Robert Mosbacher and Texan James Baker. Mosbacher is now Secretary of Commerce and Baker is Secretary of State, the same job Dulles held when JFK was killed. (Source: Common Cause magazine, 3-4/90).

On the Watergate tapes, June 23, 1972, referred to in the media as the "smoking gun" conversation, Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman, discussed how to stop the FBI investigation into the CIA Watergate burglary. They were worried that the investigation would expose their conection to "the Bay of Pigs thing." Haldeman, in his book The Ends of Power, reveals that Nixon always used code words when talking about the 1963 murder of JFK. Haldeman said Nixon would always refer to the assassination as "the Bay of Pigs."

On that transcript we find Nixon discussing the role of George Bush's partner, Robert Mosbacher, as one of the Texas fundraisers for Nixon. On the tapes Nixon keeps refering to the "Cubans" and the "Texans." The "Texans" were Bush, Mosbacher and Baker. This is another direct link between Bush and evidence linking Nixon and Bush to the Kennedy assassination. In the same discussion Nixon links "the Cubans," "the Texans," "Helms," "Hunt," "Bernard Barker," Robert "Mosbacher" and "the Bay of Pigs." Over and over on the Watergate tapes, these names come up around the discussion of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was trying to obtain when he ordered the CIA to burglarize the Watergate. (Source: Three Men and a Barge", Teresa Riordan, Common Cause magazine, March/April 1990, and San Francisco Chronicle, May 7,1977, interview with Frank Sturgis in which he stated that "the reason we burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking related to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy.")

After Nixon's landslide victory in 1972, he knew he had to centralize all power into the White House to keep his faction in power, not only to hold power, but to prevent the media from digging into how he secretly shot his way into the White House, just like Hitler shot his way into control of Germany. The first thing Nixon did was to demand signed resignations of his entire government. "Eliminate everyone," he told John Ehrlichman about reappointment, "except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause." (Source: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney Blumenthal.) The reason why Bush will 'do anything" is because his hands have as much of Kennedy's blood on them as do Nixon's, Hunt's, Sturgis's, Felix Rodriguez's and Gerald Ford's. This White House gang fears that if the public ever realizes how they shot their way into power it could set off a spark that would destroy their fragile fraud and land them in jail.

Other famous Watergate members of the CIA invasion that Bush recruited were Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker and Rafael Quintero. Quintero has said publicly that if he ever told what he knew about Dallas and the Bay of Pigs, "It would be the biggest scandal ever to rock the nation." Meanwhile, in 1960, Prescot Bush was running Nixon's campaign. Nixon was sent to South Vietnam to assure the French-connection government there that if France pulled out, the U.S. would step in to protect the drug trade from the GoIden Triangle. (Source: Frontline, 1988, "Guns. Drugs and the CIA"; Alexander Cockburn; "Cocaine, the CIA and Air America," S.F. Examiner, Feb. 2, '91; The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, Alfred McCoy, 1972.)

In 1959, Vice President Nixon was flying all over the world, acting just like presidential material. It was an easy race for Nixon. Congressman Jerry Ford was doing a great job fundraising for Nixon, as was George Bush. The rich loved Nixon. The media picked up every bone Nixon tossed out to them. The biggest problem was that Nixon was afraid to speak openly of his plan to invade Cuba. The plan was a secret. No sense in alerting Cuba to the coming invasion. But Kennedy was taking a harder line on Cuba than Nixon, because Kennedy was not aware of the corporate/CIA planned invasion. Nixon lost the 1960 race by the smallest margin in history. At first Bush, Nixon, Cabel and Hunt decided to just go ahead with the invasion, without informing President Kennedy. Then, at the last second, at 4 a.m., just two hours before the invasion was set to go, General Cabel called JFK and asked for permission to provide U.S. air cover for the CIA invasion. Kennedy said no.

The CIA was furious with JFK but decided to go ahead with their private invasion anyway. Due to poor intelligence, the CIA landed at the worst possible beach. A swamp. The invasion failed. The CIA lost 15 of its best men, killed, with another 1100 in Cuban prisons. It was the worst single blow the CIA ever suffered. (Source: F. Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day.) Bush, Nixon and Hunt blamed Cabel for asking Kennedy and blamed Kennedy for saying no. They were livid with anger. Nixon's corporate sponsors ordered JFK to make any deal necessary to recover the 1100 CIA agents imprisoned in Cuba. JFK did. Once the CIA had its well-trained Cubans back, they decided to continue the invasion of Cuba just as soon as they could get rid of that S.O.B. Kennedy.

The 1964 election was fast approaching. Nixon was running against Kennedy again. Bush, Ford and Nixon knew that they had to get rid of JFK now, or else the Kennedy clan, with Robert and Ted in the wings, could control the White House until 1984. They decided not to wait until '84 to get back in the White House. The Cuban teams of "shooters" began following Kennedy from city to city looking for a window of opportunity to shoot from. They came close in Chicago, but couldn't get the cooperation of Mayor Daley. But in Dallas they had an ace. The mayor was the brother of General Cabel, whom the CIA blamed for the failure of the invasion. The general prevailed on his brother, Earl, and the motorcade was changed to pass the grassy knoll at 7 m.p.h. Hunt and Sturgis shot JFK from the grassy knoll. They were arrested, photographed and seen by 15 witnesses. But the media turned a blind eye to the photos, and for 25 years the world has been searching for the truth.

On the day JFK was murdered, Nixon, Hunt and some of the Watergate crew were photographed in Dallas, as were a group of Cubans, one holding an umbrella up, like a signal, next to the President's limo just as Kennedy was shot. The Cubans can be seen holding up the signal umbrella in the Zapruder film and dozens of stills taken during the assassination. After the murder they can be seen calmly walking away. Nixon denied he was in Dallas that day, but new photos and stories prove he was there. Nixon claimed to the FBI he couldn't remember where he was when JFK was killed. (Source: FBI memo, Feb. 23, 1964, published in Coup d'etat in America, Weberman & Canfield). Bush, too, claims he can't remember where he was. Jack Anderson did a TV special in 1988 proving beyond any shadow of doubt that two of the tramps arrested in Dallas behind the grassy knoll were Hunt and Sturgis.

After the murder, former Vice President Nixon asked President Lyndon Johnson to appoint Nixon's friend, former FBI agent Jerry Ford, to run the Warren Commission. Nixon also asked LBJ to appoint Nixon's long-time supporter, Judge Earl Warren, to head the Commission. LBJ agreed. Ford interviewed all the witnesses and decided which ones would be heard and which ones eliminated. It is no coincidence that Nixon selected Ford as his Vice President after Spiro Agnew was ousted. When Nixon himself got busted in the Watergate scandal, Earl Warren offered to set up another special commission if it would help get him out of trouble again. Ford, of course, pardoned Nixon for the Watergate burglary but Nixon is still not out of the woods. There are 4000 hours of Watergate tape. On the June 23, 1972, discussions with John Ehrlichman and Haldeman there is clear evidence that Nixon is openly "confessing" to hiring Hunt to kill JFK. That is why the Watergate "investigation" went into secret session after Congress heard some of the tapes. This is why only 12 hours of 4000 hours have been released to the public.

Did Congress realize that Nixon and Bush had openly discussed killing JFK for stopping the air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Remember, Nixon taped virtually every discussion he had with anyone in his inner circle, including Bush, in order to blackmail people later. There is a photo of Bush reporting to Nixon in the White House in 1968. It will be interesting to see what they were talking about on that day, when the full 4000 hours are finally released. The key to unlocking the secrets behind the 1963 murder of JFK is hidden in the 3988 hours of unreleased White House tapes. Bush was in Dallas the day Reagan was shot. (Source: George Bush, F. Green, 1988.) That must have given Bush a flashback to November 22,1963.

?? George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon were in Dallas 2 weeks before JFK arrived, preparing the stage for the assassination. One of the things Bush & Nixon did was to create 7,000 copies of this poster & then hand them out on the streets. The people who actually printed & handed out the flyers were 30 members of the Bay of Pigs veterans who were very physically active in Dallas for 2 weeks before the assassination. They are part of the group holding the umbrella in front of the Grassy Knoll. This is more evidence of Bush & CIA’s extensive plans to kill JFK. After the assassination, honest FBI agents attempted to track the origin of this flyer. As the trail got hot, the CIA hired a patsy & his wife to take the blame for making this flyer. They created a cover story, trained actors, gave them a script & had them make false statements before the Ford run Warren Commission. Remember, Ford was an FBI agent, who later excused Nixon for all crime known & unknown. Like the assassination. Cute. Ask your self, have you ever made a flyer? Have you ever tried to hand out & post 7,000 flyers in 3 days. I have. It is a huge job. It would take 10 people 10 hours to hand out that many flyers on 10 street corners. Very similar to the way Oswald was filmed handing out very similar flyers on corners in New Orleans in 1962. Seen any connection? The Warren Commission claims they have found no evidence of any connection between those responsible for the handbill and the assassination. No connection to the assassination? Yes, and the Earth is flat. Yes, there is no connection between those who took the fall, & the assassination, because the CIA hired patsies who were not connected.

Nancy Pelosi Watch Team Alert.

What must we do to end this war by Christmas 2007?

We must build larger and larger marches in more and more cities.

Every time the Peace movement plans a march, now the CIA & the damn Democrats plan a counter march.

Veterans for Peace is leading a march for peace on Sunday, in Washington, DC, to march on the Pentagon.

Kurt Vonneguts book, Slaughter House 5 (Sh5), really opened my eyes to the reality of WWII. Joy & carnage,

My favorite parts of the book were Vonneguts joyful description of being liberated from the basement jail the Nazi had kept him in, in the beautiful city of Dresden, by the Red Army.

Dresden, German , had no military significance, other that it had a small prison camp, for 200 American & other special prisoners of war, including Vonnegut. Vonnegut was released from the prison when the Red Army, liberated the City. On May 1st, 1945 even Berlin fell to the Russian Red Army. Most American do not understand that the American military were sitting out the war, waiting & hoping the Germans would capture Moscow. Yes, I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but the Nazis & the Americans were secretly on the same side. Shocking isn,t it. That fact becomes clear if you read Vonnegut, and that is why his books are banned. But the secret US-German alliance lost WWII. Now, by Feb 1945, the Red Army had pushed the Germans out of Dresden.

Vonnegut knew he would soon be free. The huge Red Army was now pushing the defeated German Army across Germany. Dresden was now filled with 900,000 civilian refugees, fleeing the war. The war was over. No one was expecting an air raid, since there was now no military value to Dresden. If was just a quiet city filled with refugees. The war was over. Peace was at hand. The Nazis had been defeated by the Red Army. The Nazi flag came down last month. Soon the red flag of liberation would soon fly over the huge library in Dresden.

Suddenly the air was filled with American bombers. Vonnecuts month of joy turned to confusion, to then see the US Air Force bomb the whole beautiful city of Dresden into nothing, after the Red Army had defeated the Nazi. What was going on???

Historians have called this senseless attack by the American the greatest massacre in the history of WWII.

Then the Brits came in and fire bombed Dresden, killing even more tens of thousands of civilians. Over 100,000 thousand children were burned to death in Dresden. Vonnegut called this the worse carnage ever witnessed in 1 week, during whole of WWII -- greater than the worse loss of life anywhere else in the war. Why would the US & do something so brutal, so inhumane, so stupid??? Burning 100,000 children and women to death,.... for no military reason.

Vonnegut said the only reason the US bombed Dresden was to keep the dozens of huge Science libraries and over 100 excellent glass manuf acturing plants, out of the hands of the Russians, ... revealing that the US was really on the side of the Nazis!

All of WWII was just a war by the Bush family & the US Ruling Class in a stupid attempt to capture Russia. This is the bloody facts about WWII, that Vonnegut wrote about, and was the main reason the US tried to ban Vonneguts books! To keep Americans from learning the truth, that the US & the Germans were both on the same side, against ... the Russians!

10) John Black, The Truth about the 1945 Bombing of Dresden ( published, 23rd February 1995)

Dresden was a center of cultural and architectural wonders, including the famous Zwinger Museum and Palace and the cathedral, the Frauenkirche.

There were no military objectives of any consequence in the city - its destruction could do nothing to weaken the Nazi war machine. Remember, the U.S. and British air warfare had left the beautiful city of Dresden intact until that point. The US had planned to capture this jewel of Germany for the use of the US. But now the US was losing WWII.

By February 1945, refugees fleeing westward before the onrushing Red Army had doubled Dresden's population. The Soviet military forces were poised to seize the city from the Nazis. It was at that moment that the military and political strategists of United States decided to launch a terror bombing attack.

Winston Churchill was Britain's prime minister then. He was also responsible for war strategy, especially regarding its political aims. Churchill's goal in Europe was not only to destroy the military machine of Britain's imperialist secret ally - Germany - but to stop the advance of the Soviet Union.

With the latter in mind, he decided to bomb Dresden...

Official figures issued by the new city government of Dresden, set up in the wake of the city's surrender to the Red Army, indicate that 135,000 people - mostly women, children and older people - suffocated in the firestorm or burned to death. Other studies give a much higher casualty figure for the attack. The presence of so many refugees made accurate counts difficult. Vonnegut lived thru this holocaust, and lived to write the truth. Few Americans know this yet.

American Apologists for the bombing, ABC, CBS, CIA & NBC, point to Nazi Germany's own crimes. Following the war's end, however, the U.S. and Britain occupiers were quick to give most of the top Nazi leaders, new leadership roles in the new German government, to play important roles in western Germany - to gain these criminals as US and CIA allies against the USSR. All right out of the book 1984: black is white, history is fiction, the truth become a lie fed daily to the people by ABC, etc.

In fact, the US brought the top 2,000 Nazi leaders to the US, and they joined the CIA, as documented in the Treaty of Fort Hunt. It was this Nazi elite that created the CIA and then ambushed President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

To reach the same political goal, the U.S. and British rulers could easily afford to sacrifice more than 100,000 innocent children, with the bombing of Dresden.

Why did the US bomb Hiroshima? and Nagasaki?? During WWII, after the Russian Red Army had captured the Japanese islands, the US realized the Russians were going to take Japan, so the US bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima to stop the Russians from liberating Japan from the capitalist world. The US, specifically the Bush family, was the main financial backers of Hitler and the attack on Russia. The SF Mime troop did a show about the Bush family & Hitler --- Back to Normal.

A tireless community activist, Geoffrey Canada has been described as "the brother who never left the ’hood because he keeps looking into the faces of the children and seeing himself there."

Geoffrey Canada is president of the Harlem Children's Zone. Canada will discuss his work on behalf of at-risk children and families during a free public lecture entitled “It Takes a ’Hood: Community Revitalization, Educational Reform, and the Harlem Children’s Zone,”

Canada is the president of the Harlem Children’s Zone, which works with children and families in 23 blocks of central Harlem.

Canada has now declared war on Black killers of Black people. Similar to the way Adam Walsh declared war against criminals, after his son was killed. We should all help Canada to encourage him to start a TV show about tracking down the killer of Israel Ramirez, the body Guard for coward, white racist Dog, in Black face, Busta Rhymes.

Busta the Dog, saw and knows the crack head who killed Israel, but refuses to tell the police the name of his coke dealer. The person who shot Israel is Busta main contact for coke. We will now haunt Busta until he stands up on his hind legs and walks like a man.

The recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees, Canada in 1994 received the first annual Heinz Award for his work with urban youth. Canada grew up in poverty in the South Bronx, and his acclaimed memoir, Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America, reveals how the gun lobby fuels gun violence in inner cities. His latest book is Reaching Up for Manhood. In Harlem, Canada has worked with Rheedlen’s Beacon School, which provides support to children and families, the Community Pride Initiative that works with tenants to help them reclaim their neighborhoods, and the Harlem Peacemakers Program, a communitywide effort to reduce violence. Canada has a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College and a master’s from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Canada’s visit is sponsored by the UCSC Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community with support from the Academic Resources Collaborative; African American Resource/Cultural Center; American Studies So the CIA is planning to split the forces, by planning a march on the same day, at the same time, in NYC. Their idea is to drain the energy out of the March on the Pentagon. Will it work? We shall see.

While our Schools budgets burn, from lack of money being wasted on the war, the Democrats seem to enjoy playing footisie with the Republicans.

One of them, Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, squeezed in a morning appearance in New Hampshire, where she told one audience, ``We have to end this war and we can't do it without Republican votes. Then she flew to Washington, DC to vote in the Resolution on Saturday, 2-17-07, to cut funding to the war.

Wow. Here comes the first test of the Ethics of Nancy Pelosi.

Will she try to pass an act of Congress to screw California, or will she let he buddy Mazzola go to prison, where he belongs for stealing $36 million from the Plumbers Union retirement fund.

Democratic members of Congress say they'll forgo gifts from lobbyists such as skybox parties and rides in comfy corporate jets, and golden-parachute lobbying jobs, all in the name of proving their ethical resolve. Nancy Pelosi recently led the House in passing just such a self-denial exercise, with a version up for consideration in the Senate, where Barbara Boxer sits as acting ethics chair. Even if the Senate bill passes, however, these politicos' moral mettle will remain unproven until they answer the following questions: Can they withstand the temptation to staunch federal civil and possible criminal inquiries into the activities of a top San Francisco Democratic Party kingpin? Can they abstain from granting lucrative political favors to cronies and kin? In other words, can they resist the temptation ? apparently becoming stronger with time ? to help force a cozy all-in-the-Democratic-Party-family gambling casino deal down the throats of the people of Lake County, two hours north of here?

For the past few months Democratic lobbyist Darius Anderson has apparently been floating the idea of turning a rock-concert venue in Lake County into an Indian gambling casino. This gambling deal is of acute importance to top Bay Area Democrats because it promises to solve a serious problem: how to stop federal attorneys from pursuing allegations that San Francisco politico Larry Mazzola Sr. may have helped improperly divert some $36 million from employee benefit trust funds of the United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Journeymen Local 38. According to a U.S. Department of Labor 2004 lawsuit, Mazzola improperly shifted money intended for union health care, scholarships, apprenticeships, vacations, and holidays for 2,000 union members into a special trust fund that owns and operates Konocti Harbor Resort, known for hosting old-time rock acts such as Linda Ronstadt and Huey Lewis. Mazzola used up one-third of all of the union's retirement pension money, or more than $36 million over time, as the resort operated consistently in the red, according to IRS filings on behalf of union trusts and the Labor Department's complaint. The government's lawsuit seeks to restore the money to the pension plans, force union trustees to enact stricter controls over union retirement money, and bar officials overseeing the fund diversion from handling union retirement money in the future.

The lawsuit is currently in a discovery phase. Resolving the suit with a gambling-deal-enabled settlement could prevent a trial in which details about the union's financial dealings are made public as evidence. The deal could theoretically even play a role in heading off an alleged criminal probe of Mazzola. According to a recent filing by Mazzola's attorney, his legal counsel have received Labor Department e-mails leading them to believe the government has begun at least one criminal investigation into the alleged funds diversion. (Mazzola hasn't responded to phone and e-mail messages requesting comment on Konocti. Anderson has also not responded to requests for an interview.) A Labor Department spokeswoman stated the agency's policy of neither confirming nor denying the existence of criminal probes. The theoretical prospect of a civil court order limiting Mazzola's control of the union his family has controlled since the 1950s, or of seeing him investigated criminally, represents a true quandary for the leaders of the Northern California Democratic Party.

Mazzola, after all, isn't merely the business manager of Local 38. He was on Gavin Newsom's transition team, is president of the election-tipping San Francisco Building & Construction Trades Council, he's president of the S.F. Airport Commission, and, in the words of Nancy Pelosi during a 2001 congressional proclamation, an "outstanding leader for San Francisco." It turns out that the labor leader's situation might be improved with a little bit of political and financial legerdemain. This could involve creating the appearance that union trust accounts hadn't really been diverted into a money-losing proposition by making it seem that Konocti Harbor Resort was a sound investment. Such an accomplishment might undermine the lawsuit's claim that officials managing employee benefit trust funds "mismanaged the benefits and placed the benefits of thousands of workers at risk," as U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chow said in 2004, when the suit was filed. One way to counter the "mismanagement" charge might be to sell the resort at a high enough price to repay the union benefit trust funds the $36 million allegedly used to finance the resort. And a way to fetch such a price might involve declaring Konocti Harbor Resort an Indian reservation, cutting a deal with Las Vegas gambling interests, getting a token Indian tribe to front the deal, then presenting the results to Labor Department attorneys.

If the land under the resort were somehow declared Indian land ripe for casino development, the value of Local 38's Lake County real estate might suddenly explode. The Mazzola-controlled trust fund could sell Konocti Harbor Resort to the gambling consortium. Such a sale might allow Konocti Harbor Resort to reimburse the union trust funds that had financed its renovation operation, thus satisfying the Labor Department's demand that the employee benefit funds be repaid. All might be well again in the San Francisco Democratic Party. It appears that Anderson is attempting to accomplish just such a feat. He may have assembled a casino pact that would involve a Las Vegas casino firm, and any of five Northern California landless tribes. But such magic could be performed only with the help of very powerful politicians. That's because in 2005, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated he would oppose casino deals proposed for sites where there was no pre-existing federal land trust, or reservation ? and only then in cases where local residents and elected officials support a casino plan. The idea of a Konocti Harbor Resort Indian casino ? involving no existing reservation, and no community support, is precisely the type of proposal Schwarzenegger's statement meant to thwart. Dear Friends,

Operation Iran Liberation ( OIL ), must come to an end by Christmas 07.

We have given the Democrats a deadline. The war budget must be cut in the first 100 days.

There must be major troop movement (50%) out of Iraq and back to the US by March 17th, 2007.

All troops must be Home by Christmas 2007.

Demonstration against the Iraq War! Sat 11, in the top 50 cities in America and in SF, March 17th, 2007. Meet at Dolores Park. 11 am. Join the THC group: Troops Home by Christmas.

We must stop this war in 2007.

For one year, until Christmas 2007, this web site will discuss what You & I can do to pressure the spineless Democrats to stop the war. The Democrats were elected, not because they spoke out against the war, but because the anti-war movement , on the streets, demonstrating monthly, in the 50 largest cities in the U.S. and the world, changed public opinion.

Slowly, the media came out against the war. Then the majority turned against the war. In a comical letter to the editor of the SF Chronicle Comical of 1-17-07, one writer blamed the media for Congress voting to cut the funds. How ridiculous. The real power for peace, was the people and groups, like: Vets 4 Peace, Code Pink, WCW, THC, Answer, marching every weekend against the war.

Appeal for Redress. In 2005, soldiers in Iraq began circulating a Petition to stop the war. Thousands of active duty military people came out against the war in 2006. Soldiers and Sailors have the right to speak directly to members of Congress, using the Appeal for Redress laws. On 1-16-07, over 1,000 active duty military people signed a petition to Congress, using the Appeal for Redress laws, to demand the war stop now.

Even the TV news show 60 minutes came out against the war, when Andy Rooney gave this great, serious, 3 minutes speech, calling for the war to stop now, and for Bush to go on TV, to apologize and admit he was wrong, wrong, wrong. Great shot Andy. Now I dare you to come and march on the street with us on March 17th.

Then the chruch turned against the war. Finally, some of the lame Democrats came out, weakly, against the war: as it was being run by the Republicans. Now that the Democrats are in power, they want to run the war better.

The peace movement: THC ( Troops home by Christmas), Code Pink, Veterans for Peace ( VFP ), World Can't Wait, ( WCW), Act Now to Stop War, ( ANSWER ), MoveOn, etc, want the war budget cut to zero by March 17th.

Once the budget is cut to zero, then the contractors who drive the trucks, who cook the meals, who build the buildings, will stop, and the war will stop. Beware. The Democrats do not want to stop the war. Remember Vietnam. Once LBJ came into power, the Democrats expanded the war, with the Christmas bombing of Hanoi. What a bloody Christmas suprise that was. From the damn Democ Rats. Expect the same in 2007.

There is enough money in the pipe line, to turn the troops around and send them home. Leave all their guns in Iraq. Put all the girls and boys in uniform on the planes and send them home. Anyone under 30 is still a kid to me. They do not have enough experience to know about war and peace. That is why the military is able to suck young kids, 18 to 28 into the military. We need a new law making it illegal for anyone to join the military until they are 26.

America needs the money spent on curing Heart Disease, in rebuilding the housing and schools of America. We will only get the government we demand. Get ready to march against the war Budget every month in 2007, or else the DemocRats will sneak us back into the war.

Barak Obama, Democrat candidate for President , said on Face the Nation, ....''I do not support total withdrawal of the troops from Iraq.'' Just another sell out Democrat.

Write Obama a letter. Tell that clown to get out in the streets and march against the war.

Please write one letter every month to your representative in Congress, but back it up with one peace vigil every week. The next national march is March 17, Sat. 11am in SF, NY and in every state capitol. Please join us. IM and email your friends today to plan to attend.

There is a mutiny happening in Iraq right now!

Right now in Iraq, 1-19-07, hundreds of troops are demanding to go home for Christmas 07.

The troops all know the war is over. Christmas is a time for peace and family. Accept the fact, we lost this wrong war. Stop the useless killing for oil. The troops know the idiot Republicans who sent them into hell, have been driven from the Senate and the House. The war is over.

We elected the Democrats to stop the war. Not to invade Iran or tap dance around the issue to total withdrawal immediately. As it Vietnam, fewer lives will be lost if we release the only President of Iraq, allow him to see if he can bring back some sanity, and the U.S. troops, our kids, should come back by Christmas. The war is over. If you agree, ACT. Write Congress. Do not let the Democrats play games with the lives of these kids in uniform. Make Christmas a time of world peace.

This has happened before, during a war. Remember, during WWI, the troops actually stopped the war at Christmas, to sing peace songs, then refused to fight after the Xmas pause. See this movie, Joyous Noel, Marry Christmas, about the WWI mutiny. It is a very timely movie. The movie is available right now at your local video store now. Please rent the movie to understand this mutiny in Iraq now.

Write Congress to demand the troops come home for Christmas. It was the pressure from the Peace movement that got the Democrats elected. Now it is time to bring all the troops home by Christmas. During the Korean war, Ike ran on the slogan, Bring all the troops home by Christmas.

Veterans for Peace. Paul 7Kangas @cs.com Members.tripod.com/paul kangas

There is a mutiny happening in Iraq right now!

The troops are demanding to go home for Christmas.

During WWI, the troops actually stopped the war at Christmas, to sing peace songs, then refused to fight after the Xmas pause. See this movie, Joyous Noel, Marry Christmas, about the WWI mutiny, available at your video store now. Please rent the movie to understand this mutiny in Iraq now.

Write Congress to demand the troops come home for Christmas. Veterans for Peace. Paul 7Kangas @cs.com Members.tripod.com/paul kangas

Ecological wisdom

Stop population growth to stop global warming.

Herbs: Penny Royal tea prevents pregnancy.

ZPG: The US & Mexico need to adopt China?s policy of 1 child per family.

What is the process for building a National Green Party?

The Greens must run a Green Party candidate for President 08: Paul Kangas, Green Party, for President 08.

Legalize Prostitution to combat AIDS & protect Black women from rape. Who is Gwen Ifel?

Paul Kangas, VP Vets for Peace 415-368-8581 paul 7 kangas@ cs.com members.tripod.com/paulkangas

The Democrats, led by pro-war Nancy Pelosi, and the Bush Administration is preparing for war against Iran, using an almost identical drumbeat of weapons of mass destruction, imminent threat, alleged links to Al Queda, and even linking Iran with a future 911.

In the past few months reports have been published in Newsweek, ABC News and GQ Magazine that indicate the US is recruiting members of paramilitary groups to destabilize Iran through violence. The New Yorker magazine and the Guardian have written that US has already deployed military inside Iran . The latest issue of Time writes of plans for a naval blockade of Iran at the Port of Hormuz, through which 40% of the world's oil supply passes. Other news reports have claimed that an air strike, using a variety of bombs including bunker busters to be dropped on over 1,000 targets, including nuclear facilities. This could obviously result in a great long term humanitarian and environmental disaster. Did you see the Sunday 60 Minutes editorial called for immediate withdrawal from Iraq? CBS said Bush should go on TV and explain what noble cause all these people died for in this immoral war, and then to say he is sorry for this illegal war. I guess it is easier to have a Jester, like Andy Rooney say the hard things, ?The war is wrong?, the epitome of what most Americans are saying today. Maybe we should ask 60 Minutes to cover the peace marches we have every 6 months, if they feel so strongly. I feel we should used this position by CBS to appeal to those who are not yet committed to march against the war, like most of the elected officials of the Democratic War Party. And the CEOs of the oil companies. I blame the oil companies more than their puppet Bush. This moment is like when Walter Cronkite spoke out against the Vietnam, which signaled the end of the war, from the ruling class mouth piece. Now it is time to let the Democrats run the war for 4 years. I can bet you if a Democrat is elected in 2008, they will attack Iran. I have decided to run for President in 2008, on the Green Party Platform. If you are ready to endorse me, sign up here, by emailing me now: paul7kangas@cs.com Paul Kangas, VP, Vets for Peace, 415-368-8581, Veteran of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.

Playing the Numbers Game Cindy Sheehan Numbers have been flying around the airwaves lately. How many Rebublican Congresspeople have had to resign from scandals this past year? 4. Randall "Duke" Cunningham (R-Ca), Bob Ney (R-Oh), Mark Foley (R-Fl) and Tom Delay (R-Tx) . How many more "R's" are implicated in the scandals that the above four resigned for? Who knows? How many staff members of the corrupt administration have resigned in disgrace this year? 4. Andrew Card (R), I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby (R), Susan Ralston, (R) and Scotty "Spokesliar" McClellan (R). (Sorry if I missed any scoundrels). How many members of Congress (both houses, "R's" and "D's") should turn in their credentials? All of them who voted to take away our century's old right to Habeas Corpus and who voted to exonerate George and the other Torquemadas for authorizing torture and crimes against humanity. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University, how many innocent Iraqis have died due to our invasion and occupation of Iraq? 655,000! 655,000! Stop and think about that number. That is roughly the population of one of my favorite cities here in America: Austin, Tx. With the population of Iraq roughly 1/10th the size of the United States, that's like 6,550,000 of our citizens gone. That is larger than the populations of 37 of our states. Millions have fled Iraq; "all the good people" one Iraqi parliamentarian told me. Halliburton is busy taking our tax dollars to not rebuild a country that the blood-thirsty fanatics in power have destroyed. I have spoken to many Iraqis and everyone in that country has lost a close member of his/her family. Not a "friend of a friend of a friend of a friend," but a son/daughter, mother/father, sister/brother: entire families wiped out for greed of mammom. But they are all our children and one loss is unacceptable. George said that the abominably high number of people killed in Iraq only proves how much they are willing to suffer for "freedom and democracy." Well, here's another number for George, 87% of Iraqis want the occupying forces out of their country. How is that for democracy for you, George? Another one of the disturbing consequences of your "freedom and democracy" is that over 50% of the Iraqi people think that it's okay to target American and coalition of the "wilting" forces to accomplish this complete withdrawal. How many of our brave young people have been killed due to the lies of the Bush Administration and the rubber stamping of Congress? 2766. Over 50 this month alone. It is monstrous and barbaric that the occupation continues (and was even started in the first place) with Congress giving the irresponsible George ever more and more money to kill our kids. Besides the needless human cost of this war, how much money does America spend in Iraq every hour? $10,000,000.00! What could we do with ten million dollars if it wasn't being dumped into the now virtual wastelands of Iraq filtered into the pockets of the war machine? How many people could we have rescued off of their roof tops in New Orleans? How many levees could have been repaired? How many young people could we send to college instead of sending them to fight illegal and immoral wars? The thought of the cost of one, two, twenty-four hours in Iraq is staggering and how long will it take our grandchildren to pay off the trillions of dollars in debt that George is sinking them into. How many of our troops and Iraqis have been wounded? Who really knows for sure?The physical wounds are horrifying enough, but I believe close to 100% have been wounded emotionally and do not even get the bare help that the obviously wounded do. How many people live in the United States? 282,000,000. How many people believe that George is telling the truth about Iraq? 17 percent, which is about 48 million people that leaves us with about 235,000,000 people that know he is lying. How many members of Congress? 535. How many members of the Executive Branch and cabinet? 17. We the people who abhor the killing policies of our government are the very silent majority in this country and we are allowing less than 600 people to control our destinies, run our country into the sewers, tarnish our good name in other countries, kill and torture innocent human beings and imprison them without due process (with the Congressional seal of approval), drain our treasury and put most of our debt in the hands of Communist China, and endanger our own precious lifeblood to boot: While destroying the very planet that we need to live on. How much of these criminals and their crimes can we stomach? I can't stomach anymore and I call anyone in America who is sick to death of the people we employ to represent us, representing their own interests and the war machine's interests to join Gold Star Families for Peace in front of the White House for a sit-in to surround it and tell the people who mislead us that we want our country back and our troops out of Iraq. We are tired of politics as usual, which mean lies and the stealing of our freedoms. We want honest and brave politicians, ie,: politics as unusual! Please go to Gold Star Families for Peace for details of our sit-in which will run from November 6th to the 9th. Also, go to Progressive Democrats of America to sign the petition to support Congressman Jim McGovern's bill, HR4232, which cuts funding for the continuing occupation. Ending the funding is what stopped Vietnam. Let's cut Iraq off before it becomes as bad as Vietnam. We the people of my generation and older need to put our bodies on the line for our children and grandchildren. I want to be able to look in the eyes of my (hopefully) future grand-children and say with a clear conscience: "Your grandma did everything she could to make your world a better place." I hope to heaven that I can utter those words in a world that is truly better than the one that I gave Casey. I hope that war will eventually stop being used as a diplomatic tool and that my grandchildren won't be used as pawns in the war profiteer's avaricious numbers game. Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Spc. Casey A. Sheehan who was killed in Iraq on 04/04/04. She is the founder and president of Gold Star Families for Peace and the author of Peace Mom. Earlier this year, I demanded congressional hearings on Iran and was able to secure the promise of a classified briefing from the Department of Defense, the State Department and the CIA. When the briefing was held, the Department of Defense and the State Department refused to show and are continuing to block any congressional inquiry into plans to attack Iran. Just this past week, the International Atomic Energy Agency called "erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated" statements relating to Iran's nuclear program which came from a staff report of the House Intelligence committee. Other intelligence officials have claimed over a dozen distortions in the report which, among other things, said Iran is producing weapons grade uranium. The Washington Post wrote: "The IAEA called that 'incorrect' noting that weapons grade uranium is enriched to a level of 90 percent or more. Iran has enriched uranium to 3.5% under IAEA monitoring."

I have demanded that the Government Oversight subcommittee on National Security and International Relations, of which I am the ranking Democrat, hold hearings to determine how in the world the Director of National Intelligence, John Negroponte, viewed the report without correcting the obvious inaccuracies before it was published. Once again a case for war is being built on lies. You will recall that four and a half years ago I warned this nation about the deception behind the build up to war against Iraq. Everything I said then turned out to be 100% right. I led 125 Democrats in opposing the Iraq war resolution in March of 2003. That shows just how powerlesss the Democrats are. The very same people who brought us Iraq in 2003 are getting ready to bring us a war against Iran, because the Democrats play soft cop, while the Republicans lead the war effort, as all players make tons of money from their WAR stocks. With your help, I will lead the way to challenge Nancy Pelosi and the Bush Administration's march to war against Iran. Please support the Krissy Keefer campaign for election with a generous donation to help continue my work in the Congress. The plan to attack Iran, on its face, threatens the safety of every US soldier serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the countless Iranian lives at risk and the threat to world peace and environmental catastrophes. Bring the Troops home Fast.

With your support, I intend to continue to insist upon: (1) Direct negotiations with Iran. (2) The Democrats & Pentagon must guarantee Iran and the world community that it will not attack Iran. (3) The US must open once again to international inspections of its nuclear program. (4) The US must agree not to build nuclear weapons. Many of you joined me three years ago as I ran for President to challenge the deliberate lies about WMDs, Iraq and 911, Iraq and Al Queda and the Niger "yellowcake" claims which put us onto the path of an unnecessary, illegal, costly war in Iraq. The Iraq war has caused greater instability and violence in the world community. In the meantime, our government has used the oxymoronic war on terror to trample our Constitution, rip up the Bill of Rights and rule by fear. Please join with me as we continue our efforts for the end of fear and the beginning of hope, for international dialogue, for cooperation and for peace. Thank you,


My Self-cure. An ounce of experience, is worth a ton of arguments and book learning. My first patient was myself. It happened like this. During the war, I volunteered at age 34 for the Army. I was examined and rejected by 4 Army doctors as being too thin, having sciatica and a cough. I was told to get into a health program, gain some weight and get over the cough. I put myself under the care of a doctor, who advised me to eat better, get more sunlight, fresh air and exercise. I did so for a year and gained 28 lbs. I still was not satisfied, so I consulted with another doctor, who told me I had a lung infection and needed a diet high in sugar and starch. I followed his prescription and soon had Diabetes. The same doctor then put me on another diet of 3 pints of water for 4 days of the week, and then could snack for 3 days a week, but had to chew my food very carefully. This caused me to develop swollen gums and a swollen tongue. In addition I developed insomnia, became very irritable and nervous. I followed the doctors prescription for 16 weeks. While it did get rid of my cough, sciatica and catarrhal conditions, but the cure seemed worse than the disease. The final upshot was, that after 2 years of this treatment, I lost faith in doctors and began my own series of adventures in health care, against the doctors advise.

I will not prolong this story, by giving all the details, but suffice it to say, there came a time when feeling very weak and ill, I recalled the text in Proverbs V, which runs, ?Drink waters out of thine own cistern.? A text, which in turn, reminded me of the case of a young girl with diphtheria, whose father gave her cups of her own urine to drink. This treatment cured her of her diphtheria in 3 days. In my weak state, I began remembering things I had heard in life about health. I remembered a case of jaundice which I had seen cured in the same way. I also remembered asking my doctor, how he could tell my lungs and pancreas were diseased. He told me he found tissue from my lungs in my urine. I even remembered saying to him, in my then innocence: ?If I am losing vital tissue, lung tissue, through my urine, then why not drink the urine and replace these stem cells and lung cells in that way? To which he had replied, that, the organs could not assimilate the dead stem cells and lung tissues.? This, however, I have since proven, was nothing but a scientific misunderstanding and fallacy. The body can indeed reabsorb stem cell, lung cells and eye tissue found in the urine, by rubbing it on the skin, as when gangrene is cured by rubbing urine on the wound, or by just drinking the urine containing stem cells, lung tissue, or eye tissue. We now know, the body can indeed repair: skin, liver, kidney, lungs, eyes and heart organs, just by recycling the stem cell tissues found in urine.

And here to digress for a moment. I grant that if is unwise to assert than any given text of the Scripture denotes this or that. For many people read in the Bible exactly what they themselves wish to find there. Nevertheless, I believe that the text I have quoted, and many other also, refer to the science of the day, back in 1,000 BC, to the science as they knew it, of that vital liquid tissue, of how they used their own perfect medicine, which the body gives us, which is made by our own bodies having the innate natural healing ability to repair all organs: and believing it, I acted in accordance with that belief, to find in the end that it proved out to be my physical salvation. Fortified by my research, by science, as I understood it then in 1918, and by my own faith in my own understanding of the science from 1,000 BC, and from what my mother taught me, when she cured my tooth ache with urine in 1891, I fasted for 45 days on nothing but my own perfect urine and water.

I told everyone what I was planning to do. I did this as a precaution, so that I would have a circle of support, if I needed it. Plus, as they say, Begin with the End in mind. I knew I would have to break my fast eventually, so I had a plan for how I was going to spend my time and break my Fast. To begin my fast, I ate a normal breakfast and lunch the day before, but had no dinner, just carrot juice. I had been saving old urine in several amber gallon jugs for several months, planning this Fast. The next day I began my Fast, by drinking all my morning urine, followed by a half of glass of water. I did not just drink the mid-stream, as some do. I saved and drank all of it. I kept a diary, a calendar and tried to just relax in the sun each morning and evening. I did some mild stretching exercise just to stay limber. I took a 20 minute nap about noon each day. As I went along, with my Fast, friends, neighbors and family came by to visit me, at my small farm, to see and discuss what I was doing. I took each day as it came. I kept several bottles by my bed, so I could take a leak at night, without having to get up. This is one advantage of being a man. A woman can do the same with a wide mouth urn. I would then save the night urine in amber bottles, with a cotton ball cork, to allow it to breath and age. Urine is a living tissue. It needs to breath and age. The aged urine I would rub on my arm for 20 minutes each morning and evening. I would do this by sitting in my bath tub, with an inch of hot water on the bottom, put my feet in a large pan of urine and rub small amounts of old urine on a leg for 20 minutes. In this way I was able to feed and improve my skin daily.

It is very important to feed your skin daily. Urine is the best food for your skin. This is also a form of exercise. This process would take me an hour each morning, and an hour each evening, just before bed. This rubbing can be strenuous, so you need to switch from one leg to the next, when you get tired of doing just one leg. I had a few healing crisis in the first week. A headache lasted for a day and then went away, on its own. I had diarrhea one day. That cleaned out the years of encrustations I had developed inside my gut, stomach and colon. It felt really good to get rid of all those years of encrusted waste. I felt and was lighter. My stomach got flatter each day after that. I was looking and feeling so much better each day. On day 4 I noticed I still was not hungry. Very curious, because I had never done this before. This was all just a new experience. I just kept going day after pleasant day. I was on my great adventure into understanding my body. On the 11th day, even my doctor came by, and told me 11 days was the most any human could go on just urine and water. But I just kept on drinking all my urine each day, with a half glass of water chaser, after each glass of urine.

Most of my friends were amazed by what I was doing. They were very supportive. It helped that I had told them all what I was going to do, before I did it. They kept coming by and encouraging me. I knew I was on the right track, because I was usually feeling fine. When I got to 30 days, I though very seriously of breaking my fast, but my skin was looking so much better, and I was not feeling hungry, so I decided to just relax and go with the flow, to see how far this adventure would take me. My wife told me all the big brown moles on my back had suddenly disappeared. Onward I went. Spiritual support. On the first page of Mathew, it talks about how Jesus Fasted for 40 days while walking on the desert, drinking only the water from his belly. I am not religious, but I do look at the Bible as a historical record. I figured I could do the same thing Jesus did, because that too was part of the scientific record of human history from that period. So I eventually made it to 40 days and still did not feel hunger. Even if friends brought over soups and salads by for me to use to break my fast, I just thanked them for their concern, and told them to bring me the soup next week, to see if I was ready to break my fast.

I finally broke my Fast on a small amount of raw beef, and though it gave me no discomfort beyond a ravenous hunger, I none the less ate cautiously for a time, eating mainly egg soups, fish soups, vegetable soups and continued to drink all my own urine, noticing that it changes in temperature, quantity, taste, depending entirely on what I ate or drank, and on the amount of exercise I did. To this day, I still drink all my urine each day. At the end of this treatment I felt and was an entirely new man. I weighted 140 lbs, up from my sickly 110 lbs, I had been 2 years before, was full of vim and vigor, looked about 11 years younger than I actually was and had a new skin like that of a young girl. I was now thirty six at the time, and now am over 60. Yet by just drinking every drop of the water that I have passed over the last 20 years, living on a diet that is correct for my blood type, and never eating more food per day than I considered the body requires, my health has improved greatly. I look and feel much younger than most men of my age. Since I ended my Fast, many of my friends are now Fasting, and they come to me to ask them to guide them. Which I do. One of the advantages of telling all your friends you are planning to do a Fast, is it gives you strength to continue. Plus when you are done, they know they now have someone who can them help guide them through their adventure in healing. An ounce of experience is worth a ton of book learning. For the rest of my life, I intend to drink all my urine, because I feel less hungry, when I do, so I can usually feel satisfied on just one meal each day. I now take one of those vitamin C fizzy packets of Ola Loa, each hour, to try to extend my life beyond age 100.

This article is based on an article written by John W. Armstrong in 1944, and an actual Fast, by Paul Kangas, from July 4, 2006, to Sept 26, 2006, in the Code Pink, Troops Home Fast. I am proud to say I could not have done the Fast as long as I did, with Code Pink, if I had not read the life story of John Armstrong and then had the leadership of Code Pink to kick my butt into gear. Thank you Code Pink. I hope we can do another Troops Home Fast next summer. I am sorry we will have to. Even if a Democrat is elected in 2008, the war for oil will continue. Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) will not stop if a Democrat is elected. The President must follow orders from the Pentagon, or he will be assassinated. That is the lesson from 1963. Having been involved in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, which President Kennedy order stopped, I too realize that Bush killed JFK just because JFK refused to follow orders from the Pentagon and the ruling class.

Oakland police announced today that a $15,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the location of Nina Reiser, a 31-year-old woman who has been missing for more than three weeks. Reiser, a native of Russia, was last seen about 2 p.m. on Sept. 3, Sunday, when she dropped off her two children at the home of her estranged husband, Hans Reiser, in the 6900 block of Exeter Drive, cross street, in Oakland. Her minivan was found Sept. 9th in the Thornhill neighborhood on Saturday, Sept 9th. Who did she have a date with on Friday Sept 8th. Where and When did she buy the food? Store receipts in the bag would lead us to the store, where video cameras would show who she was shopping with.

My speculation. She was probably kidnapped and murdered by a 6 ft., 250 lb. 30 yearold Black male, ex-con, in Oakland, from the shopping center on Saturday, where she had been shopping. He has been out of prison for 5 months, where he had just served 3 years for kidnapping and rape. Her body will be found next year in the trunk of an stolen and abandoned gold Cadillac, near International & 20th. The couple married in 1999 but separated in May of 2004. They are undergoing contentious divorce proceedings but the divorce hasn't been finalized. The Oakland Police Department is urging anyone with information, however slight, on Nina Reiser's disappearance to call the missing persons unit at (510) 587-2527.

Longtime Activist Makes a Run for Governor in Colorado

Longtime vaccine choice activist Dawn Winkler-Kinateder is the Candidate for Governor in Colorado. Dawn has been politically active in vaccine choice and health freedom issues for nearly ten years. She is currently executive director of Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI), a non-profit organization that funds scientific research and serves as an educational resource for scientific evidence that supports informed medical decisions for children.

The tragic death of Dawn's daughter, Hailey Lynn, launched her into her career as an activist. In 1995, at the age of 23, Dawn gave birth to Hailey Lynn in Iowa. "The birth of my daughter altered the course of my life forever in ways a mother would never imagine, or want to imagine," said Dawn.. At only five and a half months, Hailey Lynn's life came to an end. Her death was labeled a SIDS death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Dawn recalls sitting on the front porch of her parent's house and vowing that if I ever know exactly what took my precious daughter away from me, I will make it my life's work to stop it from happening to others.

After her son was born, Dawn and her husband moved to Washington State and Dawn immersed herself in countless hours of research at Eastern Washington University. Determined not to lose her son, she searched for the truth about SIDS in the University library with her infant son by her side. It was during her search for answers about her daughter's death that she began reading every vaccine article she could find. Slowly, she began to understand that her daughter had died from vaccination, not SIDS.

"What I learned gave me the strength to fight for other parents and their babies so they could have the information and choices I did not have with my daughter," said Dawn. Armed with the facts about vaccines that doctors do not tell parents, Dawn became an activist for children's rights. Although she worked fulltime as an accountant , she became the Vice President of Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety, an organization that promotes informed decisions regarding vaccinations. In 1997, Dawn and her organization managed to stop the mandating of the Hepatitis A vaccine for children entering school in Washington state. This was considered a major victory because never before had a vaccine mandate been stopped based on questionable necessity and safety. In 2000 she and her family moved to California and, in 2001, Winkler scored another victory for parental rights when her newly founded California Vaccine Awareness stopped the mandatory injection of hepatitis A and Prevnar vaccines in California.

In 2002, Dawn and her family moved to Colorado, where she co-founded Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI), which is dedicated to promoting informed vaccination decisions and protecting parental rights. HAPI also funds testing of vaccinations for mercury content and has met with FDA officials over discrepancies between content and product insert claims. She has fought egislation that expands Colorado's vaccine tracking system due to its disregard for privacy and potential for harassment. Winkler helped support the defeated SB-099 this past legislative session that would have limited mercury in vaccines for children and pregnant women in Colorado. If elected Governor of Colorado, Dawn says she will oppose any legislation requiring forced vaccinations, including vaccinations as a requirement for children entering the public school system. She will also seek to put an end to the intrusive Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS), a statewide registry that tracks the immunization status of all of Colorado children without parental knowledge or permission. "Vaccination is a medical procedure, which carries risk of injury or death," Dawn said."The decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate for any particular disease should be the decision of the parent."

Dawn advocates a complete separation of medicine from the government. She believes government should recognize the right of individuals to determine, free from government interference and its harmful side effects, the level of insurance they want, the level of care they want, the care providers they want, he medicines and treatments they will use, and all other aspects of their medical care. She supports the alternative medicine community, which takes a holistic approach to health and opposes dominantion by any one health care modality. Dawn lives with her husband, David Kinateder, and son in Gunnison, Colorado. To learn more about Dawn and her campaign check out her website at www.dawnf orgovernor.org July 4th Troops home Fast.

MIAMI (AP) - He served as a Navy and CIA officer, and helped orchestrate a coup in Guatemala and the botched Bay of Pigs invasion, but E. Howard Hunt is best known as something he always said he wasn't: a Watergate burglar. Hunt, who often said he preferred the term ``Watergate conspirator,'' died Tuesday at the North Shore Medical Center in Miami after a lengthy bout of pneumonia, said his son, Austin Hunt. He was 88. ``I will always be called a Watergate burglar, even though I was never in the damn place,'' Hunt told The Miami Herald in 1997. ``But it happened. Now I have to make the best of it.'' Hunt was eventually jailed for helping plan the June 17, 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, which led to the collapse of Richard Nixon's presidency. While working for the CIA, Hunt recruited four of the five actual burglars - Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Rolando Eugenio Martinez and Frank Sturgis - who had worked for him a decade earlier in the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion. All four also had ties to Miami, where part of the Watergate plan was hatched. Hunt said the burglary's aim was to see whether Fidel Castro's Cuban regime had given money to the campaign of Nixon's Democratic opponent, George McGovern. It hadn't, and the fallout from the break-in led to Nixon's resignation Aug. 9, 1974. Twenty-five men were sent to prison for their involvement in the plan, and a new era of skepticism toward government began. The Hunt recruits and James W. McCord Jr., security director for the Committee for the Re-election of the President, were arrested at the Watergate, and one of the burglars was found to have Hunt's White House phone number. Hunt and fellow operative G. Gordon Liddy, along with the five arrested at the Watergate, were indicted on federal charges three months later. Hunt and his recruits pleaded guilty in January 1973, and McCord and Liddy were found guilty. Hunt eventually spent 33 months in prison on a conspiracy charge, and said he was bitter that he was sent to jail while Nixon was allowed to resign. ``I felt that in true politician's fashion, he'd assumed a degree of responsibility but not the blame,'' he told The Associated Press in 1992. ``It wasn't my idea to go into the Watergate.'' Hunt also was involved in organizing an event that foreshadowed Watergate: the burglary of the office of the Beverly Hills psychiatrist treating Daniel Ellsberg, the defense analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers, published in 1971. Hunt and Liddy - the so-called White House ``plumbers'' - broke into the psychiatrist's office to gain information about Ellsberg. The break-in was revealed during the 1973 espionage trial against Ellsberg and co-defendant Anthony Russo, and was one of several incidents that led to the dismissal of the case because of government misconduct. Watergate was one of many wild tales - some true, some not - that followed Hunt through the final decades of his colorful life. His alleged involvement in a purported conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy was among the most popular spy-esque stories with which he was linked. One theory, which some still believe, was that Hunt was in Dallas on the day Kennedy was shot and that his image was captured in photographs from the scene. Hunt said he was in Washington on the day of the assassination. Everette Howard Hunt was born Oct. 9, 1918, in Hamburg, N.Y., graduated from Brown University in 1940 and was commissioned as a Naval Reserve officer in Annapolis, Md., the following year. He served as a destroyer gunnery officer, was injured at sea and honorably discharged. From 1949 through 1970 he worked for the CIA, and was involved in the operation that overthrew Jacobo Arbenz as Guatemala's president in 1954, plus the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. Hunt declared bankruptcy in 1997, largely blaming his Watergate fines and legal fees. ``I think I've paid my debt to society,'' Hunt said at the time. ``I think I've paid it amply.'' Hunt spent his final years in a modest home with his second wife, Laura Martin Hunt, and declined many interview requests from The Associated Press. He has a memoir coming out next month titled ``American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate and Beyond.'' Hunt's first wife, the former Dorothy Wetzel Day Goutiere, died in a plane crash in 1972. Besides his wife, Hunt was survived by six children. A memorial service was scheduled for Monday in Miami. Please come to Camp Casey this year, or donate to help promote peace for our time and our world. Since George has rescheduled his summer to avoid us, we will reschedule our summer to not allow him the leisure of having a leisurely vacation while the Middle East is burning because of his policies. If we can't count on our leaders to solve conflicts non-violently, then we must count on ourselves. We need to get busy putting peace into practice. This is the time to do it and Camp Casey is the place where it will get done.

The Camp Casey dates have been changed to accomodate George's schedule and will be August 6th to September 2nd. Please go to the Gold Star Families for Peace website to stay posted on future exciting developments for Camp Casey III this summer. Cindy Sheehan is the mother of Specialist Casey Austin Sheehan who was killed in Iraq on 04/04/04. She is the co-founder and President of Gold Star Families for Peace and currently on Day 27 of the Troops Home Fast.

A Silent Epidemic Why is there such a high percentage of AIDS among black women?

When Gwen Ifill asked a pressing question about AIDS during the 2004 vice-presidential debate, both candidates were utterly lost. "I want to talk to you about AIDS, and not about AIDS in China or Africa, but AIDS right here in this country, where black women between the ages of 23 and 44 are 15 times more likely to die of the disease than their counterparts," said Ifill. "What should the government's role be in helping to end the growth of this epidemic?"

Cheney did not bother trying to hide his ignorance. "I have not heard those numbers with respect to African-American women. I was not aware that it was, that they're in epidemic there," he said. Edwards resorted to dodge ball, spending his 90 seconds on AIDS in Africa, the genocide in Sudan, uninsured Americans, and John Kerry. "OK, we'll move on," said Ifill, who somehow restrained herself from rolling her eyes ŕ la Jon Stewart.

The reason Black women have such a high rate of AIDS, is because over 70% of Black girls, ages 12 to 17, are usually raped by gangs of black men, by the time they are 17: their: pastors, fathers, cousins, brothers, uncles, neighbors, etc. These rapes are kept hidden by the family & the church. Young black men have the highest rates of AIDS in the world, and they are killing young black women using gang rapes. Black women have an AIDS rate of 75% of all AIDS cases, amoung all women in the U.S. There is a movie about the epidemic rape of Black women by black men, called NO!. It was shown at the Black Film Festival, in SF, in 2005, but was banned after that. The author is a Black woman, whos mother was raped by the head of SCLC about 1972. What do Gwen Ifill and Malcolm X have in common?

Both Gwen Ifill and Malcolm X asked the Wrong question.

When Malcolm X discovered that 20 very young Black girls, ages 13 to 17, in the Nation of Islam, had been raped, enslaved and impregnated, and forced to give birth to his children, by the dishonorable Elija Muhammad, and Malcolm asked Muhammad about the rapes, Elija ordered Malcolm assassinated. None of those 20 children of Muhammad are still alive. All are in prison or, are drug addicts, or are dead. Proving you can not pass intelligence on by genetics.

Cheney and Edwards both suffered sharp criticism for their shockingly vacuous replies. A competent briefing on AIDS in the United States could have made these men at least conversant on the topic in less time than it takes them to do their on-air hair and makeup. Besides, in debates, even a shallow answer scores more points than saying "I dunno" or changing the subject. That said, coming up with a sophisticated answer to Ifill's question is a tall order. AIDS researchers don't have a solid explanation for why black women in America have such a shockingly high prevalence of AIDS, which makes it difficult to spell out precisely how the government should respond to the problem, other than to reach out to these women more aggressively and to conduct more studies. Black girls are the most oppressed in America. No one will listen to what they say. If they are raped, and go to the police, next they will be killed by their rapists.

The data that investigators do have makes it clear that heterosexual sex, ie., gang RAPE, is the primary mode of transmission, from gangs of black males, age 13 to 53, accounting for 74 percent of the AIDS cases reported in 2002 in black American women. In Africa, Black women have called for the Death Penalty for black men who rape women. I agree.

Yet attempts to tease out the dynamics that drive this heterosexual spread have led to more theories than hard facts, with researchers using such different methods to gather their data that it's hard to compare their results. One particularly splashy speculation also has attracted more of the spotlight than it deserves: black men "on the down low," who identify themselves as heterosexual but secretly have sex with men. Without question, there is a higher percentage of AIDS in the black female population in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year looked at data from 1999 to 2002 reported by 29 states that track AIDS infections. The data are somewhat skewed because several states that have serious AIDS problems, including California, New York, and Illinois, did not at that time tally AIDS infections. Still, the study found that black women accounted for nearly 72 percent of the female AIDS, while white females, made up 18 percent and Hispanics 8.5 percent. Given that only 13 percent of Americans are black, you don't need a statistician to see the scale of the problem. When looking at people whose AIDS infection, the disproportionate toll on black women becomes clearer still. Black women in 2002 accounted for 67 percent of the country's AIDS cases among women. For the sake of comparison, consider that blacks had a rate of 48 cases per 100,000 blacks, while whites had a rate of 2 per 100,000 whites. There's an interesting geographic distribution of cases, too, that may offer important clues about forces propelling this particular epidemic: The vast majority of black women with AIDS live in the cities in South and the Northeast . The CDC's AIDS statistics do not offer a breakdown of income and healthcare insurance, but that's an obvious place to look for explanations.

Ifill's question referred specifically to AIDS deaths in 25-to-44 year olds. The figure she cited actually took many AIDS researchers by surprise but seems to have come from the National Vital Statistics report issued last year that shows black women in 2001 had a rate of death from AIDS 14 times higher than that of whites. Why does such a problem exist? Due to gang rapes by black boys & men. No compelling evidence suggests that blacks have any special genetic susceptibility to HIV. The CDC offers a laundry list of reasons of why African American men and women have relatively high rates of AIDS. The two most convincing explanations on the list: poverty and sexually transmitted diseases. The 2000 U.S. Census found that one in four blacks lived in poverty, and studies clearly have shown a strong link between poverty and the risk of AIDS infection.

Poor people also receive lower-quality healthcare, which means they will often progress to AIDS more quickly. And the link to sexually transmitted diseases, which create open sores that facilitate the spread of HIV, is equally clear-cut: Blacks are 24 times more likely to contract gonorrhea and eight times more likely to get syphilis. The CDC list also includes community denial about injection drug use and homosexuality, but there is strong evidence to support the notion that those risk factors are higher in blacks. In fact, injection drug use, a particularly effective way to spread AIDS, is actually lower in black women than in white women: It accounted for 24 percent of AIDS cases among black females in 2002 and 34 percent among white females. It could be that black women are having sex with more men who are injecting drugs, and the gang rape rate is the compelling data to back that conclusion. Then there's the much ballyhooed "down low" phenomenon. Some men on the DL are becoming infected by anal intercourse with men and then spreading the infection to their female partners, a transmission route that became widely discussed earlier this year with the publication of J.L. King's On the Down Low: A Journey Into the Lives of "Straight" Black Men Who Sleep With Men.

But the great unknown is how frequently this occurs, and whether it's truly different in blacks versus whites or Hispanics. Because of a flurry of media coverage about the DL link, including an Oprah show featuring King and a New York Times Magazine story, many who study AIDS in the black community cringe at its mention. "I'm sick of hearing about it," says Victoria Cargill, an epidemiologist at the Office of AIDS Research at the National Institutes of Health. Cargill, who also works at a clinic in poor, black Southeast D.C., says the high prevalence of AIDS in women can clearly be attributed to a host of factors that have nothing to do with the DL. "I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but if we start adding up how many people this affects, this is the eye of the needle," says Cargill.

"Let's start talking about the needle." CDC epidemiologist Greg Millett says that when it comes to the DL phenomenon, there simply are more questions than answers. "The truth is there are very few studies that deal with bisexual black men and even fewer that deal with the down low," says Millett, who has put together a provocative PowerPoint presentation on the topic. A fascinating CDC study published last year specifically looked at men who have sex with men and do not disclose their sexual orientation versus those who do disclose. The study recruited participants from only six gay bars (which already tilts the results away from DL men who may not go to gay bars), but the findings were startling.

More black men were nondisclosers (28 percent) that is, on the DL than white men (8 percent), and all nondisclosures reported having more sex with women than with men.

But nondisclosers of all races were also less likely to be infected with AIDS than disclosers, and black nondisclosers in particular reported significantly less unprotected anal intercourse with men than did black disclosers. Several other recent studies have found higher proportions of bisexual black men than white men, but it's unclear whether how much of an AIDS "bridge" they are to black women. Phill Wilson, executive director of the Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles, suggests, rather, that the single biggest driver of the heterosexual spread to black women is the incarceration of black men.

The prison industry in America is an almost exact replication of the mining industry in South Africa, where you take large groups of men and move them from their families for an extended period of time," says Wilson. As studies conducted in South Africa have shown, men who leave their homes for the mines often have new sexual partners?as do the women they leave behind. The increased sexual mixing spreads HIV in both the migrant men and their regular partners. When they return home, the men may infect their regular partners?or vice versa. This pattern of sexual networking is called concurrent partnering, which means that relationships overlap, and there's nothing that AIDS likes more. Wilson and others argue that with so many men cycling in and out of the African American community, women end up at a greater risk because of similar disruptions of sexual networks and the resultant concurrency patterns: They mix with new partners when their men leave and often reunite with them when they are released. Incarceration also exposes many men to anal sex, whether by coercion or choice, and injection-drug use, the two most efficient ways to spread AIDS. Gang Rape in U.S. Prisons is a silent epidemic. And if the locked-up man was the main wage earner, poverty can be a factor, too.

One superb study of concurrency in African Americans in rural North Carolina found that 53 percent of the men and 31 percent of the women reported concurrent partners during the preceding five years. Interestingly, 80 percent of the men in the study who said they had been incarcerated for more than 24 hours reported having had concurrent partners within five years; that percentage plummeted to 43 percent if a man had not been locked up for a day or longer. Equally important, black women have a small pool of black men to choose from at any given time. "African American women are the only group in the United States where there are fewer men than women," says Gail Wyatt, an associate director of the AIDS Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles. "The availability of a partner who shares the same values is much less likely. The women are more likely to be educated than their partners. They're more likely to be employed." As a result of the shortage of black men, black women are vulnerable to becoming involved with men who are engaging in risky behaviors that they don't know about, whether it be having unprotected sex with other partners, female or male; visiting sex workers; or injecting drugs.

The muddy truth is that the high rate of AIDS among African American women is due to a combination of all these factors. "It's a perfect storm of issues," says NIH's Cargill. And there's one more factor to consider, says Wilson: Politicians ignore this population. "It's both a cause and a symptom of the problem that our government really is not interested in the health and well-being of black people and in particular black women," says Wilson. "How is it that Dick Cheney can tell you how many machine guns are in Baghdad, but doesn't have a clue about issues that are killing black women a stone's throw from his office?"

Gwen Ifill, for her part, received so many queries about this particular question that she wrote out a response, refreshingly candid, that her publicist gave out to people who inquired. "I have to say I was surprised that neither the Vice President nor the Senator had an answer on this," wrote Ifill. "As a black woman, I also found it depressing. The good news is that, in the feedback I have gotten since the debate, folks got that. These debates have been very useful for smart and involved likely voters. They have gotten to see what these folks do, and don't, care about."

Bring whatever food you want to use to break your fast. Like brown rice soup. That way you can stay for both days & enjoy the quiet. Paul7kangas@cs.com

Why do people fast? It is fun. It claifies the mind. One simple Fast is just to drink only fluids for one day. Maybe just those fizzy vitamin C drinks, like Ona Loa. Or vegetable soup. Or AUT. Or liquid MSM. Or just water.

It will not hurt you to just drink carrot juice, and other liquids for a day. Combine all of the above liquids. This is how I do it. Just forget the solid foods. Give your body a rest. It is NOT suppose to be punishment. Do not listen to those who do not respect your choices on how you Fast. Most have never done a Fast. Do what is easiest for you, as you begin your journey into the healthful benefits of Fasting and clearing your mind, spirit and body of toxins and toxic people.

Fasting is suppose to be good clean fun. And it is. If you know what and how to do. Join us and learn Fasting 101. The fun way to Fast. It makes food taste better when you break your fast with a simple, hot, brown rice soup. Whenever you face a bad situation, like a stupid war for oil, just stop, think and Fast for a day. You will be amazed how Fasting clarifies the mind.

You will come back to your life, with a clearer vision on how You can act up to stop the war and the demented Democratic Party, that helps the Repulsivecrats keeps the war going. Go solar & wind power. Build a community you can walk & bike everywhere in.
Yahoo: "Paul Kangas" for info.

Is it possible to see the future?

Science has become so accurate, it is now possible to predict future storms, rain, hurricanes, floods and other weather born disasters. Science has been able to prove our earth is getting warmer due to burning oil. Shall we ignore the facts? Shall we stick our head in the sands and pretend there is no future flooding coming?

New Orleans will flood again every year, for the next 40 years. No levee, no matter how big will be able to stop the floods. Besides, there is a cost factor. Halliburton is willing to spend all the money we offer it, to rebuild New Orleans. No matter. The floods will destroy everything built. How much money are you willing to spend rebuilding New Orleans every year?? The Republican contractors are willing to spend our tax money. They do not care. They do not live in New Orleans. They know it will all have to rebuilt next year. They think it is all very funny. It is like a full employment program for Republican contractors. Which becomes a vast flood of money for the 2008 Republican re-election.

We could build housing on higher ground, in some other area. Using eminent domain, the government could offer federal land to people who lost land in New Orleans, of equal size. There are some who will complain that they do not want to leave New Orleans, they do not want to be inconvienced. Some said the same thing during the hurricane. This is a global crisis. You can not continue to pretend things are the way they were in 2004. The world has changed. Hurricane season is here again now. There is no time to dilly dally around. Mother Nature will not wait. The levees will not hold. The levees are too few, too low and too thin. It is a waste of money to build bigger levees. Stop wasting time and money. Move on to higher ground. All cities built in flood plains must be abandoned. Starting with Sacramento. My wife & I were going to buy a house in Philadelphia, Pa, & then after 10 years, sell it for a beach front condo. But the way things are going, we will not have to more. Soon Philadelphia will be ocean front property.

Move the city. Yes. It has been done before. During WWII, when the Hitler & Bush attacked Russia, in 1940, the Russians moved the whole city of Moscow 100 miles to the East. The Russian government was smart. They knew the flood of blood was coming. If they can move a whole city 100 miles, we can move all of New Orleans to higher ground. Bush and Hitler? What did I miss? Yes, Americans forget that it was Prescott Bush who hired Hitler to attack Russia. Did you forget that? Behind every terrorist there is a Bush.

There is a new movie on Global Flooding. It shows great maps of major cities. It shows what will happen to New Orleans, New York City, Sacramento and Bangladesh. All will be flooded in 2007. We must move all people living at sea level to higher ground. There are 100,000 million people living at sea level. Move to higher ground. Go see the movie, An Inconvient Truth, by Al Gore. It is so well filmed, that you could turn off the sound and still understand its beautiful message.

It is not an option. We must act as if we are at war. If the Russians can move a whole city in 6 months, so can we.

6 Things to do to stop Global Warming. Volunteers needed.

1 - ZPG. Zero Population Growth. More people means more people who want to drive cars. California has achieved ZPG. China has achieved ZPG. We must require Mexico, & all nations, to provide pills, condoms & legal abortions for women, towards ZPG. Save the animals. We must stop illegal immigration from areas, like Mexico, that keep cranking out more and more unwanted children. If we can not save the Polar Bears, we can not save ourselves.

2- Drink Oxygen. We have now burned 50% of the oxygen in our air worldwide. As O2 rates drop, cancer rates increases. We must stop burning oil. Burning ethanol will not help either, because it too is burning up our precious oxygen. Meanwhile, you can actually buy & drink Oxygen, by getting Food Grade hydrogen peroxide. Notice I say Food Grade. This is the safe to drink kind. You buy it in health food stores. Put 3 drops in a quart of water & fight cancer by drinking oxygen hourly.

3- Green belt housing. Build smaller communities, with gardens, so people can walk to work & raise 50% of their food in green belts. We must build new communities, where we live, work, learn and play. It you need a car, you are doing it the wrong way. Stop driving cars. Cuba is the best example of how to build Green communities. Most Cubans never drive in a car, they walk everywhere. Every town grows 50% of their own vegetables around the town. Green belts. They did it out of necessity, because the US cut off all oil imports to Cuba. You save one pound of carbon dioxide for each mile you do not drive!! Keep tires inflated. This improves mileage. Every gallon of gas saved, keeps 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide out of the air.

4- Make a film on the effects of global warming on just the animals: polar bears, baby birds starving, sea turtles dying, etc. Volunteer. Save the animals. Use less hot water. Wash clothes in cold water will save 500 lbs. of carbon dioxide per year. Air dry clothes. I have a wooden drying rack. After I wash the clothes, I hang them out to dry in my kitchen, at night, just before I go to bed. When I awake, bingo, they are all dry. It is amazing. Do not be so prissy about wearing ironed clothes. Relax. Wear washed clothes.

5- Write songs to spread the message. Join our group to make musical TV shows on ecology. Stop using heat in your house. I lived most of my life in cold Oregon winters, on the cold desert, without heat. We all just wore long johns and big coats. I have not used heat in my house for 40 years. I have never used air conditioning, even when I lived in NYC. Adjust your mental thermostat. Adjust to the environment you live in. Eat more sea salt, so you do not suffer from heat. Do not listen to anything MDs say against salt. They are trainned to be wrong.

6- Volunteers needed. Come to our meeting every Wed. 7pm, to plan the march to stop Global Warming & plan a march against the war. We publishe a news flyer & hand it out on the buses daily. We video tape each meeting for TV broadcast. Come speak or sing & be a star. RSVP Paul Kangas @ cs.com www. Geocities.com/paul69k2001 15 Boardman, ( 7th & Bryant) SF, Ca 94103 Plant a tree. More things you can do: Change a light bulb, replace a regular bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Visit the Office's website (outside of SFGov navigation) at http://www.sfdistrictattorney.org

Bush killed JFK!

Marcos killed Aquino. Read the full story at: sfmissingpersons.tripod.com

In 1980 Paul Kangas wrote the article on how & why Bush & the CIA killed JFK & King. Paul Kangas, who created the TV program, was a guard for President John F. Kennedy, and trained as a sniper for the Bay of Pigs. He also received Orders to Vietnam in 1962, but was saved from Vietnam, when JFK issued Executive Order 263, that Ordered all US troops out of Vietnam. "JFK saved my life, twice. --PK"

The article has now been published in over 1,000 newspapers, & most recently, in the front page of the Cuban newspaper, Granma, Jan 13, 2006. We also won the top TV documentary award in Japan in 2004 for our TV show, which put the pieces of Zapruder film together, for the first time, the missing 6 frames & the sound track. The prize is the Galaxy Award.

Please copy & send this article. This is a perfect time for activists on this issue to organize a Virtual March on Washington & demand Bush be prosecuted for the assassination, which lead to the Vietnam war & the take over of our government by the assassins.

No one running for President, in 2008, is willing to raise these issues in public unless they feel they have a mass grass roots movement ready to defend them from the Bush assassins. Join this Virtual March on Washington now, by going to sfmissingpersons.tripod.com & sign in. It may be easier to locate the website by going to Google & type in Paul Kangas. Our site is the #5 site there. If you want a real democracy, you will have to fight for it against the gang of Bush assassins. This is an important point for every American to ponder: Why has the real facts of the JFK assassination been drowned in some many lies. Why does the CIA have a full time Harem of lawyers & journalist prostitutes, like , who spend all their time writing lie books, like Case Closed, to try & pound the lie that - --Oswald did it--- into the heads of the average American. What huge secret are they trying to bury with all the lies? If any candidate dares to raise the role of Bush in the Kennedy assassination, you can bet they will be burned in the election. Mark Lane tried.

Our group, JFK Defenders, has been speaking up & acting out against war & Bush for 40 years. We now need to try & get 1 million people to join our Virtual March on DC by Aug 2006. Please go on site & sign up now. Email this message to your list of friends. Please. The Democrats are too timid on this issue, because they fear the Bush assassins. Especially people like RFK, Jr. on Air America. What a bunch of cowards. Is that too strong?

Maybe they just don't understand the facts. We need to reach them and teach them. Paul 7 kangas @cs.com Sfmissingpersons.tripod.com

We Veterans support the Iraqi troop mutiny of 5-4-06, and call on all family members of US troops to write & ask all US soldiers to support the mutiny by joining it.

Now is the time for all US troops to throw down their guns & demand to be brought home before the election. Solidarity between troops on all sides can end this war. Soldiers in WWI stopped that war, for Christmas, as shown in the currant hit movie Joyous Noel, Merry Christmas. The soldiers from all waring armies stopped the war, before it had really begun. Soldiers have the power to stop wars. We veterans who have been to hell know this is the quickest way to stop the war. Support the mutiny. Ask American troops to collaborate with the Iraqi troops. The war is over. Sing the song: The war is Over, by Phil Oaks. Each President has a crisis that leads to Legacy or the grave. What was the crisis of President John F. Kennedy?

I personally helped organize a mutiny against the U.S. invasion of Cuba in 1961. I was stationed at the US Naval Base for secret warfare, Patuxant River, MD. We flew U2 spy planes over Cuba. My job was to monitor & map the U2 flights over Cuba, track & map the ships & subs during the invasion. We had Cuba surronded. We developed robot attack helicopters. I was part of the secret Operation 40, the Bay of Pigs. Geo. HW Bush was my commanding officer.

Truman was widely hated by the time his term was over, because he used his power to push for an illegal, racist war against Korea. This made the majority of American workers opposed to war.

Kennedy was widely loved by people all over the world because he pushed for peace. Kennedy stopped the war against Cuba. Kennedy opposed the Pentagon. Kennedy then issued executive order 263 which ordered legally stopped the whole Viet Nam war. Peace was here. But the military industrial complex wanted war, not peace. They They made a plan to attack the US working class. George Bush & Lyndon Johnson agreed to murder Kennedy to restart the Viet Nam war. This story was just published on the front page of the Cuban News paper Granma, Jan 13, 2006.

Veterans for Peace, SF, #69 Paul Kangas, VP, 368-8581 Veterans for Peace.com Tripod.com/paul kangas

Green Party, Paul Kangas for President, 2008

Washington, DC. --- Paul Kangas today announced he is running for President of the United States 2008, at the Lincoln Memorial. With a large group of Green Party supportes, Paul Kangas gave a humorous speech. I have a dream ....

Bottles of Penny Royal Tea were passed around & a grand party was held in front of the White House. Paul Kangas, spoke about how the US and the world needs to achieve Zero Population Growth, (ZPG) by 2012 to be able to feed and educate all the children there are on Earth today. World population is out of control, because the Pope is forcing women in Mexico to have children without their consent. We must put a condom over the Popes head. Kangas then announced he would paint the House green, as soon as he is elected. Kangas then stepped into his all electrical converted Prius and began his 50 state tour of Green Party offices. Kangas will next be speaking to

Green Party members in Virginia, Maryland, Boston, NYC, Augusta & points west. To join the campaign for 2008, people should go to www.tripod.com/paulkangas

An open letter to Peter Cameo, Green Party candidate for Governor of California.

Dear Peter, what do you say to this?

Health care for all. Be your own first doctor. Prevent cancer by taking selenium.

We need to educate workers to take charge of their own health care. Do not leave your health to Dr. George. No MD will ever give you the prevention medicine you need. You must first take your minerals. Medicare is just a drug based program, after you have cancer. Camejo advocates supporting discredit programs lie Single Payer & Medical.

Why not prevent cancer & so prevent the need for doctors. Single payer is just welfare for doctors. It does nothing to prevent cancer. The best prevention is if you take charge of your health needs yourself, daily. See your doctor daily, even hourly, by taking vitamin C hourly. Linus Pauling did that from age 60, and he lived to 94.

Yet few doctors recommend taking mineralized vitamin C hourly, because they do not want you to stay health. Doctors are in the business of making people sick. Notice, when doctors in L.A. county when on strike in 1974, the death rate dropped by 70%. Then when the doctors strike ended, 6 months later, the death rate zoomed back up. The average life expectancy for doctors in the US is 57. Why so low? Because most take drugs, & do not take vitamins.

I just finished reading the new book by Peter Camejo, and others, (5-1-06), which is his program, as he runs for Governor of California in the Green Party. It is almost the same thing the Democrats and Republicans say. The book says nothing Green, nothing ecologically sound, and nothing progressive. It is a waste of trees to publish this book. Camejo will have to learn about taking vitamins, and will have to come out for legalize abortion in Mexico, before he will get my vote. We cannot accept all the Popes unwanted children here in California. There is no water here for them here. The world is over populated and crowded into cities. This population question is a huge crisis. We must march for ZPG.


No where in his book does he support a womans right to: a college education, legalize abortion, birth control pills, condoms, etc. We need to support those rights for the women of Mexico & California. Women in Mexico are mere breeding slaves for the Pope. It is time we put a condom over the Popes head. Actually, all humor aside, the Pope is no O.K. with condoms for gay sex, to stop AIDS. That is logical, since the Pope is gay & does not want to get AIDS. The Pope is politically far ahead of Camejo on condoms.

The secrets behind the large marches by illegal aliens on in May 06! Who is really behind this movement?

Notice, there were no illegal immigrants who lost there jobs. No one even lost pay for taking off work on Monday, May 1, 06, to march for the right for illegal sneak into the US. Why? Why did no one loose their jobs? Could it be that the big corporations, who employ illegals, and make millions off paying substandard wages, secretly sponsored this march, so they could make more profits off this illegal practice? The corporations would like nothing better than to break the unions by forcing all wages down, down, down, using illegals.

Who else supports the illegals?

The Catholic Church.

Why? Because they oppose the right to legal abortion in the US, so they are using this wave of unwanted people from Mexico, to spread Catholicism & smash womens rights in the US. I smell a conspiracy between big business & the Catholic Church & the drug dealers, the Mexican Mafia, to smash the ecology of California, just to make a buck.

Ask any Mexican if they support the right to abortion, even in California? No way Jose. Peter Camejo is running as a Green candidate. He does not sound Green. He does not talk Green.

If you support a more ecologically sound discussion on abortion rights, mercury poisoning caused by mercury/ silver fillings, Autism, Immigration, and our state water policy, email Peter Camejo today. Do not let Peter BS his way on the election trail, as a Green, when he does not even support the Right to abortion.

It does not cut it to just say you support the Right to Abortion, if at the same time you do not call for the Right to Abortion in Mexico. This wave of illegals is coming because Mexico is out of water, out of food and out of money for schools. Mexican illegals are the major source of crack, meth and most illegal drugs in California today. Why does Camejo not expose the Mexican Mafia, who also supports an open boarder, so they can sell drugs to Americans. Can water always find a way?

Wanted for Fraud: Gordon Soderberg, VFP member, US Navy Corpsman 1982-1987. by gordon soderberg Monday, Jun. 20, 2005 at 5:41 PM gordonsoderberg@mac.com 707-725-3979 2140 Smith Lane (eureka?) Also lived in Eureka Linux Beach - Camp Casey III - Covington, LA Welcome to Linux ... They started serving hot meals while Gordon Soderberg and Dennis Kyle , both medics in the military and VFP members , went to work treating the sick and ... linuxbeach.org/ modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=55 - 37k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages Gordon has represented himself as a member of three vfp chapters, all of whom have disavowed this alliance and/or kicked him out. Humboldt Chapter, #22 Garberville Chapter, #56 Mendocino Chapter #116 (latest until he "claimed" new orleans vfp which doesn't exist in relations to him) Heroes Posted on Sunday 27 November 2005 [Gordon] Of the Veterans For Peace Mendocino Chapter that I got to spend a little time with in Texas, Gordon is the quiet scholar guy. He was, for the time I was at camp, usually holed up on the bus, making sure the computers were working, type type typing away. He came out on our last day, to recieve the tent we were sending with them on the road trip. He posed for pictures and then started back to work. The others are Patrick, sort of the papa; Fred, the court jester; and Dennis, the minstrel. They all headed down to Louisiana and set up camp in Covington, providing Katrina relief. They moved to Alabama when Rita hit. Various Camp Casey alum have driven trucks and vans down to them to help over the last few months. People from all over the country have sent supplies and money, and the relief camp is still up. Gordon sent this out yesterday, and I wanted to give voice to the hheroes, and an opportunity to help them out if you can. As you may know, members of Veterans For Peace have been working on Katrina relief since September, 2nd, after leaving Camp Casey with medical supplies, food and water. Since then we have been on the front line of Bush Jr?s war on the poor. We have raised over $500,000 to cover the costs of tools, food, fuel, supplies, building materials and housing for volunteers. We have donated over 300,000 to partnering organizations so they may build on their efforts continue their work. What you might not know, National Veterans For Peace Inc, Board of Directors controls the money we raised and they, as do we, want to make sure that this money is put to use in the communities we have been serving. However, their is still a great deal of work to do, years in fact. And the money raised so far, was intended for supporting victims of Katrina, not the long term needs of VFP volunteers. In order to continue to deliver long term support for the communities we serve and support our partnering organizations, members of Veterans For Peace need to raise new donations to cover the costs of housing and living expenses, buy their own equipment, and pay for transportation costs. This money will be used to pay for the costs of rental housing, food, utilities, car insurance, fuel, equipment, and a $200 per month, for entertainment for each volunteer Veteran For Peace who continues to serve the communities and organizations in and around New Orleans. Please help veterans, help the gulf coast. Housing rental costs: $12,000 (one year) To house four veterans doing volunteer work in New Orleans, Alabama, and Mississippi areas. Food and Entertainment $4,000 (one year) Utilities & Food: $4,000 (one year) Car Insurance, Maintenance, and Fuel Costs $10,000 (one year) Media production tools and Internet access: = $20,000 (one year) Computers, software, digital still and video cameras. The commercial media has stopped telling the stories of residence and the lack of federal aid to many of them. Veterans For Peace members realize that these stories need to be told and the ongoing recovery efforts by partnering organizations in documentaries websites, community television and radio. http://www.neworleansvfp.org/node/add/blog Please send what you can to: Donations sent to this address are all unaccounted for & have just been used for who knows what. We have demanded an accounting, NONE has been forth coming. A Veteran For Peace in New Orleans C/O Gordon Soderberg, (aka Con Artist) 513 Patterson Dr #3 New Orleans, LA, 70114 This donation is not tax deductible, because there is no accounting! It is all fraud. Please forward this message: Gordon Soderberg, con artist, A Veteran For Peace in New Orleans Gordon Soderberg I'm a Canadian citizen I've lived in the US since 1966. I was 20 years old when I joined the Navy. I wanted to serve the country that gave me my home, friends, education, career, and sense of community. My Naval service was from 1982 - 87 in the pacific fleet on USS Sample FF 1048 and on the USS RANGER CV61. After two years of fleet service I was accepted to corpsmen and operating room trauma surgical techs schools. I was stationed at Oak Knol Naval Hospital and given specialized training in setting up tent hospitals and surgical units in desert conditions. I left military service with an honorable discharge and the knowledge that the US Military would be going to the the Persian Gulf for years to come. An open letter to Peter Cameo

Health care for all. Be your own first doctor. Prevent cancer by taking selenium.

We need to educate workers to take charge of their own health care. Do not leave your health to Dr. George. No MD will ever give you the prevention medicine you need. You must first take your minerals. Medicare is just a drug based program, after you have cancer. Camejo advocates supporting discredit programs lie Single Payer & Medical. Why not prevent c

ancer & so prevent the need for doctors. Single payer is just welfare for doctors. It does nothing to prevent cancer. The best prevention is if you take charge of your health needs yourself, daily. See your doctor daily, even hourly, by taking vitamin C hourly. Linus Pauling did that from age 60, and he lived to 94.

Yet few doctors recommend taking mineralized vitamin C hourly, because they do not want you to stay health. Doctors are in the business of making people sick. Notice, when doctors in L.A. county when on strike in 1974, the death rate dropped by 70%. Then when the doctors strike ended, 6 months later, the death rate zoomed back up. The average life expectancy for doctors in the US is 57. Why so low? Because most take drugs, & do not take vitamins.

I just finished reading the new book by Peter Camejo, (5-1-06), his program, as he runs for Governor of California in the Green Party. It is almost the same thing the Democrats and Republicans say. The book says nothing Green, nothing ecologically sound, and nothing progressive. It is a waste of trees. Camejo will have to learn about taking vitamins, and will have to come out for legalize abortion in Mexico, before he will get my vote. We cannot accept all the Popes unwanted children here in California. There is no water here for them here. The world is over populated and crowded into cities. This population question is a huge crisis. We must march for ZPG.


No where in his book does he support a womans right to: a college education, legalize abortion, birth control pills, condoms, etc. We need to support those rights for the women of Mexico & California. Women in Mexico are mere breeding slaves for the Pope. It is time we put a condom over the Popes head. Actually, all humor aside, the Pope is no O.K. with condoms for gay sex, to stop AIDS. That is logical, since the Pope is gay & does not want to get AIDS. The Pope is politically far ahead of Camejo on condoms.

The secrets behind the huge marches by illegal aliens on in May 06!

Notice, there were no illegal immigrants who lost there jobs for taking off work on Monday, May 1, 06, to march for the right to illegal sneak into the US. Why? Why did no one loose their jobs? Could it be that the big corporations, who employ illegals, and make millions off paying substandard wages, secretly sponsored this march, so they could make more profits off this illegal practice? The corporations would like nothing better than to break the unions by forcing all wages down, using illegals.

Who else supports the illegals?

The Catholic Church.

Why? Because they oppose the right to legal abortion in the US, so they are using this wave of unwanted people from Mexico, to spread Catholicism & smash womens rights in the US. I smell a conspiracy between big business & the Catholic Church to smash the ecology of California, just to make a buck.

Ask any Mexican if they support the right to abortion, even in California? No way Jose. Peter is running as a Green candidate. He does not sound Green.

If you support a more ecologically sound discussion on abortion rights, mercury poisoning caused by mercury/ silver fillings, Autism, Immigration, and our state water policy, email Peter Camejo today. Do not let Peter BS his way on the election trail, as a Green, when he does not even support the Right to abortion.

Can water always find a way?

Yes. Right now much of Sacramento is in a flood plain, just like New Orleans is. Sacramento sits below sea level. Ask any Ecologist. That is the definition of a flood plain. It would be a huge mistake to try to even think we could out-fox Mother Nature by trying to stop the coming floods, to Bethel Island, Sacramento or New Orleans, by building even one more levee. It can not work. Water will always find away around the levee. Bethel Island is a small example of the folly. Building a levee just pushes the water to flood someone else?s land. But eventually the whole island will all be covered with water. The same goes for Sacramento and New Orleans. Why? Because global warming is making the ocean deeper & the hurricanes bigger, stonger & wetter. Why wait for the flood to re-learn the lesson of 2005. Listen to the weather men. You don?t wait until it is raining before you take your umbrella. You watch the 7 day weather forecast and know what is coming.

We now have a 1 year advance warning of the next flood. Every sane expert says the levee repair job in New Orleans will not withstand the coming hurricanes in August. The same expert say we must move Sacramento to higher ground. The floods are going to get deeper every year for the next 20 years, until we replace cars with wind powered mass transit. Some politicians just stick their head in the sand & pray. We can?t just hope the inevitable floods will not happen for the next 20 years. We know it is coming. Yes, there is an army of journalists who are working hard to twist the brains at the Capitol to spend, spend, spend, to build a dead end boondoggle that yields nothing in the long run, but will make their advertisers rich. The public good be damned.

Legacy. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a chance to make his mark on California, that would last for 100 years, if he would just bite the bullet and move the Capitol to higher ground. Now.

Gray Davis was drummed out of office because he listened to what the journalists told him to think. Do not wait for the flood to wash away the present day budget surplus, wasted on building a few useless levee?s, that can?t hold back the flood waters. We need that surplus for schools, housing & hospitals on higher ground. Arnold, what would Noah have done? Would Peter Camejo dare to call for moving Sacramento out of harms way, out of the flood plain? We shall see.

Paul Kangas, Master Biologist, 415-368-8581,

Yes. Right now much of Sacramento is in a flood plain, just like New Orleans is. Sacramento sits below sea level. Ask any Ecologist. That is the definition of a flood plain. It would be a huge mistake to try to even think we could out-fox Mother Nature by trying to stop the coming floods, to Bethel Island, Sacramento or New Orleans, by building even one more levee. It can not work. Water will always find away around the levee. Bethel Island is a small example of the folly. Building a levee just pushes the water to flood someone else?s land. But eventually the whole island will all be covered with water. The same goes for Sacramento and New Orleans. Why? Because global warming is making the ocean deeper & the hurricanes bigger, stonger & wetter. Why wait for the flood to re-learn the lesson of 2005. Listen to the weather men. You don?t wait until it is raining before you take your umbrella. You watch the 7 day weather forecast and know what is coming. We now have a 1 year advance warning of the next flood. Every sane expert says the levee repair job in New Orleans will not withstand the coming hurricanes in August. The same expert say we must move Sacramento to higher ground. The floods are going to get deeper every year for the next 20 years, until we replace cars with wind powered mass transit. Some politicians just stick their head in the sand & pray. We can?t just hope the inevitable floods will not happen for the next 20 years. We know it is coming. Yes, there is an army of journalists who are working hard to twist the brains at the Capitol to spend, spend, spend, to build a dead end boondoggle that yields nothing in the long run, but will make their advertisers rich. The public good be damned. Legacy. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a chance to make his mark on California, that would last for 100 years, if he would just bite the bullet and move the Capitol to higher ground. Now. Gray Davis was drummed out of office because he listened to what the journalists told him to think. Don?t wait for the flood to wash away the present day budget surplus, wasted on building a few useless levee?s, that can?t hold back the flood waters. We need that surplus for schools, housing & hospitals on higher ground. Arnold, what would Noah have done? Paul Kangas, Master Biologist, 415-368-8581,

How Vietnam Won? Why Iraq will win?

Why the Middle East will stop the Pentagon? Because the people are unified in their hatred for the Pentagon and capitalism. Just like the people of Vietnam & Asia were unified in their hatred for the US military. There is no way the U.S. military can win. Victory is impossible. Iraq will win. The best way the US can move now, is for immediate & unconditional withdrawal of all troops. Let the people of the middle east run their own land.

As of May 1, 2006, today, the next steps the US military should take, would be to release Sadam Husane. That is all it would take. That electric bold would unify the whole Middle East, they would form a United States of the Mid East, elect Sadam Husane Prime Minister and go back to the business of selling oil to France.

This is an interview with Bay of Pigs Veteran, and Vietnam War Vet, Paul Kangas, who became one of the important leader for peace in America. His knowledge of the Bay of Pigs war and the Vietnam war, make him one of the leading experts on how to stop the war in Iraq today. He is a member of the American coalition to act now to stop war. He will be traveling to Iraq next week to meet with peace groups there.

On Jan 13, 2006, the Cuban Internation Newspaper, Granma, ran a front page article written by Paul Kangas on how George HW Bush assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. You can Google Granma to read the story.

Kinky Friedman is running for Senator, talking about how Bush killed JFK.

Q. How did Ho Chi Minh develop his stratagy?

A. Ho Chi Minh had several campaigns to try and unify Vietnam: electoral, a mass movement and a military plan. Ho ran for President from 1952 to 56, then again in 1960 to 64. Running elections is part of any serious attempt to remove the rich from control of any nation. Here in America, we need to run alternative candidates that are totally opposed to war. Ho is a good example of a strong leader, who even after the US stopped the election, Ho kept running to unify Vietnam. Nixon was VP, 1952-60, and toured Vietnam, speaking against Ho in 1953, 1955 and in 1959.

Bush & Nixon, as representatives of the banks & Pentagon, were the architects of the Vietnam war. Ho spent his whole life, from age 21 until he died at age 79, trying to liberate Vietnam from outsiders. Ho is just one of the thousands of leaders who worked for years to free Vietnam, so we use him as a symbol for a whole generation of leaders.

In 1960, Ho Chi Minh had hope renewed for 1,000 days, after the 1960 US election, that defeated Nixon. Ho believe JFK was someone he could work with and maybe was a man of peace. Now maybe, Ho could unify Vietnam with an election. Ho worked very hard to motivate people to develop industry and so take over their own economy and country. Things were looking great from 1960 onward. Then Ho was again inspired in 1962, by the Cuban victory over the US, when JFK withdrew the air cover for the Bay of Pigs. By that single act, JFK ordering all US troops out of Vietnam, Aug 63, Ho and most of the leaders of the world were very happy. But that marked JFK for assassination by Bush & the CIA. Ho & JFK seemed to be both heading towards peace. Little did they realize their world would come crashing down in 1963.

Nixon & LBJ secretly declared war against Ho in 63, when they launched a CIA plan to ambush JFK in Dallas. The day after Bush & E. Howard Hunt killed JFK in Dallas, LBJ sent troops into Vietnam, proving the secret CIA plan to invade Vietnam, just as soon as they could get rid of that SOB Kennedy.

N. Vietnamese Col. Bui Tin, said,(8-3-95, WSJ) when Nixon had to resign due to Watergate, we knew we had won the war, politically & militarily. The Watergate hearing actually were about the secret role of Bush & Nixon in the JFK assassination. The split in the US dictatorship that caused the JFK murder helped defeat the US morally. The conscience of America was part of its war making capability, and the Vietnamese were turning that power in their favor. The war was illegal & immoral. America lost because of its moral bankruptcy, after Dallas 1963, it lost the ability to mobilize a will to win. Today, 2005, many Americans feel the war on Iraq is morally wrong. America is split. We can mobilize that moral outrage to build a party that can unify America into a nation for peace.

Now look at American candidates from 2004: Gloria La Riva ran for President against Bush and today is a leader of the coalition helping to act now to stop the immoral war on Iraq.

Gore ran & hid. Gore still does little.

Dennis Kucinich opposed the war every chance he got, he even marches against the war, in the mass movement, but he refused to sign the petition to impeach Bush.

Kerry is a wolf in sheeps clothing, for not openly opposing the war at every opportunity, to mobilize for peace. Then when Kerry was told by the CIA that he lost, Kerry just rolled over & dropped out. He has never marched against the war on Iraq. Dean? The verdict is still out on Dean. Where are his people now. Still in shock. Still on vactation. Move On is helping to stop the war.

Question: How did Vietnam intend to defeat the Pentagon?

Answer: First, by having a political party to train people why resistance was necessary. We knew the war would be won in the minds of the people of Vietnam first. If we could convince the majority to fight for freedom from outsiders, we would win. Next, we have a very good moral code of conduct. We treated people like they were family. We never stole from people. We knew that was necessary to get them to help us, to spy for us, to join us and to learn how to take back their own country. By fighting a long war, with just guns, rice, leaflets and bikes, which would break their will to impose an outside government. Ho Chi Minh said, "We don't need to win military victories, we only need to hit them until they give up and get out."

Q: Was the American antiwar movement important to Vietnam's victory for unification? A: We could have won without them, but we knew when the Americans saw the people of the world speaking out against the war, they would too. They did. It was essential to our strategy to make the war end faster. And it worked. The Civil Rights Movement came out against the war. We loved the American rock and roll music. Some of the greatest anti war songs ever written came out during this effort for peace. Every form of artist in America came out against the war, and they made money selling their songs, posters, books and such. They helped us, we helped them. Support of our effort to win the peace, from our rear was completely secure, with the help of Cuba, China & Russia supplying us with ideas, guns, bikes, rice and printing of books, and most of the world giving Vietnam moral support, while the American rear was being spanked every day by small peace movements in every city in the worldwide. Every day our leadership would listen to world news over the radio at 9 a.m. to follow the growth of the American antiwar movement. The anti war music was great.

The main point the anti war movement made, quite clear, was, victory is impossible. There was no way the Pentagon could ever take over Vietnam. The same goes for today. Victory is impossible. There is absolutely no way the Pentagon and Big Oil is ever going to be able to take over the Iraqi oil fields. Defeat is inevitable.

Fact finding visits to Vietnam by people like: Dr. Paul Kangas, Jane Fonda, and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Black ministers like Martin Luther King speaking out against the war, gave us confidence that we should hold on in the face of battlefield reverses. The beautiful anti war posters that blossomed every where in America were a great help for peace. We were elated when Jane Fonda, wearing a blue Vietnamese dress, said at a press conference that she was ashamed of Pentagons actions in the war and that she would struggle along with us. For her efforts, Jane Fonda will live forever in the hearts of the people of Vietnam.

It is great to see Hollywood stars like Sean Penn, Jessie Jackson, Barbara Lee, Dr. Helen Caldicott going to Iraq on fact finding missions. All leaders of the peace movement in the US should go to Iraq and call for peace.

Q: How could the Americans have won the war?

A: Victory is impossible. The true war is against poverty & ignorance. On this issue, Ho and JFK were great minds thinking alike. That is a war that is winnable. The US, under Nixon & Bush, never could have won the military war, after they killed their own President, John F. Kennedy. Until that one secret crime is exposed, and the criminals, like Bush are disgraced, America will always be on the wrong side of the war against poverty, pollution and greed. Military victory is impossible.

Q: Did Ho Chi Minh expect that the National Liberation Front would win power in Vietnam?

A: Yes. Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, commander of the Vietnamese army, believed that locally created guerrilla warfare was important and sufficient for victory. Regular military divisions with artillery and armor would develop. The Chinese too believed in fighting mainly with guerrillas who were politically trained to recruit young new political activists to pick up the book and the gun. Without a political party recruiting and training new volunteer cadre daily, we could not have won the war. Le Duan [secretary general of the Vietnamese Communist Party] once told Mao Tse-tung that if you help us, we are sure to win; if you don't, we will still win, but we will have to sacrifice one or two million more soldiers to do so.

Q: Was the National Liberation Front an independent political movement of Vietnamese?

A: Yes! It was a natural coalition of leaders and groups who came together in a group, a front, to gain our freedom and independence from outside forces. The NLF was a group of business people, fishermen, nurses, teachers, doctors, mechanics, farmers, lawyers, electricians, who came together to form a more perfect union, to save Vietnam from economic rape, so they could earn a better living and have a better life. Just like a union. Our main document was the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. We are still trying to bring the value of the First Amendment into the culture of Vietnam, such as the Right for any person in Vietnam to practice any form of medicine they wish. We try to avoid using drugs and surgery in our medicine and so encourage natural medicine and folk medicine. Anyone who wants to be a doctor, can go to school for 1 year and then be licensed as a doctor, to PRACTICE medicine. Any form of medicine. This is the best way to lower the cost of medical care in Vietnam and America. Your people gain skill by practice and continually improving their knowledge. The right to organize is important. In America today, we have groups like Move On, Code Pink, NOW, ANSWER, Peace & Freedom Party, and some Unions, who provide real leadership.

Q: Why was the Ho Chi Minh trail so important?

A: It was the only way to bring sufficient guns, rice, bikes, books and uniforms to supply our army so we could build a political party and a peoples army, the minute men, to bear on the fighting in the South. Building and maintaining the trail was a huge effort, involving tens of thousands of soldiers, drivers, repair teams, medical stations, communication units.

Q: What of American bombing of the Ho Chi Minh trail?

A: Not very effective. Our operations were never compromised by attacks on the trail. At times, accurate B-52 strikes would cause real damage, but we put so much in at the top of the trail that enough men and weapons to prolong the war always came out the bottom. Bombing by smaller planes rarely hit significant targets. There were more bombs dropped on tiny Vietnam, which is as long as California, but half as thin, by the Pentagon, than were dropped in the whole of WWII. Which just goes to prove that wars are won by guns in the hands of soldiers, not bombs from aircraft. A soldier with a book and a gun is hard to defeat.

Q: What of American bombing of North Vietnam?

A: It showed the Americans were morally bankrupt and afraid to fight the war on the ground. Nixon promised he had a secret peace plan. All it was was the Christmas bombing of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. And it failed. As in Iraq, as soon as you refuse to fight on the ground, in the streets, you loose the political leadership of the war. Wars are won or lost in the hand to hand fighting in the streets of the cities. That is also true of fighting the war against drugs, crime and ignorance.

Q: What was the purpose of the 1968 Tet Offensive?

A: To win the war. We knew the weather was on our side during this new years period, so we could control the ground war. The US had been building up and attacking us for the 2 years before. We could see their weakness. We planned the Tet Offensive to prove to the Pentagon that there 2 years of burning villages and children would not stop us. We had rebuilt a new set of underground tunnels in the area, so we knew we had the element of suprise. We kicked the asses of the Pentagon just to show we could do it and so we did it just before the election to weaken American resolve during a presidential election year. It worked fine.

Q: What about Gen. Westmoreland's strategy and tactics caused you concern?

A: Very little. He did not understand the art of ground war. He did not understand politics. He was loosing the battle at home as bad as he was loosing the battles in Vietnam. Our senior commander in the South, Gen. Nguyen Chi Thanh, knew that we were winning the battles politically and militarily. Tet was designed to influence American public opinion. We would attack poorly defended parts of South Vietnam cities during a holiday or a truce, when few South Vietnamese troops would be on duty. We did the same to the French and the Japanese. Iraq will do the same thing and win. Before the main attack, we would entice American units to advance close to the borders, away from the cities. By attacking all South Vietnam's major cities, we would spread out our forces and neutralize the impact of American firepower. Probably 80% of the people living in the South were ready to fight with us, as soon as we asked them. We would arrive with a hundred gun, ask 200 people and we would get 100 soldiers in a day. These were people who simply just wanted the US to leave. The arrogance of the Pentagon was the main force training our new recruits. Attacking on a broad front, we would lose some battles but win others. We used local forces nearby each target to frustrate discovery of our plans. Small teams, like the one which attacked the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, would be sufficient. It was a guerrilla strategy of hit-and-run raids. By understanding all this, you can see why Iraq will win the war.

Q: What about the results?

A: Defeating the US militarily in Cuba and now Vietnam has paved the way for the People of the World to bring Peace to the world in the near future. The US military is on its final legs. A victory in the middle EAst will create a United States of the Mid-East, and the US war machine will be silenced for good.

Q: What of Bush and Nixon?

A: Well, when Nixon stepped down because of Watergate we knew we would win. The Bush group that used Nixon and the CIA to assassinate JFK had been exposed, at least to the US Congress. The US media is a bunch of sheep, who are controlled by the CIA. They will never let the truth about Dallas out. Not even now in 2006. Pham Van Dong [prime minister of North Vietnam] said of Gerald Ford, the new president, the head of the group, the Warren Commission, assigned to coverup the Kennedy assassination, "he's the weakest president in U.S. history; the people didn't elect him; even if you gave him candy, he doesn't dare to intervene in Vietnam again." Ford was a dictator imposed by the ruling class, Bush & the Pentagon, who had assassinated JFK. We tested Ford's resolve by attacking Phuoc Long in January 1975. When Ford kept American B-52's in their hangers, our leadership decided on a big offensive against South Vietnam.

Paul 7 kangas @ cs.com

Stop the war.

Riefenstahl perhaps says it best, “I only live for what is beautiful.”4 bell hooks writes of Riefenstahl’s “romantic idea of the artist — as one always and only a slave of artistic vision.”5 She believes that “she literally could not see what was before her very eyes if it interfered with her artistic vision.”6 Henry Jaworsky, who worked as a cameraman for Riefenstahl, responded in an interview, “What do you call that thing a horse has? She has blinders. She looks only in one direction and that’s the project she is on. She doesn’t see anything that happens here or here. Her mind is on what she is doing night and day.”7 Renata Berg-Pan quotes Riefenstahl’s desire to discern beauty: “the form taken by beauty, and not only its interior form, but its exterior fromÖI only know how happy it makes meÖ.”8 Yet this vision, attuned to the beauty of the human form, has continued, through a process at once celebratory and reductive, molded to accommodate the intransient tastes of the James Bond series title credits. Riefenstahl directs The Blue Light Riefenstahl’s career has been haunted and condemned by her association with the Third Reich and the infamous propaganda/documentary film Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will)9, which until very recently overshadowed any unbiased critical analysis of her work as actress, director, or photographer. Her first directorial effort was Das Blaue Licht (The Blue Light)10 with Riefenstahl playing the lead. After seven years in front of the camera in six of Arnold Fanck’s Bergfilms, she had definitive ideas on the qualities her filmmaking would take. With the innovative use of filters and camera angles, Riefenstahl produced a pioneering film and a mix of both female and male gaze —and aimed it at herself. Riefenstahl’s body awareness is based on the character’s physical abilities; she climbs barefoot up a mountain to guard the mysterious blue crystals she treasures, while her image is sexualized through the cliché of the beautiful but innocent savage. The film’s obvious anticapitalist mysticism brought her to the attention of Hitler, who commissioned her to film the 1934 Nürnberg party rally with the same atmosphere. Although Riefenstahl’s “body beautiful” — in this case, the male physique — is strongly evident in Triumph des Willens, she focuses on both genders in her Olympia film. Filmed during the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936 and edited over the following two years, the documentary stands as a testament to Riefenstahl’s neoclassic/Romantic artistic vision. Olympia Part 1 - Fest der Völker opens with a prologue in “ancient” Greece, where statues evoke the idea of human beauty. Through montage editing, the statues appear to come to life, with men throwing the discus, the shot, and the javelin, suggesting the competitions of ancient times. Female forms are juxtaposed against the sky, moving in concert with the wind and clouds. Photographed nude or nearly so, neither male nor female image is intentionally sexualized; there is only a celebration of the physical strengths and elegance of the human form. The Olympic torch is lit and progresses through March against the war: Sat June 2008, in your town! Join the world wide walk for Peace. Beat Bush back. Stop the attack on Iraq. Take democracy back. Make each march safe for kids, parents with kids and open debate. Speak out against the war, San Francisco.

Congradulations to Viet Nam on their marvelous victory over the U.S. war machine.

Forever we will celebrate April 30th as the day the forces of Peace defeated the forces of rape, war and theft. Some day in the future, if we Americans stand up on our hind legs, and stop the pentagon, the Vietnamese and the People of the world will point to American & once again call it "the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Someday. Viet nam won! Iraq will win.

March against the war Sun. May 1st, 2005.

Bay of Pigs. How it still controls our future in 2006.

We the veterans of the Bay of Pigs, remember this 45 anniversary of the April 17, 1961 invasion of Cuba.

Conference on the Bay of Pigs Sat. March 4th, 2006, San Francisco Hilton.


The future of Cuban - American relations.

Photo exhibit.

Film showings. 10 films from 1961, 1963, 1970, etc. These films are from Cuba, America, Mexico and Canada. They focus on this great Cuba victory for self determination.

Health care in Cuba today.

John R. Bolton Court Divorce Records Show His First Wife Fled Home When He Was Traveling Abroad Publisher Larry Flynt's Questions Posed to State Department Regarding Corroborated Allegations that First Wife was Forced into Group Sex go Unanswered May 11-LOS ANGELES-Court records concerning the divorce of John R. Bolton, the Bush administration's nominee to become the next ambassador to the United Nations, show his first wife fled the couple's marital home when he was traveling abroad in mid-August 1982. The records further show that she took most of the couple's furniture. Corroborated allegations that Mr. Bolton's first wife, Christina Bolton, was forced to engage in group sex have not been refuted by the State Department despite inquires posed by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt concerning the allegations. Mr. Flynt has obtained information from numerous sources that Mr. Bolton participated in paid visits to Plato's Retreat, the popular swingers club that operated in New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s. "The first Mrs. Bolton's conduct raises the presumption that she fled out of fear for her safety or, at a minimum, it demonstrates that Mr. Bolton's established inability to communicate or work respectfully with others extended to his intimate family relations," said Mr. Flynt. "The court records alone provide sufficient basis for further investigation of nominee Bolton by the Senate." (Click here for court records) . Mr. Flynt continued, "The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations must be free of any potential source of disrepute or blackmail." Mr. Flynt has contacted the State Department asking that they confirm or deny the allegations of Mr. Bolton's prior conduct concerning his wife and the alleged paid visits to Plato's Retreat. He has also called upon the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to conduct an inquiry into the very serious evidence concerning his first wife's fear of him. Neither the State Department nor the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has yet responded to Mr. Flynt's inquiries. The Hustler magazine publisher demanded an immediate response from Mr. Bolton. Mr. Flynt has personal knowledge about sources corroborating the allegations of nominee Bolton's misconduct, and he has called upon these persons to publicly come forward with their information. "First wife Christina Bolton has understandably remained silent on what led her to flee her husband of 10 years and to take the family belonging with hers. A full inquiry would necessarily involve meetings with Mrs. Bolton to uncover the circumstances of her flight and the Committee should subpoena her in private session," Mr. Flynt said. Mr. Flynt has no further comment at this time, except to ask that the press examine the attached court document pertaining to Mrs. Bolton flight from her home. Mr. Flynt is awaiting further leads regarding Mr. Bolton's private behavior, at which point he will have more information to convey. Main Page Travel trips for seniors to Cuba.

The role of George Bush family corporations ships in the invasion.

The connection to the JFK assassination of CIA agent Bush.

How to prevent the next invasion of Cuba.

Democracy is a growing, living process.

In order to move up to the next quantum level of our new world democracy, we must defeat the President, so we can create a vacuum, which will create the new form of democracy. This means, even if you vote in elections, you must also now vote with your feet in the street, every 2 months, so you & we can all defeat Bush politically, defend democracy and stop the war. Wow. This looks like too much fun. This is what democracy looks like. Can we stop the war? That is the debate. I say Yes we can. Most people who march against the war feel we can come together and so build a huge mass movement that can defeat the war machine. We must try.

The next 2 marchs for Peace will be on Sat. April 30th & Sun. May 1st, 2005. Start planning for them now. This is great, having 2 marches on one weekend.

Can we stop this war jive in 2005?

Yes, & here is how. It will take a mass movement of people marching against the war. Yes we should have a massive march every 2 months, but we also need to have massive Teach-ins against the war once a month. Do we need to run candidates who oppose the war? Maybe not. Individual candidates are the opposite of a mass movement.

It is better to do a mass event every month, this allows us to vote every month. It is too easy to corrupt individual candidates with big money. The 2006 election is coming. Democrats are saying we should elect more anti-war Democrats like Kerry & Boxer, if we want to stop the war. But when the vote came down, both Boxer & Kerry voted for the war. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

We should try to avoid being fooled again in 2006. That is not in the mix. The 2006 election is a fix. Democrats are up to their old war tricks. Just before the elections they coo like a dove. After they get elected, they screech like a war hawk. Kerry & Boxer do not march against the war. Don?t vote for anyone who does not organize marches against the war. Voting is only 1 day every other year, but it demoralizes the majority for the next 2 years. Don?t vote, don?t get depressed. Depression & inaction is some of the unexpected results of thinking we can stop a war by just voting. March for exercise & enlightenment. If every person that voted for Kerry would march once a month, we could stop the war machine.

Creating a mass movement means writing songs against the war, forming worker owned Co-op grocery stores, painting pictures against the war, doing high school plays for peace, selling buttons against the war, doing comedy against the war. Who is the comedian who most often throws an anti-war joke into her mix? Answer me that.

Please help spread the word on the next big march Sat. April 30th & May 1st in your town. We did great on March 19th, with over a million people out in 700 cities worldwide. That is really a good beginning for 2005.

Especially all the different groups that a making the link between the need for health care and the war budget. It was good to see all the health experts, nurses & doctors out marching against the war. Especially the health experts carrying the signs: Selenium cures Cancer. We really need to fight the war against cancer, not the war for Oil. There was also a group of health experts leafleting about using urine to fight obesity & cancer. Making the links. These marches against the war are like a Living University where all the great thinkers of the day, meet to link up, oppose the war & share ideas for building a new revolutionary society of the future. That is why it is so great to see the health experts out with their ideas on leaflets on a free medical care system based on minerals, AUT & laughter yoga. I collected over 50 leaflets on coming peace events.

This is the beginnings of a great mass movement that can give the Bush war machine, the death by a 1,000 cuts, it really deserves. When we march, we are assembling the True Congress of the People. Another great tactic, was to have 2 mass marches in 2 nearby cities on Sat. in SF & Sun. in San Jose. This really allowed one march to feed & build the second march. On March 19th, 25,000 marched in SF & on Sun. March 20th, over 20,000 marched in SJ. Now if we can have a series of double weekend marches in SF, SJ, on April 30th, then the next weekend, Oakland and Redwood City, then on the following weekend in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and then San Rafael, so that all during the Month of May we have a march every weekend in the largest cities in each of the 8 Bay Area counties, we will have built a strong mass movement.

Are you on an email list from a peace activist in each of the 8 Bay Area counties? Start your own list. This will allow activists to travel to a different city every weekend to march for peace. The best thing that can stop the war in 2005 is to have a major peaceful peace march in every county in California. My personal goal in May is to attend a peace march each weekend in all the 8 Bay Area counties. Help me. E-mail me about each march you know about in each county in May: Paul 7 Kangas @ cs. com. Iraq will win. Vietnam won. Cuba won.

Hey Genius! Answer this: Did you know that each type of gun has a signature sound? A sound fingerprint unique to that gun?

Meaning, if you were to film or tape record 3 guns firing in all at once, or one after the other, even if you can not see the guns, experts using hi tech sound scopes can now tell you the type, make, model and year of each gun, just from the boom. Each shot leaves its own sound fingerprint. Isnt that amazing?

A new Japanese film on the JFK Zapruder film showing JFK shot from the Grassy Knoll, when examined by police experts, proved beyond a reasonable doubt that three special rifles were used, one from Germany, used by Nazi?s snipers, one from the US, preferred the CIA assassins and one very modern sniper rifle from the Italy, similar to one used by Fascist snipers. All 3 were very expensive rifles identical to the kind used by Olympic rifle teams and police snipers.

Just when you thought there could be nothing new discovered about the role of Bush in the JFK assassination, boom, here comes a Japanese film crew that makes 3 of the greatest new factual discoveries in 40 years. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK.

Once again, the Zapruder film reveals even more new evidence about the role of the CIA and George Bush in the bloody ambush of JFK in Dallas.

That is not all. The experts looking at the footage on the Z-film obtained from the 6th Fl JFK Museum in Dallas discovered what no one had noticed before: six frames were missing from the film! The Japanese film crew obtain the original Z-film from the National Achieves & from 2 other private investigators, including myself, and found the missing six frames!!!!!! Now the really big discovery. These clues were all in the hi quality sound on the Dictaphone tape recording made by one police motory cycle officer, whos mic stuck open. From the tape, it was possible to determine there were 5 shots from 3 special rifles. All 5 shots were so fast, it was clearly impossible for one or even 2 guns to have fired all 5 shots. Proof it had to have been 3 CIA agents shooting from Trianglated postions: the Grassy Knoll, The Dal-Tex Building, the overpass and the roof of the Dallas Police Department.

You see, Zapruder just happen to be standing on the Grassy Knoll, the perfect place to shoot a photo from, when he shot his 8mm film, and so he was only 20 feet from the CIA assassins: E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and CIA agent George X when they fired their Nazi German sniper rifles at JFK. More Nazi connection to the CIA & Bush. Now the real truth emerges. As we knew it would. Too bad it?s 40 years later, but better late than never. Damn it has taken a long time to figure out the significance in the Z-film.

The best place to stand & shoot a film of JFK from, also happened to have been the best place to stand & shoot a sniper rifle from. The American experts interviewed in the film were: Jim Marrs, Dallas, Craig Roberts, Marksman & Paul Kangas, veteran of the Bay of Pigs, & former guard for President Kennedy, who is the main expert on the role of George Bush in the JFK ambush.

This film was just shown on Japanese National TV & got a viewer rating of 15%, seen by over 40 million viewers in one day. It will be shown again Nov. 22, 2003, all over Japan. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK.

Thanks to the great work done by this TV crew the average Japanese now knows more of the truth of the JFK ambush than the average American. George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK.

Jim. This great new documentary film will first be show in the US, every Tue., & Sun. in November at our office in San Francisco, at 7pm. For a ticket, call Paul. RSVP. Yes! Nov 11th, film will be shown at 7pm. We have 9 people coming.

Jim, call me if you see this.

Part of the effort to jail Bush for the assassination of JFK, which requires a mass movement capable of electing a true peace advocate like JFK, like D. J. K., Dennis J. Kucinich. Voting for DJK is part of the mass movement for peace.

It is far better to vote for what you want, and not get it, than to vote for what you do not really want, and get it.

Paul Kangas, private investigator 415-861-0870 www. Heal max. com Paul 7 kangas @ cs. Com

MEDIA ADVISORY: Wesley Clark: The New Anti-War Candidate? The Record Shows, Clark Cheered for the Iraq War, as "Right Call." George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK.

September 16, 2003 The possibility that former NATO supreme commander Wesley Clark might enter the race for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination has been the subject of furious speculation in the media. But while recent coverage of Clark often claims that he opposed the war with Iraq, the various opinions he has expressed on the issue suggest the media's "anti-war" label is inaccurate. Please ignore the Boxes from the various Prez. Candidates. It is a virus someone slipped into my site some how. If anyone knows how to erase them, please send me a clue. I can't find the underlying cookie. For all the facts on Gen. Wes Clark, go to zoltan @ igc.org, or

kat @ thenation.com. The stright media is running a snow job on you. Especially the "left" cartoonists who make Clark out to look like a dove. Clark is a fascist in a dove costume for the Holloween Election.

Many media accounts state that Clark, who led the 1999 NATO campaign against Yugoslavia, was outspoken in his opposition to the invasion of Iraq. The Boston Globe (9/14/03) noted that Clark is "a former NATO commander who also happens to have opposed the Iraq war." "Face it: The only anti-war candidate America is ever going to elect is one who is a four-star general," wrote Michael Wolff in New York magazine (9/22/03). Salon.com called Clark a "fervent critic of the war with Iraq" (9/5/03). To some political reporters, Clark's supposed anti-war stance could spell trouble for some of the other candidates. According to Newsweek 's Howard Fineman (9/8/03) Clark "is as anti-war as Dean," suggesting that the general would therefore be a "credible alternative" to a candidate whom "many Democrats" think "would lead to a disaster." A September 15 Associated Press report claimed that Clark "has been critical of the Iraq war and Bush's postwar efforts, positions that would put him alongside announced candidates Howard Dean, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida and Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio as the most vocal anti-war candidates." The Washington Post (9/11/03) reported that Clark and Dean "both opposed the war in Iraq, and both are generating excitement on the Internet and with grass-roots activists."

Hearing Clark talking to CNN's Paula Zahn (7/16/03), it would be understandable to think he was an opponent of the war. "From the beginning, I have had my doubts about this mission, Paula," he said. "And I have shared them previously on CNN." But a review of his statements before, during and after the war reveals that Clark has taken a range of positions-- from expressing doubts about diplomatic and military strategies early on, to celebrating the U.S. "victory" in a column declaring that George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair "should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt" (London Times, 4/10/03). George Bush killed John Kennedy. Bush killed JFK. Months before the invasion, Clark's opinion piece in Time magazine (10/14/02) was aptly headlined "Let's Wait to Attack," a counter-argument to another piece headlined "No, Let's Not Waste Any Time." Before the war, Clark was concerned that the U.S. had an insufficient number of troops, a faulty battle strategy and a lack of international support. As time wore on, Clark's reservations seemed to give way. Clark explained on CNN (1/21/03) that if he had been in charge, "I probably wouldn't have made the moves that got us to this point. But just assuming that we're here at this point, then I think that the president is going to have to move ahead, despite the fact that the allies have reservations." As he later elaborated (CNN, 2/5/03): "The credibility of the United States is on the line, and Saddam Hussein has these weapons and so, you know, we're going to go ahead and do this and the rest of the world's got to get with us.... The U.N. has got to come in and belly up to the bar on this. But the president of the United States has put his credibility on the line, too. And so this is the time that these nations around the world, and the United Nations, are going to have to look at this evidence and decide who they line up with." On the question of Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction, Clark seemed remarkably confident of their existence. Clark told CNN's Miles O'Brien that Saddam Hussein "does have weapons of mass destruction." When O'Brien asked, "And you could say that categorically?" Clark was resolute: "Absolutely" (1/18/03). When CNN's Zahn (4/2/03) asked if he had any doubts about finding the weapons, Clark responded: "I think they will be found. There's so much intelligence on this." After the fall of Baghdad, any remaining qualms Clark had about the wisdom of the war seemed to evaporate. "Liberation is at hand. Liberation-- the powerful balm that justifies painful sacrifice, erases lingering doubt and reinforces bold actions," Clark wrote in a London Times column (4/10/03). "Already the scent of victory is in the air." Though he had been critical of Pentagon tactics, Clark was exuberant about the results of "a lean plan, using only about a third of the ground combat power of the Gulf War. If the alternative to attacking in March with the equivalent of four divisions was to wait until late April to attack with five, they certainly made the right call." Clark made bold predictions about the effect the war would have on the region: "Many Gulf states will hustle to praise their liberation from a sense of insecurity they were previously loath even to express. Egypt and Saudi Arabia will move slightly but perceptibly towards Western standards of human rights." George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair "should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt," Clark explained. "Their opponents, those who questioned the necessity or wisdom of the operation, are temporarily silent, but probably unconvinced." The way Clark speaks of the "opponents" having been silenced is instructive, since he presumably does not include himself-- obviously not "temporarily silent"-- in that category. Clark closed the piece with visions of victory celebrations here at home: "Let's have those parades on the Mall and down Constitution Avenue." In another column the next day (London Times, 4/11/03), Clark summed up the lessons of the war this way: "The campaign in Iraq illustrates the continuing progress of military technology and tactics, but if there is a single overriding lesson it must be this: American military power, especially when buttressed by Britain's, is virtually unchallengeable today. Take us on? Don't try! And that's not hubris, it's just plain fact." Another "plain fact" is this: While political reporters might welcome Clark's entry into the campaign, to label a candidate with such views "anti-war" is to render the term meaningless. FAIR Home | Search | Contact Us | Activism | How to Write a Letter Join FAIR's e-mail list & receive news, action alerts and much more... Email:
Cost of the War in Iraq
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Dennis Kucinich It's easy to like Dennis Kucinich. His office has received FTW for several years now. He is the only Democratic challenger to have really addressed any of our issues. The three he has addressed are Iraq -- the fraudulent intelligence leading to the invasion, his clear and unequivocal opposition to it, and his call for a US withdrawal; the Patriot Act, which he wants to repeal; and $1 trillion of the missing money from the US Department of Defense. He also bravely stated that the Iraqi invasion was all about oil more than two weeks before the invasion began. But he has not spoken of Peak Oil and Gas, nor has he made any effort to pursue the glaring unanswered questions of 9/11. Kucinich is not a member of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group. He has a record of paying a price to stand up for the people in his battle with Cleveland power companies when he was mayor. He speaks with a spiritual - as opposed to religious - awareness and he has a record that says he won't do what it is certain the other candidates will do, namely pursue the war for oil and prolong the Iraqi and Afghan occupations. However, that does not say that he will do what needs to be done proactively. I have been close to Presidential campaigns and I am not seduced easily. In 1992, as the LA County Press spokesman for the Ross Perot campaign, my dedication and involvement earned me a story in the June 22, 1992 issue of PEOPLE Magazine. And Ross Perot got one place where Kucinich may never get -- ahead of the front-runners from both parties in the polls. It was also easy to like Perot. He had spoken out on issues that were important to me: CIA drug trafficking and the Vietnam-era POWs, and MIAs. I had written to him and he had called me twice. But once inside that campaign, I learned the bitter lesson that Perot had no intention of winning, and that his campaign had been infiltrated by some very slick operatives who could have cared less about the American people. I hold both Perot and the outside handlers accountable. No presidential candidate can separate himself from people inside his campaign who can control, contain and maneuver him away from issues that the elites don't want discussed. Dennis Kucinich is no exception. One test is to see whether the candidate himself speaks the clear message or whether he equivocates. Does he "get" it when his lips move, and does he also "speak" it? On September 21st, I went to a private fund raising event for Kucinich in Los Angeles, where I wanted to see Kucinich in person. On my arrival, I encountered many activists I had known for years. When Kucinich arrived I was quickly introduced and got all of twenty seconds to speak with him in private, not enough to accomplish anything, but as much time as anyone else got. FTW was, however, on the map and as actor/activist Ed Begley, Jr. introduced Kucinich, he mentioned FTW's efforts at tracking missing money from the system. I smiled because we were electronically wired through the Internet to more than 1,000 homes around the country. Kucinich's remarks to the crowd of 200 were inspirational but vague; committed to peace and ethics, opposed to the war, focused on ethics, but lacking in any mention of FTW's key hot buttons, the issues which are really driving world events. I got the clear impression in my gut that Kucinich was a good man, but something felt missing. Fund-raising speeches like this are not traditionally ones where major policy points are made. He was entitled to another chance. After his talk, Kucinich opened up for questions. I was called on second. I could have thrown him a tough one about 9/11, an issue which he has not addressed in any detail, but I didn't. It was his turf, his game. I asked him as President how he would recover the more than $3 trillion missing from the Department of Defense. He stated that he was aware of only $1.1 trillion missing from the Pentagon in FY 1999 - not a good sign. He was apparently not aware that CBS News and Donald Rumsfeld himself had admitted that another $2.3 trillion had gone missing in FY 2000. As quickly as he fielded the question, Kucinich diverted his answer away from missing money to the bloated defense budget, and how he would drastically cut defense spending and put the money into a Department of Peace. Standard fare for him. Wait a second, Dennis?more than three trillion dollars of my money has been stolen. I want you to get it back! The American people need that money! I left the event not convinced and certainly not seduced. I, and the American people, have been jilted too many times, and there are other reasons why I worry about his campaign and what his advisors allow him to say and not say. I looked for the Braveheart and didn't see it, and there are reasons to suspect that, if it is truly there, it will never be allowed to surface. Sheehan There is a man occupying a pivotal position in Dennis Kucinich's campaign that I am extremely leery of. And, so it seems, are some other Kucinich supporters. In more intimate circles, my distrust of attorney Daniel Sheehan is well known. I have not made much of an issue of it, because Sheehan can get blown out of proportion. There are "attack poodles" who defend him at every turn. Sheehan is the man who literally destroyed two of the best and biggest lawsuits connected to CIA drug dealing in history: the Christic Institute lawsuit in the 1980s and a civil suit arising from the murder of Marine Col. James Sabow at El Toro Marine Air Station after Sabow had discovered CIA-connected C-130s flying tons of cocaine onto his base in 1990 and 1991. As it turns out, the cases ultimately connected with each other, and what happened in both cases is remarkably consistent. As lead attorney, Sheehan raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from victims and activists (Christic) and from the Sabow family, only to drag litigation out over a period of years and, through egregious legal conduct, destroy suits that could have changed the course of history. The Christic suit was "dismissed with prejudice" meaning that it could never be filed again by another attorney. Rather than describe these cases and Sheehan's conduct in detail, I will rely on the excellent work of investigative reporter Nick Schou of The Orange County Weekly who has reported on Sheehan for years. An excellent history of Sheehan's record is contained in a February 2000 story by Schou located at http://www.ocweekly.com/ink/00/24/news-schou.php. Schou wrote: Sheehan had failed to report [in the Sabow case] that the Christic Institute had been fined more than $1 million by a federal judge in Miami. According to the government's motion, the judge fined Sheehan after he submitted "an affidavit with unknown, nonexistent, deceased sources," using a "deceptive style used to mask its shortcomings?" Sheehan appealed King's ruling, lost, and was ordered to pay the legal fees for the defendants: $1,034,381.35? ? Honey [the Christic plaintiff], now the peace and security program director for the Institute for Policy Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, told the Weekly that Sheehan single-handedly ruined the La Penca [Christic] case. "Sheehan's a lousy, lousy lawyer," she said. "None of the good legal work was done by him." Honey stated that she has unsuccessfully tried to get Sheehan disbarred as an attorney and has even sued him to recover investigative material and other records from the unsuccessful lawsuit. "After we found out about the Sandinista connection, we realized we had wasted millions of dollars and a decade with Sheehan," Honey concluded. The great irony, still recited as a pro-Sheehan catechism today by many of his supporters, is that the allegations made by Sheehan in the case were subsequently corroborated, almost in their entirety, in hearings chaired by none other than John Kerry. What the Sheehan supporters fail to realize is that it was Sheehan's legal conduct, not the facts, that got the Christic case dismissed. What makes the case of Col. James Sabow so tragic is that not only was he obviously murdered (all sides agreed that he had aspirated blood in his lungs and a skull fracture from a source other than a self-inflicted shotgun wound), but a man with an impeccable record and real honor was betrayed by those who claimed to be friends. When Sabow tried to expose the drug smuggling, connected to Iran-Contra operations, the Marine Corps charged him with using military aircraft to transport golf clubs, speakers and wall decorations for his son, who was attending college in the Pacific Northwest. And for that, the Marines claim a devout Catholic committed suicide. Then Dan Sheehan showed up and took the case for the family. I will never forget a night in Washington, DC in 1995 when Sheehan's chief investigator, Gene Wheaton (who also worked on the Christic case), presented Sabow's brother, Dr. David Sabow, at a small discussion group headed by veteran White House correspondent Sarah McClendon. As Wheaton paraded Sabow and made his presentation -- saying that the case under appeal by Sheehan would bring the government down -- there were snickers from a senior congressional staffer, a former CIA analyst, and me that another victim was about to be fleeced and have his case destroyed. It took five more years and more than $100,000 of Dave Sabow's money, but that is exactly what happened. Nick Schou's analysis of Sheehan's handling of the Sabow case revealed that: Witness testimony that might have shown Marine Corps officers lied to the Sabows about their official investigation into the death was either excluded by the court as irrelevant or was obscured by Sheehan's habit of asking interminable, speculative and, in some cases, unintelligible questions. Indeed, toward the end of the six-day trial, the government's lawyers needed only to look as if they might object to Sheehan's questions--to lean forward, look annoyed or raise a hand--and Stotler would stop him. The increasingly testy Stotler occasionally challenged Sheehan's skills as a lawyer, at one point observing, "Counsel, that is literally the worst question I have ever heard in my life." When Sheehan repeatedly pressed NCIS agent Mike Barrett about the quality of the Navy's original death investigation, Stotler intervened again. "That has nothing to do with this case," she told Sheehan. "Do you have any other questions for this witness?" On the fifth day, the Justice Department asked Stotler to end the trial; the plaintiffs had called all their witnesses and hadn't proved a thing, the government attorneys argued. Stotler said she would consider it; 24 hours later, on the afternoon of Jan. 27, it was clear that she had had enough. "I am prepared to grant the defense's motion. I don't need to hear any further testimony at this point," she announced with finality, just moments before Adams was supposed to take the stand. "It's pretty apparent that, looking only at the plaintiff's testimony, their allegations have not been met by the evidence." Sheehan hadn't just failed to prove a vast conspiracy involving drug running, covert flights and murder. He had also failed to prove the government acted maliciously in a death investigation? While the OIG said it found no evidence to support the conclusion that Sabow was murdered, Sheehan's lawsuit contains what purports to be unassailable direct eyewitness testimony showing that Sabow was murdered. That allegation is based on the claims of "Mr. X," whom Dr. Sabow identified as an ex-Marine Corps official, now a law-enforcement officer somewhere in the southwestern United States. Sheehan refused to identify Mr. X or produce him for interviews either with military investigators or the media... James Sabow was murdered. Mr. X was never necessary to prove that, and he should never have been brought up. The physical evidence does it. Among other loose ends, all fingerprints had been wiped from the shotgun that killed Sabow. Several police forensics experts said that it would have been impossible for Sabow to not have left his fingerprints on the weapon he used to kill himself. But when Sheehan introduced a Mr. X, and couldn't follow simple legal procedure, the case fell, in part, because he couldn't produce the witness that he himself had brought up. Sound familiar? The Sheehan case rested on the premise that the Marine Corps had been rude to the Sabow family. It did not even address the wrongful death, which, according to legal experts interviewed by FTW, was outside the bounds of the so-called Feres Doctrine that basically says that soldiers are military property. I was surprised to learn, just a few weeks ago, that the indefatigable David had succeeded in getting a member of Congress to take a new look at the case from a different tack. In a September 5th 2003 interview, Sabow told The Orange County Weekly, "Now I believe that all the people who warned me about (Sheehan) were correct. I think there was a lot of duplicity involved. I don't lose any sleep over using the people that offered to help me, but I am disappointed in their character." The full story is at: http://www.ocweekly.com/ink/04/01/news-schou.php. Richard Scheck is a political activist and researcher who was a classmate of Sheehan's at Harvard Law. He has long known of concerns about Sheehan. Six months ago, this writer provided Scheck with a copy of the Schou article and asked him to pass it up in the campaign for comment. Scheck was a volunteer for the Kucinich team when he saw that Sheehan was positioning himself to play a major role in developing policy and strategy for Kucinich. He spoke personally with the Congressman, as well as several high-level aides, in an attempt to have a potential problem dealt with at the earliest possible moment. "Dennis and his team are six months late in addressing this. I alerted them back in March and was ignored," Scheck told FTW. Scheck wrote an internal memo to a senior campaign staffer regarding Sheehan's January speech in Ashland, Oregon in which, "Sheehan told the audience he hoped Dennis would run and that Danny intended to have Dennis include the platform Danny was developing at his new institute in Boston called the Center for the Study of Alternative World Views." He told FTW, "The day after I spoke to Kucinich and sent this memo, I saw Dennis embrace Danny and speak with him at the big fund-raiser held in Marin at the beginning of his presidential campaign." Scheck adds, "My clear sense is that Danny and his wife are playing a major role in the Kucinich campaign. Danny personally told me back in March he was planning a 10-state strategy. I recently learned from a source within the campaign that Sarah [Sheehan's wife] was deeply involved." Aris Anagnos of Los Angeles is a pillar of the activist, pro-peace community and another staunch Kucinich supporter. A past president of Americans for Democratic Action, founder of L.A.'s Peace Center, and key supporter of the Office of the Americas, Anagnos was also a major supporter of the Christic Institute lawsuit. In an Oct 13th interview with FTW, Anagnos indicated that he was aware of the role Sheehan was playing in the Kucinich campaign and had "expressed his feelings inside the campaign". He told FTW, "In the early 1990s, when the Christic ruling came up for appeal, Sheehan needed to post a bond to get it going. I put up a bond of almost a million and a half dollars to do that. When the appeal failed, the court said ?pay up'. I asked Sheehan, who had a large mailing list of people who knew that the allegations had been validated [by the Kerry hearings], if he would send out a letter asking them to help bear the burden. One person should not have to do it. He refused to do it. I had to pay up and I nearly went bankrupt. But I don't hold him responsible for the failure of the lawsuit." FTW then asked Anagnos if he was aware of the fact that the Christic suit had been dismissed because of Sheehan's flawed affidavit using deceased and "non-existent" witnesses. I also asked if Anagnos was aware that the appeal had been thrown out because the trial court's ruling had been a dismissal with prejudice because of misconduct and that the money was a fine (as reported by Schou) and not a bond. To both questions Anagnos said, "I wasn't aware of that. I didn't know that." Anagnos was also not familiar with the Sabow case, even though it had been positively featured in two segments of a CBS News program anchored by Connie Chung. Throughout the course of the Christic suit, Daniel Sheehan compiled a mailing list of supporters who donated hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars to support the case. In politics, such a mailing list is gold. Ask Bill Clinton about how important such lists are. A question that arises is, did Sheehan protect his donor list by having only one man pay the bill for his arguable legal malpractice? There is something else that is remarkably consistent about Daniel Sheehan's behavior. He has a record of telling people what not to say. I spoke with him in 1986 during the Christic trial well before the dismissal, and offered him my first-hand observations and records alleging CIA involvement in drug dealing. He was not interested, and he encouraged me to forget about it. He promised to contact me again and obtain my records, but he never called. I called back and left several messages. He refused to respond. In 1992, during the Perot campaign, while I was serving as LA Press spokesman, I was told by Perot insiders that Sheehan had been communicating with Perot, and urging him to remain silent about POW and CIA-drug issues. One Perot staffer confirmed to me that Perot had recently met with or spoken to Sheehan on more than one occasion. In 1996, just days after I had confronted CIA Director John Deutch at Locke High School with hard evidence of CIA drug trafficking (including names of CIA operations), Sheehan drove to my residence in Sylmar, California and spent three hours trying to persuade me to give up the whole issue and get on with my life. My efforts, he told me, were futile. In January of 1997, at a large Los Angeles demonstration focusing on CIA-drug trafficking after a series of stories in The San Jose Mercury, Sheehan showed up with David Sabow, who was going to address an eager audience about proof that the CIA was involved in smuggling cocaine. Sheehan dogged Sabow's every step, and Sabow told me, "I have to clear everything I say with Danny. I just can't say that we know that the CIA was dealing drugs." Sabow's statement to the crowd was tepid, to say the least. Is Sheehan having the same effect on Dennis Kucinich? Decorated Vietnam veteran and lawyer Gary Eitel served as a special federal prosecutor in a case that looked into the CIA's diversion of C-130 Hercules aircraft into the hands of private companies who were operating as CIA contractors or proprietaries. These were the same C-130s that flew into Jim Sabow's life. Eitel's investigation and prosecution, unlike Sheehan's, resulted in two felony convictions and other civil remedies. Eitel indirectly provided some pro bono work to the Sabow family. He told them that the way to prove their case was to find the refueling records that would identify the El Toro planes as the same ones he had already proven had been maneuvered through the Forest Service by the government. According to Eitel, as soon as this information was passed to Sheehan's investigator, it was discovered that the records had been destroyed. FTW's 1998 investigation of the CIA's diversion of twenty-eight C-130s is located at http://fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/forest_service_c130s.html. Eitel then seemed to raise a question that is on many people's minds. "When Danny Sheehan comes into any case, like he did with Christic, the case comes unglued. The team that prosecuted those cases couldn't have done a better job for the other side if they had been working for them." A common assessment by those sympathetic to Sheehan is that his legal failures are the result of incompetence. However, another perspective could be offered: Namely that Sheehan is extremely competent at diffusing any case or issues - maybe even candidates -- that are potentially devastating to government covert operations. Eitel observed, "Sheehan was right there in the middle of all of it and he could have unraveled it right back to Southern Air Transport, [Bill] Casey and Richard Secord from the Sabow case. Instead it all went away when Sheehan turned a wrongful death case into a being rude case, and then blew that one." One more thing should be said about Danny Sheehan. I received a confirmation in 2000 that Daniel Sheehan had served as the executive director of the Rockefeller/Michael Milken-funded State of the World Forum in San Francisco. The Rockefellers are, of course, the creator-founders of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. FTW solicited comment on Sheehan's role in the Kucinich campaign from three separate high-level campaign officials. As of press time for this article, that request has been neither acknowledged nor responded to.

Two males tried to stop a female from expressing her brilliant ideas. Are some men affraid of educated women? Cruz exposed his own sexism by not rising to defend Ariannas right to speak. Cruz is such a wimp.

Elections are emotional events, not easily predictable from reason. Arianna clearly is a great speaker, with sound ideas, whom most women now see would be a great first Governor of California. We could do far worse. Arianna has said she will withdraw & give her support to Camejo, if his poll results show greater than hers, after 9-27-03. This is very diplomatic.

The problem with voting for a corrupt puppet of the energy companies & casinos, like Bustemente, is, if he is elected, you will then be blind to his crimes. It will then take you years to undo your own brain washing, so that you can fight the power. Bustemente is just as stupid as Davis and did nothing to stop Davis from signing the rotten power contracts.

To say we must stand by the President, right or wrong, is treason. --- Teddy Roosevelt
Defense $pending Is Killing U$ too.

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Topics discussed below: War, Rape, Shock Voting, & vitamin C.

. Hi, I'm not usually one to panic, but there is a new law being slipped quietly thru the Congress, SB 722, sponsored by Diane Feinstein (D-Ca), R. Durbin (D-IL.), & C. Schumer (D-IL), which will give the FDA to power to ban vitamins!

The AMA is funding the campaign, because millions of American?s are treating themselves & staying away from doctors & drugs.

Please email Feinstein & tell her to oppose SB 722.www.senate.gov/~feinstein/ Please do it now. Then email your list. The easiest way to oppose 722 is to visit NNFA?s website ( capwiz/nnfa/s722.html). All you have to do is type in your zip code & they will address a note to both your senators. Howard Dean has not yet taken a position. Demand he do. Dennis Kucinich opposes it.

Letters are too slow, due to the anthrax screening.

Paul Kangas: A Kennedy-gyilkosság: A Nixon-Bush kapcsolat Megjegyzés: az alábbi cikkben minden "George Bush"-ra való hivatkozás George Herbert Walker Bushra értendő (vagyis a jelenleg elnöklő, a legfelsőbb biróság 5-4 arányú döntése alapjan a Fehér Házba kerülő George "Dubya" Bush apjára). Egy nemrég nyilvánosságra került FBI dokumentum szerint George Bush közvetlenül részt vett az 1963-as Kennedy-gyilkosságban. A dokumentum szerint közvetlen munkatársa volt Felix Rodrigeznek, a mára már hiressé vált CIA ügynöknek és közvetlen feladatai közé tartozott szélsöséges kubai menekültek toborzása a közelgő, titokban szervezett kubai invázióhoz. Bush CIA-n belüli feladata többek között egy kubai csoport szervezese volt Miamiban, akikböl a CIA késöbb mesterlövészeket képzett. Bush 1960 és 61-ben Texasban élt, hetente utazott Houstonból Miamiba, hogy Castro ellenes kubaiakat szervezzen be az invázióhoz. Igy találkozott Felix Rodrigezzel is. Egyeseknek joggal tünhet ismerösnek Rodrigez neve: ö volt az az Irán-Kontra CIA ügynök, aki elöször jelentette be, hogy egy a Gene Hasenfus vezette CIA repülögép lezuhant Nicaragua fölött. Mihelyst Rodrigez megtudta e hirt rögtön értesitette régi CIA-beli tanácsadóját és felettesét George Busht. Bush tagadta, hogy barmiféle köze is lett volna a Kontra-ügyhöz, de Oliver North naplójanak nemrég nyomozók által megkaparintott másolatából kiderül Bush mint CIA-ügynök szerepe a kontrák fegyverellátási hálózatában. Bush 1988-ban a kongresszus elött kijelentette, hogy 1987-ig semmit nem tudott a kontráknak illegálisan juttatott fegyverekröl és ellátási hálózatról, de North naplója pontosan dokumentálja Bush részvételét az első, 1985. augusztus 6-án megtartott ez ügyben tartott megbeszélésen. E napon Bush saját "hivatalos" naplója természetesen egészen máshová helyezi öt. Az ehhez hasonló "dupla-könyvelés" feladata Bush valódi CIA-n belüli szerepének titokban tartása, valamint egy esetleges felelösségre vonás esetén kézenfekvö cáfolatként ("plausible denial") is szolgál. A probléma azonban az volt, hogy sokan (köztük North és Rodrigez) vezettek saját naplót, melyek egyértelmüvé teszik Bush CIA-n belüli szerepét egészen az 1961-es Disznó-öbölbeli kubai invázió óta (Forrás: Washington Post, 07/10/1990). Pontosan igy derült fény olyan bizonyitékokra is, melyek szerint George Bush és Felix Rodrigez közvetlenül együttmüködtek a Kennedy-gyilkosság idején. Egy az FBI akkori vezetőjétől, J. Edgar Hoover-től származó memorandum alapján "Mr. George Bush CIA-ügynöknek készült egy jelentés a Miamiban tartózkodó Castro-ellenes kubai menekültek Kennedy-gyilkosság utáni reakciójáról". A gyilkosság idején Bush Texasban tartózkodott, bar állitása szerint nem emlékszik pontosan rá hol volt aznap. Mivel 1960 óta ő volt a felelőse a titkos kubai csoportoknak, közvetlen vezetőjük pedig Felix Rodrigez, nagy valószinűséggel Bush is Dallasban volt 1963-ban. Jónéhány, az ő felügyelete alá tartozó, Nixon piszkos munkáit végző kubait azonositottak később a Zapruder-film kockáin. 1959-ben Rodrigez magas rangú rendőrtisztként működött Batista kubai kormányában. Miután Batista Castro hatalomátvétele után Miamiba szökött, Rodrigez vele tartott, együtt Frank Sturgis-szel es Rafael Quinteroval. Hivatalosan Rodrigez nem csatlakozott a CIA-hez egészen 1967-ig, a CIA kubai inváziójáig amiben ő is részt vett, hasonlóan a Kennedy-gyilkossághoz. De legújabb adatok szerint Rodrigez már 1961-ben csatlakozott a CIA-hez, amikor Bush a kubai invázióhoz toborzott embereket. Igy nevezheti Rodrigez Busht "közeli barátjának". Rodrigez saját elmondása szerint 1976-ban lépett ki a CIA-ből, nem sokkal azután miután a Watergate-betörés után bünösnek találták és bebörtönözték. Ezzel szemben Kohn és Monks, a Rolling Stone riporterei szerint Rodrigez rendszeresen havonta megjelenik a CIA központjában feladatokért és még mindig szervizeli 1987-es kék golyóálló Cadillacjét. Ugyancsak a Rolling Stone egy riporterenek kérdésére, hogy hol tartózkodott a Kennedy-gyilkosság napján Rodrigez azt állitja nem emlékszik. George Bush saját bevallása szerint korábban nem dolgozott a CIA-nek, csak miután a Warren-bizottság egykori vezetője és akkori elnök Jerry Ford a CIA vezetőjévé nevezte ki 1976-ban. Ne is várjuk azonban Bushtól egy CIA-ügynöktől azt, hogy bevallja, hogy az ügynökségnek dolgozik: a CIA egy titkos szervezet, soha egyik alkalmazottja sem vallja be nyilvánosan, hogy nekik dolgozik. Valójában Bush az 1961-es kubai invázió óta magasrangú CIA ügynökként dolgozott, szoros együttműködésben Felix Rodrigezzel. Bush bár tagadja valós CIA-n belüli szerepét 1959-ben, Rodrigez és más a Disznó-öbölbeli invázióban résztvevők aktái szerint szerepe nyilvánvaló. Hatalmas befolyással rendelkező nagycégek nem biznák az állami titkokat birtokló CIA vezetését olyan emberre aki nem elég tapasztalt vagy netán kivülálló! (Forrás: Project Censored Report, 1989 február, Dr. Carl Jensen, Sonoma State College) Nemrég készitettem interjút L. Fletcher Proutyval, volt CIA összekötőtiszttel, aki Oliver Stone egyik fő tanácsadója a nemrég készült zseniális filmjében, a JFK-ban, mely a CIA Kennedy meggyilkolásában játszott szerepét mutatja be. Prouty elmondta, hogy egyik feladata szerint U.S. Navy hajókat továbbitott a Navy egyik hajóbázisáról Guatemalába, azoknak a CIA ügynököknek, akik a kubai inváziót tervezték. Azt mondta, három hajót is szállitott egy bizonyos George Bush nevezetű CIA ügynöknek, aki úgy festtette át a hajükat, hogy civil hajóknak tűnjenek. A hajók a következő neveket kapták: Barbara, Houston és Zapata. Bármely a Disznó-öbölbeli történtekről szóló könyv bizonyitja e három nevet. A fentiek ismét bünjelek, amelyek Bush Disznó-öbölbeli részvételét bizonyitják. Természetesen Bush tagadja, hogy bármiféle szerepe lett volna a kalandban. Miért ilyen szégyenlős Bush a Disznó-öbölbeli részvétele miatt? Netán van valami kinos ebben az egészben, amelyről Bush és Nixon nem akarja, hogy a nagyközönség tudomást szerezzen? A válasz: igen. Ugyanazok, akik a Disznó-öbölbeli invázióval kapcsolatba hozhatók a Watergate-botrányban is sárosak. Miéert is törtek be egyáltalán a Watergate hotel szobájába? A CIA egy lehetséges hir kiszivárgását probálta megakadályozni. Azoknak a fotóknak a médiába való jutását akarták megakadályozni, amelyek Huntot és Sturgist ábrazolták miközben örizet alá helyezik őket Kennedy meggyilkolásábáan való részvételük miatt. (Forrás: 1977. május 7, San Francisco Chronicle) Jelenleg is folyamatban van egy per, amely a kormányt próbálja rákényszeriteni, hogy a Disznó-öbölbeli invázióval kapcsolatos eddig titkos dokumentumokat nyilvánosságra hozza. Miért titkosak ezek a dokumentumok még mindig? Miért vannak még a mai napig gondosan elzárva ezek a dokumentumok a Nemzeti Archivumban az összes a Dallasban, a Kennedy-gyilkosság ideje alatt készitett fotóval együtt? Vajon mert a három esemény összekapcsolódik? Igen. Követelnünk kell a három esemény aktáinak nyilvánosságra hozatalát. A peticó egy másolatát megkaphatod, ha irsz a kovetkező cimre: Paul Kangas, private investigator, POB 422644, San Francisco, California, 94142. Oliver Stone nemrég mozikba került a Kennedy-gyilkosságról szóló filmje kellőképpen felkeltette a közérdeklődést amely elegendő lehet az ügyek újratárgyalásához. A Fehér Ház annyira fél Stone filmjétől, hogy több CIA újságirót béreltek, hogy a filmet és Stone-t megpróbálják lejáratni. Ne higgy nekik! Minden valamit magára adó, ez ügyben nyomozó véleménye szerint nem Oswald lőtte le JFK-t, hogy nem James Earl Ray lőtte le Dr. Martin Luther Kinget és hogy nem Sirhan Sirhan lőtte le Robert Kennedyt. Ezeket az ügyeket mind újra fel kell nyitni, újratárgyalni, hogy Sirhant és Rayt szabadon engedjék. Az egyetlen dolog pl. ami Sirhant még mindig rács mögött tartja az átlagamerikaiakban meglévő hihetelen mértékű arabellenesség. Richard Nixon egy életrajza szerint, Nixon személyes kapcsolata a Bush-családdal egészen 1941-ig nyúlnak vissza, amikor ixon elmondása szerint egy hirdetésre lett figeyelmes egy los angeles-i újságban, melyet a Prescott Bush (George Herbert Walker Bush apja) vezette befolyásos üzletemberekből álló csoport adott fel: egy fiatal, talpraesett embert kerestek, hogy a parlamenti valasztásokon induljon. Nixon jelentkezett, elnyerte a poziciót es gyakorlatilag a Bush-csoport szócsövévé vált. (Forrás: Freedom MAgazine, 1988. L. F. Prouty) Többek között Eisenhower és Nixon 1952-es választási győzelmét is Prescott Bushnak tulajdonitják. (Forrás: George Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988) Újonnan nyilvánosságra került FBI dokumentumok szerint Jack Ruby 1947 óta Richard Nixonünak dolgozott. Az egyik ilyen dokumentum szerint Rubyt Nixon kémjének és végrehajtó embereként tartotta számon. 1963. november 22-én Julian Ann Mercer, aki mellesleg igenjól ismerte Rubyt, látta ahogy kb. egy órával Kennedy autókonvojának megérkezése előtt Ruby egy fegyveres embert tett ki kocsijából a dallasi Dealy Plaza füves-bokros részének, a Grassy Knoll-nak a közelében. Aztán később mint ahogy a tévés közvetitésen láthattuk, Ruby eltette láb alól azt a tanút, aki Nixont és Busht a Kennedy gyilkossághoz kapcsolhatta volna: Oswaldot. (Forrás: On the Trail of the Assassins, Garrison, p xiii.) Richard Nixon alelnökként müködött 1952-től 1960-ig? Nixon nevéhez fűződik a titkos Operation 40 megszervezése, amely tulajdonképpen az 1961-es titkos kubai inváziót tartalmazta, mindez 1959-ben, az elnökválasztási kampány idején. Miután az elnyomott éhező nép elűzte Batistát és Fidel Castrot juttatta hatalomra, Castro elkezdte a Kubában működő amerikai cégektől követelni, hogy megfelelő béreket fizessenek kubai alkalmazottainak. Sőt még rosszabb: azt követelte a Pepsi Colatól, hogy világpiaci árakat fizessen a kubai cukorért. Pepsi, Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil as a Maffia eldöntötték, hogy Castrot el kell tenni láb alól, mert intézkedései nem voltak előnyösek számukra. Igy a cégek megbizták Nixont (akkor alelnököt), hogy tegyen lépéseket Castro eltávolitására. Nixon meg is igérte, hogy eleget tesz a kérésnek, mihelyst megnyerte az 1960-as elnökválasztásokat a senkiházi ismeretlen demokrata, Kennedy ellen. Nixon könnyű győzelemre szamitott. A közvéleménykutatások is mind Nixont tartották esélyesebbnek. Mindemellett a katolikus családból származó Kennedyt egyénként se választák meg az amerikaiak, hasonlóat mint ahogy egy nőt, feketét vagy egy zsidót sem. Ne felejtsük el, hogy 1959-et irunk. Nixon megigérte a Pepsinek, Standard Oilnak és más cégóriásoknak (amelyek ingatlanokat es földeket vesztettek Kubában, mivel Castro visszadta ezeket a kubai gazdáknak), hogy ha segitenek neki nyerni, engedélyez egy kubai inváziót, hogy megszabadulhassanak Castrotól. Hogy mindezt bizonyitsa, az alelnok Richard Nixon kérte a CIA-t, hogy hozzák létre az Operation 40-et a tikos kubai invázió tervét, mely győzelme után közvetlenül esedékes lett volna. A CIA a tikos CIA-ügynökként is működő texasi milliomost, George Busht bizta meg Castro-ellenes kubaiak toborzásával. Bush többek között egy másik texasi olajmágnással, Jack Crichtonnal is együtt dolgozott, hogy az inváziót előkészitsék és a szintén texasi Air Force főparancsnokát, Charles Cabelt kérték meg az invázió légi koordinációjával. A legtöbb a kubai invázióban résztvevő CIA vezető Texasból származik és a CIA egy egész texasi ága az olajüzletben is érdekelt. Ha felgöngyülitjük a szálakat Bush és a texasi olajüzlet körül, felfedezhetjük közeli partnerét, Robert Moshachert és James Bakert. Mosbacher ma kereskedelmi miniszter, Baker pedig külögyminiszter (ez utóbbi posztot Dulles töltötte be a Kennedy-gyilkosság idején). (Forrás: Common Case magazine 3-4-90.) A hirhedt Watergate mágnesszalagokon elhangzó 1972. június 23-i leleplező párbeszédben Nixon és személyzeti főnöke, H.R. Haldeman arról tanácskoztak, hogy miként kellene az FBI-nyomozást a CIA Watergate betörési ügyében leállitani. Féltek, hogy a nyomozás felfedheti kapcsolatukat a "Disznó-öböl-üggyel". Haldeman könyvében, a The Ends of Power-ben leirja, hogy Nixon mindig kódszavakat használt haz 1963-as Kennedy-gyilkosság szóba került. Haldeman szerint Nixon a JFK-gyilkosságot "Disznó-öbölként" emlegette. A szóban forgó felvételen Nixon George Bush partnerének, Robert Mosbachernek a szerepét tárgyalja, aki mellesleg jelentős kampánypénzekkel segitette Nixont annak idején. A felvételeken Nixon "texasiakat" és "kubaiakat" emleget. A texasiak Bush, Mosbacher és Baker. Ez egy újabb közvetlen kapcsolat amely Busht és Nixont a Kennedy-gyilkossághoz köti. Ugyanezen a felvételen Nixon a "kubaiakat", a "texasiakat", "Helmst", "Huntot", "Bernard Barkert", Robert "Mosbachert" és a "Disznó-öbölt" hozza egymással kapcsolatba. A Watergate hangfelvételeken ezek a nevek újra és újra felbukkannak a Dallasból származó fotokkal kapcsolatban, amiket a CIA Nixon utasitására próbált eltüntetni a washingtoni Watergate hotel szobájából. (Forrás: Three Men and a Barge, Theresa Riordan, Common Cause magazine, 1990 március/április és San Francisci Chronicle, 1977. május 7., interjú Frank Sturgis-szel, amiben elmondja, hogy "az ok ami miatt betörtünk a hotelszobába az volt, hogy Nixon meg akarta akadályozni, hogy bármilyen információ is kiszivárogjon a fotókról mely igazolta a Kennedy gyilkosságban játszott szerepünket.") Nixon 1972-es elsöprő győzelme után tudta, hogy minden hatalmat a Fehér Házba kell, hogy központositson, nemcsak, hogy klikkje hatalmon maradhasson, hanem azt is meg kellett akadályoznia, hogy a média áskálódhasson múltjában, nehogy kiderülhessen, ahogy titokban bedolgozta magát a Fehér Házba, mint ahogy Hitler bedolgozta magát Németország legfelsőbb irányitásába. Igy az első dolog amit Nixon tett, hogy előre aláirt lemondónyilatkozatokat iratott alá mindenkivel kabinettjében. "Mindenkit eltávolitani" - mondta John Ehrlichmannak újrajelöléséről, "kivéve George Busht. Bush mindent meg fog tenni ügyünk érdekében." (Forrás: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney Blumenthal) Nyilvánvalóan "Bush mindent meg fog tenni", mivel az ő kezéhez legalább annyi vér tapad a Kennedy-gyilkossággal kapcsolatban, mint Nixonéhoz, Huntéhoz, Sturgiséhez, Felix Rodrigezéhez és Gerald Fordéhoz. Ez a kis Feher Ház gang attól fél, hogy ha a valaha is kiderül, milyen módon dolgozták be magukat hatalmi poziciókba, ez olyan szikrát válthat ki, ami az egész illegális, szélhámos világukat kártyavárként döntheti össze és rövid úton mind börtönben köthetnek ki. További hirhedt, a Watergate-üggyel is kapcsolatban álló egyének, akiket a CIA inváziójához Bush toborzott: Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker és Rafael Quintero. Quintero a nyilvánosság előtt kijelentette, hogy ha valaha is nyilvánosságra hozná azt amit Dallasról tud, "soha nem látott méretű botrány rázná meg a nemzetet". 1960-ban Prescott Bush Nixon kampányát vezette. Nixont Dél-Vietnámba küldték, hogy biztositsa a francia kormányt arról, hogy, ha a franciák kivonulnak, az Egyesült Államok átveszi a térség irányitását, hogy a drog-aranyháromszögben (Thaiföld, Laosz, Burma) a drogkerekedelem zökkenőmentes maradhasson. (Forrás: Frontline, 1988, "Guns, Drugs and the CIA", Alexander Cockburn, "Cocaine, the CIA and Air America", San Francisco Examiner, 1991, február 2., The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, Alfred McCoy, 1972.) 1959-ben Nixon alelnök úgy utazott körbe a világban mint, mintha ő maga lenne az elnök. Könnyű verseny volt ez Nixon számára. Jerry Ford országgyűlési képviselő tökéletes munkát végzett Nixon kampányában, csakúgy mint George Bush. A penzügyi elit imádta Nixont. A média mindenre úgy táncolt ahogy Nixon és támogatói fütyültek. Nixon legnagyobb problémája az volt, hogy félt nyilvánosan a kubai invázió tervéről beszélni. A terv ugyanis titokban kellett, hogy maradjon. Nem volt jó ötlet Kubát felkésziteni egy közelgő amerikai invázióra. Ezzel szemben Kennedy keményen kampanyolt Kubával kapcsolatban, mert Kennedy nem tudta, hogy a tőkés társaságok a CIA-val karöltve mar egy közelgő kubai inváziót terveznek. Nixon 1960-ban a történelem legkisebb különbségével vesztette el a versenyt John F. Kennedy-vel szemben. Először Bush, Nixon, Cabel és Hunt egyoldalúan úgy határoztak, hogy Kennedy tudta nélkül zöld utat adnak a már megtervezett és előkészitett kubai inváziónak. Aztán az utolsó pillanatban, az invázió napján hajnali 4 órakor Cabel tábornok felhivta Kennedyt és engedélyt kért az invázió légi fedezetének biztositásához. Kennedy megtagadta az engedélyt. A CIA tombolt a dühtől JFK döntése miatt, de ennek ellenére úgy döntöttek véghezviszik akciójukat. Silány hirszerzés miatt a csoport a szigetország lehető legrosszabb részén szállt partot, a mocsárban. Az akció súlyos kudarcba fulladt. A CIA 15 legjobb emberét vesztette el ezen a napon és további 1100 ügynök került kubai börtönökbe . Ez volt a CIA addigi törtenelme során a legsúlyosabb elszenvedett csapás. (Forrás: F. Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day.) Bush, Nixon és Hunt Cabelt hibáztatta, hogy Kennedyt egyáltalán megkérdezte és persze Kennedyt, hogy nemet mondott. Szétvetette őket a düh. Nixon tőkés csatlósai utasitották Kennedyt, hogy tegyen meg mindent, hogy a 1100 bebörtönzött CIA ügynököt Castro engedje szabadon. Kennedy teljesitette is kiváságuk és miután a CIA visszakapta jólkiképzett kubai ügynökeit, el is határozták, hogy az inváziót folytatni fogják milyest megszabadulnak Kennedytől. Az 1964-es választások már vészesen közeledtek. A két elnökjelölt ismét Nixon és Kennedy lett volna. Bush, Ford és Nixon tudták, hogy most kell megszabadulniuk Kennedytől, különben a Kennedy-klán Roberttel és Teddel akár egészen 1984-ig birtokolhatja a Feher Házat. Úgy döntöttek nem várnak 1984-ig. Egy kubai "lövészcsoport" kezdte el követni Kennedyt mindenhová ahová az elnök útja vezetett, a megfelelő alkalomra várva. Chicagoban közel kerültek, de nem tudták megszerezni polgármester Daley együttműködését. De Dallasban aduászuk volt. A polgármester Cabel tábornok öccse volt, annak a Cabelnek, akit a CIA az invázió kudarca miatt hibáztatott. A tábornok utasitotta öccsét, Earlt, az együttműködésre, aki Kennedy autókonvojának útvonalát úgy változtatta meg, hogy a füves-bokros grassy-knoll-on 7 mérföld/óra sebességgel haladjanak keresztül. Hunt és Sturgis a bokrok mögül lőttek Kennedyre, el is kapták és lefényképeztek őket, sőt 15 szemtanú is azonositotta őket, de a média nem mutatott különösebb érdeklődést a fotók iránt és a világ 25 éve keresi az igazságot. JFK meggyilkolásának napján, ahogy fotok igazolják, Nixon, Hunt és még jópáran a Watergate-botrányban is sárosak közül Dallasban tartózkodtak, hasonlóan a kubaiak egy csoportjához, akik közül egy egy esernyőt tart fel mint egy jelt adva ahogy az elnök limuzinja elhalad mellette, miközben Kennedyt halálos lövések érik. E jelt adó esernyő a Zapruder-filmen és jónéhány tucat más fotón is látható amelyeket a gyilkosság leforgása alatt készitettek. Azt is lehet látni, amint a gyilkosság után nyugodtan elsétálnak. Nixon tagadta, hogy Dallasban lett volna aznap, de újonnan nyilvánosságra került fotók azt igazolják, hogy nem mond igazat. Nixon azt állitotta az FBI-nak, hogy nem emlékezett rá hol volt mialatt Kennedyt meggyilkolták. (Forrás: FBI memo, 1964. február 23., Coup d'etat in America, Weberman & Canfield) Bush hasonlóan azon az állásponton van, hogy nem emlékszik hol tartózkodott. Jack Anderson 1988-as tévériportjában minden kétséget kizáróan bizonyitotta, hogy a bokrok mogott, a grassy knollon letartóztatottak közül kettő minden bizonnyal Hunt és Sturgis voltak. A gyilkosság után a volt alelnök, Nixon, kérte Lyndon Johnson elnököt, hogy Nixon jóbarátja, a volt FBI ügynök, Jerry Ford legyen a Warren-bizottság nyomozásának vezetője. Nixon arra is megkérte Johnsont, hogy a mindig is Nixon-párti Earl Warren vezesse a bizottságot, amely a gyilkosság felderitésével lett megbizva. Johnson eleget is tett Nixon kéréseinek. Ezek után Ford mindegyik szemtanút meginterjúvolta és eldöntötte kiket hallgat majd ki a bizottság és kiket nem. Nem véletlen, hogy később Nixon Fordot választotta alelnökének miután Spiro Agnew-t eltávolitották. Amikor magát Nixont is elitélték a Watergate-botrány idején Earl Warren felajánlotta, hogy egy speciális bizottságot állit fel abból a célból, hogy Nixont kiházzák a sárból. Ford természetesen elejtette volna a Nixon ellen felhozott vádakat, de Nixon ezzel még nem menekült volna meg. 4000 óra hanganyag lett felhalmozva a Watergate-botrány ügyében. Az 1972. június 23-án rögzitett felvételen Nixon John Ehrlichmannal és Haldemannal folytatott beszélgetésében nyiltan "bevallja", hogy felbérelte Huntot, hogy Kennedyt eltegyék láb alól. Emiatt folytatódott rögtön zárt ajtók mögött a Watergate-"nyomozás" miután az országgyülés meghallgatott párat a felvételek közül és emiatt hoztak nyilvánosságra mindössze 12 óra hanganyagot a rendelkezésre álló 4000 órából a botránnyal kapcsolatban. Vajon az országgyűlés felismerte, hogy Nixon és Bush nyiltan tárgyaltak Kennedy meggyilkolásáról, mert az megtagadta a Disznó-öbölbeli kubai invázió légi fedezetének biztositását? Emlékezzünk rá, hogy Nixon szinte minden magánbeszélgetéséről hangfelvételt készitett, beleértve Busht is, hogy később ezzel zsarolhasson bárkit aki ellene fordul. Létezik egy fénykép, amely Busht ábrázolja a Fehér Házban, ahogy Nixonnak egy jelentést ad át 1968-ban. Érdekfeszitő lesz majd meghallgatni miről is beszélgetnek e napon, ha majd a 4000 óra hanganyag egyszer nyilvánosságra kerül. Az 1963-as Kennedy-gyilkosság rejtélyének nyitja bizonyosan a mai napig titkositott 3988 órányi Watergate-hangfelvételeken van elrejtve. Bush Dallasban volt a napon amikor Reaganre lőttek. (Forrás: George Bush, F. Green, 1988.) E nap bizonyosan emlékeztetnie kellett Busht 1963. november 22-re. Suggested note:

Dear Senator Feinsteine, I oppose S 722.

S 722 would empower the FDA to dismantle the supplement industry, destroying ˝ million jobs, just when we need these jobs. This is a power grab by the AMA & it is wrong. DSHEA already gives the FDA the power to reasonably regulate unsafe supplements. We don?t need another irrational law. This bill will harm seniors like you & me. The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) reported that use of calcium, folic acid, zinc & other supplements reduced the incidence of neural tube defects by 70%, Hip Fractures by 21%, and lost days of work from sickness by 51%. Minerals delay cancer & heart disease. This saved People $90 Billion a year in health care costs.

Commissioner Paul Kangas

Time is of the essence. S 722 has already been quietly referred to committee. In the mass confusion of this Roman circus recall election, we could lose our vitamins. Most people are not yet aware of the value of minerals. They may loose their best health sources, before they even learn their value.


Dear Editor SF Chronicle, 7-5-03 Perception vs. reality vs. logic.

Last week you ran a funny article on how the majority of American high school students gave the wrong answer to the question, Which of these was a partner of the US during WWII?: (a) Italy, (2) Japan, (3) Germany or (4) the Soviet Union?

The majority of U.S. Students thought the U.S. was allied with Germany during WWII. I wonder why?

You said the majority of teens were wrong, because the correct answer US was actually allied with the Soviet Union?. Really?? That is so not true. That is a MYTH. The students were right! The media is wrong, or flat out lying, or just trying to brainwash students. Here is the historical record.

Journalists have a funny view of history. They figure if they keep repeating the big lie, eventually people will believe it. Yet today in 2003, the majority of teens do not believe the US & the USSR were friends during WWII. That is because the media has been calling Russia, A bunch of God Damn Reds for the past 40 years. Does that sound like the way to talk to a friend? No. Teens are very perceptive. They know the TV is lying. Journalists are caught in a historical contradiction. A choice between telling a lie & the CIA party line. Here are the unvarnished FACTS:

FACT: The US supplied Hitler with: tanks, money, jet planes, money, jeeps, the V2 rocket, trucks, money & anything he wanted. Why? Because The US had hired Hitler to invade the USSR in 1939 to recover all the huge factories Rockefeller, GM & GE had built in Russia in 1900 & lost when the Russian people protested the slave wages, and took over the factories in 1917. The US invaded in 1920, and lost that invasion. There is a statue to all the San Francisco military people, about 300, who died in that invasion, at Fulton & 26th, in Golden Gate Park. Nationwide, the US lost 3,900 people. The media never mentions this war anymore.

GE invented the V2 rocket in its plant in Germany in 1938 & gave it to the Nazis. GE sued the US, under atty. General Robert Kennedy, for bombing its V2 factory in Germany & forced the US Gov. to pay back GE for bombing the GE Nazi V2 rocket factory. This is why most US students think the US was in a partnership with the Germans in WWII.

GM ( General Motors )invented the very first jet fighter, at its German factory, the Heinkel 178 & flew it on 1 Nov. 1939, at the GM factory airfield. The engineer was Hans von Ohain, a famous employee of GM, & GM gave the JET plane to Hitler, even before they sold it to the US! Hitler got it first. Hitler got it free.

The ME 262 JET plane was designed by Messerschmidtz, a GERMAN business partner of GM, in 1939 could fly 100mph faster & higher than any US propeller driven plane. There was only 50 of them. The ME 262 could fly 540 mph & in 1943, downed 500+ US propeller aircraft. GM stole the patent from an engineer in England, Sir Frank Whittle. You can look all this up in any good book on JET planes.

GM also built the first asphalt airfield in the world, at Rechlin Laerz, Nazi Germany, to be able to launch the GM jet ME 262. It is now a museum about flight. Nazi businessman, Messerschmidtz died in 1978, at 90, in Virginia, after living his life in peace, working for the CIA & the US, from 1946 to 1978, on a retirement fund from GM, for his generous help of GM & Hitler.

AT&T invented the Enigma Code Machine in Germany in 1937 & gave it to the Nazi?s. From this technology AT&T developed its first digital computer.

Sources: US Gov. Report on Transportation, 1969 & the book ?Trading with the Enemy?.

This is from the actual historical records. As you can see, the majority of Teens who took that test were right. The US was allied with Germany during WWII. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all of the time. The students were right! The media is wrong.

How healthy is your investment portfolio now? Are you investing in selenium or chromium or stocks?

What is the real idea of retirement?

The idea isn't just to retire with the most retirement accounts or money. It's to retire with the most years left to live.

All across the world millions of baby boomers are facing 60 and afraid to go asleep, afraid they won?t even wake up, much less be able to live quietly without working. A typical couple is Hillary & Bill. They both turned 55 in 2003. But if your reading this web page, your probably one of the people afraid to go to sleep.

You know you have a problem, you know the answer is with minerals, herbs and laughter and you are doing something to save your heart from the silence.

Instead, you?re one of a smaller, wiser group of workers who probably has avoided going to a doctor for the past 7 years, and who are determined to take charge of their own health today, to make the most of whatever opportunities present themselves. You want information!

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This website has been put together just for you! At its core is editor Paul Kangas?s incisive health supplement forecasts for the next 10 years. Kangas's forecast is neither exhaustively long nor dauntingly constructed.

But don't let that clearness fool you. It is extremely solid, funny and sophisticated, highlighting those elements that have been driving our life expectance longer and longer down the road towards 140 pain-free years.

There are never any guarantees in a forecast like this, but with careful reading most workers will unquestionable come away more grounded in the forces that really matter --- and thus more able to make smart choices that stand the test of time. Don't you know that it's worth every treasure on earth to be physically young at heart.

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To spend their hard earned money on? Only when the answer is yes!, YES! , YES!, will we write it into our Sourcer's Stone, our website.

Wealth is measured by more than growth of your investments. If you want to become a millionaire, consider living for one million hours. That is 111 years. Now there is real wealth.

Shock Voting.

Many people, aware of the corrupt and totally fraudulent character of the corporate run election carnivals, are ready to resign in disgust rather than vote for this or that grafter to be in charge of enforcing capitalist oppression. While there is a progressive aspect to not submitting to that humiliation, non-participation is based on, & reinforces cynicism & apathy.

Voting for the parties of the rich is active consent to their corruption; while not voting is a more passive form of surrender which gives the capitalist media a free hand. They can then interpret the election results as a mandate by default for whichever big business candidate wins. The capitalist media would have a much more difficult time distorting the meaning of a strong vote for a peace candidate like?.

Do not throw your vote away!

Most people who are talking about not voting are not suggesting anything like an insurrection instead. Of course, an insurrection right now would be a sure disaster, due to mass apathy & disorganization. But even in insurrectionary times, like 1971 in the US, or places, like Europe and the Middle East now, when mass interest in politics is keen and active, elections can play an indispensable role, both in preparing 1776 style revolutionary consciousness and in assaulting the state from within, in coordination with the assault from without -- a tactic from the first American Revolution and the US Civil War.

Shock the world. Make your vote show solidarity with the world peace movement against U.S. imperialism and its allies. Make the most of the electoral farce by casting the most meaningful protest vote! Break with the pro-war Democratic candidates like: Dean, Kerry, Liberman, & the rest of the seven dwarfs. Fight the sexist, pro-war, racist Republican gang.

Gore too, just like Bush, would have had to follow orders from the military-industrial complex, or he would have been assassinated, just like JFK, King and RFK were. This is not a democracy, yet. We live in a hidden dictatorship. This is not a game. The CIA is playing for keeps. The problem is not that a few white men in smoke filled rooms are plotting the next war, the problem is that not enough of us are organized and prepared to build a world government with real teeth that can stop the CIA.

_____________________ Shock the hell out of the Pentagon. Strike back. Vote only for peace candidates.

If that idea shocks you, think what a shock it would be to the Pentagon if even 20% voted for candidates world wide that support the U.N. and peace. Sure we are still only a minority, but worldwide we are forming the next world government. Witness the massive numbers we put on the streets in 2003. Now look at all the candidates world wide who support the U.N. The People are winning liberation from the oil companies and the Pentagon.

Any substantial vote for Dennis Kucinich, the Green Party and Peace movement in the upcoming 2004 elections will give significant encouragement and aid to the revolutionary forces around the world fighting the common enemy -- the U.S imperialist war profiteers. Daddy Warbucks. We have to make Peace more attractive to investors.

Such a vote would break the myth that U.S. imperialism uses to intimidate the rest of the world: the myth that the U.S. working class is a pack of fools who permanently line up with the greedy parasites who profit off every war, every level of sexism and every form of oppression, the myth that the U.S. working people are ready to shed their own blood to protect the worldwide investments of the oil companies, who profit off every war in which working people in all nations die. We must teach stock holders to stop buying stock and see the value of work instead of stock ownership. All those who own stock in any company must de-vest. All stock ownership contributes to the war machine.

A strong vote for the Green Party and Dennis Kucinich in the U.S. at this time would be important in establishing the political independence of the U.S. working class from the drug companies, landlords, bankers and oil companies and would enable the working class to feel its own political muscle ! That, in turn, would be a step towards not only solidarity with, but participation in the world peace revolution against oil based capitalism.

Is this story racist? A gang of Black males beat and raped a disabled female student. The Black female pricipal, who herself had been raped when she was 16, by a Black male, tried to cover-up the rape and attack.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A 16-year-old disabled girl was punched and forced to engage in videotaped sexual acts with several boys in a high school auditorium as dozens of students watched, according to witnesses. Authorities are investigating and no charges have been filed in the alleged attack last month at Mifflin High School. Four boys suspected of involvement were sent home and have not returned to class. Also, the principal, Regina Crenshaw, was suspended and will be fired for not calling police, school officials said. And three assistant principals were suspended and will be reassigned to other schools. Crenshaw had no comment Tuesday. The girl was forced to perform oral sex on at least two boys, according to statements from school officials, obtained by The Columbus Dispatch. Part of the alleged assault was videotaped by a student who had a camera for a school project. School officials found the girl bleeding from the mouth. An assistant principal cautioned the girl's father against calling 911 to avoid media attention, the statements said. The girl's father called police. Congradulations to the father for doing what was right. He should sue the pricipal, school and students, so that 20 years from now, his daughter will be being paid for her medical expenses. Her father said the girl is developmentally disabled. A special education teacher said the teen has a severe speech impediment.

What was the danger Dr. Martin Luther King presented to the secret government?

King had the moral and ethical power to bring massive numbers of people, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and white to a march against the war. When King agreed to lead the march against the war on Washington in April 22, 1968, the mental midgets in the CIA, Bush and company, decided they had to kill King & RFK to decapitate the anti-war movement. They ambushed King & that successfully stopped the great march on Washington, DC in 1968. To cover this up, the media only mentions the great march organized by Bayard Rustin, which King spoke at in 1963. Did you know that?? Most people don?t.

That is the same reason George Bush, Sr. & the CIA assassinated President Kennedy, because JFK ordered all US troops out of Vietnam in Aug. 1963. I was one of those troops. Peace in 2004. Unfortunately, Rev. Jessie Jackson does not yet understand how to inspire people morally at the same level. Jackson does not yet understand the ideas of civil disobedience or racial integration well enough to inspire greatness the way Ghandi, King or Kucinich do.

We in the Peace movement are still too hung up on leaders like King & JFK. When our leaders are assassinated in front of us, we cower and stop marching. Instead of getting scared, we should accept such fruits of class war & just accept they have gone to the promised land. Their job on earth has been done. We cannot let mere death slow us down any longer. We should have been prepared for such CIA assassinations, cover-ups & lies coming from the CIA media. We should have openly said we will redouble our efforts if you kill our leaders. We should turn funeral marches into massive rallies for peace.

Due to the Nazi police of Israel?s policy of murdering Palestinian leadership, they have developed the idea that death is to be expected, welcomed & embraced. The Israeli policy created the phenomenon of the human bombs walking onto buses. The only way the human bombs can be stopped, is for the Peace movement to force the state of Israel out of existence.

We must demand the US cut off all aid to Israel. We must abolish the racist state of Israel by calling for a United States of the Middle East, in which Israel is just one more state, of 21 states, in the USME. This will be the future of the middle East.

Peace Technology. The air car invented in France is being sold in South Africa & Mexico in 2004 and will be in the U.S. in 2005. It runs on compressed air. Mexico has purchase orders in for 40,000. Oil companies hate this car with a passion. While the Air Car does reduce pollution, a better solution would be cities built so people can walk to work, school and the market.

There is a major shift in consciousness happening in the world in 2003. This is the rebirth of the world peace movement that gave birth to the United States of the Russian Republic (USSR), when workers took over the factories of the Rockefellers in 1902, in a repeat of the American Revolution, that was actually supported by the soldiers and sailors, who refused to try and take the factories back from the workers. Most American?s do not realize that what happened in Russia then was inspired by the American Revolution.

This worldwide movement of workers and students, inspired by what we did her in the US in 1776, then gave birth to the People Republic of China, which today still tries to guarantee women the right to jobs, education, an abortion, housing and more real freedom than exists for the average African American living in America. Step by step, this movement gave birth to more equality in places like beautiful Cuba, DPR Korea, Eastern Europe and the amazing defeat of the US war machine in Vietnam, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and Nicaragua. Yes these states are not perfect, but the people all have more real democratic and material rights, like health care & education than the previous government gave the people. In 2004, education is a right only for the middle class & rich in America.

Governments don?t give rights. The People force the leaders to give the people their right, by marching in the streets, by union organizing, with community newspapers, etc. That is what is now happening in the Middle East. It is all just evolution.

______________________ Elections are no solution !

You are as right as rain. Elections are only the menu of what you want to eat, not the real meal. So why vote for the Kucinich or the Green Party candidates, who will probably loose? Well, for one thing, people who vote for the GP are curing themselves of the myth that elections alone solve anything. A peace march of a million people can do more to change the world than an election in which a million people just vote and go home. But an election campaign can help to organize our total march against war and capitalism.

Warning: The Libertarian Party is a deceptive front for the landlords and the rich. They oppose every form of human liberation, such as tax supported public schools, mass transit, solar energy and childcare, that working people need and demand.

____________________ Why vote? It only encourages them.

That depends on how you vote. Most people just vote on election day. Smart people vote everyday with their feet in the street. They vote with their money by not buying cars and oil. They vote against Big Media by writing articles on the internet & ignoring TV & movies. You can vote for an alternative, by running for office against the fat cat Democrats like Dianne Fine-swine or Nancy Port barrel Pelosi. This gives you a slight chance to speak against the pro-war faction of the Democratic Party. You don?t have to win to win. A vote for the GP or a progressive DP candidate like Kucinich is a vote against sexism. The way the US electoral system is set up, means there can really only be 2 parties. When Clinton first ran in 1990, he was the underdog candidate. Nobody expected him to win in 1992. He did. He ushered in a great period in economics, cleaned up the deficit and ended up with a surplus. Still, the problem still exists, that We the People do not have a powerful rein on government that will allow us to puts the drug pushing AMA out of control of our medical system. The AMA is trying make every senior a drug addict. When we can stop that, then we can say we have some democracy.

Before you vote for a DP candidate, require them to put in writing that they are for a 30 hour work week, at 40 hours pay. Such a change will help end sexism and racism. Once everyone has a right to a job at union wages, then it will matter much less what their sex, age or race is.

If we can vote for President of the US, why can we vote for who is President of the UN, even Standard Oil, the Generals in the Pentagon, etc. If even a minority support candidates who speak to these issues, then someday we will get these changes.

Union contracts are still the law of the economy. At some point, workers will be able to decide of nuclear power plants will or will not be built. With enough pressure from a mass movement, we can stop nuclear power. That is why, as elections draw near, people should be aware of the danger of getting sucked into working for a ?major candidate? and ignoring your local public power meetings and actions. Keep your community based, long term action committee commitments. Don?t miss the meetings and picket lines, just to work for Duke for President in 2004, or some other ?major candidate?. Kucinich is a different story. He is the most anti-war of the DP candidates so splitting your time between Kucinich and your Public Power group is probably a good strategy.

______________________ The United Front road to a strong Mass Party.

The PFP, SP, CP, SWP & other such sects will ?talk? about the need for a mass labor party, by which they mean some formation broader than themselves, but they won?t even walk in a peace march with others. In 2004, we may see a new day. The Peace Movement is now a World Mass Movement that can put a million people on the streets of every major city in the world. We have a real movement now in 2003. We must continue to demonstrate against every war. Bush will probably try to attack Iran or even France next. Who knows. The Bushies are bullies. Just stay flexible and come out to every peace march called. Keep it large and peaceful. Oppose the anarchist of black hooded terrorists the CIA is building that is trying to justify police attacks on our peace movement.

In 1980, I urged PFP, WWP, CP & the CiP to give each other critical support and so they held a joint primary to support each other. That was a good experiment that drew the peace movement closer together. 1940, Leon Trotsky urged the SWP leaders to give critical support to the CP presidential campaign of Earl Browder, who was in jail. The SWP refused from a right wing reasoning. Today, in 2003, we see the fruits of cooperation with most of the Left supporting the great history making peace marches of 2003. We have learned to give each other critical support. The Peace movement has matured. We should now divide up all the electoral seats nationwide, so as not to run against each other and give each other critical support against any DP candidate that vote for the Iraq War Resolution.

Such a coalition would demonstrate to the public a political seriousness and maturity, and could lead to a united front worldwide in defending workers picket lines, beating back sexist attacks on abortion clinics in Saudi Arabia, and joint marches for a 30 hour work week. U.S. elections have become more and more farcical in recent years. They are les and less able to cover up the fact that the Big Oil corporations, Construction, a tiny clique of Daddy Warbucks types, now holds a complete monopoly in on political power in 2004, behind a façade of ?democracy?.

JFK. The illusion of democracy is wearing extremely thin, since the military coup d? etat in 1963 in which the Bush faction of the CIA assassinated the democratically elected underdog JFK, overthrowing the US Constitution. Still, in 2004, the majority still do not understand that the Coup of 1963 is what allowed the Supreme Court to put Bush jr. in power in 2000. ( Oliver Stone did a great movie on how Bush ambushed JFK. Go rent the video to see the truth. ) Nationwide, the big money Demokkk-rats are working feverishly to stop rent control.

From the above reservations, it is obvious that, in the past, none of our parties of the Left was revolutionary, like Washington, Paine, Jefferson, etc. Each, in its own way represents and opportunist diversion from internationalist solidarity. Now in 2003, due to the great experience of the peace movement worldwide, a new day is blooming. Don?t let the election of 2004 distract you from the world peace movement. Keep your eye on the prize. New leadership is needed.

What is the role of Humor is society?

I saw the most amazing film about Black women, titled "No!"

It was shown at the Black Film Festival in SF in June. It is a very beautiful & sensitive film. It is probably the most important Black film in the last 15 years.

No! was directed by a Black woman, whose mother was a member of SNCC in the 60?s. Her mother was raped by a Black male leader of SNCC!

This Director, Aishah Shadidah Simmons, was also raped, by her Black boyfriend. The film is 74 minutes of dozens of Black women talking about how they were raped by Black men. And how the Black community leaders, even Spike Lee & the NAACP, shuns them if they dare to scream ?No!? If you see a pattern developing here, that is what the film ?No!? is about: rape & silence in the Black community.

A very large portion (30%) of the Black girls in America today are raped, between age 7 & 20, by Black men. But these rapes are frequently not reported. And if they are reported, they are ignored. If the rapist is arrested, a vast conspiracy of Black male leaders in the Black community will descend, like vultures, on the Black woman victim, to call her a ?snitch?, liar?, or worse.

This verbal rape by the male community leaders is almost as bad as the actual rape. Maybe worse. Anybody who calls somebody a ?snitch? should have their mouth washed out with soap. The happiness of the Black women is essential to the happiness of the world. One powerful section of the film shows many of the top males in the Black community, including the head of the NAACP today, coming to the support of Mike Tyson, & verbally attacking the rape victim, Desereie Washington, at a meeting that was televised on BET. NO! is very eye-opening film how some males view rape. The Black media is conducting a boycott of this historical movies? brave insight.

Why should the Black media take an interest in this movie? Because it is a cry for help. If the Black female journalist don?t discuss this problem, and solve it, others will. Others solutions may not be the best. Is there a solution? We shall see. The problem will not go away by just ignoring it or trying to cover it up. Black men have tried to cover this crime up for a hundred years. Rape has only gotten more common. Especially with crack taking over the minds of young Black boys.

What is the solution? Black women?s groups should show this film to all Black girls, to arm them with knowledge. Black women comedians could make jokes about rape. Only Black women can stop Black men from mentally murdering the next generation of Black girls.

What is the role of Humor? Q. How do you get a Nun pregnant? A.-- Dress her as an Alter Boy!

Pedophile Priests hate that joke, because it exposes what the Church has been hiding for 2,000 years: that too many Priests are rapists. Who do Priests rape? Those they suspect are too young to be respected. Those who lack a voice. Who would dare question the word of a Black man or a Priest? Why did Bush rape Iraq? Because he is a pedophile. Hell, pedophiles on the US Supreme Court just vote in May 2003 to not allow the prosecution of pedophiles who are not killed by their victim. Those who make peaceful change impossible, make murder necessary. ---JFK

In 2001 a Muslim Supreme Court in Africa or Saudi Arabia, sentenced an unmarried woman, Amini Lawal, who had a child, to be raped by the whole Islamic Supreme Court of the village. Where was that? Judges know how to have fun. Is humor a viable way to force social change?? Being able to see the ridiculous element of a situation is an opening for humor. ?When Black men with AIDS should be protecting Black girls, instead they are raping them & spreading the disease & destruction of the community. --- Yusef Bey, Oakland Muslim Cleric convicted of raping a 11 year old Black girl student of his church.

Integration. Black on Black crime rarely happens in integrated cities, organizations or communities. Integration breaks the criminal conspiracy & the code of silence. Parents are less likely to be able to getaway with abusing their children. People feel free to arrest criminals, no matter what their sex or color. Segregation prevents freedom of speech.

The big issue here is how does the community stop crime? Can a film inspire people to stop their rapist oppression of women? What will society have to do to stop the rapists? Sending rapists to prison only gives them more victims. In prisons, most of the rapes are done by large black men, trustees, who form ?rat packs? & gang rape smaller men. Probably the easiest place to prevent rape is in prisons, but the guards, especially black guards, encourage rape, by turning their backs, to give trustees a ?privilege? payoff.

What is the world's interest in this issue?

If Black males are allowed to rape, and frequently get away with it, they become use to practicing violence and then blaming their mother, the victim, crack or society for their violence that oppresses women. There is no excuse for rape. Especially in a period of AIDS. Rape murders Black girls by giving them a death sentence disease of AIDS. In Africa, Black women have called for the death sentence on any man who rapes a woman, because of AIDS. Yes, there are reasons why Black men rape Black women,: no fathers, crack mothers, alcohol, poverty, racism, etc., but they are not excuses. Rape must stop now. Society must defend Black women.

Some Black men in Africa claim raping a 7 year old virgin will cure AIDS. Will it take laws imposing the death sentence, or will a film work just a well? Male Muslim leaders claim men have a right to rape women. In fact, they claim the Koran promises men 21 virgin girls in heaven to rape when they die fight for religious nonsense. If Muslims have been teaching the need to oppress women with rape, for 1,000 years, how long will it take Black women to free themselves from this sexist Muslim mental illness?

Vote. After the Civil War, Black men were given the right to vote. Women were denied the vote. Women in the Suffragette movement, who has fought, even before the war, for the rights of Black people to be citizens & to vote, went to the newly elected Black men in Congress & asked them to support the right to vote for women too. Black elected men all refused to support the right to vote for women. Black men politically raped women, when they should have stood in political solidarity. Ten years later, when a woman sued for the right to vote, the Supreme Court ruled states could deny anyone the right to vote. States then took the right to vote from Black men. United we all win. Divided we all fall. All throughout history, men have been taught how to protect themselves. Women now must teach women how to protect themselves.

Has this mental cancer of rape spread? It has now become a common street practice for some Black men to rape, attack or kill other people & then lie, claim the victim used the "N" word & then blame the victim. As if this somehow justifies rape, robbery, battery or murder. Society must call a lie a lie. As long as society can?t stop the rape of Black women by Black men, then we keep Black men out of a civilized society by ignoring their first violent crimes, against Black women. Men who get away with rape, feel they can get away with lies & murder against anyone. Society can stop rape. We must. Black men need, speak up, to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, by first liberating women from rape. If you would like to see the film, please contact Simmons at www.echosoul.com/aisha.html

No! will be shown in June 2004 at the SFBFF at the Brava Theater at 24 & York. Paul 7 Kangas @ cs.com

Dear Editor SF Chronicle, 7-5-03 Perception vs. reality vs. logic.

Last week you ran a funny article on how the majority of American high school students gave the wrong answer to the question, Which one of these nations was an Allie of the US during WWII??: Italy, Japan, Germany or the Soviet Union?

Students thought the U.S. was allied with Germany during WWII.

You said the teens were wrong, because the correct answer was the US was actually allied with the Soviet Union. Really?? That is so not true.

Journalists have a funny view of history. They figure if they keep repeating the big lie, eventually people will believe it. Yet today in 2003, the majority of teens do not believe the US & the USSR were friends during WWII. That is because the media has been calling Russia, A bunch of God Damn reds for the past 40 years. Does that sound like the way to talk to an ally? No. Teens are very perceptive. They know the TV is lying.

FACT: The US supplied Hitler with: tanks, money, jet planes, money, jeeps, the V2 rocket, trucks, money & anything he wanted. Why? The US hired Hitler to invade the USSR in 1939 to recover all the huge factories Rockefeller, GM & GE had built in Russia in 1900.

GE invented the V2 rocket in its plant in Germany in 1938 & gave it to the Nazis. GE sued the US, under atty. General Robert Kenney, for bombing its V2 factory in Germany & forced the US Gov. to pay back GE for bombing the GE Nazi V2 rocket factory.

GM invented the very first jet fighter, the Heinkel 178 & flew it on 1 Nov. 1939, and then GM & the Nazis flew the He 178 at their factory in Germany in 1940, the engineer was Hans von Ohain, a famous employee of GM, & gave it to Hitler, even before they sold it to the US! The ME 262 was designed by Messerschmidtz, a business partner of GM, in 1939 could fly 100mph faster & higher than any US plane. There was only 50 of them. The ME 262 could fly 540 mph & in 1943, downed 500+ US aircraft. GM stole the patent from an engineer in England, Sir Frank Whittle. GM also built the first asphalt airfield in the world, at Rechlin Laerz, Germany, to be able to launch the GM jet ME 262. It is now a museum about flight. Messerschmidtz died in 1978, at 96, after living his life in peace, from 1946 to 1978, on a retirement fund from GM for his help of Hitler.

AT&T invented the Enigma Code Machine in Germany in 1937 & gave it to the Nazi?s. From this technology AT&T developed its first digital computer.

Sources: US Gov. Report on Transportation, 1969 & the book ?Trading with the Enemy?.

This is from the actual historical records. As you can see, the majority of Teens who took that test were right. The US was allied with Germany during WWII. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can?t fool all of the people all of the time.

What is the role of Sex is society?

I saw the most amazing film about Black women, titled ?No!? It is about the role of sex in the Black society. It was made by a Black women fighting rape.

Did you know that more Black women are raped in America than red, Brown, white or Asian women? And that the majority of Black girls are raped by Black men? This brutal fact allows us to look at sexism with a new light, that even Spike Lee refuses to look at in the Black experience.

NO! was shown at the Black Film Festival in SF in June. It is a very beautiful & sensitive film. It is probably the most important Black film in the last 50 years. No! was directed by a Black woman, whose mother was a member of SNCC in the 60?s. Her mother was raped by a Black male leader of SNCC!

The Director, Aishah Shadidah Simmons, was also raped, by her Black boyfriend. The film is 74 minutes of dozens of Black women talking about how they were raped by Black men. And how the Black community leaders, even Spike Lee & the NAACP, shuns them if they dare to scream ?No!? If you see a pattern developing here, that is what the film ?No!? is about: rape & silence in the Black community.

A very large portion (30%) of the Black girls in America today, are raped, between age 7 & 20, by Black men. But these rapes are frequently not reported. And if they are reported, they are ignored. If the rapist is arrested, a vast conspiracy of Black male leaders in the Black community will descend, like vultures, on the Black woman victim, to call her a ?snitch?, liar?, or worse. White cops, even women cops, ignore the rape of Black girls by Black men as a way of keeping Black women enslaved in the Black community.

This verbal rape of Black girls, calling a ?snitch?, by the male community leaders is almost as bad as the actual rape. Maybe worse. Anybody who calls somebody a ?snitch? should have their mouth washed out with soap. The happiness of the Black women is essential to the happiness of the world. Rape is a major cause of alcoholism by women to cover up the mental pain.

One powerful section of the film shows many of the top males in the Black community, including the head of the NAACP today, coming to the support of Mike Tyson, & verbally attacking the rape victim, Desereie Washington, at a meeting that was televised on BET. ?NO!? is very eye-opening film how some males view rape. The Black media is conducting a boycott of this historical movies? brave insight.

Why should the Black media take an interest in this movie? Because it is a cry for help. If the Black female journalist don?t discuss this problem, and solve it, others will. Others solutions may not be the best. Is there a solution? We shall see. The problem will not go away by just ignoring it or trying to cover it up. Black men have tried to cover this crime up for a hundred years. Rape has only gotten more common. Especially with crack taking over the minds of young Black boys.

What is the solution? Black women?s groups should show this film to all Black girls, to arm them with knowledge. Black women comedians could make jokes about rape.

Only Black women can stop Black men from mentally murdering the next generation of Black girls.

What is the role of Humor? Q. How do you get a Nun pregnant? A.-- Dress her as an Alter Boy! Pedophile Priests hate that joke, because it exposes what the Church has been hiding for 2,000 years: that too many Priests are rapists. Who do Priests rape? Those they suspect are too young to be respected. Those who lack a voice. Who would dare question the word of a Black man or a Priest? Why did Bush rape Iraq? Because he is a pedophile. Hell, pedophiles on the US Supreme Court just vote in May 2003 to not allow the prosecution of pedophiles who are not killed by their victim. ?Those who make peaceful change impossible, make murder necessary.? ---JFK

In 2001 a Muslim Supreme Court in Afganistan or Africa sentenced an unmarried woman, Amini Lawal, who had a child, to be raped by the whole Islamic Supreme Court of the village. Where was that? Muslim Judges sure know how to have fun.

Is humor a viable way to force social change?? Being able to see the ridiculous element of a situation is an opening for humor. ?When Black men with AIDS should be protecting Black girls, instead they are raping them & spreading the disease & destruction of the community. --- Yusef Bey, Oakland Muslim Cleric convicted by the voice of the victim, of raping a 11 year old Black girl student of his church. She broke the code of silence. Bey must now spend the rest of his life making amends to the Black girls in the world. Will he? No instead he will probably go around teaching little Black boys to hate & rape little black girls who tell the truth. He will become a typical hero in the Muslim world where boys are taught to sexually oppress & enslave little innocent Black girls.

Integration. Black on Black crime rarely happens in integrated cities, organizations or communities. Integration breaks the criminal conspiracy & the code of silence. Parents are less likely to be able to getaway with abusing their children. People feel free to arrest criminals, no matter what their sex or color. Segregation prevents freedom of speech. The big issue here is how does the community stop crime? Can a film inspire people to stop their rapist oppression of women? What will society have to do to stop the rapists? Sending rapists to prison only gives them more victims. In prisons, most of the rapes are done by large black men, trustees, who form ?rat packs? & gang rape smaller men. Probably the easiest place to prevent rape is in prisons, but the guards, especially black guards, encourage rape, by turning their backs, to give trustees a ?privilege? payoff.

What is the world?s interest in this issue?

If Black males are allowed to rape, and frequently get away with it, they become ?use to practicing violence? and then blaming ?their mother, the victim, crack or society? for their violence that oppresses women. There is no excuse for rape. Especially in a period of AIDS. Rape murders Black girls by giving them a death sentence disease of AIDS. In Africa, Black women have called for the death sentence on any man who rapes a woman, because of AIDS. Men claim raping a 7 year old virgin will cure AIDS. Unfortunately, this is not a new idea. In ancient Greek and Roman cultures, the priests taught that the penis can be used to ward off evil and disease. (www. ETR.org, 800-321-4407, an educational pamphlet for men.) What will it take to end this cultural basis for rape? Will it take laws imposing the death sentence, or will a film work just a well? How long will it take activists to end rape?

Male Muslim leaders claim men have a right to rape women. In fact, they claim the Koran promises men 21 virgin girls in heaven to rape when they die fight for religious nonsense. If Muslims have been teaching the need to oppress women with rape, for 1,000 years, how long will it take Black women to free themselves from this sexist Muslim mental illness? The currant war in the middle east is a war to maintain the freedom to rape women. That is the basis of the Muslim religion. Infidelity. Rape makes women infidels. In the Muslim view, all women who are not slaves, are infidels. Any free thinking & acting women is an infidel.

Slavery and sexism. From where did slavery arise?

The first slaves were children. The second level of slavery was girls. The third level was women & small people. The forth level was people of different tribes, groups or races. One tribe in Europe would capture men & women & children of another tribe in war, and make them work for bread & water. Just like they did to their own wives and children. The Pyramids were built by Black slaves captured by African tribes. The great wall of China was built by Chinese slaves captured by other Chinese tribes. All societies practiced slavery.

African slaves were sold by African tribes to Black African slave traders in America. The richest Black family in Louisiana had owned slaves from day one, of the first African slaves they brought from African to America. They sold slaves to cotton farmers. They controlled the slaves on the farms.

Why do we need to talk about slavery in a review of a movie about the rape of Black girls by Black men?

This is not just a film about rape. It is a film about America. It is a film about the history of the world. If we wish to end rape, we must understand the cause of rape. Does this help you understand the cause of rape? I need to understand rape, because I have Black boy clients who are growing up to be the next wave of rapists, murders and prison inmates, unless I can reach them mentally. I am a gate keeper. I try to keep boys out of prison. I take my job seriously & sensitively.

Vote. After the Civil War, Black men were given the right to vote. Women were denied the vote. Women in the Suffragette movement, who has fought, even before the war, for the rights of Black people to be citizens & to vote, went to the newly elected Black men in Congress & asked them to support the right to vote for women too. Black elected men all refused to support the right to vote for women. Black men ?politically raped? women, when they should have stood in political solidarity. Ten years later, when a woman sued for the right to vote, the Supreme Court ruled states could deny anyone the right to vote. States then took the right to vote from Black men. United we all win. Divided we all fall. All throughout history, men have been taught how to protect themselves. Women now must teach women how to protect themselves.

Has this mental cancer of rape spread? It has now become a common street practice for some Black men to rape, attack or kill other people & then lie, claim the victim used the ?N? word & then blame the victim. As if this somehow justifies rape, robbery, battery or murder. Society must call a lie a lie. As long as society can?t stop the rape of Black women by Black men, then we keep Black men out of a civilized society by ignoring their first violent crimes, against Black women. Men who get away with rape, feel they can get away with lies & murder against anyone. Society can stop rape. We must. Black men need, to speak up, to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, by first liberating women from rape.

I have some insight into this situation. I work as a private investigator. Tomorrow I will interview a client, a 13 year old Black boy, who with a gang of Black boys, at a school, grabbed a small Black girl, in front of 10 witnesses, pushed her down in the dirty, than began putting their hands in her pockets. Where did you think I was going to say they put their hands?

She told the police they were looking for money, and demanded her money. All they got was her lip gloss. Which they took. Is this how Black boys train Black girls to be submissive to physical attacks from gangs of Black boys, so that when she is on a date, she will know she has to give them whatever they grab for?

The difference between love & rape, is, if you ask a women for sex and she agrees, that is sex and maybe love. If you just grab her, and go into her pocket, that is rape.

My questions to my client, 13 year old Clarence Thomas, will raise the questions of why did he decide to rob a Black girl, rather than a white girl? Or an Asian? Is it easier for a Black to rob a Black girls?

This is not the first time Clarence has done this. Will it be the last time? What is going on in the minds of Black boys in 2003?

I will get to ask 20 questions. Best of all, because he knows he can trust me totally, as his defense investigator, he knows anything he tells me is never revealed to anyone, he may reveal to me his true thinking, more than he would ever reveal to even his mother. If I ask the right questions. Have you ever done this before? What was her name? Have you ever tried to rob a white girl? Do you even know a white person by name? If you saw a large Black man rob a women, would you call the police on him? Have you seen your father hit your mother? Is your father in prison? Do you think O.J. Simpson was guilty? Have you ever been robbed? Have you ever been raped?

Can you really ask a 13 year old boy such questions? If I don?t, who will? Questions are the best anti-rape treatment I know to prevent the crime. In communities where people respect life, like in the Asian communities, there is far less rape and all crimes. In Muslim communities, there is more rape and more murder. Why is that? Is the Muslim religion based on violence? American has a separation of church and state, because all religions are a form of insanity. To end rape, must we first ban those who teach rape & murder of non-believers, infidels as a way to heaven, in the name of religion? What is an infidel? It can only be a woman who has had sex with a man outside of marriage. Men who rape girls are not infidels. Only the girl victim can be an infidel. Hey, she let him rape her. She must be guilty. Stone her.

My goal is to educate this one Black boy, with my questions, so that he will not rape, rob or kill anyone again, in the future. My goal is to keep my client out of jail. Yes, my client is as guilty as hell, but in the criminal justice system, I work for the criminal. My job is to help the lawyer convince the judge that my client is a innocent as the Baby Jesus. The goal is to save the criminal, not punishment. The goal is to keep people out of prison. Can my burning questions, that raise sexism direct this boy off the criminal path his friends, family, TV and his parents have put him on? One year from now I shall know. So far, my batting average on such cases is .400. Out of every 10 juveniles I question, I direct 4 back into a life, reading, writing, work, respect & civilized society.

I have been doing this type of investigation work for years, but I was missing part of the picture. A reason for WHY I do what I do. Seeing the movie NO! inspired me to see how I can make an impact, where kids have lost their moral compass, mainly because their parents lack a moral compass. It takes a whole village to raise a child. Parents can?t do it alone. Many don?t have all the tools they need, like a moral compass, when they are into alcohol or drugs.

If you would like to see the film, please contact Simmons at www.echosoul.com/aisha.html

No! will be shown in June 2004 at the SFBFF at the Brava Theater at 24 & York. Paul 7 Kangas @ cs.com

S.n.i.t.c.h. = Sisters Now Interested in the Truth from Cowardly Half-brothers.

The U.S. needs Saudi Women to help End Terrorism.

Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change necessary. --- JFK.

As in a strike, so too in an election, the method, aim and result of the struggle always depend on the social role and strength of the workers as a whole, especially the women in any society.

Sure, a few eco-gangs or religious gangs can: break windows, crash a plane into the NYC WTC, ruin a factory, set a fire or murder its owner. But in the long run, such terrorism can?t change the conscious nature of the working class or society in a positive way. What it takes to change consciousness so that the majority will begin to take power into their own hands is education & organization, now in 2003, mainly of the women.

But, why do I say the U.S. needs Saudi women? Because Saudi women are some of the most oppressed in the middle east, with the most education, and so the most potential to be the major force for social change in the middle east. Saudi women could be our key to winning the war against sexism and terrorism in the world. American bayonets cannot bring about an Islamic reformation. Only when Saudi women feel support from women of the world in their desire to bring peace and socialism, will the Saudi women begin to take power.

Power is never given. Power must always be taken. The women of the world have the power to take the lead in the struggle to end sexism and terrorism, if they use: the internet, the petition, movie making, jokes, leaflets, speaking and the birth control herbs like Penny Royal.

Do you know how you get a Nun pregnant? Dress her as an alter boy.

Religion is the enemy of women. Separation of church and state is key. In the U.S. we must expose religion daily with jokes. If we set the standard in the U.S., it will inspire the Saudi women to laugh at the Wahhabi branch of the church. Look at all the good Salaman Rushdie did with his humorous book exposing all the rape the leaders of the Muslim religions had gotten away with for years. The sexual secrets of rapists like Minister Farrakhan of the Black Muslim branch of the CIA is a perfect example.

We need more movies like the great American movie NO! by the fabulous Black woman Director Simon, which exposed pigs like Al Sharpton and the whole Black male leadership of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement for the slime most of them are.

When a majority of women workers are each writing & passing out their own leaflets, then you have reached a quantum level of working class potential, where such activists can then come together to form organizations, unions & the foundation for the new government. While it may seem too small, it is key that each activist write and distribute their own leaflets, then form newspapers, etc.

Only the conscious and organized working class can send a strong representation into the halls of the government to look out for the workers interest. Women must have their own organizations.

In our eyes, individual or group terror is ineffective, because it belittles the role of the masses in their growth of consciousness. Terrorism by a few hotheads, leaves the majority of people feeling powerless, unless they have a bomb & are willing to risk death. That is silly.

Terror turns people?s eyes & hopes towards a great avenger like Superman, God or Hitler or Bin Laden, ?who will some day come & rescue them from the landlords, church & corporations?. That day ain?t never coming.

The anarchist prophets of the propaganda of the deed can rant all they want about ?the stimulating influence of terrorist acts on the masses?, but terrorism has never inspired the majority to action. All it really does is inspire sexism & racism. Look at the middle east after 9-11-01. Every other crazy now wants to hijack a plane & crash it into a nuclear power plant in New York. Or get a knife & stab a white businessman.

In the US in the 60s, we had the Weather Underground. It was a group of idiots who helped the CIA destroy the mass anti-war movement. Sure the WU had no ideas what they were doing, but the CIA now, in 2003, is promoting the new movie about the WU. I saw the movie & talked to the director. What a shallow movie.

Those religious groups, like the Pope, that keep women as mere slaves of the bed room, make change impossible, make terrorism inevitable.

The terrorists in charge of Afghanistan did nothing to improve the life, education or manufacturing of their people. These crazies would be far better off starting a business, if they want to end poverty. Hating businessmen won?t end imperialism. Only a mass movement can.

But the young men have now been brainwashed by the religious nuts into blind sexist, terrorists. A whole generation has been lost to sexist Muslim terrorist insanity. Geo. Bush?s response was just another stupid terrorist response. Is there a non-violent way we could have gotten rid of the terrorists hiding behind religion in Afghanistan? Yes.

Only by guaranteeing women 51% of the power in society, can society now stop these terrorist brats from engaging in their sexist terrorism. Was the war necessary to end the slavery of Afghan women? Was the US Civil War necessary to end the slavery of African people in America? Could the Abolitionists have talked the slave holders out of slavery?

Religious groups , of the have-nots who lack the education or ability to change society with employment like solar businesses on how to end the worlds dependence on oil, resort to terrorism against the ?haves?.

What would Ghandi have done?

We must not kill the rich. We must all strive to share the wealth. But at the same time we must work for zero population growth. This means freeing women from marriage, child bearing, and house work, by giving them the right to education, jobs, divorce, abortion,

Solar power gives everyone access to energy. Oil limits access to energy. Computers, faxes & the internet give more people freedom of speech. It is just like your own perfect medicine: urine, as a form of medicine to cure cancer. Everyone has access to urine, but only those who are smart enough to use it, will beat : TB, cancer, heart disease, AIDS and mental illness. In this way the Hindu religion is helping fight the anti-science of the Muslim religion. Those who ignore the science will die of cancer. Those that are more efficient in anything will live longer & make more money.

Just as slavery was necessary, during the cave days, to give society the power to create surplus value, so too, the ruling class was once necessary to organize society until the majority saw the necessity of running society without the ruling class. Thanks to computers, we no longer need the ruling class. They will now begin to wither away. Of course, they will not give up power without a fight, but their weakness is apparent.

Now we must develop the political muscle of women to: 1- vote them out of power, 2- strike them out of power, 3- laugh them out of power &

4- checkmate their mass military out of control by the ruling class. It is happening, even if you can?t yet see it. What is past is prolog.

What really happened?

SF Chronicle reported that Mayor Willie Brown reported on 9-14-01, that he received a call on 9-10-01, about 8am, from a male caller, warning him to not travel to NYC on 9-11-01.

Mayor Brown had a scheduled flight into NYC on 9-10-01, about 11pm, that would have put him in NYC about 7am on 9-11-01. (SF Chronicle about 9-15-01)

Were there people, like the CIA & Israeli secret police Massad, calling certain groups & people and warning them to avoid airlines & not to go to work in public buildings like the WTC in NYC just before 9-11? We need to know the truth about who did not show up for work at the WTC on that day, and why. Were certain people warned before the attack? The US military & President Roosevelt knew the Japanese military would bomb Pearl Harbor, 2 weeks before the bombing, but they wanted war, so they sacraficed the troops at Pearl.

Democracy is growing in the world. When it is fully functional, tin pot dictators like Bush, will not be able to start wars without the consent of the majority. In fact, the majority must now reshape Democracy with the power of a mass movement in ways that will prevent dictators from being able to start wars. This require building the units of mass movements: unions, women's groups, free community newspapers, websites, tenants unions, student unions that action orientated, political parties that vote with their feet in the street monthly, etc. Their politcs are based on advocating equality, health care, education, a 30 hour work week, solar power, collective action and opposing war, oil, sexism, poverty pimps & racism. This is what democracy looks like. As usual, if the people in the mass movement will lead, the elected leaders will follow.

Remember, 9-11 is also the anniversary of the CIA overthrow of the democratically elcted government of Chile, in which the CIA murdred 13,000 students, workers, women, children & men. Allende! The world will be in a perpetual state of war as long as we vote for people to "represent us" & fail to represent ourselves by the organization we create. Now the main enemy of world peace in the US ruling class & corporations. We carry a heavy load.


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Medical Alert.

What is the best way to prevent any SARS-like future virus from striking your community & you? Every year now, there will be a new virus scare.

You must boost you immune system up to its maximum. The easiest way to Prevent SARS is to drink your own perfect medicine daily. This AUT boosts your immune system up to the maximum amperage in about 2 weeks.

For this reason Public Health Officials need to learn quickly & set the example themselves, by publicly drinking a glass of their own urine.

What is the Immune System? Recycling.

Once people though that molecules were linear.

When the electrical valance of molecules was discovered it looked weird to scientists & the public back then. It did not conform to scientific notions of the day. But now we know better.

Finally it was discovered that molecules were cyclic, in a circle, not linear. Now we have discovered that the Immune System is not Linear, but Cyclic, you must recycle if you want the best immune system.

I have been studying the immune system for 40 years.

You may have to just trust my judgment and go with what I suggest. It will not kill you. It will build your immune system. It is free. It may protect you from SARS. There is not better alternative. Prevention: Eat right 4 Your blood type, take Pro-Biotics, drink liquid minerals, Drink food grade H2O2,etc.

If you recycle your Urine you complete the cycle. I know this is hard to hear & hard to think about & so hard to take & I may not be explaining it in the best way possible, but I am trying to protect my world from SARS. You don?t have the luxury of 40 years to mull over this new treatment, like I did. On Oct. 16, 1992, an earth quake in Egypt destroyed a city, and the huge apartment building people were living in, and buried a whole family. The father knew about drinking urine from his work in the mines, where it is taught as an emergency drink. His wife & children had never heard about it, until they were buried under tons of their fallen building. The father tried to explain it to his family. They were shocked. He drank his own urine. They refused to drink their own urine. They were all buried for 82 hours. The kids all died, one at a time. His wife died, refusing to drink her own perfect medicine. Only the father survived, because he had learned about it in the mines. I am sorry you too have never heard about drinking your own water from your belly.

Paul Kangas, private investigator, 415-861-0870

Little Orphan Annie & Daddy War Bucks.

Here we are in the middle of a major economic downturn, deflation. Now all we have to do to go from bad to worse, a depression, is to waste money on war to create a huge black hole in the budget.

You may not realize the difference between mere deflation, like we will now live thru from 2003 to 2006, and a major depression, but it?s the difference between a car that is running rough & a car you must sell off the wheels and all parts because it is beyond repair.

Japan has been racked by deflation for years, since 1991. What did the Japanese Gov. do? The corporations forced the government to keep lowering the interest rate, to try & jump start the economy. Even lowering the rate to 4% didn?t help. What would have worked, is if they would have put more $ into education in ?how to start your own business?, how to hire people, To get more people lifting up the economy.

Then when Japan lowered interest rates to 0%, even then still nothing worked. It can happen here.

Lowering interest feels good, but won?t work as well as building houses for every person here. Pres. Clinton was able to rebuild our economy from the terrible wreck it was in, to an actual budget surplus in 8 years. Bush was able to destroy the surplus, our Mental Economy and our budget in a mere 3 years.

Who we need to elect now is another ?share the wealth,? Huey P. LONG! The rich will never listen to just an elected President.

Why are we marching against this war? To build the next government! We need to have a mass movement with a variety of program issues that can save money from the wildly spiraling medical costs, build housing, create a 30 hour work week at 40 hours pay,

force Detroit to build electric car, build mass transit, double the number of teachers in our schools, share the wealth controlled by the richest 1%, by raising taxes on the rich and open up world trade, not world war.

Help wanted! If you would like a new job, we will hire you today. Please call: 1-415-861-0870, best time is 6am - 8am California time. We will train you! Must be a self-starter who wants to build and run your own small business. This whole process takes 30 days. Don?t quit your day job until you are up & running with this one.

By marching for Peace Now, we create the next mass movement, which creates the next government. It would really help if you would also run for office, School Board or Supervisor, in your town. We need voices in all aspects of society calling for Peace, Electric Cars and Selenium, in order to turn this juggernut around.

Daddy war bucks & Little Orphan Annie. War is just welfare for the rich bomb makers, the rich terrorists.

Psy warfare. N. Korea is trying to keep the US out of Iraq, by preparing for nuclear war with the US, knowing the US does not dare fight a land war against China. N. Korea is like a pit bull the Chinese sic out against the US when they want to play mind games with the idiots in the US Corporate war machine.

How to Prevent Child Abduction!!!

Learn how to keep your child from being abducted.

Private Investigator Paul Kangas can teach you how.

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Join the march against Poverty, racism & war,

Sat. 11am Foot of Market Street. March 15thth, 2003.

On the day the war starts, we intend to Take to the Streets!!!

Nude Peace Marches: Wash, DC, SF, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Boston, KC, Austin, etc.


US activist are calling on all peace loving women stage mass nude demonstrations in every town in the world as a preemptive strike for Peace. Lady Godiva stopped a war by riding nude. So can all women of the world. Over 700 women in the Nigerian oil town of Escravos ,( 8-02) recently won a major victory for jobs & justice by threatening to strip naked if the Chevron Oil company did not give their men jobs.

The world is being swept by a new ?dust bowl? of invisible poverty, in which people are eating food lacking minerals.

Food so devoid of minerals, like selenium, chromium & lithium, that people are developing new diseases never seen before by science: new cancers & AIDS. Why? Because there are now more people on Earth than there have ever been before.

World population growth is totally out of control in all areas except: China, Russia, Europe & the US, which has ZPG. Proof education & women?s right to abortion & birth control works. We must extend women?s rights to all areas of the world. Free Andrea Yates & all Poverty Prisoners.

Join the Stop Mineral Poverty Contingent. Our signs will say:

Selenium cures Cancer & AIDS!

Paul Kangas:, 800-800-9456 Paul kangas.tripod.com

TV ch 29 Th 9pm, 89.5fm Th 12pm

Join the Nationwide Nude Marchs against the Axis of Evils: Poverty, War & Racism, in S.F. & Wash., DC. Poverty causes most diseases. Join the March. There are too many people on Earth, due to lack of Birth Control. Help women win the right to birth control. Give the gift of Penny Royal Tea to every women. Poverty causes AIDS. Don't push drugs. We will have a contingent in both marches supporting Pres. Mbeki's call to fight AIDS with good health, not drugs. Join us. Call Paul Kangas: 415-861-0870 to get literature. Carry a sign: "Selenium cures AIDS. Poeverty causes AIDS." Help us to defeat the myth that HIV=AIDS. AIDS is not caused by a virus. AIDS is caused by Poverty, as are most diseases.

If you go to a hospital for a simple ear exam, you have a very good chance of being killed by your doctor. Alarmist? Hardly. Read what the CDC says, when it compared hospital treatment to chiropractic treatment.

Of over 10 million visits by patients to chiropractic offices, not one person died due to chiropractic treatment, yet, of the 10 million hospital visits during the same time frame, 2 million Americans became infected with a deadly new infection, which killed 90,000 of those patients.

Why? Because hospitals overuse of antibiotic drugs. There you have an interesting comparison: 0 killed by DC?s, compared to 90,000 killed by MD?s. Who are you going to see this week? An MD, who may kill you, or a DC who won?t? While a DC can't prevent all diseses, an MD can't cure even one! Yes, you need an MD if you have a broken leg or get run over by a car. But that is all. MD's are just war medicine. They don't do PREVENTION. For prevention, go to an ND, DC, Homeopath, accupunturist, or health food store. Boycott MD's until they stop killing children.

The CDC study continues, while hospital stays are growing shorter, the relative incidence of hospital acquired infections is increasing dramatically. In the past 20 years, patients have picked up 36 percent more diseases while in the hospital. About 2 million people suffer nosocomial ( hospital-induced ) infections each year in the US; about 90,000 die each year as a result.

Researchers blame the problem on an increase use of unnecessary invasive procedures, ie., vaccinations, labs tests, blood drawing, etc., and indiscriminate antibiotic therapy. Reuter, in an interview with Dr. Will Javis of the CDC, March 11, 1998.

Ralph Nader says that in 1991, over 300,000 American were killed in hospitals as a result of medical negligence. ( USA Today Jan 13, 1991 ). Are the numbers better or worse in 2002? According to Ralph Nader, the numbers are now higher!

Remember Vietnam? The US killed 300,000 Vietnamese each year, while loosing 56,000 young men in 10 years, for an average loss of 5,600 young men per year. Yet today, in the US, doctors kill 3,000 people each day, due to medical negligence, giving the wrong drug, putting the decimal point in the wrong place, resulting in a drug over dose 10 times higher than is proper, mis-spelling the drug, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, etc.

During Vietnam, ( which began Nov. 22, 1963, with the CIA killing of JFK, because JFK issue Executive Order # 1196, in Aug. 1963, ordering an end to the Vietnam War & withdrawal of the 3,000 US CIA troops in Vietnam ), students took over colleges. The National Guard killed students at Kent State & Jackson State Colleges. The CIA assassinated the leaders of the Peace Movement: Dr. Martin Luther King & Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Students chased a President from office.

For 5,600 U.S. military deaths a year, & 300,000 killed Vietnamese, & President JFK assassinated, street battles were raging every day in the US.! So where are the protests today, for the 300,000 Americans & over 2 million people killed by American pharmaceutical companies around the world today?? Worse, President Jimmy Carter just went to South Africa to demand that their government give AIDS patients more drugs. ( 3-11-02, NYT & Denver Post ) Drugs known to kill American AIDS patients! Jimmy Carter wake up! AIDS drugs are a fraud! AIDS drugs kill more people than AIDS.

Do you have expensive urine? In the April 6, 1992 issue of TIME magazine cover story, ?The Real Power of Vitamins & Minerals -- New research shows they may help fight cancer, heart disease, & aging.? Naturopathic, Chiropractic & Veterinary Medicine has known that for a hundred years or more. The MD are once again a decade late & a dollar short.

TIME had 6 positive pages on nutrition with only one negative sentence ? which, as you might guess, came from a ?blind? MD, who was asked what he though about nutritional supplements to prevent disease. ?Popping vitamins doesn?t do you any good,? sniffs Dr. Herbert, 46, a professor of drugs at New York City?s Mount Siani Medical School. ?We get all the vitamins we need in our diets, and taking supplements just gives you expensive urine.? THOSE WORDS HAVE KILLED MORE AMERICAN?S THAN ALL THE WARS WE HAVE FOUGHT!

Now the AMA is trying to ban vitamins. During a vote taken at the European Parliament on Mar 12, 2002, the government, supported by doctors groups, voted to ban most vitamins in Europe. What a plague doctors are on the face of the earth. We must ban MD?s not vitamins. If you want to fight this, write an e-mail to Ralph Nader & Paul Kangas. Paul7kangas@cs.com. Better, yet, send $100. To paul kangas, pob 422644, SF, CA 94142. Do it now. This is a outrage that must be allowed to stand.

Our foods are almost totally deficient in minerals & are causing cancer, heart disease, obesity & AIDS. What is the best way to reverse this race to the grave? Drink 2 oz. of liquid colloidal minerals daily. Where can you get a quart? By ordering a quart from Paul Kangas now: 1-800-800-9456. Send a check for only $29. to : pob 422644, SF, Ca 94142. This is your first best step to avoid the Temple of Doom, General Hospital. Your doctor is ready to kill you now. Are you going to go to the Temple of Death, or order a quart of liquid minerals. Your choice.

I?m going to a funeral tomorrow of a man, John, age 45, whom I have known form 10 years, who told me last year that he ?got all the minerals he needed from his organic food.? He was so politically correct, he would only eat organic food. For 10 years I encouraged him to drink colloidal minerals. He snubbed my suggestion. Now he is very dead. Death will not give you a second opinion. Don?t wait to hear this from me a second time. You may not get the chance. John didn?t.

Why men need to understand Andrea Yates.

Men, have you ever had a women hit you over the head with a frying pan for no apparent reason?

Women who develop PPD due to having a baby do this frequently. If men knew why women strike men without warning, due to the loss of chromium, caused by having a child, men could prevent this strange violence. Loss of minerals causes women to lose their mental balance & sanity. Loss of minerals causes women to hit men without reason & causes women to kill their children.

Men need to watch the Andrea Yates case very closely. This is a very important case for understanding the health of women and the safety of children & men. When a woman has a child, she gives up many minerals to make that child.

If men understood that, they would supplement their wives before she gets pregnant. Violence by women who have children is often caused by a diet lacking organic chromium & lithium. I know. I lived thru that hell for 13 years with a women, having 4 kids in the process, & being physically attacked daily, for no reason. It was very confusing.

We would have a loving relationship in bed. The next morning, as I was leaving for work, she would hit me, if my back was turned. I was attacked daily when I returned home from work. It was bizarre. It took me 17 years to finally figure it out when I read a book on minerals & mental illness. Thus, when Andrea Yates killed her 5 kids, I immediately called Rusty Yates & offered my support.

I knew what had caused the 5 terrible deaths. It makes me so sad that there is no way for me to explain this to the millions of men who, even today, are going thru the hell I went thru with a woman who lack chromium. So many beautiful families are being destroyed by a simple lack of knowledge of chromium. This is the next real tragedy of tomorrow, in the making today. Men need to learn about chromium.

Paul Kangas, Biologist, 1-415-861-0870

Now Enron has "shreded" Mr. Baxter, after he blew the whistle on Enron, cashed in his stocks, made a cool $40 million & retired. So the Cowboys of Enron shot Baxter. If you think that is suicide, I have so ocean front property in Montana I would like to sell you. Baxter, 43, 2 kids, great wife, had it made. He was on Easy Street & had everything to live for. Baxter was murdered.

Teenage Suicide & Terrorism.

Suicidal Pilots like Charles J. Bishop are Easy to Stop.

Here are simple, easy, safe, cheap ways to predict & prevent teens or anyone from doing a suicide, especially using a plane, car or air craft. People with a death wish, especially pilots are easy to spot from their hair & eratic behavior. ===================== Here is how to prevent people, especially teens from hijacking or stealing planes & crashing them into buildings. This is basically a form of suicide.

Teen Depression. Why would a 15 year old teen steal a plane & kill himself crashing it into a Tampa skyscraper?

Answer: Because his food lacks adequate lithium, he eats too much carbohydrates, which become sugar in his gut, causing a loss of lithium & his parents aren?t smart enough to supplement him with minerals. Most teens want to know how to preserve their future world. Saving the soil is saving the Earth & their own future.

This caused him to become a loner! Teens who see another teen who seems to be a ?loner? should sense that person has a mineral deficiency & straight out offer him some lithium. Lithium is an over-the-counter mineral. There is almost no food that contains lithium anymore, because the corporate farms have raped the land, thru over-use. Lithium is well known for years to be a perfectly safe mineral, at doses up to 200 mcg. Daily, to make you feel safe, happy & help you sleep great. Shhhhh! Doctors will never tell you that, because they don?t want you healing yourself. Doctors will lie to you about lithium, because they were taught in Med. School to keep control of health. ?Don?t let the public know?.

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Suicide, depression, loneliness & the resulting addiction to drugs can be totally prevented by taking Chromium, Lithium & Vanadium. Every teen who has taken high school chemistry can tell you where these minerals are on the Periodic Table. Teens today know more about minerals, nutrition & preventing disease than there parents, but the teens don?t have access to supplements to ?connect the dots?. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-:

Laughter. Just having a sense of humor helps. Teens who see other teens who don?t laugh, should go tell them a joke & then invite them to join a laughter circle of 3-4 friends in a car. In the Medical Dictionary section, of this site, you will find a list of other great exercises that can prevent Depression. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: Laugh as you Think about planning to Drink your own perfect cure for depression. For the first 9 months of your life you drank only Amitotic Fluid (AF ) in your mothers womb. It contained all the lithium you need to feel safe & happy. Yes, ?Yellow Snow? cones contain lithium, & all the nutrients you need to prevent Depression. Yes, urine & AF are the same fluid. The water of life. The Juice of Life. Your yearning to drink your own urine comes from your prior drinking of it while you were in your mothers womb. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-:

ABC did a half-baked program on the symptoms & never got to the cause. All it was, was another attempt to sell drugs to cover-up the symptoms. ABC 1-9-02. Most teens are smart enough to see thru drugs, but no one has ever told them they can totally prevent & cure depression with safe, cheap minerals like lithium. ===================== Security. These proposals would cost far less & be far more effective than having police wire taps of college students e-mail, inter-net use, ID checks every 5 miles, massive surveillance & other draconian measures proposed by the Democrats & Republicans.

Bullies. As a small boy who use to carry a gun to class, I feel teens who are victims of bullies should: Get the name of the Bully & report him to a teacher or parent, so the parents can go talk to the parents of the bully. Most bullies are kids who were abused & beaten at home. Investigate the parents. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: Many parents think it is OK to beat boys, but not girls. Beaten boys become bullies. They become foot ball players who eat too much sugar & need to be supplemented with chromium, vanadium & lithium. Beaten boys usually have a spinal bone out of place. Thus, both the bully & the victim need to be checked & adjusted by a chiropractor. If parents try to ?heal? the bully & their family, it is win-win for everyone.

Victims are usually teens who have a diet short on Selenium, vitamin E & calcium & vitamin D. Selenium is great for relieving stress & helping anemic kids grow bigger. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: Get creative. Make a secret video of the bully in action. Broadcast it on your local community TV station. Get the address & vehicle license # of his or his parents vehicles. As a former victim, I was always the smallest boy in school, I feel sugar & foot ball should be banned from high schools. I use to carry a gun to class, because of jock bully who attacked me. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: ABC did a nice program on the bullies role in the High School shootings on 5-21-01, Diane Sawyer, but it was too simple minded, no mention of the role of abusive parents, sugar & diet. Beaten boys become soldiers or bad cops. (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-: (-:

Don?t get Vaccinated!! _____________________________ This war fever is causing people to forget their rational brain. People are lining up to be injected with experimental drugs, containing mercury as a preservative, hoping it will protect them against small pox & anthrax. It won?t! Don?t fall for that medical lie! The vaccination will cause you Alzheimer?s & Parkinson?s in 5 years. Worse, many thousands of children will die within days of being vaccinated. Vaccinations will kill more people than died in NYC on 9-11-01. Mark my words. If it is so safe, let the rich take the shots first, in public, so we can watch them die for a year. Don?t be first. Be the last one on your block to take the shot. Maybe never. I will never get vaccinated. None of my 3 kids have EVER been vaccinated, & they go to public schools now.

The best vaccination is self vaccination done by your body after it is exposed to any, & I mean any, disease!! Within 1 hour of exposure, your body develops its own antibodie!! This is stored in your blood & urine. If you rub urine on your skin, your skin soaks up the drink. If you now drink 1 oz. of your own Precious Pee, you can self vaccinate yourself. And it won?t kill you. It is free. It works better than any drug. It puts health care back into your own hands. Think. I am not trying to con you into buying something. ______________________________ Watch the massive rise of ?strange? diseases, like ?Gulf War Syndrome?, also caused by the vaccinations given G.I.s, in one year. Has American gone insane?? Think. Slow down. ______________________________ Go to www.Google.com. Read the web on vaccinations, like www.909 shot.com. Read our section on Urine Therapy again. Think people. Don?t become a causality of the raging war fever mentality.

Barbara Lee for President! Hillary Clinton for VP in 2004. Election 2004.

How should the US respond to protect itself from future terrorist bombings? Is this WWIII? Those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable. ---JFK

Bush says War.? The People say, Free the slaves of Islam.? The US fought a Civil War to defeat the slave states. We must now extend the Rights won during the US Civil War to the women slaves of Islam. The Emancipation Proclamation of 2001.
We hereby declare all the women in the world free of slavery. When this war against slavery is over all women will have
All Rights under the US Constitution.
1- the right to marry whom they want, & Divorce. The right to walk away from the slave holder, ie "husband".

_________________________________ 2- the Right to legal abortions.
________________________________ 3- the Right to go to college,
4- the Right to become a lawyer or doctor.
5- the Right to sue any state, government or religion that opposed these Rights,
5.5- the Right to own a gun.
_________________________ 6- the Right to vote in United Nations Elections & in their government elections.
7- The Right to own a press, print any materials, to Speak, to
8- The Right to run for Public office.

Islam is easy to defeat with science, equality & love. Ju jitsu politics. The way to defeat Islamic terrorists is to offer Muslim women college scholarships, the right to vote, contraceptives, equality, etc. Here is what I learned from the US Civil War: It is better to risk being accused of forcing cultural values of freedom on slaves, than to stand around in morgues waiting for men to give women equal rights.

______________________________ Power is never given up. For women to be free they must organize & fight to be free. Men will never give up power. Barbra Lee for President, Hillary Clinton for VP.

1- Cut off all funding for the racist state of Israel for 1 year. The US gives Israel $11 million dollars a day we need for US schools. This money to Israel is the major cause of the hate against the US. If we want to protect ourselves, we must stop our ?invisible? acts of war. American?s must learn to understand what most people in the world feel: giving money to a racist nation like Israel is an act of war. Israel will just have to learn to live in peace with its neighbors. Those who live by the gun, die by the gun. Stop the Israeli insanity. Remember, if you beat a dog it becomes violent. Love works. Democracy works better than militarism. Vietnam proved that.

Would that be giving into the terrorists demands? No! This has been the demand of the suffering woman of Palestine for 30 years. Because it is such a reasonable demand, the terrorists, ie., the children who were raised by the rifle butts of the Israeli police, learned their lessons from the blood, sweat, pain & tears of their parents. Just because the demand is reasonable, does not mean we can ignore it, because some small cell of victims of Israeli violent racism, took direct action. It is racist for the US to give $11 M to Israel. Remember & never forget: Vietnam -- 1- military punishment of the Reds, did not work then, it won?t work now. 2- it was the CIA who trained the very terrorist who bombed the NY World Trade Center in 1993 & Bin Ladin. The terrorist who killed all those tens of thousands innocent civilians in the NY WTC 2001 were wrong. Should we stoop to their barbaric level? An eye for an eye? No! It would kill too many more people. _______________________________

2- Return to the Durban Conf. & discuss racism & the plight of the Palestinians. Who is to blame for the attacks? Powell & Bush for refusing to talk & acting so smug. Bush is too stupid to know what is going on, but Powell should have at least made a righteous statement against how the Israeli treat the Palestinians. America is a great nation, even though our leaders are criminals. If the people lead, the leaders will follow. America must respond to this attack by going back to the Durban Conf.

3- Slavery. ?Without slavery, we would all still be living in caves.? --Fredrick Engles. Slavery was practices by all societies to create surplus value & libraries. The Greeks, etc. No one owes anyone anything past 75 years. If you want to talk about slavery today: Stop the sex slave trade in Africa & Asia today. In 1600, it was African nations that captured other Africans & sold them into slavery to European whites. . My great, great, great grandmother was a slave in Mongolia. Does that mean I should demand back wages for her lost labor? Hell no. Get real. Get a life. ?Mau Mauing? is what Blacks in the 60?s called it. It is the game of trying to con ignorant liberal whites out of money with loud racist demands.

Only an idiot would fall for such Mau Mauing again. It is racist for Africans to demand money from whites, who themselves are descendants of past historical slavery. It would be racist for white governments to give money to Blacks for past slavery. Instead, stop the Muslim enslavement of women. How? By registering Muslim women to vote, offering them college scholarships & contraceptives.

Racism. Whites fall for stupid tricks. Local example: At KPFA, a Negro, Pat Scott, fired some of the key principled voices of progress: Mama O?Shea & Bill Mandel. Because the firing squad was headed by a Negro, whites refused to oppose it. Racism is a double edged sword. Those who make peaceful change impossible -- CIA agent Geo. Bush Sr. assassinated JFK. Which caused the Vietnam war to last so long. I blame Bush for what happened in NYC, because his families use of ambush like the murder of President Kennedy. We must jail Bush if we are serious about ending terrorism.

America, get a grip on Reality. Yes, the bombing was horrific, but will more war stop the killings? We must act in ways that stop the killings.

If it bleeds it leads? Doctors kill a Million Americans each year. That is 3,000 a day. Yet, the press almost never covers that. Doctors kill 1,000,000 people each year mis-prescribing drugs, using radiation proven to almost never really work, & using surgery that is not necessary! Horrific. In fact, the average doctor is 1,000 times more dangerous than a drunk gun owner. This is no joke.

Notice how the media depicts this war as a ?4 year campaign? That is perfect to re-elect Bush. That is just how his father tried to get re-elected. Is this the tail wagging the dog? Remember, it was the CIA, under Bush Sr. who trained bin Laden in how to use terrorism to overthrow the democratic socialist military government of Afghanistan. Don?t join Bush?s re-election campaign.

Yes most Muslims are racist & terrorists. So are most Christians. Don?t get caught in the middle of another stupid religious war. Instead, we should expel most Muslim who engage in illegal acts, from the US back to where they came from for 10 years. If they don?t like it in the US, let them go... , no, send them back.

Are Doctors, M.D.s, terrorists??

The reason doctors are not seen as more dangerous, is because we have been programmed by the Media into putting all of our trust into their hands. This is the worst possible mistake anyone can make. It cost 1,000,000 people their lives each year. Especially old people. Don?t trust doctors. Instead, ask them 10 questions. If they act like they ?don?t have the time? to answer your questions, find a real doctors. This is a big reason why you should learn to fix your body before it is broke. Most doctors don't care if you live or die, just as long as you pay their bill. Protect yourself by asking questions before you go under the knife, or take the drug, or radiation they are pushing. If your doctor can?t meet with you, or talk with your relative, at least on the phone, before the surgery, to talk it over, you definitely want to think twice before using that doctor. What is he trying to hide? Ask these questions:

What are all the risks of all the procedures available, other than surgery, including doing nothing? Can I tape what you say? Most doctors will allow you to tape your conversations with them, especially on the phone. I always tape. I just video taped a doctor cutting a cast off my daughter?s leg. No problem. What is the cheapest modality? Who is your chiropractor? Any doctor that does not have or refer to a chiropractor is not a safe doctor to use.

How often has your surgeon performed this surgery? How often do complications occur, what they and what are their effects?

Postpartum depression.

When a woman has a child, she loses many important minerals from her blood, bones & brain. This is postpartum depression, ie., after the birth deficiency. In the old days, they said, ?For each child a woman has, she looses one tooth.? That is very true. What that really means, is she looses all 69 key essential minerals as she forms a child. Such massive loss of minerals also causes depression, divorce, other physical illnesses, ie., cancer, suicide & mental illness.

Most women believe child birth is suppose to be: the best time of their life, exciting, fun, good, joy full & their crowning glory. They have beat the biological clock. But, for that very reason, many women deny most of the negative feelings they experience due to the loss of minerals, like lithium, from their brain. They become stoic. Men who understand the biology of birth can help women stay truly joy full.

Men too need to understand postpartum depression ( ppd ) because if men provide minerals to their wife/lover, they can prevent this deadly mental illness that usually happens after child birth. PPD can cause: depression, child abuse, husband abuse, divorce, hallucinations that lead to murder & suicide. Don?t let PPD happen to you & your wonderful family. Men need to be the main guardian against PPD because when women are experiencing it, they lose their normal rational mind & can?t see the damage they are doing.

What causes mothers to kill their children?

Andrea Yates husband said, ?She is not the person who killed our children.? He is right. Her brain was so full of dangerous drugs from the insane doctor that she became a zombie. She began to hallucinate on the cocktail of 3 powerful drugs. Suddenly she thought she saw that her kids were on fire. What is a mother to do but to defend her children, & so she filled up the bath tub & put each kid in the tub until the fire went out. Can you imagine drugs causing her to become delusional like that??

That is why Naturopathic & Chiropractic doctors try to find ways to prevent & cure diseases without drugs. It is time to stop the use of drugs on people to treat depression. It does not work. Those doctors & patients who claim drugs work are simply drug addicts who are delusional & can?t see reality.

?There are 2 tragedies here. The death of our children & the loss of my wife.? Robert Yates 6-24-01

Yates sees the situation better than most. He realizes his wife suffers from ?something? & she did not kill her children intentionally. American can make sense of the burdens on women caused by child birth if we follow this case & learn.

Doctors are suppose to know this. They do, but they are so greedy trying to sell drugs, that they turn a blind eye to the suffering, suicides & side-effects, just to make a few dirty bucks. Most doctors are ?MD?s? ie., Major Drug pushers.

Houston Mother on 3 Prozac-like drugs, kills her 5 children. Who is to blame? Who is more insane, the doctor who gave Andrea drugs he knew would cause homicide, or the depressed mother who had not read the PDR & didn?t know the side-effects are: suicide, homicide, fratricide, etc. Andrea B. Yates, 36, was a great mother, but she lived on sugar & legal drugs.

Those who want to understand why women kill their children must stand up & save Andrea from the death penalty.

She is innocent because of mental incapacity. Andrea is a victim of insane doctors who engage in iatrogenics, ie., death or damage caused by a doctor. Notice the media is not interviewing the drug dealer, ie ?nazi doktor? who gave her the drugs that caused the death of her children. Jail the Nazi doktor, not Andrea!!

Yes, we must free Andrea. Our jails are full of people who do compulsive, silly, unreasonable acts of violence. What if the cause is nutritional? Lack of minerals. Here is a partial list of mothers who killed their children while on Prozac: Suzan Smith, 1994, Mrs. Hogg, Daly City, Ca, ( 2-99 ), taped the mouths of her 3 smart children, 1, 3 & 9, shut & suffocated them. Andrea Yates, Houston, 6-20-01) suddenly though her children were on fire & so drown them, ?to put out the fire?. Sure she is crazy, but we need to understand how this happened & in the process save thousands of other mothers from drugs, doctors, depression & homicide caused by drugs given to her by her insane doctor. No child will be safe from this nutritionally caused mental illness until these women are freed.

Women, don?t turn your back on Andrea.

Take your vitamins & help free Andrea!! We offer these tools to help Free Andrea & save future mothers from the scourage of PMS & homicide caused by a lack of minerals: Free Petition, Free Poster calling for Saving Andrea & Freeing Andrea, Free buttons: Free Andrea, Free 30 minute tape talking about how babies suck minerals from a woman's brain & cause her to become mentally ill & violent, Love.

For any or all of these items, please send a large 8 x 11, envelop with 5 stamps to: POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142

There are 5 groups who do violence, due to lack of minerals: Mothers, athletes, High school shooters, Postal employees & mental patients. Mothers are the easiest group to understand & defend. The best way to do this, is to call for banning drugs & teach young girls the value of minerals to keep them healthy.

Look at how the media treats this story. No where do they talk about how women get depression from mineral loss caused by having a child. The media just tells women to take drugs for depression. The media is criminal. Women journalists & doctors are even worse. All they know how to do is push more drugs on depressed mothers.

How does PPD affect relationships.

Most women who suffer from PPD find it hard to make a relationship or marriage last. They find themselves sabotaging a relationship. Free Andrea Yates.

Each following relationship or marriage gets shorter & shorter. Here is a letter from Pat in Pocatello.

I?m 36 with a 12 yr old son. I have been married 4 times. Each one gets shorter & shorter. The last one lasted 2 weeks. I want to be married, but for some reason, I start arguments with my husband, for some unknown reason. After my forth divorce, I now find myself starting arguments on the third date. I just loose control & it is usually my fault. Men are puzzled by my sudden cold shoulder. When they ask me to explain ?Why??, I don?t speak to them for days. I freeze up. Why? I feel terrible about how I act. I don?t understand why I do this, but I can?t seem to stop myself. How can I stop driving men away???

Dear Pat: You are reacting the way you do because you are short on the minerals: chromium, lithium, & vanadium due to a lack of the mineral in your soil & food. Solution: supplement. Free Andrea Yates!!

Harry Potter. Have you ever looked into an owl?s eyes? The real Harry had a pet owl, and he loved to draw pictures of the owl?s large eyes. One day Harry was holding the owls thin legs looking deep into his pet owl?s colorful iris, when the owl started to fly. Harry fell, & in the confusion Harry broke the owls left leg. As Harry was putting a splint on the owls leg, looking into the owls huge eyes, he saw a long red streak in the left eye. Curious, Harry sketched the eyes again & recorded the location of the dark crease in the iris. Harry, being a normally bright 10 year old, decided the eye was like a TV camera that allows us to look deep inside the body tissue of our pets. Harry began sketching the iris?s of other animals on his parents farm in Hungry and when they were sick, he would sketch their eyes again. Harry Ignatz von Peczely, at age 10, created a whole new field of science called Iridology just by looking into the eyes of his pet. Harry lived in Europe in 1841 and from this story of his discovery, the movie ?Harry Potter? was made to honor the field of iridology. If you get a digital camera and take a close up photo of your pets eyes once a year, you can tell how healthy your pet is. Save the photos and then if they get sick, you can actually tell what part of their brain or body is causing the disease. Then by giving your pet herbs, vitamins and minerals you can heal their body and brain. By looking at nature you too may discover another new field of science. Paul 7 kangas @ cs.com Healmax .com 415-861-0870 to: Paul Kangas, POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142

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War is a profit making business. The AMA feels it is loosing business because people are using herbs & vitamins. To stop the public from using herbs & minerals, the AMA has petitioned the Bush Administration to regulate herbs & supplements so that it requires a doctors prescription to buy herbs & all supplements. ( See NYT 4-17-01)

We urge you to oppose the AMA?s money-grab by signing this petition & sending a copy to: US DHHS ( Health & Human Services ). Please also send us a copy so we can present 1 millions signatures to Congress. Stopping this AMA grab will require an organized effort. If you write, document your effort by sending copies of e-mails to us at: Paul 7 Kangas @ cs.com. Don?t let them ignore your voice.

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Vaccination Law Action Alerts

New York is trying to pass a new law that will allow parents to say "No!" to vaccinations. We urge you to support it. Here in Calif, all you have to do to block vaccinations is to ask for the blue card from the school administration. My wife & I have successfully prevented any of our children from being vaccinated for 17 years! Yes.

Vaccinations cause Autism! It is clear. There is little doubt. Save the children. For more info call 212-473-8201. Meetings Sun. Go to www.Gary Null.com for more info.

Washington State mandates insurance companies must pay for Alternative treatment. Now Legislation is being drafted here in Calif. The People are taking over the practice of medicine. We must, to create freedom of choise. Help us reach out. We are now running ads about this web site in a major paper in each state. It costs money. Please send us a $50. donation to pay for one ad. Please help us grow.

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Confidence. Consumers lack confidence in the President & Courts, due to an atmosphere of corruption that was created by the Supreme Coup. The best thing to have happened in 2001 was when Congress boooed the Supreme Court when they walked in to hear the Tue. 2-27-01 speech by Bush. We should all send a thank you note to our Congress people for hissssing the Supreme Court.

The majority feel their will, their vote, was stolen. If optimists in business & the market out number pessimists, & if they manufacture &/or buy stock, then the market will tend to rise. This creates a bull run. However, if something spooks the optimism, like the Supreme Court?s illegally interfering in an election, like the US is some banana Republic that can be controlled by the rich, & the majority feel the better candidate was illegally denied the votes, then the majority get pessimistic. Especially, if the majority feel Gore had better programs for the environment & technology & energy &, the village idiot was elected, only because his father controls the Supreme Court & the CIA, due to connections. The Stock Market is controlled by the emotions of fear or greed. Now fear dominates because people fear they have no vote, no democracy.

Fundamentally, the economy isn?t in such bad shape. It is the public?s lack of faith in the President & the Courts that experts find disturbing. The only thing that can now turn the economy around is if the President invites Al Gore into his cabinet & gives him the power to have a major say so in the future of the economy. Basically, the public has gone ? on strike ? against the government due to the Supreme Coup that violated all democratic rights of the people. ? Remove Bush or we won?t work? is what the public is saying. We can remove Bush & abolish the Electoral College now, by 2002, or we can wait until 2004. I for one, hereby demand Bush step down! Everyone knows he stole the elections & we are mad as hell & won?t take it anymore. King George Go home!

Gov. Gray Davis, 2-14-01

email: governor@governor.ca.gov fax: 916-445-4633

It costs .05cents to make a kilowatt of electricity. You made a terrible mistake signing a 10 year contract. The market will be down in 2 years. Now my children will have to pay for your short sightedness. That contract is a terrible rip-off of consumers.

Gambling is a tax on those too dumb to do the math. I think gambling is a form of addiction California can do without. Has the whole Democratic Party become morally bankrupt?

First we have the Mafia buying the vote of John Burton. Now we have the Mafia co-opting Rep. Geo. Miller.

Is there not an honest person left who will stand up against the corruption of the state by the poison of gambling addiction, wrapped in the blanket of ?welfare for Indians?. What next. Giving Indians a crack franchise? So what if crack destroys society & people? As long as it makes money for a few Indian pimps, it's O.K.! Right? Wrong! Why not require Indians to just start honest businesses? Gambling has no socially redeeming values & causes addiction.

It is the lowest form of pandering to allowing Indians to steal from those too dumb to be able to understand the math of gambling. I am sure the Mafia will pay 100 people to fax you, in support of gambling, for ever one opposed. Working people don?t have time to write you every time an elected official does something stupid. We elect people like you to THINK!, not just pander. Paul Kangas, age 60, father of 3 teens, Biologist, Private Investigator. POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142

Editorial: Can we un-ravel this illegal election? Yes. Ignore the media. Take to the streets, courts, the Net & write on the walls until the Bush Empire falls. March on Wash, DC, April 21, 2001. We will publish all Demonstration alerts Nationwide during 2001.

SF : Where: Feb 19th, Demonstration, 16th & Mission, 12 Noon March from the corner . Assemble at 11am then March to the Fed. Bldg. Why Mkt. & 3rd? Location, location, location. More people walk by Mkt. & 3rd. than any other corner.

Awaken the Sleeping Giant.

Supreme Coup. Who killed Cesar? Was it not 12 Senators?

What is the lesson we can learn from the election of 2000?

Maybe it is the same lesson we learned from the election of 1960. And 1860.

When the ruling class became afraid that JFK as going to ?lose? Vietnam, the same way he ?lost? Cuba, the ruling class decided to intervene & annul the 1960 election. Thus they gave the nod to the CIA & George Bush to kill JFK. Dan Rather was the lead media voice in covering up the ambush in Dallas.

Today, listening to the members of the Supreme Court explaining their illegal action, in stopping the recount in Florida, they use the word ?intervention? over & over.---NYT 20 Feb 2001.

The ruling class has the power to intervene in elections, only if we don?t stop them. Power never relinquishes power without a fight. First the majority must understand what the ruling class did was undemocratic & illegal. That takes a law suit that can educate the majority.

The Lincoln assassinations was done by the ruling class, the money behind the Western Union, the Mellon Banks, King Cotton & the US Army, the Dupont family, & others. Today most people accept that the ruling class killed Lincoln. Only those who lack education don?t accept & understand these facts. This whole line of reasoning would make a great movie for the next Oliver Stone, who ever she may be.

Today the majority understand that the CIA killed JFK. Oliver Stone?s great movie made that perfectly clear. However, what is missing is knowledge that the ruling class also was behind the assassinations of Lincoln, King, RFK & the Supreme Court blocking of the election of Al Gore.

When the majority, or even an active minority understand that, then we can prevent the next Coup.

In Europe, the press talks openly about how dense the American public is on these issues. Europeans know how the ruling class controls society, but the American public only understand a tiny piece of the problem. We should questions all political candidates on this issue & vote for no one who does not see the conspiracy.

Time is precious, but Truth is more precious. There was no reason to be in a hurry to count the Florida votes. Deadlines are merely procedural & can be moved in an emergency. The ruling class didn't like what it saw in Florida, with people talking, picketing, marching, etc. The rich see any effort by people to Petition the Government as Anarchy or confusion. The ruling class uses any lame excuse they can to cover up their violations of democratic rights. Don't buy their lie. The media fell right in step, as is their role as mere prostitues for the rich. Gore was a real coward to have conceded the next day, Dec. 13. Jesse Jackson & Clinton both spoke out against what the Supreme Coup did. Clinton is a real working class hero. Gore is a cry baby.

Groups should organize by District, for a massive Sat. March, by assembling in the busiest spot in each district at 11am, picket & then march at Noon towards the Fed. Bldg.for a rally from 1pm to 4pm & then march back to each District.

Florida. The Logger Head Turtle is dying due to a lack of Selenium in their diet. If you know anyone working on the project, please ask them to call us: 6am, SF, time 415-861-0870.

Florida. Hail to the Thief! The Washington Post reports Jan 27, 01, that Gore won the election by 30,000 votes in Florida. The Supreme Coup by the Court stole the election. Jail to the Thief!

The Miami Hearld is reporting 11 Mar. 01, that, Gore won by 26,600 votes if all Florida votes were counted & in its count of the vote, they have already found the names of 251 dead Republicans, who voted in Miami. The Republican Party activists voted the grave yard. What a steal.

Washington, DC. The character assassination of Jesse Jackson, days before the huge national protests against this illegal government of King George was very similar to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, April 4th, 1968, a week before the huge March on Washington, DC on April 22, 1968. Did the Bush & CIA kill JFK & King?

In 1968 the CIA tried to destory the leadership of the inter-racial, Black & white, Red, Yellow & Brown, anti-war movement, & create a race war in the U.S. by killing the leading Black voice against the war. The CIA almost succeeded. Now in 2001, with the CIA back in charge of the White House, one of the arms of the CIA, The Nationalist Inquirer, followed Jesse Jackson around for 9 months until they found his secret daughter. They knew this info for 4 months, but waited until just before the marches were to happen, so they could, "chop the head off the movement", to cause confusion & cynicisism in the ranks of the people, inspire racism & demoralize the movement. Jesse Jackson may be a jerk, but he is our jerk & we still respect his for all the good he does. Buddah is not done with Jesse. In fact, we official ask Jesse to lead the Sat. , April 21, 2001 March on Washington, DC, to commorate the 1968 March Dr. King lead.

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cancer, heart disease, insomnia, stress, impotence, Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s, AIDS, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc. Just send a large, 8 x 10 stamped, ( 3 stamps ), self- addressed, to:

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Special Report.
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'Poppy quarter' behind spy coin alert By TED BRIDIS, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 43 minutes ago WASHINGTON - An odd-looking Canadian coin with a bright red flower was the culprit behind a U.S. Defense Department false espionage warning earlier this year about mysterious coin-like objects with radio frequency transmitters, The Associated Press has learned. ADVERTISEMENT The harmless "poppy coin" was so unfamiliar to suspicious U.S. Army contractors traveling in Canada that they filed confidential espionage accounts about them. The worried contractors described the coins as "anomalous" and "filled with something man-made that looked like nano-technology," according to once-classified U.S. government reports and e-mails obtained by the AP. The silver-colored 25-cent piece features the red image of a poppy — Canada's flower of remembrance — inlaid over a maple leaf. The unorthodox quarter is identical to the coins pictured and described as suspicious in the contractors' accounts. The supposed nano-technology actually was a conventional protective coating the Royal Canadian Mint applied to prevent the poppy's red color from rubbing off. The mint produced nearly 30 million such quarters in 2004 commemorating Canada's 117,000 war dead. "It did not appear to be electronic (analog) in nature or have a power source," wrote one U.S. contractor, who discovered the coin in the cup holder of a rental car. "Under high power microscope, it appeared to be complex consisting of several layers of clear, but different material, with a wire like mesh suspended on top." The confidential accounts led to a sensational warning from the Defense Security Service, an agency of the Defense Department, that mysterious coins with radio frequency transmitters were found planted on U.S. contractors with classified security clearances on at least three separate occasions between October 2005 and January 2006 as the contractors traveled through Canada. One contractor believed someone had placed two of the quarters in an outer coat pocket after the contractor had emptied the pocket hours earlier. "Coat pockets were empty that morning and I was keeping all of my coins in a plastic bag in my inner coat pocket," the contractor wrote. But the Defense Department subsequently acknowledged that it could never substantiate the espionage alarm that it had put out and launched the internal review that turned up the true nature of the mysterious coin. Meanwhile, in Canada, senior intelligence officials expressed annoyance with the American spy-coin warnings as they tried to learn more about the oddball claims. "That story about Canadians planting coins in the pockets of defense contractors will not go away," Luc Portelance, now deputy director for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, wrote in a January e-mail to a subordinate. "Could someone tell me more? Where do we stand and what's the story on this?" Others in Canada's spy service also were searching for answers. "We would be very interested in any more detail you may have on the validity of the comment related to the use of Canadian coins in this manner," another intelligence official wrote in an e-mail. "If it is accurate, are they talking industrial or state espionage? If the latter, who?" The identity of the e-mail's recipient was censored. Intelligence and technology experts were flabbergasted over the warning when it was first publicized earlier this year. The warning suggested that such transmitters could be used surreptitiously to track the movements of people carrying the coins. "I thought the whole thing was preposterous, to think you could tag an individual with a coin and think they wouldn't give it away or spend it," said H. Keith Melton, a leading intelligence historian. But Melton said the Army contractors properly reported their suspicions. "You want contractors or any government personnel to report anything suspicious," he said. "You can't have the potential target evaluating whether this was an organized attack or a fluke." The Defense Security Service disavowed its warning about spy coins after an international furor, but until now it has never disclosed the details behind the embarrassing episode. The U.S. said it never substantiated the contractors' claims and performed an internal review to determine how the false information was included in a 29-page published report about espionage concerns. The Defense Security Service never examined the suspicious coins, spokeswoman Cindy McGovern said. "We know where we made the mistake," she said. "The information wasn't properly vetted. While these coins aroused suspicion, there ultimately was nothing there." A numismatist consulted by the AP, Dennis Pike of Canadian Coin & Currency near Toronto, quickly matched a grainy image and physical descriptions of the suspect coins in the contractors' confidential accounts to the 25-cent poppy piece. "It's not uncommon at all," Pike said. He added that the coin's protective coating glows peculiarly under ultraviolet light. "That may have been a little bit suspicious," he said. Some of the U.S. documents the AP obtained were classified "Secret/Noforn," meaning they were never supposed to be viewed by foreigners, even America's closest allies. The government censored parts of the files, citing national security reasons, before turning over copies under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. Nothing in the documents — except the reference to nanotechnology — explained how the contractors' accounts evolved into a full-blown warning about spy coins with radio frequency transmitters. Many passages were censored, including the names of contractors and details about where they worked and their projects. But there were indications the accounts should have been taken lightly. Next to one blacked-out sentence was this warning: "This has not been confirmed as of yet." The Canadian intelligence documents, which also were censored, were turned over to the AP for $5 under that country's Access to Information Act. Canada cited rules for protecting against subversive or hostile activities to explain why it censored the papers. ___ Associated Press writer Beth Duff-Brown contributed to this story from Toronto.

Noni Medical Juice. Can Noni stop cancer, addictions & heart disease?

Skeptical? I sure was when I was first offered Noni juice in 1996. I thought it was just another new age hype for air heads. Then I kept running into articles on how Noni can stop pain, treat arthritis & depression. In 1998 I decided to do some serious medical research on Noni & see if it could be used to treat addictions. There is now over 10,000 documented case studies of the medical benefits to people from Noni juice, which is similar to the way other natural substances like: Aloe, Ginko, DMSO & MSM works.

How does it work? To understand how Noni works to stop pain, it is valuable to understand how laughter works to treat pain, addictions, cancer, depression & many disorders. When you laugh for 20 minutes straight, the Yoga laughter exercise, made famous by: Iren Kangas, ( my father who died at 90 ), Dr. Madamas, of India & Norman Cousins, the body makes endorphins, which cure depression, addictions, pain & fights cancer. The opposite of pain is pleasure. Noni is an ancient plant like Aloe & Ginko, that makes more organic healing compounds than most plants & seems to work synergistically with body hormones, serotonin & endorphins, like normal brain serotonin to produce pleasure, similar to the way the exercise of sex, which is like massage, until it reaches an orgasism, eases pain.

What are the active ingredients in the herb Noni? The human digestive system is different than animals, due to humans having a genetically defective liver that does not produce vitamin C. For that reason, test of Noni on animals is not reliable when compared to humans.

That said, the key ingredient in Noni, that really helps the human brain cure depression, addiction & pain seems to be pro-xeronine. This is a nutrient that the body converts to free xeroine that stops inflammation & pain. That is good. In the brain this nutrient becomes serotonin, which your spine tissue & brain tissue need to cure depression & stop addictions.

Stress increases the bodies need for pro-xeronine. The body does not normally make much. By drinking Noni you give your body an additional source of this substance to help your body relieve stress & stop addictions.

Here is a short list of some of the other disorders Noni can treat & help: lowers blood pressure, help stop addictions, greatly improve sleep, increase energy, digestion, balance your pH, obesity, addictions, allergies, high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease, increases alertness, sleep problems, digestive problems, arthritis, low energy, Diabetes type 1 & 2, I am doing research, with Dr. D?Adamo, to see which, if any blood types are allergic to Nori. It is possible that some blood type ABs may be allergic to it. If you have had a bad reaction to Noni, please send me your blood type & symptoms in an e-mail, so I can add your history to my data base.

What is the research history on Noni? The key centers for research on the herb Noni is Keio University and the Institute of Bimedical Science in Japan, which has published several research papers on new organic compounds that have been found in Noni, Danmacanthal is a new one, & the medical uses of herbs & Noni.

The future of medicine is that doctors will study plants, soils & which plants grow best in which soils & which plants each person should eat, based on their blood type. Drugs, surgery & radiation will be the last modalities recommended. That is why the research being done on Noni, Ginko, & Aloe are the medicines of the future. Only the body can heal. Edison was right. Doctors should just teach about diet & care of the frame of the body.

What is the future of Noni. If one looks at the past of the foods like pineapples, which were once hailed as great for treating & preventing diseases, see articles by Dr. Howard W. Haggard of Yale, 1925 to 1965, you see that as more & more land was put under cultivation of pineapples, the quality of the fruit deteriorated, so that by 1970, pineapples are of far less medical value because they are now raised on land that is depleted of essential minerals. Too bad. That is the future of Noni. Now in 2001, most of the fresh squeezed & frozen juice is great. But by 2040, we will probably see the amount of nutrients in Noni lost when it is grown by big commercial growers. So get it now for the real health benefits. Buy the most fresh - frozen juice you can find, from the richest soil in Hawaii & Japan & all of Asia. If you would like to try 2 quart bottles from the Hawaiian farm I get mind from, send a check for $50. to me: Paul Kangas, POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142. It takes 7 days from the day I get your check. I have the exclusive franchise in US for this Hawaiian farm. I only buy from them because lab tests prove their product contains more healing organic compounds. When I find a better farm, I will switch to them. That way, by buying through me, you get only the best, as proven by lab test.

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JFK , Vietnam & Hitler.

The claim that the CIA & Bush did not kill JFK is seldom made in good faith. There are documents, accounts by police eye witnesses & photographs of top CIA officials, like Hunt & Sturgis, firing scoped rifles from behind the grassy knoll & even court testimony by E. Howard Hunt that put that matter beyound reasonable doubt. And yet some people continue to express doubts about the pivotal role of the Pentagon, CIA & the Nazi officers working for the CIA. Some express these doubts in confusion & others because they get paid to cover-up the facts.

Why does this all matter in 2004? Because, with Bush in the White House, we need to understand that if the CIA had not killed JFK the Vietnam war would not have happened. And your father, your uncle, your sisters & brothers & your boy friends who went to Vietnam died in an unnecessary war. More importantly, when you see lies written in history books, you need to have the facts to refute the lies to the editors, so they will correct the books. The NYT of 4-27-01 has a new fact on how the CIA hid 2,000 Nazi officers in the Dallas, Tex., Miami, Fl., & many other CIA offices around the US. Slowly the truth come floating back to the surface.

So, for the next 7 months, I will add a new chapter each week to this website documenting the facts. For a copy of the book, send $29. to : Paul Kangas, POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142

San Jose:


Demand: Count all the Votes! This is a government of the People.... There are really 5 branches of the Government. No matter what the Courts, Legislature, Executive & Media say, The People can march, petition & demonstrate until they count all the votes. Florida law requires an immediate & automatic re-count, if the election is too close. The law is being ignored. 1984 is Back. Did you see the way the major media twisted the words of the Supreme Court?! The Supreme Court had no business stopping the ReCount. They tried to blind us. We are not falling for that trick either. This election is not over. It will not be over until they count the votes. The Government & Media do not control The People! The People are the Power & this election is not over until we say it is. Take the streets every Friday, Saturday & Sunday! Even if Gore tells you to "Stop!" Do not stop. Even if KPFA tells you it is all over, do not stop. We can create a Hurricane to drive the Bum Bush out of the White House, just like we did to LBJ.

N.Y.: Fed. Bldg.

We will report the news the media refuses to report: Numbers who March, & contact numbers & e-mail, web sites: www.Bushdidnot win Florida.com. or .net.

Watergate cases re-Opens. Baltimore, MD. 1-17-2001. The Watergate burglary was really to try & recover photos the DNC had showing E.Howard Hunt, G.Gordon Liddy, Richard Nixon, Frank Sturgis, & George Bush in Dallas, Tex., Nov. 22, 1963, at the ambush of President Kennedy. Remember, back in, during the Watergate, June 17, 1972 & Nixon was still in the White House, Bush was in the CIA & Dr. King & RFK had just been ambushed by the CIA 4 years before. The Nation was in turmoil. Revolution was possible. Jack Anderson had obtained the photos from AJ Weberman & Mike Canfield & had given them to the DNC. The CIA wanted to stop the photos of Bush, Nixon & Hunt from getting into the public. Canfield had given the photos to the Washington Post, but the Post called the FBI to ask them to "verify" the photos. The FBI & CIA planned the burglary to recover all the copies. Too late. Canfield published the photos in his book. Oliver Stone used the photos in his movie "JFK". To try & coverup the true reason ( & treason ) why the CIA was in the Watergate, the CIA began spreading a lie that slandered one Ida Maxie Wells. She hired Atty David Dorsen to expose the truth. Now the CIA agents are on trial.

So now we have thse secret trial starting to re-Open the ambush of JFK, King & RFK. French News healline: "Officials to go on Trial for Deaths of JFK, RFK & Dr. King. Case reveals country's ideological divide".

Washington Post.

Eighteen officals from the US intelligence agency go on trial today, 1-17-01, for the 1963 & 1968 ambush of President John Kennedy, Sen. Robert Kennedy & Dr. Martin Luther King, in a real life political thriller that lays bare the continuing struggle between conservatives and reformers over the future of the US.

The CIA says many of the officials in the Pentagon & the CIA were "rogue" agents who were part of a secret government killing machine intent on eliminating liberal enemies of the Pentagon, on orders from Generals, without the knowledge of the higher-ups.
But leading newspapers and reform-minded activists say that the case exposes only a faction of a complex, state-sponsored killing machine that they say killed as many as 169 political opponents of the Pentagon in the 60's. That "machine" operated by a cabal of senior military & CIA officials, including Geo. Bush, Gen. Charles Cabal, USAF, Mayor Cabal, of Dallas, Tex., E. Howard Hunt, CIA, Frank Sturgis, G. Gordon Liddy, CIA, Richard Nixon, Erlichman, Mitchell, Halderman, Dean, is now engaged in a huge coverup of the killings, activists charge. This is one reason why Geo. W. Bush is keeping George Tenet as head of the CIA, for now.
It is unclear whether those allegations - made over the years by movie makers like: Oliver Stone, ( www.oliverstone.com ), lawyers like Mark Lane, in newspapers & best selling books by Mike Canfield, (see: www. weberman.com ), will be aired during the 3 secret trials, which could last several years. But the charges against Geo. Bush & the CIA & Pentagon, have become a central theme in the clashs between American reformists & conservatives. The judges in the cases have not announced whether the trials we be open to the public. If you want to see the facts, go to :www.members.Tripod.com/gore assassination

www.weberman.com, or check out the Oliver Stone videos: "JFK", "Nixon" & "Born on the 4th of July". The facts are "hidden" in those movie. Review history to remember history. Now Stone is doing a new movie, due out in 2002, on the role of George Bush in the assassinations of JFK, King & RFK & the Bush Familie's role in the looting of the American Banks during the 1980's. "Read Inside Job", by Pizzo, Fricker & Muolo.

Books for sale on this secret topic:

"JFK Assassination Solved!" by Paul Kangas, $19.

Clearly the best book ever written on the role of George Bush in the JFK, King & RFK assassianation. This book became the basis for the world famous SF Mime Troup play, "Back to Normal". It show many ties CIA George Bush had to: Dallas, Memphis & LA & how Bush "won his spurs" to become the head of the CIA by planning & executing the ambush of JFK, King & RFK. The final chapter expains how the Bush Dynesty worked to do character assassination of VP Al Gore in the 2000 election. Read it & know the truth.
To order, send a check to: Paul Kangas, POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142. Full 90 day money back guarantee, minus postage & handling.

Video: "Bush's Role in the Assassinations of JFK, King, & RFK", $29. , 2 hrs., color, 90 day money back guarantee.

Books for Sale on this topic:

"Coup de tat In America", by Canfield, probably the second best book ever written on the role of George Bush's role in the ambush of JFK....$29

"Bimini Run", by E. Howard Hunt, basically lays out the whole CIA plan to kill JFK 3 years before they even did it, & Why they were going to do it!!! Original. In great shape. $25.

"The Strange Case of Richard Nixon, by Jerry Voorhis, hardback, $35.

And now back to our regular topic of health.

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