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The anti-Cancer!

How long does it take for cancer to form in your
body? What causes cancer? Why don't blind
women get cancer?

Here is what we now know. Is there a way to cure

It takes about 7 years of eating a poor diet, that contains too
much corn oil or any sort of oil, ( except olive oil & butter).

The rate of cancer formation depends on: you blood type,
the amount of trace minerals in the food you eat & the amount of
soy oil or margarine you eat daily.

How long does it take to reverse the damage done by vegetable

It takes about 2 years of eating a diet, without any sort of vegetable
plus taking 1,000 mcg of selenium daily, & all 69 trace minerals
to reverse the damage done by a poor diet.

Plus you need to eat right for your blood type. (10) If you do
what this site recommends, you can reverse & prevent cancer in 9
months to 2 years.

What have you got to lose?

Eating well for 2 years can't hurt you & it might prevent cancer.

Don't let some so called "cancer expert" MD tell you it is a waste
of time to eat healthy.

The average life expectancy of MD's in the US, according to the
AMA's own files, is about age 60.

The average person in the US lives to about 75.

Who are you going to trust? A group of doctors who make
money cutting & poisoning cancer victims, & who live to only
about 60, or a biologist & father of 3 teens, like myself, who puts
my heart & soul into finding the truth about what causes cancer &
how to reverse it?

If doctors were really healthy, they would live to 120 or even
Rarely do you hear of a doctor who lives to even a 100.
None of the longest living people in the past 100 years was a

What I suggest, can't hurt you.
Chemotherapy can kill you.

Why do blind women rarely get

Blind women don't get breast cancer because their bodies produce
more Melatonin than sighted people. Lesson?
Take Melatonin, 1 mg daily!

Your body has a master plan. The pieces of the master plan can be
found on the Periodic Table that you studied in Chemistry 101.

"You mean there was a real reason to take Chem 101?" Yes Virginia,
cancer can be cured.

Many physicians try to pretend no one know what causes cancer.
The cause is known, & thus a cure is knowable.

Hey, it took physicians 400 years to discover the cure for scurvy. For
400 years they looked to: bleedings, drugs, herbs, magic spells &
Finally, the cause & the cure was found in a natural source. Linus
Pauling carried that research to the next level.

Still today, most physicians refuse to recognize these laws of nature
& the work of Pauling.

Most MD's don't recommend you take what Pauling found was
necessary: take 2 grams of vitamin C each hour
to prevent: stress (1),
high blood pressure (2),
macular degeneration (3),
colds, flu & pneumonia (4),
gingivitis (5) & cancer (6).

Your body will teach you everything you need to know about how
to prevent cancer, if you study your body.

Cancer can be prevented if you take 1,000 mcg of Selenium daily.
You can get Selenium at any health food store or Costco/Price club.
Plus take 1,000 IU of vitamin E, with 300,000 IU of vitamin A, as
Beta-carotene. Try to overdose on "A".

How can you tell when you are taking too much Selenium? Easy.

Your hair will stand up & become dry in about 5 months. You can't
die from 3,000 mcg of Selenium, but it may make your hair stand up,
breath smell like garlic & your fingernails will become brittle. Don't
panic. Just cut back 50% & you will be fine.

These 3 nutrients can both prevent & stop cancer. It is far easier
to prevent cancer than it is to try & stop it, so take your 1,000 mcg of
selenium today.

No one ever died from Selenium poisoning, but millions have die from
cancer. This is using natural chemistry to prevent & treat cancer. It
works better than chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. It can't hurt
you. Selenium will work even if you opt for chemotherapy.

To stop cancer you may need to take 3,000 mcg of Selenium daily.
Start with 700 mcg with each meal. Triple your intake of all 3
nutrients. Stopping cancer is a full time job. Prevention takes 20
minutes a day, so start before you get it.

Talk to your doctor. If he is not aware of the role of Selenium in
stopping cancer, ask him to check on his own medical line, Med Line,
type in "Selenium & cancer" & he will get 50 research papers
proving cancer can be stopped with Selenium. Example:

Title: Chemo-prevention of cancer by organo Selenium compounds.
Source: Journal of Cellular Biochem
supplement, 1995, 22;92-100
Unique ID: 96010319, English.

"Selenium is capable of inhibiting tumors in the mammary glands,
colon, & lung of animals, it "inhibited kinase (cancer) in
mammary tumor cells from ...humans."

O.K. You now have some idea on how to prevent & treat cancer
using natural chemistry, natural biology & so natural medicine.
Maybe 400 years from now these ideas will be taught in Western
medical schools. Why wait?

Take 2,000 mg of vitamin C as mineral ascorbate hourly. Do not
mix vit. C with selenium, as they tend to neutralize each other. The
vit. C I take hourly is Super gram III by Alacer.

At bed time I take 8 gm of CMA. There is no danger to your kidney
from taking this much, as proven by Linus Pauling, who took 2,000
mg an hour for 20 years.

Learn everything you can about your unique body, keep a daily
health journal about your problems, how you feel after each type of
food, blood type, blood pressure, how much urine your bladder holds,
the color of your stools each day, how many bowel movements you
have daily, are they easy & soft, or are they hard, etc.

A wise person once said, "Each day is a success if you hear one good
joke & have 3 soft bowel movements." I agree. You will too, once
you feel the pleasure of having 3 soft bowel movements daily.

Don't be squeamish or afraid to look at your body & functions.
Learning can save your life.

If you take the time to do this, 20 minutes daily, by the time you
are 25, you will know more than most doctors about health & healing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me: 6am - 7am
California time: 415-861-0870
Paul Kangas, Biologist, CAP
ND candidate, age 58.
POB 422644, SF, Ca 94142.

I have raised 3 very healthy & smart children, 14, 16 & 24, using
selenium & vitamin C.

Doing this, to keep our family & friends healthy, taught me more
about health than almost any doctor knows.

My mother Irene, 86, also takes 1,000 mcg of Selenium daily as she
marches on towards 120.
It cured her Parkinson's & she has never had cancer. I suspect she
never will. Minerals are stronger than heredity in controlling
diseases. Health excitment. The cure is here in minerals. Is it the
fountain of youth? It's as close as modern science has come.

(1) Dr. Joan Larson, 800-247- 6237
(2) Univ. Az. Double Blind study '95
(3) UC San Diego, Dr. G. Schrauzer
(4) Rare Earth's, Dr. Joel Wallach
(5) Abram Hoffer, Cancer, with Burton Goldberg, editor
(6) Dr. Whitaker,
(7) Dr. Fisher,, 800-909-SHOT
(8) www.


It often begins as a minor flu-like symptoms, but can rapidly become
a totally
consuming disease of your liver that can become fatal, depending on
your daily intake of
selenium & your immune systems degree of strength. The fastest way
to recharge your
immune system, is to learn your blood type & then eat a diet that is
right for your blood
type. Example, if you are blood type O, you should not eat wheat or
milk. Such foods
actually damage your immune system & make you susceptible to
Hepatitis & all diseases.
Since your liver is the target organ, you need to take minerals that
will re-build your liver. Start taking 1,000 mcg of selenium daily, for
a week, then raising it to 2,000 mcg & then 3,000 mcg daily, the 3rd
week. No person has ever died of selenium poisoning, but plenty
have died from Hep. When you reach your limit, your hair will stand
on end, breath will smell like garlic & your finger nails will become
brittle. This will take 6 months or more. Call me weekly to let me
know how you are feeling.
In China, 10% have Hep, due to a shortage of selenium in the food.

Treatment: drink 15 - 20 glasses of water a day, 3 grams of
vitamin C hourly, wait 30
minutes before taking vit C, after taking selenium. Take an oxygen
supplement like

There is a doctor I know in Arizona who has cured hepititus. I will
introduce you to

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